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I've Loved You So Long

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Summary: A Look at the Lifetime Relationship between the Slayer and the Hunter

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchestersuperslayerFR1867381,87821244121,70117 Mar 0923 Aug 12No

Chapter Fifteen – Friends and Enemies – Part 1

Disclaimer: "Becoming Part 1 and 2" episodes were written by Joss Whedon. BTVS is property of Joss Whedon and Supernatural is property of Eric Kripke.

Spoilers: BTVS Season 2; Pre-SN

A/N: I decided to break up the following chapter into a couple of parts as it is very intense and involving. It deals with the events in the above episodes and how Dean deals with the aftermath of the Buffy/Angel relationship. Happy reading!

Buffy and Sam are 17 and Dean is 21


Dean drew out a frustrated sigh when he spotted the entrance to the Sunnydale city limits.

“What’s the matter Dean?”

Dean shot his eyes over at Sam in the passenger seat.

“Nothing, why do ask?”

“You seem tense, that’s all.”

“I’m just tired of driving.”

Dean felt the weight of Sam’s gaze and jerked his eyes toward the younger Winchester.


“What would you do if I wasn’t around?”

Dean glared at him, “What are you talking about?”

Sam sat back in his seat, “I’m talking about the way you feel about Buffy. There may be a time where you may have to be alone with her – without me around.”

Dean searched Sam for a clue.

“Why wouldn’t you be around?”

Sam shrugged casually, “I just wonder what you would do if you had the chance to be alone with her, where you wouldn’t have to be concerned about what I think.”

The light bulb burst in his brain. Dean shook his head.

“Jesus Christ, why the hell do you keep obsessing about some imaginary feelings I got for a silly girl we grew up with?”

“Because you keep obsessing over her – over the decisions she makes in her life when you don’t need to. Why would you do that unless there was something going on?”

Dean gave an exasperated sigh, “There’s nothing going on Sam. She’s just a girl so desperate for a normal life she’ll suck face with any guy whether he’s undead or alive…there’s no getting through to her anymore. I’m done trying.”

“Then why did you come? You told me you would never come back here.”

“Because dad feels she’s family and when he wants to visit her and Joyce, we go, whether we want to or not.”

“And you just always do what he says,” Sam snapped.

Dean frowned, “Yeah, he’s our dad. We listen to him and we do what he says. Why are you giving me attitude?”

“I’m not. I’m just saying you shouldn’t be afraid of what dad thinks.”

Dean sighed, “And what is it I’m so afraid of?”

“You’re afraid of how he’ll react to your feelings for Buffy.”

Dean rolled his eyes, “Oh Christ. I’m really getting sick and tired of this little song and dance of yours Sam. Why don’t you read a book or something instead of trying to analyze me?”

“Come on Dean, I may not be as schooled as you are when it comes to girls but I’m not stupid. You may have been acting like a protective brother when she was younger but once you found out she was the Slayer….your attitude about her changed.”

Dean scoffed, “Oh. You think you’ve got me figured out, do you Dr. Phil?”

“Yeah I do Dean. I’m with you all the time and I see the way you look at her, like she’s a secret treasure chest you’re never allowed to open because dad has given you the impression that she’s family, so maybe you’re thinking it’s wrong. But she’s not really family Dean. She’s been our childhood friend that we’ve seen once a year over the years. She’s the only girl in our lives that knows what we do, there’s no pretending anymore…we can just be who we are.”

Dean noticed his dad pulling to the curb of the Sunnydale museum. Sam rolled down the window as John approached the car.

“You boys go on to Joyce’s house. I don’t know how long I’ll be with Giles.”

John trudged up the stairs as Dean pulled back onto the road.

“If being with Buffy will make you happy, then go for it Dean. Forget what dad may think.”

“You’re crazy Sam.”

“No Dean, you are. You’re crazy about a certain blonde Slayer….when are you going to wake up and realize that? I know that Buffy’s waiting for you to see the light.”

Dean cleared his throat as he veered the car through the downtown district.

“Did she tell you that?”

Sam chuckled, “Oh, so you are interested in her?”

Dean answered quickly, “No. It just proves how delusional she is.”

Sam shook his head in amusement, “Okay Dean, deny it for another year.”

“Shut up Sam, you’re a giant bitch, you know that?”

Dean yanked the car to the curb. He climbed out and circled to the trunk. Sam got out and noticed they were near the cemetery.

“I thought we’re supposed to go to Joyce’s house.”

“We are, that’s why I can’t kick the crap out you right now so I’m going to find me some evil bastards to take it out on.”

Dean loaded his pockets up with weapons.

“You’re going hunting?”

Dean threw his brother a glare.

“You got a problem with that too? You gonna shrink my head and tell me I got anger issues?”

“Well, you do have anger issues.”

Dean slammed the trunk shut.

“Just for that, no weapons for you. You’ll just have to break a nail if a demon decides to attack you.”

Dean stormed off toward the cemetery leaving Sam to catch up. After one pass through the graveyard, three vampires finally showed up. Dean steadied the crossbow he was carrying as the vampires came within his sights. They spotted him and charged toward him. Dean fired off a bolt. It hit one of the vampire’s in the heart. The vamp turned to dust and the other two leaped over headstones to get to him. Dean quickly reloaded a bolt and fired it off. The bolt shot through one of the vampire’s neck. The vamp snarled in pain and took a moment to rip the bolt out. Dean fumbled with the next bolt as the third vampire closed in on him fast.

“Damn,” he muttered.

“Bet you wish I had a weapon now,” Sam chimed.

Dean grunted as the vampire jumped in the air. As the vamp descended, Dean fired off the bolt. It hit the vamp in the heart. The vamp screamed and exploded. Dean shook the dust off his head as he eyed the last vampire. The vamp snarled at him for several seconds before suddenly breaking away.

“Can we go now?”

Dean huffed then heard something that made him tense up. He whipped around and prepared to fire as Angel stepped out of the shadows.


“Don’t shoot,” he said, holding his hands up in the air.

Dean relaxed his grip, “Jesus! Here’s a tip if you haven’t picked it up in your two centuries of living – don’t sneak up on people who like to kill your kind.”

He dropped the crossbow.

“I’ll try to remember that,” Angel replied, “You’re pretty good– for a human.”

“I’m good – period.”

Angel chuckled, “Buffy was right about how you’re too cocky for your own good.”

“Oh, is that so?”

Angel circled them slowly.

“You know, I really don’t know why I felt so threatened by you before. She could never love someone as reckless and hotheaded like you, although she’d still be sad….she gets that way sometimes. She feels bad putting her friends and loved ones in danger.”

He stopped in front of them and cracked a sinister smile.

“Too bad she’s not here to watch you die.”

He flashed his vampire face as Dean swung his eyes around to see he and Sam were surrounded by five vampires.

Angelus laughed wickedly, “I was hoping you would show up. It’s just one more poetic note to add to the little Slayer’s guilt trip….kill them and hang their heads on the Slayer’s door.”

Angelus walked away as the five vampires snarled and geared up for an attack.
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