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I've Loved You So Long

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Summary: A Look at the Lifetime Relationship between the Slayer and the Hunter

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchestersuperslayerFR1867381,87821244121,70117 Mar 0923 Aug 12No

Chapter Eighteen – Friends and Enemies Part 4

A/N: Here's the latest update, I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for those who continue to read this story!

Buffy eyed Dean as he opened the trunk of his car and revealed the secret weapons stash. As he shoved various items in his pockets, he felt her gaze and met her eyes.


“I guess you really do have a heart…thanks for coming to my defense.”

His eyes shifted back to the trunk, “No problem…it got kind of intense in there.”

“Yeah…do you think she’ll ever believe me?”

“I don’t know….she can’t keep denying what she saw….she’ll have to either accept that she’s crazy or that it’s all true… want any of this?”

Buffy glanced at the dagger in his hand.

“You got anything scarier than that?”

Dean unfolded a black blanket to unveil a collection of short swords. Buffy leaned over as her eyes sparkled. She picked through the swords and selected two twin short swords.

“Nice,” she said.

She started twirling the swords like they were batons.

“That’s a good look for you.”

He shut the trunk as Buffy led the way toward Angel’s mansion.

“You got a plan?”

“Kill Angel, save the world.”

“Good plan.”

They walked a couple of blocks in silent, both lost in their thoughts.

“Are you going to be able to do it? Kill Angel?”

She drew out a breath and met his eyes.

“If I can’t, I trust you will.”

They continued walking through the downtown district, staying in step with each other.

“Who would have thought you two would end up hooking up?”

Buffy and Dean felt their bodies tighten. They swung around with their weapons raised. A man in a trench coat and hat emerge from the shadows.

“Who the hell is this guy? Is he another one of your weird allies?”

Buffy narrowed her eyes at him suspiciously, “I have no idea. I’ve never met him before.”

“So I can kill him?”

Buffy shrugged, “Are you a demon?”

The man chuckled, “If you have to ask, you’re not as great of a Slayer as I thought you were.”

She sighed, “Look, I’ve got places to be so if you’re here to fight, let’s get on with the slice and dice.”

The man boldly circled the two of them.

“Wow, you two – look good together.”

Dean grunted, “Jesus Christ, I’m seriously getting tired of this guess who crap. Who the hell are you and why shouldn’t I stick my shiny friend in your gut?”

“I’m Whistler.”

“Is that supposed to mean something?”

“We never anticipated this. We knew this was the day of the Champions but – we figured you and Angel….he was supposed to stop the rise of Orcus, not summon him….but then you two defied the boundaries of the curse and now he’s well – now he’s back to being a real douche bag.”

“I – we had no idea.” she replied ruefully.

“I didn’t come looking for you to pass judgment….I mean, who could blame him? I would have crossed the line for a chance at do-”

Whistler’s eyes danced. Dean glared at him.

“Do not finish that sentence,” he snapped.

Whistler studied Dean, “When I heard Angel had fallen and that you stepped up to the plate, I didn’t really see what was so special about you……”

“What is your deal?” Buffy asked irksomely, “Do you have anything that’s worth us sparing your life?”

“Are you really going to stop Angel?”

“Yes,” she said firmly.

“How far are you willing to go to stop him?”

“Whatever it takes.”

“Who are you? Some repentant immortal demon that’s come to level the playing field in the battle against good versus evil?”

Whistler huffed and smiled at Dean. “Pretty much, yeah.”

“Then why don’t you stop an apocalypse or two? I’m getting sick of fighting alone,” Buffy growled.

Whistler huffed again, “Don’t you get it? You’ll always be fighting alone. The only one you count on in the end is yourself.”

Buffy started walking off, clearly exasperated by his statement. Dean followed behind her as Whistler tried to catch up to them.

“You need Angel’s blood! It’s the only thing that’ll close the door!”

Dean looked back but Whistler had disappeared.

“This has been one of the weirdest nights I’ve ever had in my life…..and it’s not even over yet.”

Buffy spied a look at Dean as he shook his head.

Angelus grinned as his minions entered the mansion, dragging two bodies behind them. The bodies were taken into the middle of the room and thrown in chairs. Angelus eyed Giles and John, both bloodied and unconscious.

“You brought me the wrong Winchester.”

Angelus glared at his minions. One of them stepped forward.

“He was with the Slayer.”

“Well, she does like them older but no – this is not the one.”

“Are you sure?”

Angelus flared his fangs, “Are you questioning me?”

The minion cowered and backed away.

“Ah well, it’s only a matter of time before junior comes looking for daddy.”

John and Giles began to break from unconsciousness. They both lifted their weary heads to see Angelus with a devilish grin on his face. Two vampires flanked them and tied them to chairs. Giles and John exchanged looks.

“Hi guys, so glad you’re awake now….I was getting impatient….I might have just killed you while you slept but – that wouldn’t have been much fun.”

Another vampire rolled in a metal cart with several different types of scary looking weapons and medical instruments. John and Giles glanced at the weapons as Angelus picked up a fancy drill that had a sharp blade instead of a drill head.

“It’s so nice how technology has progressed.”

He pressed down on the trigger, sending the drill bit spinning around. He chuckled.

“Oh, wow, this is just – cool.”

He put the drill back down on the tray.

“I really only need one Etruscan translator and I know you two are friends so, I thought I would let you two decide which one dies….first….you see, I know that you did your research and you deciphered the little warning…..and you probably also know the way to stop me from summoning my buddy Orcus.”

He picked up an electric screwdriver fashioned with a sharp blade.

“So you’re going to tell me what it is that can stop the end of the world…and whether you told the Slayer or not…if not, then we have some fun….I really hope you keep quiet because it’s been a long time since I inflicted unimaginable torture on someone.”

He grinned wickedly as he fired up the screwdriver.

“Let’s see how tough the Winchester patriarch really is, shall we?”

Angelus drew the screwdriver to John’s shoulder.

Outside the mansion, Buffy and Dean climbed up a hill tangled with trees and low hanging vines. They heard a rustling and paused as Xander suddenly spilled out of the bushes.

“I came with the troops….or troop.”

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a large cross. Dean shook his head and pulled out a large silver hook. Xander’s eyes sparkled as he tried twirling it around. He dropped the hook when it pierced his finger.

“Ow!” he howled as he sucked his finger.

“Dude, it’s not a toy!” Dean scolded.

Dean crouched down and swept up the hook. He pocketed it as Buffy sympathetically handed Xander a stake.

“You’re not using it Xander. Just help get Giles and John out of there and then you run.”

“Okay, I’m good at running.”

“Have you talked to my brother?”

“Yeah, he’s with Willow....they’re uh....having a discussion.”

Xander ran his eyes over Buffy gripping the short swords.

“I like the new look.”

“Yeah, it seems to be a big hit.”

When they reached the top of the hill, they paused and examined the dark rundown mansion.

“Okay, let’s do this,” Buffy said. “Are you ready?”

Dean nodded, “Yeah, are you?”

“I have to be. Let’s go.”

Giles let out an agonizing wail as Angelus drove the screwdriver into his thigh.

“Leave him alone,” John growled. “You want me.”

Angelus chuckled. “Aw, I admire the depths of your friendship…both of you so willing to die for the other.”

“Let him go and I’ll tell you what you want to know.”

“I’ve changed my mind.”

Angelus selected a large dagger.

“I think I’ll wait for your boy to show up. I’m looking forward to seeing the look on his face when I kill you.”

Three vampires hung out by the door to the mansion. Xander jumped out in front of them and waved. The vamps snarled and closed in on him. Buffy and Dean ambushed the three vampires and quickly vanquished them. Buffy slipped through the door and saw two more vampires just inside. She charged inside as the two vamps attacked her. In four rapid minutes, she had dusted both of them.

Angelus spun around as Buffy wielded her swords.

“It took you long enough...I started to get bored so I thought I would pass the time by inflicting a little pain and suffering.”

“Let them go.”

Angelus crossed over to her, “You know, I used to think you were so cute when you were mad now it’s just – annoying and not in the least intimidating”

“Then you die.”

Angelus scoffed, “You came here all by yourself to kill me? Where are your friends? Oh that’s right, I took care of them, didn’t I?”

“You’re right about one thing. I did come here to kill you....but I’m not alone.”

Suddenly, a dagger flew across the room and hit Angelus hard in the gut. Dean emerged from the dark as Angelus blinked in surprise. Spike attacked Angelus from behind, slugging him in the back of the head with an elbow. Angelus bolted forward and stumbled to the ground.

Buffy charged toward Angelus but a vampire dove in front of her and blocked her. Two vampires converged upon Dean as everyone in the room began fighting or running for their lives. Xander zipped over and untied John and Giles. Xander helped the both of them walk out. John eyed his son, fighting hand to hand with a vamp.

Buffy continued to spar with her vamp. She parried the vamp’s punch with her short sword. She kicked the vamp back and swept the sword across its neck, severing off its head. She spotted Dean in a predicament with two vampires and dove in to help. While Buffy and Dean fought together, Angelus closed in on them. He swiped a sword hanging on the wall and leaped into the fight.

Dean got the advantage over the vamp he was fighting when Angelus jumped in and nearly took his head off with a sword. He ducked out of the way of Angelus’ sword and then dodged another blow from the second vamp. He lunged at the vamp while keeping an eye on Angelus.

“Why - won’t – you- die!” he growled as the vamp seemed to predict his combat moves. He parried a strike by Angelus while dodging a punch from the second vamp.

Buffy spied over at Dean, he was clearly getting tired out. She had to dust her vamp fast as she could tell Dean was losing steam. The vamp came at her from the air. She swirled around and shoved one of the short swords in the vamp’s neck. She angled the sword across the vamp’s neck and decapitated him. She saw Angelus swipe Dean across the arm, drawing blood. She lunged into the air, ready for the biggest fight of her life.

“Fuck!” Dean growled as he felt the blade pierce his skin.

He tried to block Angelus’ next attack but he was weakening fast. Angelus knocked him across the room and he went flying. He heard his body crack against something solid and his world went black.

“Oh, that was just too perfect,” Angelus chimed. “Now mighty Orcus! I call upon you to –“

Angelus was kicked down to the ground. Stunned, he looked to see Buffy standing over him, now holding his sword. He rolled just as she brought the sword down. He saw the fire poker, snatched it and blocked her next attack. They continued to fight across the room as Angelus spied the altar. Dean was still unconscious. Blood flowed down his arm and onto the altar.

Angelus and Buffy continued to square off. He was faring well with just a fire poker. He parried her block and managed to snatch the handle of the sword. As they struggled, Angelus kicked her hard in the stomach, sending her flying. He swung the sword menacingly as she crashed into a knight of armor. She grabbed the knight’s sword and sprung back to her feet.

“Rise! Orcus, almighty god, consume this earth for eternity!” Angelus hollered.

Buffy swung her sword but Angelus quickly blocked her. The two ex lovers danced around the room, parrying and attacking like fierce enemies in battle.

Something stirred beneath the altar of Orcus. Blood washed around the foot of the altar and flowed through the cracks in the stone.

Buffy used every ounce of strength she could conjure but her will was diminishing. Angelus drove her back through the mansion and out into the garden, striking his sword with incredible force against hers. He finally knocked her sword loose and rammed her into a wall. She slumped to the ground, exhausted and defeated as he cornered her.

“You fought well Buff but in the end, here you are...alone-again…with nothing and no one to help you.”

“Wrong again, dickwad.”

Angelus spun around in surprise. Dean struck him hard across the face with the butt of the short sword. As Angelus shook his head, Buffy got to her feet, swept up her sword and started pummeling him from the left. Dean attacked him from the right. They drove Angelus back inside the mansion, channeling and feeding off of each other’s strength.

Through the corner of her eye, Buffy noticed a small orange whirlpool emanating from the man in the stone altar.

Angelus kicked out his leg and landed a hard blow to Dean’s abdomen. Dean went airborne and crashed into a wall. He crumbled to the ground. The evil vampire pitched his leg back around and hit Buffy in the side. She sailed to the ground.

Angelus flashed a sinister smile, “You two fight well together.....guess it’s only fitting you’ll spend eternity watching each other suf-“

He fell to his knees and wailed in agony. Buffy pushed herself up and grabbed the second short sword, ready to end it.

Angelus dropped to the ground as Buffy raised her sword. She saw the orange whirlpool growing larger by the second.

Dean groaned as he roused from his brief unconsciousness. He slowly sat up and saw Buffy. Her body was still as Angelus kneeled before her, his eyes closed. Dean noticed the orange whirlpool coiling around the altar. He got up, swiped the short sword and crossed to the altar.

As he was about to deliver the fatal blow, Buffy grasped her sword, raised her arm and struck Angel across the chest. Blood splattered across her face as his eyes snapped open. He gasped and fell back against the altar. A crimson river flowed from the gash in his chest and trickled down into the orange whirlpool. He reached out for her as Buffy backed away. Ghastly sounds erupted from the whirlpool as it enclosed upon Angel, sucking him into the underworld.

Then, the whirlpool disappeared and the altar shuddered into silence.

Buffy stared at the stone tomb, paralyzed. She felt her knees shaking violently beneath her. A searing pain ripped through her body and splintered her heart. She shook her head as the weight of her actions smashed into her. She stumbled backward and began to sob softly.

Dean drew out a long breath and stepped behind Buffy, seeing her unsteady balance. Her knees finally gave in and she began to crumble. Dean dropped his sword and caught her in the crook of his arms before she fell to the ground. He delicately pulled her back onto her feet but held her up. She turned to him, rested her head against his shoulder and continued to weep.
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