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I've Loved You So Long

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Summary: A Look at the Lifetime Relationship between the Slayer and the Hunter

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchestersuperslayerFR1867381,87821244121,64017 Mar 0923 Aug 12No

Chapter Three - Big Girls Don't Cry

An hour and a half later, Dean walked out on to the patio deck with a wad of cash in his pocket. His good mood quickly cracked when he noticed Sam was gone. He checked the dance floor. Buffy and Gap boy were gone.

“Aw crap,” he muttered.

He found Kristy by the food table talking with a group of girls.

“Oh Craig Baker is soooo cute. I can’t believe he showed up to your party, I mean he’s in the tenth grade, he could be out with the seniors.” A girl with black hair chimed.

“Yeah, he’s so cool. That girl Buffy is totally lucky. I didn’t think she was his type.”

Kristy rolled her eyes, “Oh she’s totally his type. I heard from Greta Hansen that Buffy made out with her younger brother last year. She has a reputation for being a kissing ho bag. Why do you think Craig showed up? He wanted to find out.”

“Oh, really?”

Dean cleared his throat as four preteen girls stared at him.

“Hey, Kristy. Have you seen my brother?”


“The dork with his head in a book.”

“Oh. Uh, I think he went back to the library, he was like in love the place.”

“That figures, thanks.”

Dean swept through the living room and climbed the spiral staircase leading to the upper level. He peeked into each room he passed by until he located the library. He was in awe at the ornate statues and paintings inside.


Sam emerged from behind one of the endless rows of books.

“Having fun?”

“This place is amazing! Do you know that Kristy’s dad has one of the original copies of the Three Musketeers in French???”

Dean rolled his eyes, “Fascinating, let’s go.”

“Do you think Kristy would let me come back here? I haven’t gotten through all the sections yet.”

Dean sighed, “Jeez Sammy, you are a bonafide loser.”

“You’re just jealous because I’m smarter than you are.” Sam quipped, smirking.

“Not smart enough to know when to shut up. Let’s go.”

Sam reluctantly put his books back on shelves.

“Where’s your blonde cohort?”

“Uh, I don’t know.”

Dean frowned at his brother’s ignorance. “I asked you to keep an eye on her.”

“Yeah well, I got tired of watching her stick her tongue down that guy’s throat so I came up here.”

“Oh, Jesus Christ.”

Dean rushed out of the library and continued down the corridor. There were a million bedrooms with walk in closets. After retreating from the sixth bedroom, Dean heard some soft giggling echoing across the hallway. He shook his head, recognizing the giddy laughter.

Dean stepped into a smaller bedroom that had posters of bikini clad models covering the walls. He heard some moaning to his right.

“Better not be doing what I think you’re doing,” he said, reaching for the doorknob to the walk in closet.

Dean drew a breath before flipping the light switch on. He steadied himself at the nauseating sight of Buffy flat on her back, Gap Boy sprawled over her. Thankfully, they were both still fully dressed.

“Okay Barbie, play time is over.”

Buffy sprung up, her eyes inflamed with anger, “I don’t want to go home right now.”

“Well sorry, I’m leaving so your ass needs to be downstairs now.”

“No!” she screamed, “I’m not going.”

“Yes, you are. Now get up.”

Buffy huffed, bolting to her feet.

“Look buddy, she doesn’t want to go with you so why don’t you just shove it?” Gap boy barked.

“Mind your own business – buddy.”

Gap boy snorted, looked at Buffy then swiftly shot around with his fist curled. Dean ducked, catching Gap boy’s fist in his hand. He swung Gap Boy’s arm around like a jump rope and threw him down to the floor. Dean pressed his booted foot against Gap Boy’s head. Gap Boy howled in pain.

“Dean! Stop it. Leave him alone!”

Buffy shoved Dean hard in the chest, sending him stumbling back toward the door. Dean gathered himself, amazed at how much force had come out of that tiny girl.

“Aw hell, be a ho bag then! I don’t give a shit!”


Dean charged out of the closet and into the corridor. He pushed Sam down the stairs and through the foyer.

“Where’s Buffy?”

“Who cares, let’s go.”

Dean went to the car as Sam hung back on the driveway.

“Come on Sammy.”

“We’re not leaving Buffy.”

“She doesn’t want to leave and I’m not sticking around so get in the car.”

Sam shook his head, “Dad will kill you if he finds out you left Buffy alone with a boy in a stranger’s house.”

“Well he won’t find out because you’re not going to tell him. Not if you want your ass handed to you on a plate.”

“Come on Dean, you can’t leave her, you’re supposed to look out for her.”

“Hey I tried but she doesn’t want to be looked after.”

“Fine, then I’ll stay with her. You can pick me up later.”

Dean huffed, “Christ. You two girls always stick together.”

Sam pivoted toward the front door when it suddenly opened. Buffy tore down the steps, tears flooding her eyes. She flew past Sam and stormed over to Dean. She curled her hands into fists and lunged at Dean. She threw her fists into his chest, crying hysterically.

“I hate you!”

Dean caught her fists and stopped her tirade.

“Yeah well, the feeling is mutual.”

Buffy sniffed, “Why can’t you just butt out of my love life?”

“You’re twelve! You shouldn’t have a love life. And that guy was not interested in love.”

“Craig Baker is sweet and smart and I liked him. Besides, we were just kissing.” She said, raising her head defiantly.

“First of all, that kid is too old for you, second - it wasn’t going to stop at just kissing. This isn’t some stupid game you play in the closet with my kid brother. He was looking to do something you’re not ready for – I stopped things before they got out of hand.”

“I can take care of myself! I’m a big girl.”

“Then act like it instead of throwing a childish tantrum.”

“I’m not throwing a tantrum, I’m telling you how much I hate you!”

“Okay, noted. Now get in the car.”

He released his grip on her wrists as she wiped tears from her cheeks.

“You humiliated me! I’m telling your dad what a jerk you are and then I’ll laugh when he’s grinding your face in crap.”

“Fine, I’m sure your mother would love to hear how you lied to her about this being a little get together with just girls and – oh yeah, how you let some high school punk get to second base with you.”

Her mouth opened in disgust as she stomped to the car. Sam had been staring at the ground for the entire ten minute confrontation between his older brother and Buffy.

“Let’s go Sammy.”

Sam sighed as he climbed into the car and endured the long drive back to the Summers’ house in painful silence.
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