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I've Loved You So Long

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Summary: A Look at the Lifetime Relationship between the Slayer and the Hunter

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchestersuperslayerFR1867381,87821244121,74717 Mar 0923 Aug 12No

Ch. 39 – Take a Chance on Me – Part 2

Willow observed the tender scene playing out on the couch. She glanced at Xander as he wandered over to her. He had a look of shock on his face as he mouthed the words:

What’s with them?

Willow quickly scribbled on her board and displayed the answer:

Don’t ask

Giles pulled out a few more volumes as the gang gathered around the dining table and tackled research. After several hours with no real clues, Buffy slid her chair back from the table and fished out her dry erase board from her bag.

Dean recognized the board and shook his head. Buffy scribbled a message on the board and flashed it to the group. It read: Keep reading. I should patrol.

Giles scratched his head and mouthed the words, “What for?”

Buffy clapped a hand on Dean’s shoulder and eyed the door. He nodded and pushed his chair out from the table.

As they roamed down the dark streets, Dean stole a glance at Buffy, still absorbing the whole hair grooming scene in the living room. She was looking at the same hydrant from earlier, still blasting water into the air. He thought back to their last conversation before he came to town. She had stumbled over small talk and had experienced a couple bouts of mind blanks when he inquired about her latest demon slayings. She had claimed she was just stressing over school which he had believed at the time but now, as she hovered a little too close to him, his mind started to perk with doubts.

He wondered whether she had hit a speed bump in her relationship with Riley and was just acting out her frustrations by cozying up to someone familiar. He shed the thought from his mind, not keen on being just a throwback with her. No, there was something else going on…..or was there? He stamped back his optimism, reminding himself about the truth of her feelings. His mind was once again torturing him with false perceptions.

When she caught his eyes, she drew another sweet smile which made him blink with disbelief. After a minute, her eyes shifted away and her smile faded.

Dean followed her line of sight to a dumpy bar across the street. Two gangly biker guys in their late twenties were in the midst of a drunken fistfight. He was surprised to see Riley had intervened between the two biker guys. Riley politely pushed the men apart, prompting one of the bikers to get in his face with more aggression. Riley tried to calmly talk the guy down as the other biker guy with a spiky blue Mohawk snatched up a rusty pipe on the ground.

Buffy rushed over just as the guy armed with the pipe was about to take a swing at the back of Riley’s head. She caught his wrist and glared up at him. The biker guy looked her over and laughed until she hardened her glare and began to twist his arm. He let out a soundless howl, crumbling to his knees. He scrambled away a few feet. Buffy released his wrist and ripped the pipe out of his hand.

As Dean stepped on the curb, he observed Buffy as she nearly took Mr. Pipe Man’s arm off. The other biker guy stooped over and puked his brains out before staggering off. Riley swung around and saw Buffy. The two quickly embraced. Dean felt himself sink at the sight until something else caught his eye. The defeated biker on the ground snatched up a broken beer bottle. Dean saw the guy mouth the word, “bitch” as his face thickened with anger.

Dean felt his adrenaline kick in as the biker charged toward Buffy with the broken bottle. He hopped in front of bottle man and shoved him back. The biker roared silently and lunged at Dean with the sharp end of the bottle. Dean ducked out of the way and then slugged the biker guy hard in the face. The biker stumbled back into a trash can but came back to counterattack Dean with a very clumsy right hook. Dean blocked it easily and slammed his elbow into the guy’s stomach. The biker guy bellowed over in pain.

“Humans,” Dean mouthed as he shook his head.

A loud crash broke Buffy and Riley’s attention away from each other. They looked over to see a trash can rolling along the sidewalk and the biker guy throwing sloppy punches at Dean. Buffy sighed as a series of glass shattering sounds echoed in the air. Riley hitched his head over his shoulder, indicating his imminent departure. Buffy gave an understanding nod and acknowledged her need to take off. Buffy turned away and was about to wander off when Riley tugged her back into his arms. She drew a look of surprise when he gave her a long kiss on the lips. She stiffened upon his action but soon found her muscles relaxing.

Dean wiped a small trickle of blood from the corner of his mouth and looked up to see Buffy and Riley kissing. His eyes sunk to the ground for a moment before settling back onto the biker guy was also watching the lip lock. The biker guy stared at Buffy and grinned as he grabbed his crotch and mouthed something obscene.

Dean felt all of his composure snap when he figured out what the guy had said.

Buffy watched Riley leave before she turned her attention over to the brawl going on behind her. She frowned when she saw Dean auditioning for Ultimate Fighting Championship. He hurled the biker guy into a glass store front window and followed with a quick right hook and a series of other punches.

She walked over and pushed Dean away from the biker guy. The biker guy made a nasty comment prompting Dean to charge forward. Buffy used a more forceful hand to hold him back. She noticed the fury blazing in his eyes and the cold glare on his face as he soundlessly hollered at the biker:

Fuck you asshole!

Buffy hitched her eyes on the biker guy. She narrowed her eyes into an intimidating glare and clenched her fingers into a fist. After a minute, the biker guy cursed and ambled away. Buffy looked up at Dean as he watched the guy disappear around the corner. She had never seen him go off on a human before. Something must have really pissed him off.

She poked him in the shoulder when he kept staring at the end of the street. Dean finally dropped his eyes to hers.

What was that about? she mouthed.

She gave him a scolding expression as he settled down. He let out a silent breath before he stamped out the rage coursing through his veins. His eyes shifted back to hers as she waited expectantly for an answer. He shook his head and took off down the street.

After intervening in a couple more scuffles around town, they headed back to the car. As Dean walked her back to the room, Buffy gauged his demeanor. The hard lines in his jaw had softened and the flames in his eyes had dissipated but she still sensed something was bothering him.

When she pushed through the door to her room, he gave a short wave and turned to retreat down the hall. She reached out and gently caught his hand to stop him from leaving. She took out her board and wrote him a message.

Stay here tonight.

He shot her a strange look.

Why?he mouthed.

She added a line to her message:

It’s crazy outside. I’ll feel better if I know you’re safe.

Dean studied her for a long minute. Seeing the hesitation on his face, Buffy wrote a third line.

Ease my worried mind?

She waited for some kind of response. Dean was a little taken aback by his deep reluctance to spend a night with a girl. But then, he reminded himself just who the girl asking him was before he took a step inside the room.

Willow looked up from the laptop on her bed and acknowledged Buffy. She gave a surprised expression when she noticed Dean hanging in the doorway. She drew even more curiosity when Buffy dropped a pillow on the floor next to her bed.

Just as he mulled over the scenario of where exactly he was expected to sleep, his questions were answered when he saw a pillow tossed on the floor.

Well, what the hell did you really expect?

Buffy peeled off one of the blankets on her bed and threw it on the floor. She glanced at Dean and mouthed, “Okay?”

She regarded the extra blanket in a laundry basket in the corner of the room. Dean peeled out of his jacket and mouthed back, “Fine.”

Dean settled down onto the makeshift bed and kicked off his shoes. He was surprised that after a short time, he could barely keep his eyes open.

Buffy glanced over the edge of her bed and noticed Dean had fallen asleep. She crept off the bed and fished out her pajamas from her drawer. Willow scribbled on her board just as Buffy reached the door. Willow tapped lightly on the board. Buffy looked behind her to see Willow’s message.

Have you made up your mind?

Buffy gulped and winced before she dodged out of the room. Willow sighed as she shifted her attention to her laptop.

Two spectacled Gentlemen grinned as they floated across the campus quad, flanked by their loyal Footmen.

Dean spilled out of the communal bathroom and into a dark hallway. He paused outside the girls’ room when he felt a twinge in his stomach. When his body tensed, he drew concern and pivoted, heading down the hallway. He cautiously shuffled down the hall and regretted not having taken his knife with him. He peeked around a corner and saw – nothing. He ambled a little further before he retreated back to the room. He swept his eyes once more around the hall before going back into the room.

Seconds later, the Gentlemen slowly sailed around the corner of Stevenson Hall, pitching their heads at each room.

Dean quietly settled back down onto the floor and quickly drifted back off to sleep just as a shadow passed under the doorway.

The next morning, as was normal, Buffy tossed about on her bed as her arms flailed haphazardly. As she broke from her sleep, her hand inadvertently knocked a water bottle off her bedside table. The bottle flew down to the floor and whacked Dean straight between the eyes. He bolted forward and snapped his eyes open in alarm. He gripped his knife tightly in one hand as he frantically whipped his eyes around the room. When he didn’t see an intruder, his panic transitioned into confusion. He noticed a water bottle which had not been by his side the night before. He recalled the bottle had been set on the bedside table. He casually glanced up to see Buffy with a guilty expression on her face.

"Sorry", she mouthed. Dean drifted back to a memory of sleeping next to Buffy and the unfortunate discovery that she was a “thrasher”, flinging her arms and legs around as she turned in her slumber. Dean had been abruptly woken up with a similar smack to the face. He shook his head as he massaged his face with his hands.

Buffy crawled out of bed and slowly shuffled to the door. When she stepped out into the hallway, her internal alarm rang violently. She looked behind her and caught Dean’s eyes. He recognized the intense dread on her face and promptly got to his feet. After they reached the junction of the hallway, they spotted two sullen looking girls comforting each other and headed in that direction.

A cluster of distraught students were gathered near a dorm room in the south wing of the building. Buffy and Dean casually strolled passed the group and slipped inside the dorm room. The room was bereft of light except for a lava lamp glowing in the corner. They took notice of the strong stench of blood in the air before they slowly approached the still body on the bed.

Dean swallowed back the nausea churning at the base of his throat as the smell of blood and flesh threatened to upset his stomach. He was a bit surprised that unlike most Hellmouth monsters that tore apart their victims, this boy’s body was left relatively undisturbed with the exception of a meticulously carved hole in his chest. Whoever killed the kid had a skillful hand of a surgeon. After rummaging around the room for clues, Dean followed Buffy back to her dorm room.

Giles hurried to his car after preparing a series of notes. He rode over to Xander’s house and picked him and Anya up with a simple note that read: MEET NOW!

Xander got of the car and went to get Buffy and Willow. He was surprised when Dean answered the door.

Xander’s eyes shifted to pillow and blanket next to Buffy’s bed and then to Dean’s groggy state. Buffy and Willow were in written conversation when Xander ran in. He stole Buffy’s board and wrote: LECTURE HALL. GILES HAS NEWS.

Xander dimmed the lecture hall lights and closed the blinds as everyone settled into the front row. Giles tugged a screen down and plugged in an overhead projector. He rifled through a series of transparencies as Willow prepared to take notes and Buffy had her wipe away board ready for questions. Giles placed the first one on the screen with the words:


Giles replaced the sheet with another; this one included a very simple drawing of stick figures representing the Gentlemen.


Dean couldn’t help but comment upon hearing this revelation. He fished out the electronic pad he had “borrowed” and scrawled a note with the stylus that read: R U KIDDING ME?

Buffy did a double take when she saw his fancy notepad and frowned at him. She furiously scrawled on her plain board: DID U STEAL THAT??

He scoffed and mouthed the word, “No”. When she glared at him a little longer, he sought out an escape and looked at Giles. He anxiously waved at Giles to move on. Giles put up another sheet with the following line:


Willow bounced in her seat and shot her hand in the air. Before Giles revealed the next sheet containing the answer, Willow began tapping rapidly on her heart. Xander looked over at her curiously before he curved his hands in front of his chest, wiggled his fingers a few times and mouthed:


Dean burst into soundless laughter. Buffy drew an irked expression and lightly punched him in the shoulder until he stopped laughing.

Giles placed a transparency on the projector showing a drawing of sweet cartoon hearts. He swiftly removed and replaced one sheet after the other, telling a story.

After a few more transparencies and bouts of boredom, Dean scratched out a question on his EPAD.


Buffy snorted as she formed a circle with her fist and began to shake it up and down repeatedly. All eyes stared at her in shock as she realized how obscene her gesture had played out. She gulped and fished out a stake from her bag and thrust it up and down. Everyone formed an “oh” shape with their mouth as the confusion was straightened out.

Giles tapped on the screen to show the next sheet:


The note was followed by another grade school graphic.


Dean looked incredulous as he scribbled another note that said:


Buffy gave her best scream but no sound spilled from her mouth. Dean shot her a look as he wrote another note:


Buffy saw the light of amusement in his eyes as chuckled to himself. She rolled her eyes as she anticipated the onslaught of teasing to unfold when he got his voice back.

Willow flashed a CD and mimicked a person singing and then a Gentlemen writhing in pain and finally dying. She gave a proud smile.

Giles answered with another sheet:


Willow fell back in her seat and grumbled with disappointment. Buffy scrawled out a question.


Giles shook his head and pointed to the stack of books beside the projector. He placed another transparency on the screen.


Buffy opened her mouth in horror when she looked at the drawing of a stick figure with exceptionally wide hips.

She flashed Giles a note along with a disapproving frown.


Dean rolled his eyes as Giles pointed to himself and the remainder of the group before regarding the research books. Everyone gathered their belongings and filed out of the lecture hall.

Unlike the previous night’s reign of anarchy, Buffy and Dean wandered through town and found the streets completely devoid of people. After trekking a few blocks into a quiet residential neighborhood, Buffy abruptly stopped on the sidewalk and looked off in the distance. Her eyes widened with recognition. Dean followed her eyes and saw a creepy old man with a shiny white bald head in a black suit moving along the deck of a house. Suddenly, something sprung from a bank of trees and tackled him to the ground.

Dean blinked at the demonic figure in a straight jacket. The dude’s face was scarred with burned flesh and it had a yellowing bandage wrapped around the top of its head.

Dean cursed the air when about a million witty comments tickled his throat regarding the demon’s appearance and obnoxious stench.

The thing was trying to grab him by the neck. Dean steeled himself into fight mode and kicked his feet into Scarface’s stomach as hard as he could. The Footman stumbled back a few feet but quickly charged at him. Dean rolled out of the way and jumped to his feet. His eyes shifted briefly to see the demon had a friend that was attacking Buffy.

Dean set his eyes back on Scarface and ducked as it swung at him again. He grabbed the demon by the shoulders and rammed it hard into a tree trunk. He shoved the blade of his knife in the demon’s gut, giving it a few twists.
The Footman roared soundlessly as blood began to spew from its mouth.

Dean glanced to his left when he heard the scuffle of footsteps. The second demon had runoff down the street, Buffy fast on its tail.

Dean caught up to her just as she crashed through a boarded up window. He swiftly hopped through the hole and counted at least three Scarface demons inside. Within a breath, one of the demons attacked him with fervent rage.

Several minutes later, Dean heard about a million bones in his body cracking as he was thrown into a beam. He shook of the pain as the demon tackled him down to the ground and proceeded to choke him. He held the demon off long enough to reach for the weapon in his closest pocket. He pressed the stun gun against the demon’s throat and hit the trigger. The Footman convulsed from the voltage and eventually went limp.

Dean threw the demon off of him and got to his feet. Buffy stumbled back from the blow of a punch but swiftly recovered. She lined up next to Dean ready to dive back in. Feeling a presence behind them, the two whipped around with their weapons leveled for action, Dean with his pistol, Buffy with her crossbow.

Dean blinked with disbelief when he saw Riley dressed in full commando gear, armed with a military issue rifle. All three stared at each other for a long minute before three new Footmen attacked.

Riley was astonished when Buffy spun on her heel and kicked a Footman in the head, sending the demon flying back into a beam. He was pulled from behind and started to wrestle with another demon.

Buffy let out a silent grunt when she was knocked off her feet. She sprung onto her feet and spotted her demon making a run for it upstairs. She bolted after the demon and paused very briefly to look behind her. The boys were handling their own pretty well against the demons attacking them. She continued up the stairs without anymore hesitation.

She spilled into the top floor of the clock tower and looked around. She noticed a shrine of seven glass jars, five of them occupied by human hearts. Four Footmen jumped out from the dark and wrestled her to the ground. A pair of Gentlemen, with their permanent wicked grin floated toward her. The taller of the two waved a scalpel in his hand.

Dean swallowed the exhaustion swimming through him as he stabbed a demon in the trachea and sliced its throat open. The demon crumbled to the ground. Dean threw him aside and whipped his eyes around the room. Riley was still fighting off a demon but Buffy was not in the room anymore. He spotted the stairwell leading to the upper level and took off.

Buffy struggled to wrangle herself loose from the grips of the Footmen but all four held her arms and legs firmly to the ground. The freaky Gentlemen closed in on her. The one with the scalpel raised the blade to her heart. His partner danced gleefully in anticipation when Buffy heard the loud pop of gunfire echoing in the air. The dancing monster blinked in surprise and looked at the bullet holes in Mr. Scalpel’s shoulder.

Buffy shifted her eyes behind Mr. Scalpel and saw Dean standing at the top of the stairs with steely eyes, his pistol leveled on a Footman. He fired and hit one of the Footmen in the head. The Footmen jerked and bellowed over. It was just enough to give Buffy what she needed to break free.

She shoved at one of the Footmen and went ballistic. She was royally pissed now. One of the Footmen broke away and galloped toward Dean.

Dean fired off a few rounds at the demon charging toward him when another one grabbed him from behind. His pistol was knocked out of his hold as he tried to pry the demon’s chokehold away. Mr. Scalpel drew a menacing smile and floated toward him. The rest of the Gentlemen stand in a corner still grinning but not as wide.

Dean was still wrestling with the chokehold when Mr. Scalpel drew dangerously close. The Footman suddenly jerked and slumped to the ground, flopping around like a fish. Dean shot his eyes to his right to see Riley with a stun gun rifle.

Buffy was pushed into a corner as two Footmen attacked her. She was thrown forward across a railing just behind the shrine. As she tried to catch her breath, she noticed something and widened her eyes. She tried to get the attention of the guys but both were heavily focused on fighting. She kicked the Footmen trying to attack her away and began to pound on a dusty barrel sitting under the railing.

Both Riley and Dean drew their attention away very briefly when they heard the noise. Buffy pointed to the table and made a chopping motion before she was forced to fend off more Footmen.

Dean was in the midst of pummeling the shit out of his demon with a fire extinguisher, since most of his weapons had been knocked out of his range. He used the last reserve of his strength and struck the demon across the face for the umpteenth time. He bolted over to the table after the demon finally went limp.

Riley pried his demon off and reached the shrine first. He glanced at the items on the table before he swung his rifle in the air and slammed the butt down on an incense bowl.

Buffy kept the Footman at bay and sighed when Riley had smashed a harmless bowl. As she was about to make a new signal, Dean rushed up to the table. She watched his eyes moving rapidly over the remaining items, a box, a couple of candles and some glass bottles.

Dean paused when he saw Riley destroying an incense bowl. He glanced at Buffy who had a frustrated expression on her face. He took a brief look at the items before he raised the fire extinguisher in the air and brought it down on the plain wooden box in the middle of the shrine. After he destroyed the box to a pile of splinters, he felt a sensation in his throat.

Buffy felt the sensation as well as she kicked another demon away. She drew in a long breath as the Gentlemen began to cower in the corner.

Buffy opened her mouth and screamed at the top of her lungs for as long as she could. The remaining Footmen dropped to the ground and began writhing in agony. The Gentlemen slapped their hands on their ears in equal pain. After a minute, their arms went stiff at their sides and one by one, their heads exploded.

Buffy, Riley and Dean drank in the sounds of their staggered breathing as they watched the headless bodies of the Gentlemen fall around them.

The next morning, while eating breakfast at the campus cafeteria, Buffy imparted the details to Willow about the battle with the Gentlemen and the discovery of Riley’s secret identity.

“Wow,” Willow gasped. “Riley is Initiative?”

Buffy nodded as she popped a piece of muffin in her mouth. “I’d say that’s a good bet.”

“And now he knows about you…well somewhat. Are you two going to talk?”

Buffy sipped down some juice and nodded again. “Yeah, before we left he said he’d stop by.”

She let out a breath.

“I’m kind of glad this whole thing happened because now I don’t have to fumble around the whole Slaying issue. I can come clean and just….hope he can deal with it.”

Willow looked over Buffy’s shoulder. “Speaking of coming clean….”

Buffy swung around and saw Dean walking into the cafeteria. She noticed he stopped to talk to everyone that passed by him.

“You need to do that with Dean too,” Willow reminded.

Buffy bit down on her lip as Dean caught her eyes and wandered over.

“Yeah, I know.”

As Dean reached the table, Willow picked up her tray and feigned a worried look.

“Oh! I totally forgot I have overdue library books! I must go return them…now! Bye!’

She waved almost too enthusiastically as she smiled at Dean. He looked at Willow curiously before he eyed the food line. Buffy strolled alongside him as he piled a tray full of food.

“Did you get any sleep after you dropped me off?”

Buffy leaned against the coffee counter as Dean poured a cup from the fountain.

“Yeah, I did,” he answered. “If I didn’t have to take off today, I would have slept for like a year because god knows my body is going to be aching for that long.”

“Yeah, you did pretty well last night,” she noted.

He eyed her. “Don’t I usually?”

She flashed a playful smile, “On the rare occasion when I’m not saving your ass.”

She laughed as he let the comment slide and wandered over to her table. Dean settled into a seat and dove into
his breakfast.

“Fairy tale monsters,” he said. “Who would have believed it?”

He shook his head, still absorbing the events that had unfolded over the past few days.

“What’s next? Killer clowns from outer space?” he joked.

He cracked a wide grin when his mind struck up a childhood memory.

“Wait…that’d be friggin’ hilarious!”

He chuckled softly to himself for a minute. Buffy felt that strumming in her heart whenever she heard him laugh on the phone and thought of his smile. She casually picked at the remainder of her muffin as she watched him eat and flash friendly smiles to the girls who walked by the table.

A short time later, Buffy walked with Dean across campus and stole occasional glances at him. She blinked a few times in surprise when she realized how a simple stroll during the day with him seemed so – normal and – nice.

“I was kind of wondering,” she said. “How did you know what I meant from my signal? You know, about destroying the box?”

Dean took pause as he gave a humbled expression.

“Uh, to be honest, I think it was a lucky guess. I sort of just…took a chance.”

Buffy swallowed a gasp when her mind flashed back to her daydream in class.

“And the fact that your GI JOE demolished a totally shady looking incense bowl - pretty much narrowed my options,” he added.

His amused smile faded when he began to dwell on a thought.

“You trust him? Finn the fish?”

She rolled her eyes at Dean’s old habits. “Yeah, I think I do….I do.”

“What about this Initiative? You gonna find out all you can?”

Buffy heard the suspicion in his tone and gave him an appreciative smile in attempting to look out for her as always.

“I can handle myself,” she reminded.

“I never said you couldn’t,” he clarified. “I just….want to you think with a clear head in what you’re getting involved

Buffy gulped as she lingered on his comment, taking a different meaning. She let out a breath before she met his eyes.

“You act like military groups are a bad thing,” she said. “You dad was in the military.”

“Yeah and they sent him to Vietnam,” he replied pointedly.

When they reached the car, Dean leaned against the passenger side door as Buffy paused on the sidewalk.

“Just do me a favor,” he said. “Don’t let your head drift into clouds over Soldier Boy, at least not until you know for sure what the Initiative is all about.”

She was surprised when she didn’t snap or kid him about being jealous over the potential guy in her life. She realized the tone in his voice reflected genuine concern.

“Oh don’t worry. I’m anxious to find out everything I can.”

Satisfied by her answer, Dean pushed off the door.

“It’s that time again,” he said.

Buffy followed him around to the driver side. After he opened the door, he saw a flash in the corner of his eye. He turned around and was surprised when he found her hovering over him again.

“What’s going on?” he asked curiously.

Buffy paused, “I thought we were gonna hug goodbye.”

He blinked in extreme disbelief. “Since when do we do hugs?”

She shrugged casually, “We can start.”

“I don’t think Riley would be too keen on you getting all up close and personal with me once a month,” he quipped.

He laughed until her face knitted with extreme annoyance.

“It’s just a hug Dean,” she stated. “It’s not like I’m…taking my turn with you.”

“Yeah, that’ll be the day,” he said with a wry smile.

Her irked expression gravitated into a pout. Dean rolled his eyes and pulled her into a brief hug. Buffy began to regret her insistence on the departing gesture when she felt her body melting within his arms. She was grateful when he broke away quickly.

“Happy now your Highness?”

He cracked an amused grin as he climbed into the car. He checked the missed messages on his phone as he let the car warm up.

“See you in a few weeks?” she asked.

The amused grin remained on his face as he answered, “Yeah, see you later….Princess Slaya.”

Buffy groaned loudly as he chuckled over the engine.

“Oh great, am I going to have to hear another annoying nickname for months???”

“Hey, you labeled yourself,” he pointed. “I’m just showing my support.”

He chuckled again for a long minute before he waved and peeled away from the curb. Buffy watched the Impala
intently as it veered down the street. She was startled when she felt her heart sink once the car zipped around a corner and disappeared.


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