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I've Loved You So Long

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Summary: A Look at the Lifetime Relationship between the Slayer and the Hunter

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchestersuperslayerFR1867381,87821244121,70117 Mar 0923 Aug 12No

Ch. 51 – You Shook Me All Night Long

A/N: This chapter is rated FR-21 for high smut factor!

A few days later:

Buffy bounced in her step as she picked through several racks at her favorite clothing store in the mall. Willow had accompanied her on her shopping trip after her last class. Willow yanked a few choices off the racks and handed them over to Buffy. She gasped when she found an ultra sexy black skirt with a high thigh slit. After a few more rounds through the store, her eyes widened with excitement.

“Woah, this is perfect!”

Buffy brightened with glee as she admired a dark green backless top.

“I’m telling you, one look at me in this TKO of an outfit and he’ll be down for the count,” she replied.

Willow spied the price tag and blew out a breath.

“He better at that price.”

Buffy sunk with slight pre-buyer’s remorse. “Yeah, I know, this outfit is kind of out of my usual realm of spending limits but….I saved the money I got for my birthday for something special and I figured this is going to be special, you know?”

She pressed the outfit against her and glanced at it in the mirror.

“I mean, kicking his ass is always a great day but the fact that it’s going to lead to….you know, will make it even more special.”

Her cheeks flushed hot as her mind raced with an abundance of sensual thoughts. She furiously fanned herself with her hand, feeling overwhelmed with heat.

“Oh, well I’ll make sure to be scarce this weekend,” Willow offered.

Buffy shook her head as she waited in a short line at the register.

“Mom is visiting my aunt in Illinois this weekend so we’ll have a house to ourselves. He won’t be able to control himself with no one around but me in this hot little number.”

She smiled smugly.

“I give it five seconds, maybe less before he’s all over me. Plus, just as he got in the car to head out here I told him I was wearing nothing but a smile. He’ll have that image in his head for eight long hours so by the time he gets to my house….TOTAL SURRENDER!”

“Oh, well good luck.”

Buffy eyed Willow curiously.

“Will, you have doubts that I can win?”

Willow bit her lip before she let out a sigh. “Well, um, he is um…well trained in this kind of competition.”

Buffy raised her head high in defiance. “That just makes him even more vulnerable to my advances. I have the clear advantage here. He wants me and after all this time he can have me – he may think he can beat me at this competition but he’ll surrender….I know it. I mean, I’ve put together the mega slutty outfit.”

Buffy traipsed up to the counter as her eyes drifted over a few couples walking hand in hand outside the store. She drew a goofy smile as the cashier rang her up. After she collected her bags, she strolled down the promenade with Willow, eyeing more display windows before they sat down to enjoy some coffee.

“I know it’s only been like a week or so but god do I miss him,” she cooed. “I mean, I feel like everywhere I go I’m always thinking about him, wondering where he is, where he’s eating, what weird case he’s working on…”

“And then you stop wondering and call him eight times a day,” Willow pointed lightly.

Buffy sunk back in her seat as she winced with guilt.

“Yeah, okay, I know I call him a LOT but I can’t help it. It’s like the minute he hangs up I start to miss him again,” she moped.

“So how did John take the news?” Willow asked.

“I don’t know, Dean wouldn’t get into it over the phone,” Buffy answered. “He said we could talk about it when he gets here but I kind of sensed he really doesn’t want to.”

Willow noticed the pained look in her best friend’s eyes.

“You think it was bad?”

Buffy shrugged.

“I don’t think he got the reaction he hoped for. John is….well, he’s very demanding about family responsibilities so I’m wondering if he was hard on Dean about our new relationship.”

Buffy took a long sip of caffeine before drawing a sigh.

“I really hope John’s okay with us, I mean, I don’t understand why he wouldn’t want his son to be happy. All Dean has ever done is do what he was expected, what he’s been asked. He’s a good guy.”

Buffy lingered on the dark history of the Winchesters before she snapped her eyes back to Willow.

“There’s no sense in getting down over it until I talk to him, right?”

Willow gave an assuring smile.

“Yeah, I’m sure John was happy to hear you two finally got together.”

Buffy pulled on her straw and finished the last of her caffeine loaded coffee drink. She chucked the cup in the trash and eyed the clock hanging above the counter.

“Ah! I need to start getting sluttied up!” she cried.

Buffy flew out of the coffee shop as Willow fell into step.

Three hours outside of Sunnydale, Dean stopped to eat and fuel up the car. He scrolled through his messages and found two calls logged from the Stevenson dorm room phone number. He listened to the first voicemail and was surprised to hear a change in meeting location to the Summers’ residence. A weekend at the house with Joyce around could pose a small kink in his intentions but he would figure something out. The second voicemail made him laugh out loud, as it was just one, simple teasing line:

“By the way, I’m going to kick your ass!”

He was still laughing when he climbed back into the car and pulled onto the road. After three long days of backbreaking work and a very long drive across the country, he was looking forward to unloading the emotional stress built up over the week. Not to mention the fact that when he received his regular morning phone call, Buffy had dished out a very disturbing proclamation which he was still wrestling over the truthfulness of. She had boasted and bragged and then left him with a very graphic image imprinted in his head. A small part of him was full of disbelief having a clear dial on her personality. A larger part of him was imploded with hope having recently seen a pleasantly shocking side of the girl he thought he knew.

“No, she’s messing with me,” he deduced. “…..or maybe not.”

He felt a jolt to his system as his mind flashed on several steamy images she had conjured with her teasing claim.

After a long minute, he shook his head.

“Nah, she’s totally messing with me.”

After another minute of kicking the idea around, he stamped down on the gas pedal hoping to get into town a little sooner than expected.

Buffy glanced at the clock in her room and was amazed at the two hours that had passed since she left the mall. She had never spent so much time preparing for one single night. When she got to her house, she had swiftly showered, lathering her hair in a raspberry scented shampoo that she bought at a boutique store inside the mall. She used a fruit scented body wash and then an equally delicious smelling lotion.

She dried and styled her hair, pulling the locks into a simple ponytail fastened with a black tie. She tugged on her new skirt and top and twisted around to see the two thin strings tied across the lower back. She put in some black hoop earrings and makeup. After she slipped her black heeled sandals on, she took a few steps back to examine her creation in the mirror. She drew a satisfied smile.

“You are a dead man Dean,” she cooed.

She suddenly felt her heart stop when she heard the distinct low rumble of a car engine down the street. She gasped for air as her cheeks flooded with heat in anticipation of the night. She forced the air back into her lungs and took several minutes to calm herself down. She needed to be cool and enticing as there was no way she was going to let him win.

When the doorbell rang downstairs, she nearly jumped out of her skin with intense excitement. She struggled to steady her rapid heartbeat as she sashayed out of her room and down the stairs. She drew a deep breath before she swung the door open.

Dean looked off at the street as he waited for the door to be answered. After a short time, he heard the clicking of the latches and the creak of the door swinging open. He twisted around, expecting to see the maternal smile of Joyce Summers in the doorway. Instead, he was hit hard with a blast of intense, raw male excitement when his eyes raked over an insanely hot outfit hanging precariously on a gorgeous slender body.

Holy crap!

Buffy leaned in the doorway and gave a sultry smile.

“Hey there good looking, wanna date?”

Although the temperature in Sunnydale was a cool, comfortable seventy-six degrees, Dean felt his body burning up with desire the longer his eyes shifted over her. The thigh slit on her skirt left little to the imagination but was still enough to bombard his mind with a plethora of erotic fantasies. Her top was delectably skimpy, showing off her taut midriff as the dark green color deepened the brilliance of her eyes.

Buffy noticed the complete shock and awe painted on his face and smiled with satisfaction. His eyes drifted rapidly up and down her body as his mouth turned up with a gleeful grin. Hearing the long lull in silence, she gave a short giggle.

“Gee Dean, are you speechless or something?”

Dean opened his mouth to respond but felt an intense lack of ability to form any words. His mind was paralyzed by the assault of sensations brought on by the blatant sexiness of her outfit. Every muscle in his body tightened with lust as his hands started to float toward her, bent on throwing her down to the floor and devouring every inch of her.

Buffy cocked her head and hitched a finger behind her earlobe.

“Hmmm, I think I hear the sound of….DEFEAT!”

The sound of her haughty laughter snapped him out of his trance. He saw the smug smile on her face and frowned. He used an extreme amount of effort to hold back the onslaught of urges vying to control him.

“Nice move but I’m not surrendering,” he said.

Buffy stopped laughing and frowned back at him.

“Oh come on! I’m practically drowning in your drool pool! In a few more minutes, victory will be mine,” she taunted.

Dean tore his eyes off her body and glanced inside.

“Uh…I take it your mom’s not around?”

Buffy feigned an innocent look. “Oh, did I forget to mention that she’s out of town ALL weekend so it’s just gonna be you and me and…no distractions?”

She leaned her body close to him and flashed a seductive smile.

“Whatever will we do?”

Dean noticed her overly exaggerated expression and let out a brief chuckle.

“I’m impressed Summers,” he said. “Good move there with the surprise greeting and the convenient omission about your mom’s absence but unless you’ve got a stripper pole, a tub of Jell-o and a bunch of hot scantily clad Swedish exchange students waiting in your bedroom, I’m not surrendering.”

Buffy blew out a breath as her cocky smile faded. She had been certain she was going to knock him down within five minutes. She pressed herself against him, knowing close body contact would quickly deplete his defenses. She yanked his mouth down to hers and kissed him hungrily. She slipped her hands through his jacket and wrapped her arms around him. She pulled him inside the foyer, driving her tongue inside his mouth.

Dean furiously stuffed back the wave of hunger storming through him when she sucker punched him with a lustful kiss. As much as he wanted to take her right there, the agony of defeat still itched on his male conscience. No way was she going to beat him in a teasing competition. This was his game and if he surrendered, he may as well cut off his manhood. He slipped a hand behind her head and deepened her sensual kiss as she pulled him inside. He tapped the door shut with his foot as his hands drifted down her back. He tore his mouth away from hers and moved down to the flesh between her neck and shoulder.

He hit her hard with a two punch attack, striking the tender curve with long strokes of his tongue while nibbling lightly on the flesh with his teeth. He felt her body shiver against him as he continued his relentless attack. When he heard a rumble rising in her throat, followed by a high pitched gasp, he cracked a smile. As she tried to peel away his jacket, he broke his hold on her and abruptly ambled down the hall.

“Man I’m thirsty!”

Buffy widened her eyes and gasped as her body tingled with numbness. She frowned as her mind danced with disappointment. She charged into the kitchen and found Dean perusing through the fridge.

“There’s nothing good in here,” he lamented. “Or at all.”

Buffy heaved several long gasps to steady her ragged breathing. Her frown hardened as he completely ignored her.

“Well, I guess we need to hit the store or we can order out or we can go out,” he said.

“I don’t WANT to go out,” she moped.

Dean snatched out the one can of Coke in the fridge and popped the tab. He glanced at her with feigned cluelessness.

“You look flushed,” he said. “Maybe you should go outside, get some air.”

He took a long sip before he set the can on the island and smirked.

“Cheap shot Winchester!”

“Hey, you hit below the belt coming out of the gate,” he said. “It’s nothing but dirty, cheap shots from this point on…..unless you want to throw in the towel.”

He widened his smug smirk as a wicked thought sprung in her mind. She pivoted toward the living room as he took a long sip from his drink.

“That’s not going to happen so I may as well put my underwear back on,” she said.

She bit back her amusement when she heard him choke violently on his drink. When she turned around, she burst into a fit of giggles at the annoyed look on his face.

“Low blow Summers,” he groaned as he wiped his mouth with his jacket sleeve.

She stared him down for a long moment before he strolled out to the living room. When she stomped into the living room, Dean had peeled out of his jacket and was settling on the couch. He flipped through the television channels until he found something of interest to watch.

Buffy was raging with an intense urge to pummel the crap out of him. He seemed completely undaunted by her blatant sexual attraction and willingness to satiate his long seeded desire. She was dumbfounded by the number of times he had denied himself the opportunity to simply pounce and take what he wanted from her.

The longer she stared at him, the more the rage was washed away by the ache in her heart. She had sorely missed him while he was away and the fact that he had teasingly brushed off another chance to be with her began to darken her conscience. Her frown shaded into a deep pout as she shuffled over to the couch. He glanced at her as she crawled into his lap and moped.

“Are you punishing me?”

Dean shifted out of his humorous mode when he saw the genuine sadness on her face. He drew out a breath before he playfully flicked at her earring.

“I’m just having some fun with you,” he answered. “Like always.”

“Well, haven’t you had your fill yet? I mean, do you really have to keep this stupid game up?”

She draped her arms around him and clasped her hands behind his neck.

“Do you even want to be with me or are is this all an elaborate ploy to get back at me for the way I treated you?”

Her eyes started to grow damp at the cruel thought that had drifted through her mind. Her lower lip dipped into a whining pout.

“I missed you so much while you were away,” she cried softly. “And now that you’re here, I really don’t want to play this stupid game of yours anymore. I just want you to hold me and kiss me and make love to me the way you’ve always wanted. I don’t care about the competition. I just want to love you and I hope you still want to love me.”

Dean stared into her eyes welling with despair. He wanted her so bad and it took every ounce of restraint to hold off on surrendering to the deep ache inside him. In his twisted mind, the impulse to tease her just a little longer rippled to the surface.

He pulled her legs around his waist to straddle him. He slipped a hand gently behind her head and dipped his mouth over hers. After a long, passionate kiss, he slipped the black band from her hair. She shook her hair loose, washing her face in a halo of blonde locks. She was unbelievably gorgeous as he watched the gleam in her eyes
flare with hope and longing. She smiled blissfully as she returned his affection.

After a minute, Buffy pulled back and eagerly started to undress him. He gently stopped her, bringing her back into his arms for a long kiss. He felt her shiver as he stroked her hair, absorbing the silkiness of each strand and savoring the aroma of her fruit scented shampoo. He stamped back the incredible sensation swarming through his system as his body hardened from the heat of her hands gently roaming over him.

Buffy let out a soft gasp as her hands ran under his shirt, exploring all the firm lines in his torso. She pulled up his shirt and began to plant hot kisses on his chest. She felt him harden beneath her legs as she worked her tongue down his stomach.

Dean clenched his jaw and shut his eyes as the storm of desire raged furiously within his body. Feeling his ecstasy starting to skyrocket, he blew out a long breath through his teeth, struggling to cork the colossal urge to rip her clothes off right then and ravage her into the night. But the more she bombarded his flesh with heat laced kisses, the further she pushed her tongue along his body, the more he realized he was quickly losing that battle. He had to get back in the driver seat or she was bound to smash the last of his self-control.

Dean swallowed the deep groan dangling in his throat as he hooked his hands around her waist and settled her onto her stomach. Her lower body throbbed painfully with longing as he folded himself over her. He slipped a hand over her back and settled his fingers under the spaghetti straps of her top. With a few quick loops, he had the ties loosened and moved his mouth over the thin strings. He gripped the loose knot between his teeth and pried the last tie completely apart.

Buffy shivered with pleasure when Dean opened his mouth and let his tongue travel along her spine. He gripped the sides of her skirt and pulled it down to expose more of her back. He kissed the dimple at the base of her back for a long moment.

Buffy clutched the throw pillow with both of her hands as her lower body jerked beneath his mouth. A soft, long moan broke through her mouth as she felt the tip of his tongue working a little crater at the base of her spine.

Dean gripped the sides of her skirt a little tighter when her moan broke the blissful silence in the room. Hearing her intense pleasure ringing through his ears made the desire within his body thicken another degree. He let out a long breath, blowing out some of the insane excitement curdling through his veins.

He gently rolled her onto her back and noticed the deep sparkle in her eyes. He took a moment to process the reality of this night. Finally, after many months of frustrating and depressing tricks of his imagination, he wasn’t dreaming anymore, although seeing the pure joy on her face, the intense desire swimming in her eyes, feeling her body respond to his touch, all added up to the most amazing dream of his entire life.

Buffy saw the intense glow in his eyes and slipped her hand around the back of his neck. She gently pulled his mouth on top of hers and kissed him lovingly for a long minute. Dean eased onto his side and flattened his back against the couch as he raked a hand through her hair. He would never forget the way her hair felt against his hand, the way her body seemed to line perfectly against his own, they way his mind completely went numb when he kissed her.

Buffy let out a contented moan and pulled Dean closer to her, deepening their passionate kiss. She felt his hands wandering under the fabric of her top, blasting her body with more jolts of electricity.

Dean stamped his eyes shut when his hands began to slide under her top. When he felt the soft mounds of her flesh beneath his hands, he just about died. He forced back the urges assailing his system and began to regret ever insisting on a lusty competition. His complete restraint was diminishing with each sensual contact he made with her body. He drew in a long breath as he tugged her top over her head.

Buffy released another long moan when she felt Dean’s rough hands cupping and kneading her breasts. Her legs shifted a few times as her loins tightened and throbbed with an intense ache. She felt a pool of moisture thicken between her legs as her body burned with heat. She raised her arms as Dean yanked her top over her head and tossed it aside.

Feeling the swell of longing, Buffy tugged and pulled on Dean to climb over her. When he remained pressed against the back of the couch, she let her hands dance all over him until her fingers crept above the waistband of his jeans. He gently took her roaming hand in his and tenderly kissed the inside of her palm.

“You want me?””

“You know I do,” she affirmed softly.

“……………Well too bad,” he said. “You’re just going to have to wait.”

Her face flooded with annoyance as he chuckled for a long minute.

“You’re cruel,” she snapped lightly.

“So were you,” he pointed.

She let out a long sigh.

“I am not begging,” she replied firmly.

He smirked defiantly.

“We’ll see about that.”

He dipped his mouth to her ear and began to gently nibble on the lobe. He swept his tongue in the canal as she gasped softly. He rolled his tongue down her neck and stopped just above the peak of her breast. He ran his tongue along and around the base of her breast in slow, teasing strokes, purposefully avoiding the firm tip of her nipple.

Buffy let out a low growl as her body twisted with insane pleasure. She pushed her chest forward, beckoning Dean to devour her. He laughed under his breath as he moved to her shoulder and nibbled her lightly there instead. He traveled back up her neck, traced the curve of her collarbone, sloped down to the underside of her breast and then shifted toward her belly button.

Buffy dug her nails into his back and tried to force him back to pleasure certain spots but each time, he drove his mouth away with a rumble of laughter in his throat. She frowned and lightly smacked the back of his head when she realized what he was doing.

“Jerk,” she growled. “Cut that out!”

He chuckled again as he drew his mouth back to her neck, stroking the nape with his tongue. Buffy moaned softly in his ear as his hands slowly snaked down to her legs. Arousal stabbed through her belly as his hands traveled over her thighs. Buffy opened her mouth as a soft gasp tumbled out of her throat when she felt his fingers dancing along the inside of her thigh. She jerked with ecstasy when his hand brushed over the fabric of her lace panties. Dean stopped his assault on her neck and looked up. He mocked an annoyed frown.

“You so too are wearing underwear,” he griped lightly. “I knew you were lying about that one.”

Buffy shifted on the couch as she reached under her skirt and shimmied out of her panties. She flung them aside and drew a teasing smile.

“Well, I’m not a liar anymore,” she taunted.

Dean drew out a breath and flashed a smile.

“Wow, I think I lured out the frisky kitten in you.”

Buffy yanked him down to her mouth and enticed him with a hungry kiss, hoping to break his incessant need to tease her until she broke down. She felt a fever spiral furiously through her body as her breathing grew staggered with each sensual touch of his hand or mouth, with each insanely delicious way he kissed her, with each blast of scorching heat that coursed through her veins as he drew out every sensation imaginable. Her mind began to tingle with a dulling sensation as the anticipation of their final bond made her lower body tighten even more with excitement.

Dean kept his back pressed against the couch as he let a hand slide back under her skirt. Her skin was amazingly hot and smooth as he caressed every inch of her thigh. Her pleasant moans continued to send his body into sensory overload. He couldn’t give her too much, too soon, or his restraint was bound to tap out before he made the final connection with her. As it was, his desire was about to explode and if he didn’t buffer his excitement with moments of humor, he wouldn’t last too long when he finally gave himself to her.

Buffy let out another soft gasp when Dean broke from her mouth and folded over her body. He pushed her skirt up over her hips as he traced his tongue along her thigh and down the length of her leg. As he moved back up her body, he gently parted her legs and rolled his tongue along the inside of her thigh until he reached the tip.

Buffy yelped softly when an intense ache wracked her lower body from the sensation pooling from his touch. He drew a series of circles at the tip of her inner thigh varying the speed and intensity. Her chest heaved rapidly as her breathing grew more staggered with each lusty attack. She gasped with annoyance when he suddenly stopped and pulled away. Her eyes fluttered open when she heard the deep snicker vibrating in his throat. She caught her
breath as she smacked him hard in the shoulder.

“Oh god,” she growled. “You ass!”

Dean flattened his back against the couch as he let the laughter in his system subside.

“Frustrating, huh? Wanting something so badly, aching for it, wondering when the hell or if you’ll ever get it?”

Her face hardened into a frown as he burst into laughter again.

“I’m seriously going to kill you,” she barked. “I don’t care if you’re human.”

“If you kill me now, you’ll never know if this was all worth the wait.”

He watched her frown soften and her eyes spark with intense intrigue. He pressed himself against her and pushed the tendrils of her hair from her face. Her frustration melted away as he kissed her hungrily. He scooped her up into his arms as he deepened the kiss and carried her out of the living room.

Buffy felt her heart hammering beneath her ribcage as she swam in the strength of his arms. She felt her body melting into his as she fervently kissed him. Dean drifted up the stairs, ambled down the hall and swept into her bedroom. He gingerly settled her down on the bed and climbed over her, slipping an arm under her back to clutch her tightly against him. With his other arm, he tugged off her skirt in one smooth motion and pitched it aside.

Dean drew in a long, deep breath as he drank in the sight of her completely naked body. He steeled himself from the carnal frenzy assaulting his body. He swallowed back a huge aching need to stop his teasing and take from her what he wanted so badly. But he resisted with the last reserve of his strength, wanting to frolic in her pleasurable cries and blissful smiles a little bit longer. Plus, he had one last line of attack to break her down.

He caressed the side of her face as he leaned in and kissed her tenderly. When he broke away, he smiled down and brushed a hand over her hair.

“You are so damn beautiful, you know that?”

He leaned closer and kissed her passionately for a long second. Buffy slipped her arms around him and swam in the vast pool of love beaming from his heart. Her own heart thundered rapidly with happiness as he slowly slid a rough hand up her thigh.

Buffy jerked and let out a low gasp as he slipped his finger inside her and began to stroke the small ball flesh deep within the soft folds of her cleft. Her throat tightened as she gasped desperately for air, feeling the walls of her lungs collapsing. Her eyes began to flutter shut as she choked with intense ecstasy. She clenched the ends of the pillow cradling her head as a long roar erupted from her mouth.

Dean bit back an intense groan shaking in his throat when he felt the thick well of heat swimming inside her.

Jesus Christ, I’m gonna die when I get in there.

Dean forced out a long breath to settle his own thundering heartbeat. When he watched her eyelids drifting shut, he focused on maximizing the sensation coursing through her body.

“Look at me,” he said softly.

Buffy forced her eyes to lock with his as he increased the speed of his strokes. Her body writhed violently against him as she opened her mouth and cried out for a long minute. Her eyes started to close as she felt all her motor functions numbing.

“Hey,” he said softly. “Keep looking at me. If you close your eyes, I stop.”

Buffy forced her eyes open and arched her back as waves of electricity jolted through her. Her eyes started to roll back into her head until she saw Dean watching her intently. She shifted her eyes onto his as another series of pleasurable moans rose in her throat. She drove her nails into his back and sang for a long second. Her chest heaved as she struggled to take in oxygen. She wanted to feel him inside her now, to feel his love pooling through every part of her, to feel the connection that had been strengthened over the years. She jerked forward as the aching desire within her exploded beyond control. Her eyes sunk to the back of her head.

“Oh god Dean,” she gasped soflty. “I want you now…..please, let me have you now.”

When he paused in his actions, her eyes shifted down to see the wide smirk on his face.

“What was that? Did I hear you right? Did you say….please? Well, look who is begging now.”

Buffy scowled and grabbed him by the hairs on the back of his head as he rumbled with laughter.

“No more games Winchester,” she snarled. “Take me now or so help me god I will beat you so hard!”

His eyes danced with excitement.

“Is that supposed to intimidate me because honestly, that sounds like a pretty damn fantastic incentive to stop what I’m doing.”

He sat back and roared with laughter.

She would have smacked him but the gleam in his eyes broke away all of her irritation. He could have taken what he wanted from her but instead, he was drawing out all the pleasure her body contained, inch by maddening inch. As she gazed deep into his eyes, she saw the magnitude of his adoration. She softened and slipped a hand under his jaw.

“I love you,” she said, “But I will hurt you if you don’t finish this right now.”

His eyes sparked with satisfaction.

“You’re so sexy when you threaten me.”

He kissed her with more fiery passion as her hands rode under his shirt. When she tugged on it, he finally appeased her by parting from her just enough to peel his shirt away. She yanked his shirt over his head and snaked her hands between their torsos until she gripped the waistband of his jeans. She scooted back, using the bulk of pillows lining her headboard to support herself as he finished undressing. She drew out a breath as her eyes raked over his body. As he settled back on top of her, he curled his arms around her, holding her firmly against him. She felt the painful throbs in her lower body as he still hadn’t quelled her aching desire. He released his grip on her for a few brief seconds before cradling her and meeting her eyes.

Buffy was thunderstruck by the way his eyes shined brilliantly as he gazed at her. Her own eyes pooled with tears she felt the weight of his love warming her heart. He propped his hands on either side of her head as Buffy grew intently wild with anticipation. When he finally eased himself inside her, she let out a soft cry as her belly jerked from the impact of his brick hard muscle penetrating the delicate walls of her canal. She watched as he stamped his eyes shut for a second. He let out a long, guttural breath.

Dean clenched his jaw and drew in a deep breath as he felt the strong pangs of ecstasy banging furiously behind the last wall of his self-control. Feeling her warmth swell around him, he forced back the storm of pure male sensations threatening to cut his enjoyment within her to an unsatisfying amount of time. He drew another deep breath as he felt a nerve in his head pop out while he wrestled with his inner restraint. After a short minute, he snapped his eyes open, forced another long breath out before he lowered his arms slightly. Her eyes welled with moisture making her jade irises shine. He burned the image of her complete rapture in his memory as he began to slowly rock himself forward.

Buffy angled her head back on her pillow and let out a gasp as she felt waves of insurmountable pleasure soaring through her body. Dean leaned down and caught her mouth as the last of her long breath left her. She roped her arms around him and clung to him tightly as desire and love flooded through her system.

Her hands explored every inch of his bare body, conquering islands of toned muscle with her fingers as he kept the pace slow and lingering. She settled her hands on his hips and coaxed him to increase his speed within her. He appeased her for a time until she noticed his eyes stamp shut after a few seconds. He paused perfectly still as she heard a low groan dancing in his throat. He grimaced as he took a long, deep breath before he opened his eyes and continued.

Buffy released a long, slow gasp with each subtle movement of his hips, feeling a surge of euphoria blasting through her. Her lower body was raw with pleasure and highly sensitive to the slightest movement. As he angled her hips to take him deeper she let out another gasp. Her face sprung with perspiration as her heart beat pounded in her ears.

Hearing the increasing pitch of her moans, Dean stamped down the male ecstasy dangling behind the last of his waning strength and kept driving her toward her peak. His ears perked as her staggered breaths gradually stitched together in one, long falsetto pitched gasp.

Buffy pitched forward as the peak of ecstasy exploded through her. Her glassy eyes fell over Dean as he grimaced and let out a long groan just as she her cries began to subside. His body jerked forward as he unloaded all the pangs of ecstasy from his system. After a brief second to settle his ragged breathing, he lowered his arms completely and brought his weight down on top of her. He buried his face in the crook of her neck as she raked the hair on the back of his head.

A short time later, Buffy felt her mind and body still soaring with bliss. She hitched her head up and glanced at Dean as his eyes drifted shut for a time. Nestled under the crook of his arm, Buffy snuggled closer to his body and rested her chin on his chest. Her arms and legs were entangled with his as she watched him inhale and exhale with great fascination. When she started to lovingly stroke his face with her index finger, his eyes opened and settled on her.

“You look happy,” she said softly.

Her eyes sparked with contentment as he cracked a smile.

“Well, yeah I’m happy…I won.”

Buffy rolled her eyes as he rumbled with laughter.

“Must you try and mar such a wonderful night with your immature bragging?”

“Hey, if you weren’t so dead set against begging me, I wouldn’t have to shamelessly boast about my victory.”

“Well, I guess you didn’t have to work too hard, Mr. Master of the Tease.”

His eyes widened incredulously.

“Are you kidding me? I worked pretty damn hard! Do you even know how much energy it took to hold back as long as I did? I think I had like twelve brain aneurisms trying to break you down. You’re lucky I got through it alive.”

Buffy shined an enchanted smile as her body shook from his fit of laughter.

“You risked death to spare your male dignity, congratulations,” she said.

“No I risked death – for you….like always.”

“Yeah, you still have yet to disappoint me,” she said.

After a short time, she watched his eyes drift shut. Seeing the exhaustion washed over his face, she snuggled even closer to his body and let herself fall asleep for a time.

When her eyes snapped open, an hour and a half had drifted by. She drew a dreamy smile as she drank in the swell of warmth in her heart as she gazed at Dean. As she shifted under the sheets, she felt her lower body flare with hunger. She pulled herself over his body as arousal tightened in her loins. She watched his eyes spring open in awareness. She moved her hands down his stomach and felt his body firm up at her touch.

Dean latched his hands on her hips as he sat up in bed. He saw the intense flicker of desire in her eyes as she leaned closer and passionately kissed him. After a moment, he broke away to prep himself before repositioning her over his lap.

“Alright Summers, this is the only time I ever let you drive.”

He settled back against the headboard as she took control, angling herself over him. As she slowly sank onto him, she let out a long, soft moan. She smiled as she began to slowly rock her hips.

“I wish Sam were here.”

Dean blinked in disbelief before he drew a look of shock and disgust.

“What?! Don’t tell me you have some sick fantasy with the two of us because there is no way in hell I’m doing that….”

She cracked an amused smile. “I just meant, of all the times he said we’d end up together, he’d probably be smiling right now.”

“No, he’d be laughing his ass off right now, pointing and saying ‘I told you so you idiot’ – now no more talking about my brother when we’re like this…you’ll scar me for life.”

She chuckled as she bent down and caught his lips in a passion filled kissed. She folded herself back up as she rode the waves of pleasure. She increased the speed of her of her motion and let herself get lost in the moment. Her eyes drifted from the heavens back to Dean, drinking in the enjoyment on his face. A low groan erupted from his throat as he gripped her hips to slow her down. She frowned and shoved his hands away as she rocked her hips even faster. He slapped his hands back on her hips and stopped her briefly.

“Jeez-usssss,” he moaned through his teeth. “And you think I’d ever let you drive my actual car with that kind of recklessness?”

She frowned as he managed to squeeze out a very short chuckle.

“Hey, I thought you’re risking death for me like always,” she snapped lightly.

She jerked her hips forward a few times, making him harden his grimace.

“Well honey,” he said. “If you keep that up, you really will kill me so you better enjoy it.”

She cocked her head, “Oh…well it’s a good way to die, huh?”

He smirked as she slowed her speed a tad.

“Oh hell yeah. Just make sure you spread my ashes in your panty drawer so I’ll still be pleasing you in the afterlife.”

She gasped, “That’s gross…..and yet – kind of - romantic…”

She kissed him fervently as she continued to have her way with him. After she reached her peak again, she shined a delightful smile before she collapsed on top of him. She cracked a smile as she watched his eyes drift shut.

“See? I didn’t kill you,” she assured. “But I sure had fun trying.”

“Well, maybe I should become a vampire so you won’t kill me.”

She gasped in offense and smacked him lightly on the head.

“That’s really not funny,” she groaned.

“Hey, it’s your freaky fetish, not mine.”

Several hours later, Buffy turned restlessly in bed while Dean slept soundlessly next to her. She switched sides and tried to coax herself asleep. After several minutes of tossing and turning, she looked over at Dean and was alarmed by the ache that had suddenly blazed through her body again. She curled up next to him and moved her hands along his body. As she slipped her hands down his waist, his eyes suddenly sprung open. He set his weary eyes on her. He noticed the hunger in her eyes.

“Jesus, come on, I haven’t been fed in hours,” he moaned. “I’m dwindling away to nothing but all you care about is taking what you want!”

He forced out a few melodramatic sobs before he chuckled.

“I can’t sleep,” she said. “And you’re….up.”

He gently pressed her onto her back as he climbed on top of her. After a few minutes to gear up, he stared down into her eyes.

“You better be in a pleasure coma after this because seriously, I’m exhausted.”

“Mmm, I’m almost to the point of being immobile,” she said.

“Oh great, well don’t expect me to wait on you hand and foot, go get one of your lowly servants to do that.”

“You are my lowly servant, haven’t you figured that out by now?” she quipped.

Dean responded by folding her on her side and smacking her hard on the ass. She gasped before giggling for a long minute. When she settled down, the glow in his eyes captivated her as her heart sang with joy. She pitched her mouth against his and kissed him tenderly for a very long minute before they started to make love.

As night bled into the morning, Buffy felt herself floating back to earth. She stirred awake and let out a contented yawn. She turned on her side as her eyes flitted open before widening. She jerked forward when the space beside her was unoccupied. Her mouth dropped open as her heart stopped at the horrid thought corrupting her mind. She shook her head as her eyes welled with tears. She stumbled out of bed as her mind spun from disbelief. She shook her head again as stumbled around her room for something to wear. She threw on a tee shirt and frantically ran down the hall. She spied a glance in the empty bathroom and felt betrayal stamping at her heart. She shook her head, refusing to believe the dark thoughts sailing through her mind as she charged down the stairs.

The living room was dark and undisturbed. She felt her throat tighten with hurt as tears began to stream down her throat. She froze with fear and pain for a long minute. Confusion and disbelief swarmed her heart as she stared in the empty living room. When she heard a soft rustling in the kitchen, she commanded her wobbling legs to push forward. She ran into the kitchen, on the verge of crying her eyes out when all the darkness in her mind flooded away at the sight of Dean lingering over the open fridge door.

“Dean!” she cried.

She barreled into him as he turned around. She threw her arms around him and released tears of relief. She felt his arms enclose around her as the last of her panic left her. She sniffed as he gently parted from her and regarded her with grave concern.

“What’s wrong?”

Her bottom lip quivered as she threw her arms around him again. Her voice shook with emotion.

“I woke up and....and…and you weren’t there…and then I….I didn’t see you…and I thought you…I thought you….” she stammered.

She felt the rise of his chest as he drew in a deep breath.

“You thought I left you,” he finished softly.

He stroked her hair and comforted her until her staggered breaths and soft sobs dissipated. When he delicately broke from his embrace, he saw the deep relief in her eyes.

“Crap, I’m really sorry you went through that,” he said.

“Well, where did you go? Why did you leave?”

Buffy shifted her eyes over several brown shopping bags.

“What’s all this?”

“Since someone spent so much time focusing on trying to beat me at my game instead of stocking the fridge, I had to run out to the twenty-four mart. You need to feed your love slave or he will die a slow and painful death!”

Her morose mood lifted when she saw his amused grin.

“I planned on being back before you ever woke up,” he said. “YOU said you were going to be immobile. YOU said you were going to be in a pleasure coma. Obviously, that was just a big fat lie to get in my pants again!”

He mocked an angry expression before he burst into laughter. Buffy broke into a smile as he successfully cheered her up. She eyed the three large bags.

“So what did you get at the convenience store?”

“Breakfast, lunch and dinner,” he said with a grin. “I didn’t plan for us leaving the house today.”

“What, no dessert?” she cracked lightly.

Dean swept up a small brown bag by the coffee maker and plopped it on the counter.

“I got that covered too,” he said.

Buffy peeked into the small bag and pulled out a can of whip cream. She dug further into the bag.

“Well, there’s no ice cream or brownies, what does this go on?”

When she looked up at Dean, she saw the mischievous grin on his face.

“You,” he answered playfully.

Buffy felt her cheeks flash hot as she averted her eyes. Dean let out an amused laugh as he snatched the breakfast bag up and took her hand.

“Come on, let’s go back to bed,” he said.

As he guided her out of the kitchen she gave him a cautious frown.

“Are you going to stay there this time?”

“Tell you what, tonight, after I ravage you senselessly, you can handcuff me to the bed so I won’t go anywhere.”

Buffy rolled her eyes as he chuckled.

“Again with the handcuffs?”

“Hey, don’t knock it ‘til you try it,” he said. “Besides, it’s on the lesson plan for later.”

Buffy drew a coy smile as he took her back upstairs.

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