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I've Loved You So Long

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Summary: A Look at the Lifetime Relationship between the Slayer and the Hunter

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchestersuperslayerFR1867381,87821244121,70117 Mar 0923 Aug 12No

Ch. 53 Lust, Caution

A/N: Involves episode “Where the Wild Things Are”
Part One
Rated FR 21 For Mature Readers

Song belongs to the artist noted I own nothing

Buffy whined as the night wound down and Dean guided her upstairs.

“Oh, I really wish you weren’t leaving tomorrow,” she moped. “Especially after having such an amazing weekend, I don’t want it to end.”

Buffy squeezed his hand as he swept a curtain of hair behind her shoulder.

“It’s not easy for me to just breeze the out the door,” he said softly.

She leaned her head against his shoulder as they wandered down the hall to her bedroom. Dean kissed her forehead as he steered her into the room. He started to peel off her clothes when she drew a sad expression.

“Hey, I haven’t left yet,” he replied.

Buffy pushed herself off the tips of her feet and wrapped her arms around him.

“I know but I’m dwelling on when you do and I’m.....sad.”

Dean hitched her chin up and kissed her tenderly. When he broke away, he drew a mischievous smile.

“Well, I guess I have to put a smile on your face,” he cracked.

Buffy felt her cheeks flush hot as Dean pressed her against him and caught her mouth in a passionate kiss. He dropped her down to the bed and pulled away from her briefly. He cracked a silly smile.

“I’ll leave you a parting gift,” he quipped. “A parting gift that leaves you numb for weeks.”

Early the next morning, Buffy sprung her eyes open when she felt something prodding into her lower back.

“Woah!” she gasped softly.

She heard Dean let out a low yawn as he shifted behind her.

“Huh?” he asked wearily. “Something up?”

“ are apparently; I um....for a second there I thought that was your gun poking me in the back.”

Buffy felt the mattress shaking from his spurt of laughter.

“Well, you never know so, just lie perfectly still and no one gets hurt,” he cracked before laughing again.

Buffy rolled over to face Dean. She caught the end of his laugh and basked in the merriment of his expression.

“Does it always do that?”

He flashed her an odd look. “Uh yeah, it’s the morning. Where have you been the past two days?”

Buffy averted her eyes in embarrassment. “Well, I was just surprised by the.....abrupt wake up.”

Dean glanced at the alarm clock.

“Crap, it’s later than I thought,” he groaned. “I’m supposed to be crossing the border by about now.”

He glanced back at Buffy before he climbed on top of her and started bombarding her neck with kisses. She looked up at him in surprise.

“I thought you had to go now,” she said softly.

Dean hitched his head up and drew a teasing smile. “Not quite yet but I’m working on it.”

A very short time later, Dean brought his weight down on Buffy as they both exhaled deep breaths. He rolled off of her and eased onto his back. After he settled his ragged breathing, he curled Buffy in the crook of his arm and caught her eyes.

“Let’s get one thing clear, I am not a seven minute man,” he said firmly. “But I’m pressed for time and I didn’t want to take off and drive for hours with such a constant aching distraction.”

Buffy feigned a sharp look.

“Oh so you just used me to release your.....tension, is that what you’re saying?”

Buffy stuck her tongue out at him before she playfully smiled. Dean eyed the clock and sighed.

“Now I’m really going to have to haul ass.”

He shifted forward and collected his clothes as Buffy clutched the bed sheet to her bare body.

“Will you grab my clothes too?”

Dean cracked a smile as he slipped his pants on. “I’d prefer you to see me off like that but without that annoying bed sheet.”

She drew a deep pout until he rolled his eyes and tossed her some of her clothes. After they both dressed, Dean quickly packed up and bounded down the stairs. Buffy continued to pout as she watched him toss his bag into the trunk. She leaned against the driver side door as he closed the trunk. He ambled over to her and quickly took her in his arms. After a sweet kiss, Buffy shrouded a pout.

“I hate this part,” she moaned.

“No sad goodbyes,” he said.

He gently pulled her aside and opened the driver side door.

“Come back soon,” she said. “Sooner than later.”

“About two weeks.”

“That’s like forever,” she whined. “Can’t it be sooner?”

Dean let out a long breath. “I really don’t know but I’ll try, it all depends on what dad has got going for me.”

Buffy nodded as he angled into the driver seat. She leaned down and gave him another kiss.

“Oh, I miss you already.”

Dean gunned the engine.

“No sad goodbyes,” he reiterated. “I mean it. Don’t leave me with that image.”

“Will you call me when you stop somewhere?”

“Yeah, but I’m sure you’ll call me as soon as I leave your house, huh?”

“No.........maybe,” she admitted. “I can’t help it.”

Dean shined an appreciative smile. “Okay, a little bit more sugar and then I seriously have to take off.”

He gestured to her to lean back inside. After another sweet kiss, he brushed a hand over her cheek before pulling away from the curb. He had barely turned the corner when he heard a distinctive ring tone blaring from his pocket. He fished out his phone and glanced at the caller ID. He chuckled with amusement and shook his head before answering.

“This has got to be a record for you,” he said.

Two weeks later:

Dean weaved the Impala through several lanes of traffic before he veered off the highway. He enthusiastically sang along and bobbed his head to the Blue Oyster Cult song playing on the radio. He eyed the city limits of Sunnydale and drummed his hands against the steering wheel.

“And I’m burning, I’m burning, I’m burning for you,” he sang.

He flashed a friendly smile to the people standing on the corner as he continued to cheerfully sing to the music. The sun was just dipping into the horizon, painting the sky in a wash of red, violet and orange streaks and the weather was cool and breezy.
The night was perfect for a leisurely stroll or just admiring it from the window of a bedroom. After two long weeks of grueling work, all he wanted to do was spend some down time with his beautiful girl. When he hit the curb of Stevenson dorm, he quickly bounded out of the car and ambled into the building.

He reached the dorm room and eagerly rapped on the door. Two weeks seemed like two years since he had her wrapped up in his arms and inhaled every ounce of her. The long drive across two states had only elevated his burning desire to devour and savor the sight of her.

When the door finally cracked open, Buffy glided out into the hallway and stuffed a stake in her pocket. Dean heaved a huge sigh of disappointment.

“You’re kidding me,” he groaned.

Buffy swept a lock of her hair from her face.

“What? You’re not feeling up to a hunt?”

“I just got here, after driving eleven hours and you want to me to work up a sweat
with you by....hunting something? Come on,” he groaned.

Dean yanked her into his arms and planted a long, lustful kiss on her lips. When she tried to prop the door shut, he stuck his foot in the way. He stroked her hair as he deepened his kiss. He hadn’t realized how much you could miss a simple action such as touching a strand of hair. But god had he missed it. He missed everything about her. He drew her closer against him as he kept raking a hand through her hair.
Buffy tightened her arms around Dean as she felt her body melting into the floor the longer he kissed her. She heard her heart beat thundering in her ears and her desire thickening in her veins. As he pulled her closer, her hands probed the firmness of his body. She let out a soft gasp as he made his intentions clear. When he eventually broke away, she looked up at saw the deep longing in his eyes. He leaned in and tenderly kissed parts of her face.

Buffy drew a contented smile as she kissed the bottom of his chin.

“I know it’s the last thing on your mind but I promised Giles I would stay vigilant on patrols since Adam is still on the loose.”

He let out another long sigh. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

She leaned in and kissed the corner of his mouth. “We’ll make the usual passes through campus. It’ll be a quick day at work and then we can play.”

Buffy latched onto his hand and led him down the hallway.

“I missed you,” she cooed softly.

“Well, you better show me how much after we get back,” he said.

The last stop on patrol was the biggest cemetery in Sunnydale. After a quick stroll through the rows of mausoleums, Buffy paused and pointed to a vampire wandering along the grounds. Buffy signaled to Dean and they split off around a mausoleum to close in on the vampire from both sides.

Buffy leaned against the wall as she heard the vampire lurking behind her. The vampire hissed in delight at its relatively effortless meal.
Buffy swung around with her stake just as Dean jumped out from the other side, trapping the vampire between them.

“Surprise!” he said.

The vampire stumbled back in surprise as the two attacked in a flash. Buffy kicked the vampire in the head, sending it back toward Dean. Dean grabbed the vampire and punched it in the face. He hurled the vampire back to Buffy in their ‘demon’ volleyball game. Buffy attacked with a hard spin kick. She briefly admired Dean as he dodged out of the vampire’s counterattack and quickly came back with a hard cross. Dean spun the vampire around as Buffy readied her crossbow. Suddenly, the vampire was kicked out of the way seconds before the bolt slammed into its heart. Dean blinked in shock when a demon covered in horns shoved him to the ground and then charged over to the vampire.

“What the....”

The horned demon helped the vampire to its feet. Dean scrambled to his feet as Buffy ran over to him. The horned demon and vampire eyed them menacingly. Buffy briefly glanced at Dean as she grasped a stake. She hardened her game face.

“I’ll take fangy so you can get horny,” she said.

Dean cracked a smile as he rolled his eyes over her.

“Done,” he cracked before snickering.

Before she could shift her eyes into a roll, the vampire lunged at Dean and took him down to the ground. He fought the vampire off as he glanced up at Buffy.

“Well now you have to get horny,” he said with a small smile.

He quickly slipped back into fighting mode as the vampire took a swing at him. Buffy attacked her demon with several hard punches. Dean kicked the vampire off him. The vampire stumbled back a few feet. The demon steadied the vampire. Buffy and Dean stood back to back as the vampire and demon circled around them.

Several minutes later, Buffy and Dean successfully managed to kill the vampire and horned demon together.

“Okay, can’t say I’ve ever seen a vampire and a demon doing the double team thing,” Dean remarked as he dusted himself off.

“They wouldn’t,” Buffy affirmed. “Vamps are loners. Demons hate the ground vampires walk on. They’re like oil and vinegar, they just don’t mix.”

“Well, it seems they are now,” he said.

Buffy caught his eyes as he drew close to her and raked a leaf out of her hair. Her eyes drifted shut briefly at the amazing sensation blasting through her when he brushed a hand through her hair.

“Yeah um, we should probably let Giles know.”

“I suppose we should,” he said.

Buffy swallowed a gasp in her throat when she saw the intense glow in his eyes. Her lower body stung with longing as he held his gaze.

“Let’s um, head over there now,” she replied softly.

Lost in each other long gazes, a surge of heat blanketed over them.

“Yeah, okay,” he said.

A short time later, Buffy fumbled with the door knob to her room as she clung to Dean in a passionate kiss. Their hands fervently roamed over each other, driven by an intense desire that had thickened over their two week separation. Dean parted a mere inch from their lip lock so he could ask a question.

“How along are we going to be alone?”

Buffy frowned with irritation when she couldn’t get unlock the door with one hand. She reluctantly drew her roaming hand away from Dean to secure the key in the door. She had to feel for the lock since Dean kept her securely pressed to his body and her mouth glued to his.

“Mmm, Will’s going to be....out all night,” she said breathlessly.

Buffy finally got the door open and yanked him inside. Dean tapped the door shut with his foot. Buffy struggled to keep her focus but her mind grew numb with each pleasurable kiss.

“Okay, I’m serious, we need to talk to Giles....”

Dean slipped a hand behind her head and deepened his kiss. With his other hand, he tugged away her jacket and began working on the straps of her backless top.

“Okay,” he muttered through their lip lock.

He drew his mouth away from hers and proceeded to attack her neck with lusty kisses. Buffy let out a gasp as her body tingled with intense pleasure.
Dean loosened the straps of her top and slipped his hand underneath to caress her back. He gently pushed her down to the bed and angled his body over hers.
Buffy crashed down to the mattress and let out a long moan as Dean planted a path of hot kisses down her body.

“Tomorrow.....first thing tomorr-ohhhhhhhhhh......” she squealed softly.

The next morning, with their bodies still warm from a blissful night, Buffy shined a contented smile as she snuggled up against Dean.

“I’m starving,” she said. “But I really don’t want to get out of bed.”

“Well, me too and me too, so we either starve or one of us will be forced to get up.”

“You go,” she said.

“What? Why me?”

“You’re the boy AND because you want to be nice.”

“Hey, I’ve been working hard ever since I got into town so you should be the gracious host and wrestle us up some breakfast.”

Dean flashed a smug smile. She whined when he had made a point.


“I guess we have to settle this in a diplomatic way,” he said. “Winchester style.”

Buffy blew out a breath and groaned. “You mean - rock – paper – scissors?”

He cracked a smile before she reluctantly curled her hand into a fist. After the first round, she threw rock, Dean threw scissors. Buffy drew a satisfied smile as Dean scowled lightly.

Damn, two out of three?”

“Uh uh, I won fair and square,” she moaned.

Dean groaned as he reluctantly rolled out of bed and got dressed. Buffy rattled off her order as he headed for the door.

“Oh! And two cheese pastries with the jelly filling! Oh and some of those yummy French toast sticks – with syrup! Oh and....”

Dean frowned at her as he stepped into the hallway.

“Okay, okay, I get it, you want one of everything,” he groaned.

“And coffee! Don’t forget the coffee!”

Dean shook his head as he pulled the door shut.

As he waited in line at the Rocket Café, Dean eyed the increasing crowd gathered around an internet station in the corner. After he gathered up two bags full of breakfast foods, his curiosity drew him over to the crowd. He heard tons of excited chatter as he weaved through the blanket of students. Several guys were hovering over laptop computers and conversing rapidly. Dean shifted in the crowd to get a better look at the screen but people kept blocking him. He blew out a breath as he caught the attention of a nerdy guy.

“What’s going on here?”

The nerdy guy gave a disapproving sigh.

“It’s Roy’s blog, it’s been causing lots of internet traffic this morning.”

Dean hitched an eyebrow up. “A blog? What’s the big deal about that?”

“I’m not sure but I wish people would stop tying up the connection, I have a Mesozoic Wikipedia file to download.”

Dean shifted his eyes when a body bumped into him. A roar of laughter erupted in waves through the crowd. A couple of students chuckled as they passed by Dean. One of them eyed Dean and rattled off an internet address.

“Check it out, it’s hilarious.”

“I’ll bet,” Dean remarked.

As the curiosity thickened to its breaking point, Dean eyed an internet station that just became available. He was about to snake the seat when the decadent aroma of French toast sticks wafted into his nostrils. He drifted away from the internet station as his mind lingered on his tasty breakfast date.

“Can’t be more exciting than a hot naked chick waiting for you,” he muttered softly to himself.

Dean glanced at the take out bag and groaned.

“Shit, I forgot the coffee,” he grumbled.

He shifted around and headed over to the coffee station. After getting back in line again, he darted out of the Rocket Café and bounded toward the dorms.

After devouring breakfast in bed, Buffy gave an appreciative smile to Dean before she rolled out of bed and trekked off to the bathroom. Dean sank the remainder of his coffee as he eyed the laptop on Willow’s desk. He chucked the empty cup in the trash as he settled down in front of the laptop. After maneuvering through the UC Sunnydale home page for several minutes, he finally found a link to the mysteriously popular blog.

Buffy furrowed her brows in deep curiosity when she heard Dean laughing hysterically as she pushed through the door.

“What’s got you so tickled?”

“Take a look at this,” he said.

Buffy settled into his lap and glanced at the web page on the screen.

“Um....Alpha Delta house.........wallgasm?”

Dean burst into laughter.

“Okay, that is either a really tall tale or something freaky is going on at that frat house,” she assessed.

“Or people are just getting freaky on that wall – thus the Great Wall of Fame!”

Buffy scrolled down the page to the comments.

“Well, look at this, apparently if you touch the wall it gives you......oh.”

Dean stopped laughing and reviewed the comments.

“Huh, could be a hoax.”

“Well, see if anything else has happened at that house,” she said.

Dean pulled up a search engine and after seeing the results, shook his head.

“Of course there is,” he replied. “Looks like this kid Kenny Walters was hospitalized last night with severe burn wounds from a small fire that broke out in the Alpha Delta bathroom.”

“Was he smoking?”

“Police haven’t disclosed any more information.”

“So two strange incidents in two days, that can’t be coincidence. We should at least find out the kid’s story see if it was an accidental fire or something else. Oh and we still need to talk to Giles.”

“Well, I have to run a few errands in town, so I’ll drop by the hospital and talk to this kid, you go talk to Giles and I’ll meet up with you later.”

Buffy caught his eyes in a long, lingering gaze.

“Do I have to go to class now?”

She dipped her mouth on his and kissed him tenderly. When she broke away, she saw him nod.

“Yeah, I think you should,” he replied. “You might be on to something. Since when has anything normal gone on at a frat house?”

Buffy draped his arm around her as they walked out the door. Dean strolled along with her until he reached the foot of her classroom. After a short kiss goodbye, they parted ways.

Later in the afternoon, Buffy met up with Dean at the Rocket Café to pick up some iced coffees.

“So, did you talk to that kid Kenny?”

“Yeah, I did.”

“And? What was he doing when the fire broke out?”

Dean snickered deep in his throat as a silly smile curled over his face. Buffy eyed him with an odd look.


Dean roared with laughter for a long minute as Buffy widened her eyes and gasped.

“You mean he was....”

He flashed a wide grin.

“Beating it until his hand caught fire, yeah.”

He chuckled for another long minute as Buffy absorbed the info.

“Wait, how did his hand catch fire? Was he standing near a fire when he......”

The amusement thickened on his face as erupted into laughter again. Buffy drew out a long breath and crooked her eyebrows in disapproval. Dean settled down and sighed.

“Uh, no, he wasn’t smoking out or lighting candles to get in the mood to....”

He stifled a loud laugh in his throat. After a minute, he blew out a breath.

“He just said that his hand started to smoke up and then burst into flames.”

Dean fought and fought the laughter back but after a second, he lost the battle and let it out.

“It brings new meaning to the term “feeling the burn” during vigorous exercise,” he cracked.

Buffy shook her head as Dean erupted into another fit of laughter.

“How did you ever keep your cover snickering silly like that?”

Dean shook his head as he clenched his stomach.

“It was pretty damn difficult, let me say that,” he replied.

“So are we dealing with some weird spontaneous combustion thing?”

“Brought on by a lonely freshman’s aching need to choke the snake?”

He chuckled for a long minute again.

“So Kenny’s hand bursts into flames and a wall supposedly.....excites people when you touch it,” she remarked. “There is something definitely going on at Alpha Delta house that’s worth looking into.”

“Yeah, they should rename it – like Total Lusty House.”

Buffy rolled her eyes as they strolled off campus.

“No, wait, “Can’t Get Laid” House,” he cracked. “No. No. I got it “Hot Hands” House.”

Dean shook his head with amusement and laughed for another minute. He cut himself off after meeting her glaring eyes.

“Oh come on, this whole thing is hilarious,” he said.

“I doubt Kenny is finding the humor in it,” she reasoned. “Besides fraternities and Sunnydale often equate a house of horrors.”

“Yeah, I know. Okay, so we drop by Alpha Delta and check things out. We’ll figure out a cover on the way over.”

“No need for covers, look.”

Buffy reached into her bag and yanked out a bright orange flyer.

“They’re having a party tonight, we can just walk right in.”

“Well, that’s convenient,” he said. “Okay, so we’re party goers that’s easy enough.”

Dean draped his arm around her as he gave her a stern look.

“But you are NOT allowed to touch that damn wall. The only piece of wood that’s getting you off is mine.”

He rumbled with laughter as Buffy drew a bashful smile.

A few hours later, Dean parked the Impala a block away from the Alpha Delta house. Before he flipped the trunk open, he swung a cautious look around as Buffy circled over to him. He leaned in and eyed his weapons cache.

“Okay, let’s do we fight a lusty wall?”

Buffy rolled her eyes as he chuckled for a long minute. He tapped on his rock salt loaded shotgun.

“Can’t exactly go in with that,” he deduced.

He heaved a sigh as he began stuffing his pockets with a bottle of holy water, a small iron hook and a wooden cross. He fished out a small burlap bag and dumped a few handfuls of rock salt inside. He rummaged through his weapons cache and frowned.

“Damn, I don’t have another bag,” he said. “We’ll have to share.”

“Oh, it’s okay, I’m covered.”

Buffy shuffled through her jacket pockets and yanked out a small velvet pouch. She widened the opening of the pouch and flashed the contents to Dean.

Dean blinked in surprise when he saw the contents.

“You brought your own bag of rock salt?”

She shrugged casually.

“I’ve taken to carrying it on me along with my usual stash of stuff, just in case,” she said.

Dean shined a proud smile.

“Good girl.”

He gave her a playful pat on the butt before he shut the trunk.

Inside the Alpha Delta house, students packed nearly every sitting room, dancing, gossiping or flirting. Buffy spotted Willow, Tara and Xander and waved before ambling after Dean. He drifted down a hall and glanced in each room, searching for a large, animated crowd gathered around a wall. He paused when he spied a line snaking down an adjacent hallway. Buffy followed behind him as he cut through the line. He heard echoes of moans and laughter drifting from the room.

A beefy frat guy guarded the doorway as another one collected cash in a tin can from the party goers waiting in line. Dean glanced at the note taped to the can and glanced at Buffy.

“You got to be kidding me,” he groaned. “They’re charging admission.”

He frowned and fished out a badge. He caught beefy frat boy’s attention and discreetly flashed him the badge. He hardened his stern expression.

“I’m Inspector Wright with the Collegiate Housing Commission,” he said. “You’re currently exceeding the maximum capacity allowed in this room. So you either need to clear these people out or I’m shutting down this little shindig of yours. I’m also assuming some of these people are underage drinkers? So make it fast before I start passing out violations with hefty fees.”

Dean shot a stony glare at the beefy frat guy. After a long minute, the two frat boys exchanged looks before one of them whistled sharply. The moans and chatter inside the room abruptly halted.

“Everyone! Out!”

Several people stared at the frat boys before they moved in and started ushering people out. Dean plucked in his ear buds and started roaming around the room as the party goers reluctantly dispersed. Buffy eyed the crowd leaving the room before drawing her attention back to Dean. As she strolled along side him, she noticed him clutching a small portable cassette player at his side. She eyed him curiously.

“You’re listening to music now?”

“No, I’m taking EMF readings,” he said softly.

Buffy blinked with recognition.

“Oh, your bad boo detector,” she said. “Well, why does it look like a walkman?”

Dean drew a proud smile.

“Because I made it out of a walkman.”

Buffy admired his handy work briefly before she flashed him a smile.

“Oh, I didn’t realize you were so crafty.”

Dean paused in his step and eyed her with disbelief.

“You know the way I live and you didn’t realize I was so crafty? Do you even know me at all?”

He shook his head as he continued through the room. His ears flooded with a faint crackling sound.

“EMF reading is small but significant.”

Buffy felt the eerie rumbling in her belly and got closer to the wall. She extended a hand toward the wall. Dean clapped a hand on her wrist.

“Hey, what did I tell you about touching that wood?”

Buffy blew out a breath as Dean raised the walkman higher up the wall.

“Hmm, I’m getting readings all over this wall.”

Feeling an instinct, Dean lifted the walkman toward the ceiling. He heard the same crackling sound coming through the meter.

“Okay, not just the wall, it’s in the ceiling and it’s a lot stronger.”

“Well, I saw a stairway, we can check out the room above us.”

Buffy pivoted toward the door. Dean watched Buffy as she glided out of the room. He glanced at the doorway before he leaned close to the wall and reached out a hand. Before making contact, he looked around again. He pressed his hand on the wall and after a minute, he widened his eyes in pleasant surprise.

“Woah,” he gasped softly.

He yanked his hand away as he chuckled to himself.

“Uh yeah, that was.....interesting.”

He wandered out of the room as his mind and body tingled. He weaved through the groups of partiers standing around and paused when he felt uncomfortably warm. He tugged on the collar of his shirt as he caught up to Buffy who was talking with Willow, Tara and Xander. When he slipped a hand along her waist, he felt an intense blast of heat choking his system. He blew out a very long breath as Buffy met his eyes. She frowned with concern.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

Dean shifted in his stance a few times.

“Yeah, it’s just really hot in here.”

He gently tugged on her hand and guided her through the lower level of the house. When they bounded around a corner, they stopped as a long line to the bathroom blocked their path. Buffy sighed and pivoted around just as Dean leaned in and buried his face in the crook of her neck. When she felt his teeth nibbling her skin, she widened her eyes as a few people looked on.

“Uh, Dean, focus,” she whispered in his ear. “We need to find the bad boo.”

Buffy bit down on her lip and stamped back the moan rising in her throat as Dean continued to feast on her neck. She lightly pushed him away. Dean blinked a few times in surprise before he let out a breath.

“Sorry, I uh, don’t know what came over me, you’re just so....tasty.”

Buffy swallowed a deep gasp when she saw the intense longing flaring in his eyes.

“Come on, let’s go check out the rest of the house.”

Buffy tugged his hand and led him back down the hall. She paused when the corner flooded with people. As she let a few people pass by, her eyes widened when she felt a hand rubbing her butt. She whipped her eyes around and looked up at Dean who gazed at her with a hungry look.

“Focus,” she replied as she swatted his hand away.

Dean let out a breath as he felt another uncomfortable heat blowing through him.

“Sorry,” he said.

He shook off the odd feeling in his gut and followed Buffy back into the main sitting room. He strained his hearing and listened to the EMF meter as they drifted up the stairs. Buffy perched on a step as tons of people poured down the stairs. Dean brushed up against her as partiers weaved around him. Feeling overwhelmed by the desire prickling his system at an alarming rate, he gently urged Buffy up the stairs.

Xander wedged himself into a group of partiers dancing. He did a little jig with his hips before he swung around and glared at Anya.

“This is me having fun!” he barked.

Anya draped her arm around a young guy and glared back at Xander.

“Well, me too!”

Xander swung back around and saw Buffy and Dean weaving through the crowd.

“Hey guys, I’m having SO much fun!”

Buffy blinked at his over exaggerated enthusiasm. “Um, that’s great Xander. We’ll be back in a bit.”

Xander continued to sway to the music as he watched Buffy and Dean drift up the

At the top of the stairs, the hallway split in two directions. Buffy swung her eyes to the left and right. She turned toward the hall leading to the left when Dean angled away to the right. Buffy let out a breath and ambled after him. She followed him into a bathroom and took pause at the scorch marks in the corner. Dean waved his EMF meter along the scorched wall. He heard a subtle crackling in the meter as Buffy brushed up some soot from the sink.

“Wow, that is some fire he started,” he cracked.

Buffy crouched down into the corner and swept up the remnants of a burnt shower curtain. When she straightened and pivoted around, Dean was nearly on top of her. She recognized the look in her eyes and sighed.

“Dean, will you please fo...”

Dean pressed her against the wall and kissed her passionately for a long minute. Buffy let out a soft moan before her Slayer instincts rang sharply. She sniffed when the pungent odor of smoke penetrated the air.

“Is something on fire?”

Buffy widened her eyes when she noticed the smoke wafting between them. She
gasped when she saw the small flames.

“Oh my god! It’s you!” she screamed.

Dean glanced at his right foot which was blanketed in smoke. He widened his eyes.

“Holy shit!”

He frantically stamped his foot on the floor until the smoke dissipated. He hitched the bottom of his boot up to inspect the damage.

“What the hell just happened?”

Buffy stared at the scorched corner of the wall before shifting her eyes to Dean.

“Kenny’s hand caught on fire because he was.....spending quality time with himself, then that freaky wall was giving people.....happy moments and then you....kissed me and your foot caught on fire. This is getting really weird.”

Dean shined his shock.

“I was kissing you when my foot caught on fire?”

Buffy blinked in surprise. “Uh yeah, didn’t you realize that?”

Dean recalled his thoughts before he glanced at her.

“Uh, not really. The last thing I remember was taking an EMF reading on the wall and then you screaming at me that my foot was on fire.”

Buffy drew deep concern as she raised a hand and pressed it against his forehead.

“Are you sure you’re feeling okay?”

“Yeah, I’m okay,” he assured. “Just distracted I guess.”

“Yeah no kidding,” she said. “Let’s finish up exploring the rest of the floor and hopefully we can figure out what’s going on.”

Dean followed Buffy out into the corridor. She drifted down the hall. She winced when she felt a strong tug in her belly as she edged toward a room at the end of the hallway. Dean noticed her look as he swung the EMF meter toward the room.

“Slayer vibes?”

“Yeah, big time,” she answered.

“Yeah, me too, this thing is squealing like a pig,” he imparted.

Buffy swung the door open and cautiously stepped inside the empty bedroom. Dean broke into a sweat after he crossed the threshold. He swept a hand across his forehead and wiped away the perspiration. When he sprung another layer of sweat, he frowned.

“Geez, it’s a friggin’ furnace in here,” he moaned.

He peeled off his jacket as he kept cautious eyes on the walls. Buffy plucked a hand full of salt from the pouch and perched in the middle of the room.

“Aren’t you hot?” he asked.

“No,” she said.

“Well, I feel like I’m burning up,” he complained.

“Are you getting sick?”

“I really hope not,” he lamented.

Buffy shifted her eyes around until she noticed Dean staring intently at her. Feeding on a suspicion, she walked over to him and snatched up his walkman. She pointed the device at him.

“You hear anything?”

“No,” he said. “You think I’m haunted?”

“Well, you are acting kind of weird,” she said. “You can’t seem to keep your hands off of me.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

“Well it kind of is when we’re working,” she groaned.

Dean flashed a mild scowl.

“Oh, like you haven’t tried to distract me on a hunt before...Jesus, God it is damn hot in here!”

Buffy drifted around the room as Dean propped a hand against a wall to steady himself from the dizzying effects of an overwhelming heat churning through his body. After a minute, he blinked when he felt a sudden surge of energy jolting through his hand.

“No, it’s just you,” she pointed. “If Casper would just get off his lazy butt and try giving us the spookies now, we could take care of him and then figure out what’s going on with....”

Her last word was cut off when Dean abruptly cornered her and kissed her hungrily for a very long minute. She moaned softly through her teeth and dropped a hand on his chest, trying to steer him away, but her body soon skyrocketed with a boiling fever as Dean pinned her against the wall and drove his tongue deeper into her mouth.

Buffy struggled to breathe as a scorching heat surged through her body. She felt the walls of her throat tightening and every inch of her body flaring with an almost intolerable burning sensation. In a flash, her face sprung with a thick coat of perspiration. She grimaced as she let out a hot breath.

“” she gasped softly.

She slipped her arms around Dean and pulled him closer. He hiked her legs up around his waist and deepened his lustful kiss.

The door suddenly slammed shut but neither Buffy nor Dean noticed the mysterious action, as they started drowning in a tornado of lust.

Downstairs, in the rec room, a group of partiers gossiped around the fireplace stoop. Xander wandered in, determined to continue his reign of spite partying against Anya. He listened in on the gossip generating in the group and forced out a laugh. The partiers shot him an odd look before going back to their exclusive conversation. Xander ambled away to a corner of the fireplace and tried to blend in. He noticed a couple of drunken partiers trying to toast marshmallows on a flameless fire.

He walked over to another section of the room and observed a circle of guys and girls playing spin the bottle with an empty beer bottle. Xander shook his head and was about to leave when he noticed Julie in the middle of the circle. She flashed him a smile. Xander looked behind him and into the room where he had last seen Anya. He ambled toward the circle as people made space for him to sit down. When it was his turn, Xander spun the bottle and watched it intently before it wound to a stop in front of Julie. Xander gulped as all eyes fell on him. He leaned toward Julie and gave her a polite peck on the cheek. As he drew away, Julie suddenly threw her arms around him and kissed him erotically. Xander widened his eyes and forcefully pushed her back. Julie gasped in shock and backed away before bolting from the room. Xander blinked a few times before he went after her.

Buffy heaved a huge gasp that burned through her throat as Dean yanked up the fabric of her skirt over her hips. He pushed aside the seam of her panties and settled himself inside her. Buffy let out a long moan as he began to pump slowly, then rapidly, within her. She locked her ankles together as her back traveled up and down the wall. Her breathing grew ragged as her body sprung another layer of sweat.
Buffy furrowed her brows when her ears perked with a faint scream.

“ that?” she asked breathlessly.

Dean tore back the fabric of her bra.

“I only hear you.”

He buried his mouth over her breast and began stroking the tip of her nipple with his tongue. Buffy hitched her head back and cried out in pleasure.

“I want to hear more,” he said through his teeth.

Dean pitched his body forward, stabbing her belly with the intense fire coursing through him. Buffy felt her eyes rolling back in her head as her mouth dropped open and released a long moan......

Xander returned to the rec room just when a thick cloud of fire suddenly erupted out of the fireplace. Several partiers sprung from the stoop and darted away as the flames in the fireplace raged furiously. A young girl screamed as her hair caught fire. Xander frantically looked around and yanked a blanket off one of the lounges. He threw the blanket over the girl and patted her down until the flames died out. He checked on the girl and saw that she was frightened but not hurt. Her hair was black and full of soot. Xander drifted away when some of her friends tended to her.
He went over to the circle of guys and girls still involved in the spin the bottle game. There were giggles and childish taunts after each spin and kiss.

“Hey, um, does anyone know Julie? She’s really freaked out and can use a friend.”

Xander looked around the circle as no one responded.

Buffy clung even tighter to Dean as he angled her onto the edge of the bed. He settled her legs against his chest and secured her ankles around his neck. He leaned forward and sunk even deeper within her canal. Buffy let out another low groan as Dean began to move within her. Another layer of perspiration thickened over her body as tendrils of hair plastered her face. She felt like her insides were eviscerating from the molten fire churning furiously through her body. Dean quickened his motion as Buffy pitched her head back; feeling swells of ecstasy flooding through her veins.

“Xander! There you are!” Willow cried.

Xander spun around and saw the intense fear and panic in her eyes as she ran over to him. Her face was flushed as she struggled to talk and breath in her frantic state.

“Dead boy...bathtub...drowning....tried to save him but....he was already....dead...I mean a I couldn’t.”

Willow leaned forward a little to settle her staggered breathing. Xander blinked with disbelief.

“There’s a ghost in the house? What is it with fraternities on campus that come with their own ghost? Is that the real draw for these parties cause it’s definitely not the pretzels.”

Willow finally steadied her breathing as Tara slowly joined them. Willow eyed her with concern.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

Tara nodded. “Yes but....we should leave. This house is.....”

All three took pause when they heard a strange whirring sound in the room. They gradually shifted their eyes to the circle of guys and girls playing spin the bottle. The bottle began spinning faster and faster instead of slowing down. The players grew excitable the longer the bottle spun at a furious rate.

Buffy moaned loudly as wave after wave of rapture slammed through her. She clutched the comforter with both hands and let out a long song of pleasure as.......

The spinning bottle suddenly burst into flames and sprayed shards of glass all over the players. The circle of players screamed and jumped back as the flames consuming the bottle grew stronger. A spark shot out from the fire and danced along the floor, spreading the flames across the carpet. One of the guys in the circle tried fanning the flames as others searched for some water to throw on it.

Willow and Xander exchanged looks.

“We need to find Buffy!” Willow hollered over the chaos.

Willow and Xander clutched each other and ran out of the rec room.

“I saw Buffy and Dean go upstairs,” Xander replied as they raced through the main sitting room.

Willow, Tara and Xander hopped off the last step and stared down each hallway. Willow and Tara split off down one hallway while Xander explored the other one.
Xander called out to his friends as he wandered down the hallway. He peered inside a small bathroom darkened with scorch marks. He continued down the hall toward a lone bedroom.

“Buffy! Dean! We need help!” he yelled.

Xander paused abruptly when he heard very distinctive sounds coming from the bedroom. He edged closer to the door and gulped when he realized there were two sets of distinctive sounds coming from the room. He knocked lightly on the door.

“Um, guys? Sorry to interrupt in your um......quality time but um, there’s some weird stuff going on downstairs and we need you.....hello?”

When he heard no break in the incessant moans behind the door, he gulped and reached for the knob. As he tried to turn the knob, his eyes widened when he felt a searing pain blazing through his hand. He jerked his hand away and waved off the burning sensation.

“Ow! Hot knob! Hot knob!”


Xander continued to shake the pain from his hand as Willow and Tara ran down the hall.

“What happened?”

“Hot knob!” he yelped.

Willow glanced at his hand before she settled her eyes on the door. She heard a pair of pleasurable groans echoing from the room.

“You got to be kidding me,” Willow groaned.

She rapped loudly on the door.

“Buffy?” she called.

“She’s....coming.....” Buffy gasped softly. “She’s......”

Dean gently flipped her over onto her stomach and drew her up on all fours. She rested her head against the mattress as Dean sunk back inside her.

“Always.....interrupting us.....” she moaned softly.

Dean slipped an arm around her and planted a kiss behind her ear.

“Never again,” he whispered. “No more interruptions.”

“Buffy?! We need help!” Willow yelled into the door.

Her eyes drifted down to the floor. She gasped when smoke billowed out from under the crack of the door. She backed away few feet as a teenage boy and girl suddenly appeared in front of the door. Xander, Willow and Tara blinked in shock. The boy and girl disappeared as a line of flames shot across the hallway, blocking the door.

“Oh! This is bad!” Willow squealed.

Xander courageously charged toward the door but the line of flames blew taller. He staggered back and coughed as clouds of smoke began to stitch in the hallway.

“Buffy! Dean! You have to come out of there! The hallway is on fire!”
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