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I've Loved You So Long

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Summary: A Look at the Lifetime Relationship between the Slayer and the Hunter

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchestersuperslayerFR1867381,87821244121,75517 Mar 0923 Aug 12No

Ch. 54 – Burning For You

A/N: Involves episode “Where the Wild Things Are”
Part Two
Rated FR 21 For Mature Readers

Down in the rec room, partiers began to flee as the fire grew beyond containment, eating through the wood floors and consuming the curtains. Waves of panic spread quickly as partiers scrambled to get out......

“She’s always,” Buffy cried softly.

Dean curled his arm around her again and twisted her onto her back. He settled his weight on top of her.

“I won’t let her this time, I promise,” he said.

Dean pushed away the blankets of damp tendrils stamping her face and gave Buffy a long, tender kiss. Buffy drew her arms around him and winced briefly when she felt a burning sensation on her wrist. Smoke hissed as rope burns thickened around both her wrists.

“Why can’t she just leave us alone?” she moaned.

Total chaos erupted as the fire spread into the sitting room. Partiers shoved and rushed through hallways as some bravely searched for fire extinguishers and blankets to put out the blaze.

Xander and Willow continued hollering at the door but the flames dangerously spat toward them. They staggered back through the hall.

“We can’t leave them in there! They’ll burn down with the house!” Xander yelled.

“We’ll have to find another way to get them out!”

Willow dragged Xander down the stairs and witnessed dozens of partiers running around in panic. Flames whipped around the room and danced along the windows. Xander blinked when a fiery cross appeared above the door. His eyes shifted to a young guy standing perfectly still in the middle of the chaos. Xander stumbled down the stairs and heard the guy rambling.

“You are in the house of the Lord! Thou shall not touch thy self under the nose of our Lord. In the name of God and our Savior, I cast out the evil, the Devil’s lust be gone!”

Xander blinked at the young guy in confusion as Tara and Willow stumbled behind him. He spotted Anya in the foyer and gently latched onto her. Flames ate through the entire lower level of the house. Those trying to put the flames out gave up and ran toward the nearest exits.

Xander, Anya, Willow and Tara rushed for the door when Julie stumbled in front of them. Her hands were shaking violently as her scalp was beaded with thick streams of blood. Most of her long hair had been hacked off with just a few clumps at the top of her head.

“Hhhhhellllllp,” she cried desperately.

Xander gathered her up and urged her toward the door. Spike raced through the house darting out of the fiery path. He shoved past the gang and ran out the door. Willow widened her eyes as partiers weaved around her to escape.

“We have to go back in there!”

Anya shot her an odd look. “Why would we?”

Xander glanced at Anya.

“Buffy and Dean are trapped upstairs behind a fiery hallway.”

“Well, she’s the slayer and he hunts things, they’ll be okay on their own.”

Xander shook his head. “No, they won’t. We called out to them, we knocked on the door, we couldn’t get them out of the room and a raging fire is about to burn this house down with them in it! Not to mention there’s a ghost boy haunting the house and a guy spitting out Bible passages and girls scalping themselves. We are all sold out of superpowered Slayers and skill full spirit hunters so it’s up to us to save them and figure out how to stop what’s going on in there. Who’s gonna help me?”

“I will.”

Spike emerged from a fleeing crowd and regarded the shared looks of shock.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m the last one you’d think to step up and play hero, and yeah, Barbie has tried to kill me many times and hell, I still want to kill her not to mention that bloody boy toy of hers....and I hate all of you too.....and......I know that vampire – fire equals poof but.........”

Spike paused for a long minute.

“Ah I just talked me self out of it, so never mind, I hope they burn,” he replied dryly.
Spike pivoted and wandered into the night.

“Let’s just go Xander,” Anya stressed.

Xander shook his head.

“You want to go? Then go. But I’m going to save my friends from a fiery death."

Xander rushed toward the door as the last of the partiers escaped. As he hopped on the porch, the door slammed shut. He charged into the door several times trying to break it down. He backed up and barreled into the door. He widened his eyes and howled in pain as he stumbled back.

“Ow! Hot door! Hot door!”

He rubbed his shoulder as he rejoined the group.

“Okay, um, I think it’s Giles time now,” he said.

“Let’s hope he’s home,” Willow lamented.

“He’s at the Espresso Pump tonight,” Tara imparted meekly.

“Oh! Yeah, he said not to go there, he needed his grown up time.”

As the gang raced to the Espresso Pump, the fires within the rooms gradually began to die down to mere chains of smoke.

Buffy shifted under the covers and rolled on top of Dean.

“It’s quiet now,” she said very softly. “You made her go away.”

“I told you I would. No more interruptions, see?”

Dean slipped a hand behind her head and brought her mouth down to his. He rolled her onto her back and settled himself inside her. He brushed away more damp tendrils from her face before he kissed her hungrily. Buffy let out a soft moan as she rested her hands on his waist. Dean clenched his jaw as he felt a searing pain blasting his face. A large purple welt appeared on his cheek as Buffy rocked him forward with her hands. She hitched her head back and released a long, low moan into the air.

A thick gray smoke swam along the ceiling and funneled around them, caking their faces, hair and bodies in soot as they drifted deeper into the depths of passion.

Buffy jerked with ecstasy as she tightened her arms around Dean.

“What if she comes back?” she asked softly.

“She won’t.”

Outside, a chain of flames emerged and shot around the exterior of the house and quickly blanketed the front door from any intruders.

At the Espresso Pump, Willow, Xander and Anya froze with fear as they stared at the stage.

“Woah,” Anya gasped.

“Oh – my – god,” Willow cried softly.

“This is scarier than the freaky house,” Xander squeaked softly. “Can we go back there?”

After several minutes of reeling with shock, the gang blinked when the song ended and the shop filled with mild applause.

Giles charged over them with a peevish frown. “Wh-what are you all doing here? I specifically expressed that you were not to be here.”

“We didn’t mean to interrupt you.....getting your freak on stage but.....” Xander started.

“Buffy and Dean are in trouble,” Willow replied.

Giles glanced at Willow and quickly released his dismay.

Buffy curled up against Dean and drew concern when he let out a series of coughs. She caught his wrist and noticed the rope burns. She flashed her set of rope burns. She gingerly swept a hand across his bruised cheek.

“Did it hurt?” she asked.

“I don’t feel it anymore,” he answered. “I close my eyes and I just focus on you and I don’t feel it....”

Buffy drew a deep pout. “I hate her. All I want to do is be with you.”

She snuggled closer to Dean and propped her head on his shoulder.

“Hold me closer,” she said.

Dean settled onto his side and drew her into his arms. He pressed her very tightly against his body and wrapped his arms around her. Buffy burrowed in his arms.

“Closer,” she said.

At the campus library, the gang gathered around a table with several stacks of books. Willow and Tara poured through binders of news clippings. Giles plucked his glasses of his face and thought pensively for a long minute.

“You said you called and knocked on the door but neither Buffy nor Dean responded to you?”

“They wouldn’t if they’re dead,” Anya remarked flatly.

“Or they were just too busy.....doing it to respond,” Xander stated.

“Doing what exactly?”

Xander blinked with disbelief. “Wow Giles, for an acoustic rock god you are pretty dense.”

Giles scoffed as he set his glasses back on. “Pardon me, but I didn’t think you actually meant they were.....I mean during all the chaos breeding in the house, I can’t imagine how they could keep it up for so long....oh god please forget the phrasing....”

“Well, the weird thing is, people at the party started acting really strange.”

“Such as?”

Willow glanced at Tara and gulped. “Um, just in strange ways.”

Giles pondered over the possibilities. “Hmm, we could be dealing with a type of succubi...or it’s negative energy drawing from the Initiative lab – you said Lowell house was a few doors down? Was it Alpha Delta always a fraternity?”

Willow shook her head as she slid the book of news clipping for everyone’s view.

“No, during a period of time – from 1949 to 1960 – Alpha Delta was formerly the Sunnydale Sacred Home for Children. It provided care for orphaned adolescents, runaway teens, abandoned youth, or troubled kids with a variety of emotional problems.”

“Were there any deaths?” Tara asked softly.

Willow skimmed the clipping.

Willow shakes her head. “There is nothing about any deaths, it mainly spotlights the former house director, a Genevieve Holt, a pillar of community service, providing love and attention and care to the neglected.”

“Well, I doubt an old lady is the one dishing out the bad boo,” Xander replied. “I mean, ghost boy was drowning in the bathtub and that girl Julie was possessed to give herself a haircut and then.....those two ghosts – they were blocking the door when I tried to get to Buffy and Dean, they CREATED fire to keep me out.....”

“So the spirits wanted to keep them inside, for what reason?” Giles asked.

“Non stop sex fest,” Anya replied dryly.

“No, angry spirits are born out of hate and trauma, they have unfinished business,” Xander remarked. “Something happened to those spirits guarding the door, to all the ghosts we saw in that house and I say it reeks of old lady. Too bad she’s rolling in deadness.”

Willow shook her head.

“She’s not dead.”

Xander, Anya and Giles gathered inside Mrs. Holt’s apartment. They regarded the abundance of crucifixes hanging on the walls and statues of Jesus all through the apartment. Mrs. Holt was a shrunken woman in her eighties, wearing a long sleeved, conservative nightgown with a thick robe tied around her. Her frizzy white do and pale skin blended in with the plain white walls of her living room.

“I was up for my early morning prayer anyway, please sit,” she said.

The three crammed onto a couch and regarded the variety of religious idols displayed on her coffee table. Mrs. Holt brought out a box from the corner and began pulling out various certificates and plaques.

“Oh my, I haven’t looked at these in quite awhile.”

She spread the plaques out on the coffee table and took out a stack of photo albums.

“I always enjoy reminiscing about my kids,” she chimed. “I know it’s silly to call them ‘my’ kids but that’s what they really were.”

Giles drew a polite smile. “Yes, I suppose in a way they were your kids. You cared for them like any mother would.”

“Mmm, yes, I did everything any mother would, made sure they hot meals, fresh clothes to wear, educated them in the Lord’s beliefs.”

Giles nodded. “Yes, um, well, I know this is an odd question but um, in your time at the house, did you ever experience anything.....strange? Maybe an eerie disturbance?’

Mrs. Holt scrunched up her face in confusion. “What do you mean?”

“Did you ever see.....any furniture moving around by itself or perhaps, floating? Or, objects suddenly flying off shelves or appearing out of thin air? Or maybe you saw a person.....appear one second and then they weren’t there the next.....did you ever notice lights....flickering?”

Mrs. Holt shrouded a frown. “That sounds like the babbling of a crazy person.”

Giles gave a forgiving smile. “Um, yes, yes, I know. But um, please pardon me for asking but um, were any of the children in your care, um, suffering from illness? Physical or mental?”

Xander flipped through the photo albums and saw several group pictures of teenagers. Mrs. Holt stood behind the group with proud smiles.

“Some of the troubled ones required extra care and I had a few that fell ill to influenza but no one perished. I received an award for my stellar care of the children.”

Xander flipped through more photos as Mrs. Holt rambled on about herself.

“......I showed them the consequences of their actions – hugs and praises were their rewards for good, model behavior and punishment was given to those who misbehaved or let their hands get dirty.”

“Well, children do tend to play in the muck.”

Anya noticed Mrs. Holt’s daft regard toward Giles.

“You weren’t talking about muck,” Anya replied.

Mrs. Holt raised her head up. “They thought I had no clue but I knew what was going on.”

Xander paused when the tone of her voice sent shivers down his spine.

“Without my staunch discipline, their souls would have been condemned for eternity, I saved them from being drowned in lust.”

“You were supposed to help them,” Giles pointed.

“And that I did,” she affirmed. “Young girls worshipped themselves in the mirror more than my boys, spending hours primping and smiling, brushing their hair and winking....”

Xander looked up from the photo album and frowned.

“So you punished them by chopping their hair off,” he replied sharply.

Mrs. Holt folded her frail hands in her lap.

“Pride is one of the seven sins,” she remarked calmly. “So I removed the object of their pride.”

“And what did you do with the bathtub?”

“I purified the water and baptized the kids with impure thoughts.”

“You tried to drown them,” Giles remarked flatly.

Mrs. Holt shrouded an angry glare. Xander flipped another page and blinked with recognition.

“I cleansed their souls!”

“That’s them!” Xander interjected as he tapped on the photo.

Giles glanced at the photo.

“Who are those two?”

Giles pointed out a teenage girl and boy standing on opposite sides of the room. He noticed the teenagers were eyeing each other discreetly. Mrs. Holt glanced at the photo and frowned with dismay.

“Oh those two vessels of pure lust,” she spat.

Xander pulled the photo out from the album. He flipped it over and noticed names and ages of all the kids scrawled on the back.

“Veronica Casey and Isaac Moore, fifteen and seventeen years old,” he
imparted. “What did you do to them?”

“They were my most problematic kids, especially Isaac, always breaking my rules, sneaking into Veronica’s bedroom after lights out, tempting her with his impure deeds and thoughts.......”

Anya studied the photo. “They looked like they liked each other, maybe even loved each other.”

Mrs. Holt glared at Anya before she spat in disgust. “Love is for the devout and those bound by holy union, not for social deviants like those two. I continuously caught them sneaking glances at each other during Morning Prayer, touching each other in inappropriate ways during their studies, I had to separate them and keep them in their rooms.”

“You locked them up,” Xander translated.

“I had to take more drastic measures to save their souls,” Mrs. Holt reasoned. “They were fornicating in the house of the Lord! So I did what I had to. What the Lord demanded me to.”

“You tortured them,” Xander barked.

“I did what was necessary. Night after night, they were sinning and betraying the Lord again. I had to bind them for their protection for when I cast out the evil from their souls.”

Xander blinked when a revelation struck his mind. He glared at Mrs. Holt with fury.

“You tied them up and BURNED them! You burned them to death!”

“I did not kill them. I did the Lord’s work!” she snapped. “And when they defied Him for the last time, He punished them by striking them down and sending their souls to burn for eternity! Disgusting, vile sinners they were!”

Xander shot to his feet and deepened his glare.

“They were just kids! They had a sucky life and ended up in your home and found some peace in each other! They weren’t sinning, they were in love but you destroyed them! You’re disgusting and vile!” he barked.

Mrs. Holt scoffed. “You pass judgment on me?”

Giles bolted to his feet. “Yes, and we have a right to. These kids were in your care and instead of nurturing and guiding them you chose to abuse and punish them with cruel measures, you didn’t help rehabilitate them back into society, you made them even more disturbed. You have bred the seeds of negativity and trauma in that house and it’s manifested into a hostile presence that threatens to take more lives!”

“I did the Lord’s work! I will not sit here and listen to you when you reek of sin yourselves,” she snapped.

“You smell the sin? Well lady, you better take a good whiff of yourself, cause you STINK!” Xander replied snidely.

A short time later, the three emerged from the apartment still reeling with shock.

“Well, what now?” Anya asked.

“Yeah, reflecting back on the last time we had an angry spirit, burning the bodies should have rid the house of the spirits but Ronnie and Isaac are still hanging around and they brought some of their friends,” Xander lamented. “We’re running out of time, the walls around Buffy are probably burning down!”

“Are you sure it’s them? I mean it could be the girl that ran through me or the ghost boy that drowned in the bathtub,” Anya remarked.

“Given the intense adolescent emotions of being in love combined with the sexual energy of Veronica and Isaac – I’d say it’s very likely we’re dealing with their spirits,” Giles replied.

“So the spirits of Veronica and Isaac are burning down the house just to have a good time?” Xander posed.

“Out of love grew hate,” Giles replied. “Hate of Mrs. Holt and all her attempts to repress the youth, hatred of her constant interference....”

“The fire,” Xander deducted. “That’s why they created the fire to block the door. Because they didn’t want me to interrupt them, they were thinking I was just like Old Lady Bible Thumper coming to break them apart......they’re using Buffy and Dean to relive the glory days but this time they got some fire starting power to keep people away.”

“Yes, Veronica and Isaac are drawing all of their energy from them to prevent any more disruptions,” Giles assessed. “This is very similar to the incident with James and Ms. Newman.”

“Right, they got some unfinished ‘business’ and are using Buffy and Dean as a generator in the House of Boo. They’ve created a barrier of fire to keep people out but what happens if they – run out of....juice?”

“I suspect they’ll either burn with the house, or.....succumb to smoke inhalation. Either way, we need to put a stop to this.”

When they reached the house, they froze in fear as they saw a blanket of flames eating away at the exterior. Several sirens blared in the distance as Willow frantically met up with them.

“Guys! Look at this!”

Willow flapped a page at them.

“When you told me what Mrs. Holt did to those two, I tried to find a coroner’s report to verify if they did burn to death and look! They died of several burn traumas – but there bodies were BURIED! In the Reinhold cemetery. I’ve got the plot info!”

“So there are bodies to burn!” Xander replied. “We need shovels! And salt!”

“We don’t have time to go back, um.....but I saw Dean’s car a block away, I think he’ll have that....Buffy told me he’s got a bunch of stuff in there.” Willow blurted.

“You want us to break into his car? I don’t think he’ll like that,” Xander groaned.

“Hey, we’re saving his life! I don’t think he’ll be too mad!”

Giles, Xander, Willow and Anya ran down the block and spotted the Impala parked near a bank of low hanging trees. Xander tried fumbling with the lock when Giles removed a thin metal file from his coat. He managed to pop the trunk open after a few minutes. Willow snatched the shovel that was buried under a blanket. She searched around for a bag of rock salt.

“Oh, wait, there’s some kind of trick panel,” she said.

She prodded around the paneling. After a minute, she flipped up the secret panel.

“Woah,” Xander replied as Willow revealed the assortment of weapons hidden under the panel.

Willow frantically looked around and fished out the bag of rock salt and found a flask filled with gasoline.

“Okay, we gotta go!”

Giles and Willow took off with the shovel and salt while Xander and Anya headed back to monitor the house.

By the time Xander and Anya reached the house, firefighters were in the midst of battling the blaze. As the water sprayed from the hose, the flames tapered higher. The windows on the lower level exploded, shattering glass into the air. Xander charged toward the house in a panic. A firefighter stopped him.

“Our friends are in the upstairs bedroom!”

Buffy rolled on to Dean before her eyes drifted to the door.

“I hear something,” she whispered. “She’s trying to come in.”

Dean shifted his weight under her and let out a long, smoky breath.

“She won’t get in, no one will get in.”

He coughed several times as the smoke thickened in the room.

Giles and Willow located the graves and quickly dug through the dirt. After several grueling minutes, they hit solid wood and pried the first coffin open.

“Hello Isaac,” Willow replied.

She swiftly dumped the gasoline all over the decrepit skeletal remains as Giles shook out the salt. Willow climbed out of the coffin as Giles dropped in a match.

“Bye Isaac, sorry for all the trouble the old lady caused you, go and be happy now,” she said.

Giles and Willow darted over a few rows down to another grave and began digging.

Dean pitched his head back and let out a long smoky breath as Buffy slowly rocked her hips forward. The fever in his body funneled through him as Buffy leaned down and caught his mouth in a long kiss. She wiped away the sheen of sweat that continuously sprung over his face as she released a soft moan.

“Veronica I presume,” Giles replied.

They salted the bones, drenched them in gasoline and tossed another match in. They shifted their eyes between open graves and watched the flames rising.....

Buffy jerked her head back and released a cloud of grayish black smoke before she collapsed on top of Dean.

The flames around the house dissipated as firefighters bombarded the fire with several high powered hoses. One firefighter slammed an axe through the front door and created a small opening to crawl through. In a flash, two firefighters barreled down the hallway and kicked the door open.

Buffy and Dean blinked in wonder as the firefighters hollered at them. One firefighter blew the smoke in the room away as the other ambled over to the bed. Dean shifted his eyes to Buffy, then the smoke filled room, then to the firefighters and then back to Buffy.

“Uh, what the hell is going on?”

Buffy widened her eyes.


She gulped at the pile of clothes on the floor before she clutched the sheet to her bare body.

A short time later, after getting treated for mild smoke inhalation and minor burns, Buffy and Dean emerged from the back of an ambulance, completely bewildered by what had unfolded over the past few hours.

Willow was waiting for them as they wandered down the walkway. She watched Buffy and Dean as they exchanged looks of wonder and shock. A short time later, the three ambled into the campus pub and settled down at a group of couches. Buffy settled into Dean’s lap as Willow, Anya and Xander took turns filling them in on the events that went on in the frat house. After several minutes to absorb the horrific details, Buffy and Dean looked at each other before regarding Willow and Xander.

“That is the scariest thing I ever heard,” Dean remarked with wide eyes. “He public......with applause?”

Dean let out a breath and sat back in his seat.

“That’s freaky,” Buffy commented.

“Yeah, well you two were lucky have missed it,” Xander replied.

“Yeah, be thankful your pleasurable moans filled your ears and not Giles’ singing,” Anya remarked dryly.

Buffy shifted uncomfortably in Dean’s lap.

“Uh, well, it sounds like you guys figured things out,” she said.

“What I don’t get is why the spirits of Veronica and Isaac used us....I mean, not that I mean being a supercharged battery....”

Dean cracked an amused smile.

“I just think that in a frat house, getting frisky isn’t an uncommon thing at a party, so, why did they choose that particular moment to launch an all out teen angst attack?”

“Giles thinks that they needed a vessel of intense sexual energy to draw from.........” Willow started.

“Well that makes sense,” Dean cracked before he burst into chuckles.

“It probably sensed that energy,” Willow assessed. “And since you were with Buffy, you two were the natural guinea pigs in allowing Veronica and Isaac to settle their unfinished business.”

“Yeah, getting busy business,” Dean quipped before snickering again.

Buffy let out a long breath. “We almost burned to death in the process. I’m really glad you guys didn’t get hurt with all the fires that we caused.”

“Yeah, it gives a whole meaning to the term ‘too hot to handle’......”

Dean shifted his eyes to Xander.

“Hot knobs,” he cracked. “Hot wood.”

He burst into a long fit of laughter before he felt the weight of stares on him.

“Sorry I’m just having a hard time seeing the bad in all of this.”

Buffy furrowed her brows as she glanced down at him.

“How about that we could have hurt a lot of people? And you and I almost died in a fiery blaze of......passion.”

“Oh, yeah, right.............but come on, what a great way to die.”

Dean chuckled for another long minute.

“Okay, okay, you’re right. We were lucky. But to be honest, I didn’t really know what was going on. After we checked out that room with the wallgasms, I started feeling really feverish and then it was like I was being pulled upstairs.....”

Buffy nodded, “Yeah, when we were in that bedroom, I really had no idea what I was doing.”

“Other than me, you mean,” he said with a smile.

“Well, it turns out that bedroom was Veronica’s and where Mrs. Holt inflicted her branding punishment.”

Buffy eyed her bandaged wrists. “Horrible woman.”

After a long minute, Anya, Xander and Willow got up and said their goodbyes. Buffy and Dean exchanged a short kiss as Xander swung back around.

“Oh Dean, let me just say that I take no responsibility for any damage done to your car,” Xander confessed.

“Okay man,” Dean replied as he got lost in Buffy’s sweet smile. “Wait – what?”

Dean shot his eyes to Xander.

“What the hell did you to my car?!”

Xander gulped as Anya and Willow ushered him out of the pub. Dean stared at the three shining their guilty looks before they zipped out the door.

“Don’t be mad, I’m sure they had a good reason,” Buffy replied softly.

Dean stewed in an abundance of horrific thoughts. “Well, remind me to shake it out of him later.”

Buffy blew out a long breath as she raked his hair.

“What a night, huh?”

Dean drew a silly smile. “I’ll say, we were having some pretty hot sex to burn a house down. That is a damn fantastic accomplishment! If I knew how to make a blog, I’d put it on there.”

He chuckled as Buffy snuggled close to him.

“I’m just glad we didn’t burn with the house,” she replied. “I mean, when I was with you, I felt like I was burning up from the inside out.....and I didn’t care.......”

Buffy glanced at him as his smile faded away.

“Yeah, me too.”

“We were lucky Willow and the gang knew how to rid the spirits,” she said.

Dean drew a smile again. “Yeah, I’m pretty impressed all around that people actually listen to me.”

Buffy gave him a short kiss and a long hug before they left the pub. As they strolled back to the car, they held hands tightly. When they reached the Impala, Dean inspected every inch with scrutiny.

“Okay, I don’t see any damage,” he reported. “So, I won’t kick anyone’s ass.”

Buffy leaned against him.

“No kicking asses. They saved ours. They saved you. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you.”

She wrapped her arms around him and held him a long time. When she parted from him, Dean stroked her cheek affectionately.

“Yeah, I hear you.”

They shared a tender kiss before getting into the car. Dean paused and flashed a smile before Buffy got in. He eyed her face darkened with smoke.

“You are smoking hot,” he quipped.

Buffy rolled her eyes as he chuckled. When they were both in the car, she caught his eyes as he grinned.

“I’ve got a raging inferno in my pants baby,” he cracked.

Buffy rolled her eyes as he chuckled. He gunned the engine and let the car warm up.

“Come on and ‘feel the heat’ of this fiery body,” he teased.

Buffy rolled her eyes again as he chuckled again.

“Okay, okay, I get’re hot,” she moaned.

Dean snickered as he dished out cracks the rest of the evening and until he left a day and half later.
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