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I've Loved You So Long

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Summary: A Look at the Lifetime Relationship between the Slayer and the Hunter

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchestersuperslayerFR1867381,87821244121,70117 Mar 0923 Aug 12No

Chapter Eight - Just a Girl

“Okay, I never thought my head could spin so much without it being kicked,” Dean replied, ambling out of the restaurant.

“Yeah, I haven’t completely digested it all yet,” Sam asked, following him out the door.

Sam leaned against the passenger door of the car as they waited for Buffy to return from the bathroom.

“I think we need to tell her about us, about who we are and what happened to our mom. I think it will really help her see that she’s not alone.”

“Aw Sammy, don’t tell me you bought all that crap.”

Sam straightened his six foot frame as he narrowed his eyes on his brother.

“You don’t believe her?”

“Well, I believe she tells a good story and if she applied herself she could probably make a good living writing fiction in those teen magazines she’s always looking at. Other than that, it’s a load of crap that apparently you’re eating up. She’s just a girl Sammy, a girl with a crazy imagination.”

“I believe her because we’ve seen the evil she’s talking about.”

“Okay, so she’s been yanked out of her Barbie dream world. But Chosen Ones and prophecy and all that crap, you can’t be serious. I mean come on, Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Like that’s going to strike the fear of god in a demon? They’re more likely to spontaneously combust from fits of laughter. And as for this Merrick guy, well, he may have called himself a Watcher but I think it’s more likely he was just some sugar daddy she picked up at the mall and the more time he spent with her, the more he watched his damn finances go down the drain, so he just put a bullet to his head. No, I don’t believe any of it, well, maybe the part about burning down the gym and getting kicked out of school because she is pretty damn rebellious so I wouldn’t put that past her but everything else is just some wild story. You can’t seriously tell me that you believe her.”

“Yeah, I can. If you bothered to take the time to really get to know Buffy, you’d see she wasn’t lying about this.”

Dean shook his head incredulously, “Damn Sammy, she could tell you she was an alien from another planet and you’d believe it. I think you’re just feeding off of this little crush you got on her.”

“That makes two of us then.”

Dean glared at Sam, “Oh not this shit again. For the one hundredth time, I do not have a crush on her so get it out of your head before I knock it out myself.”

Sam chuckled, “Ah methinks doth protest too much.”

“Shut up, wise ass.”

Sam smirked as Buffy appeared in the parking lot.

“Are you feeling any better?” Sam asked.

Buffy heaved a sigh, “Actually, I kind of do.”

“Are we done here?”

“Yeah Mr. Cranky Pants,” Sam replied.

“Shut up, if I don’t get some sleep I’m going to turn homicidal and you’ll be my first victim.”

“Can you at least drop us off at the bus station? I’ll get Buffy home.”

“I can’t drive anymore. We’ll take her back tomorrow.”

Buffy frowned, “I can’t go back. I’ll be grounded for the rest of my life.”

“Well, if this is your destiny, you can’t hide from it forever, it’s going to find you and bite you in the ass. Now get in the car or you can walk yourself home.”

“Dean,” Sam pleaded.

Dean climbed into the car, gunned the engine and yelled out the window, “I’m leaving both of you if you’re not in the car in the next three seconds.”

Buffy and Sam exchanged looks before getting in to the car.

After renting two motel rooms, Dean sluggishly made his way down the hall, Sam and Buffy trailing behind him. Dean unlocked the door to his room, threw his bag inside and collapsed on one of the double beds. He was too tired to undress, so he just closed his eyes and waited for sleep to take over. He felt a draft from the opened door and groaned.

“Sammy, get in here now and go to bed.”

“I was going to walk Buffy to her room.”

“She’ll be fine, won’t you Blondie?”

“Yeah, I’m good, Mr. Cranky Pants. Goodnight Sam.”

“Don’t forget to call your mom.”

“Okay – dad.”

Sam shut the door and shrugged out of his jacket.

“Are you going to sleep like that?”

“Well, unless you’ve got a hot maid hiding in the corner to undress my weary ass, then yes, I’m sleeping like this. Now shut up and turn off the light.”


The shrill of a cell phone roused Sam and Dean from their slumber.

“Dean,” Sam mumbled, “Phone.”

Dean groaned, turning over to the bedside table. He snatched the phone and pulled it under the covers to answer it.

“Dad? Yeah, we’re fine, tired but fine. The Motor Lodge on Sunset…Yeah she’s with us….uh, it’s better if I explain it when you get here….okay…bye.”

Dean tossed the phone aside and went back to sleep.


Later that morning, a soft rapping stirred Dean awake. He grumbled, hoping Sam would get up. When the rapping continued, he groaned and stumbled out of bed. He rubbed his eyes as he cracked the door open. John Winchester, looking as tired as his eldest son, crossed into the room. He handed Dean a large Styrofoam cup of coffee and took a seat at a small round table by the window. Dean noticed Sam still sleeping and went over to whack him on the head.

“Wake up!”

Sam jerked forward and rubbed his head. He saw his father waiting expectantly. Dean dropped onto the edge of his bed.

“Okay, what is this trouble that Buffy has gotten herself into?”

Sam stifled a yawn and was about to speak when Dean cut him off.

“It’s crazy dad, she was going on about some old dude who claimed to be her Watcher and that she had been called to her destiny as the Chosen One, one girl in all the world who will fight the forces of evil and blah blah blah…she said she’s The Slayer and that she burned down her school gym because there were vampires in them…I mean, it’s totally ridiculous huh?”

“Dad, she’s not crazy,” Sam replied.

John Winchester sat back in his chair and sighed.

“No Sammy, she’s not. What she told you is the truth.”

Dean blinked, “What? Are you serious?”

John retrieved his journal and eyed Dean, “You might want to drink that up.”


An hour and a half later, Dean fell back on to his bed, completely thunderstruck by his father’s revelation.

“Holy cow dad, I can’t believe it. Are there any more shocking revelations I should know about? Like Sammy being born a girl? Well, that wouldn’t be shocking.”

Sam chucked a pillow at Dean’s head.

“Well, I guess that explains why she managed to bruise me from time to time.”

“Yeah, I guess that means you have to be nice to her from now on because she can kick your ass.”

Dean chucked the pillow back at Sam, who caught it and tossed it back even harder. A knock at the door interrupted the sibling antics. John rose and crossed to the door. He smiled down at Buffy.

“Hi Buffy, looks like we’ve got some catching up to do.”

Buffy eyed Sam as John let her inside.

MORE TO COME...How will Dean's feelings toward Buffy change now that she's a Slayer? The answer in the next update as well as the truth behind Buffy's boy craziness.
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