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In the blood

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Summary: What happens when a vampire is turned using the blood from more than one vampire?

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Anime > HellsingBurningLightFR1842,3831912,87917 Mar 0926 Apr 09No

3rd Century

BtVS belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy Productions. This fan work is not for profit.

244 AD – Sanctuary of Aurelius

Aurelius was an old vampire. It had been six hindered years since he was turned. As a human he was a seer. Yet even a seer finds it hard to hide from an army of vampires. After he had been turned he found his visions had changed they were no longer jumbled images, sounds, smells and tastes, they were more defined and ordered yet vaguer in details. He now saw possibilities of the future dependent on his actions.

Aurelius knew much of what the future held. A childe of his favorite childe would be the end of thirty two of the slayers. As a human Drake would be born with his heart and other organs reversed. A rare find, treasured as a body guard till the end.

Aurelius him self would turn to ash in the fifteenth century. Aged one thousand eight hundred years. His sacrifice would empower a magic that would bind his demon to all other descended demons. Once the world was returned to hell the Order of Aurelius vampires would cease to be all their demons would merge and his mind would be the dominant one as it would be the only one unbound. He refused to be the food of the old ones. He would never be the food. The merged demon would be as powerful as the lesser old ones. As a bonus he would have his entire family with him and within him.

If the entire world was converted into vampires of the Order he may become as powerful as a mid level old one but it would take billions of vampires to make him into anything near the top. Yet this would never happen.

Much of his knowledge was written down into the holly books of the Order. The Books of Aurelius, the Scrolls of Maximums, the future Book of Drake and the future Book of Teth would form the holly scriptures of the Order. Yet none of them would ever hold his plans.

Aurelius saw that Teth would learn much about the nature of vampires but Aurelius was not a learned man or vampire. He was intelligent enough and cunning but not learned. If he were he would never have chosen this path.

Aurelius bit into the neck of the man before him and drunk his fill. He then sat down to dictate the next part of the book that bore his name. He would give his family every advantage they could possibly have.

He was a rare vampire organizing his family and genuinely caring for them giving them a religion. He instilled these values into all his childes. Yet he could be firm. Just last week he poured holy water into John’s left eye destroying it completely and eventually destroying him from within. That was for a failure. All his childes learnt from John’s example. A father’s work is never done.

He loved each and every one of his family past present and future. Well except the one in the future with a soul. Without a soul he was a fine young vampire but with it, well best not think about it. That was another thing he would never write about. Such a horrific perversion should not be thought about. Less it give others an idea to fight him with. In one vision he saw the desouled childe opening a portal to hell while fighting a slayer of that time. It would be a necessary evil.
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