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The New Hopes

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Summary: Episode IV with a little help from a couple of bored overachievers. Post Chosen

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Chapter Fourteen (END)


I own none of the good parts of this i.e. The Characters and Setting of BtVS and Star Wars. That would be property of Mssrs. Lucas and Whedon. No profit or infringement is intended.

The three snub-fighters and the Falcon landed where they had started, inside the makeshift docking bay in the ancient temple.

Luke climbed out of his X-Wing and was greeted by a throng of ground crew and pilots, climbing down the ladder, they welcomed him back with laughter, cheers, and shouting. Princess Leia rushed toward him, only to agilely cut off by Faith.

“Easy yer Majesty, I got dibs.”

Leia gave Faith a look, that if it could maim, would have sent the dark slayer home in a basket, “And who do you think you are?”

“Faith th’Vampire and Spaceship Slayer of course.”

Buffy stepped in to intercede, “Faith, leave her be,” she hooked a thumb towards a shadowy corner, “I think our ride’s here.”

Over in the aforementioned corner a balance demon tipped his hat towards the slayers.

“Gotcha B! One thing t’do first though,” stepping forward, she swept Luke into a deep dip, and proceeded to give him an intensely passionate kiss. When she let him loose he was gasping for air and had a severely glazed expression on his face. Giving Solo an evil wink, Faith returned to Buffy’s side, calling out over her shoulder, “Keep yerself ready farmboy, I’ll b’back someday t’give ya yer full reward!”

“Faith!” the blonde slayer said, as she punched her friend in the shoulder.

Leia, Luke, and Han stood there stunned as the two slayers walked away from the growing crowd. The crowd swelled until it filled the area surrounding the Falcon and soon the slayers were blocked from view.

Buffy and Faith made their way over to Whistler, who greeted them with a small sketched salute.

“Have fun Ladies?”

“Five by Five!”

“It was definitely of the good.”

As they chatted about the past few days a brown robed figure approached.

“Oooo Ben! I hoped I’d get a chance to make with the farewells and stuff.”

“Yeah Grampa. Y’really showed us some good hospitality. Things t’fight hotties t’ogle.”

“Yes, well...Faith, Buffy I take it that you are going back to whence you came?”

The pair looked at Whistler and he nodded in assent.

“ Afraid so Ben, this was like a vacation for us. No demons or vamps, and an apocalypse that didn’t have a prophecy attached. That is so relaxage.”

“Amen. Gramps, if y’need us again don’t b’afraid t’call. I’m pretty sure hat-boy here will b’listenin’. Oh and if y’play yer cards right, I happen t’know that B here has a serious thing for th’ older guys and I do b’lieve she’s got th’H an’H right now for ya…”

“Faith Lehane!!!” Buffy punched her smirking sister slayer again, as Whistler rolled his eyes and began opening the portal. Ben smiled and watched the two bickering women insult each others love lives, but was surprised when, as they started toward the newly created gap in dimensions, Buffy stepped up to him and gave him a very non-chaste kiss before heading through...

“She may be a bitch Ben, but she does know my taste in men…”


As stated in a comment I made to one of the reviews:

“This is the very first piece of fanfic I've ever written, and I know it's clunky and sloppy and I have appreciated every review that people have bothered to write.”

In addition, this was more of a fusion of the final actual shooting script of New Hope and a Buffy episode than what I was originally planning. I wanted to keep the action from the slayer’s perspective. If they weren’t there or didn’t immediately know about it, it didn’t get written. The only time I really mangled that goal was the Death Star attack as I wanted to build tension. Almost everybody has seen Star Wars IV: A New Hope and I wanted to keep the fun in this fic so I didn’t dwell on the sad stuff. If this had been a filmed episode I would have wanted the same tone as “Superstar”.

I really am glad people seemed to like it, maybe I’ll do Empire and Return. I will definitely do more fanfic.

Thanks all!


The End

You have reached the end of "The New Hopes". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking