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Summary: While waiting in a London bar to meet with a new slayer, Giles encounters an odd woman who seems frighteningly familiar... A rare (from what I've seen) cross with Coupling

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Television > CouplingIgnotusFR1398,0000196,12419 Mar 0920 Mar 10Yes

Nothing Nefarious Here

Notes & Disclaimer: Another delightful little chapter for you reading pleasure. And I must say, it really is quite fun writing as Jane. All other information and disclaimers are in the first chapter.

“Are you sure of what you heard?”

Faith rolled her eyes as she shifted the payphone to her other ear.

“Yeah, Giles,” she replied. “She was telling her friends about her ‘Aunt Drusilla’. She even told them about her being psychic and having a doll named Miss Edith.”

A short pause on the phone was followed by, “Oh dear.”

After nothing more was forthcoming, a fidgety Faith asked, “So… what do we do? Is there anything you want me to do right now?”

Dawn came on the line after a moment of conversation between herself, Giles and Buffy, “Stay there for a few more minutes and see if you can get her full name,” she said. “We’ll track her down that way and see about setting up a watch. Since we don’t really have much evidence of anything nefarious, we might do it as a training exercise for some of the girls.”

Faith raised an eyebrow. “Nefarious, kiddo?” she questioned. “How long have you been waiting to use that one?”

Dawn cleared her throat awkwardly. “Not that long, really.”

“Okay, I’ll stick around for a little longer then head back,” Faith said, smiling.

“You don’t need to come back tonight,” Dawn replied. “It can wait until tomorrow. Just see what you can get.”

“All right, see you tomorrow.” Faith hung up the phone and went back to her table. The three women talking and enjoying themselves were still there.

Faith wondered about how to unobtrusively acquire the dark-haired girls last name when it came to her.

Swallowing the last of her drink, Faith got up from the table and turned towards the group of girls at the next table.

* * * * *

“Excuse me,” Jane was interrupted from her next story concerning her aunt and her first meeting with Steve, “Do I know you from some where?”

Jane looked the American girl up and down. Before shaking her head. “Sorry. I’d definitely remember you,” she said with a suggestive smirk. She always loved making her friends wonder about her sexuality. It made things ever so much more entertaining.

The girl returned the smirk and laughed throatily. “I’m sorry, I just thought I knew you from some where. I’m Faith… Lehane.” She added her last name after a moment.

“Jane Christie.” And was duly rewarded with the woman’s name in return. “I do the local traffic reports on the radio so that might be how you know me.”

Faith smiled and, now that she thought about it, she did recognise the voice from her perusal of the local radio stations.

“Yeah, that’s it,” she replied. “I remember now, you keep renaming the streets.”

“Yes!” Jane said. “I find a lot of them to be quite boring, so I make up new ones every once in a while.”

Faith laughed. “Sounds like a good way to entertain yourself. Sorry for bothering you then.”

“No problem,” Jane replied.

Faith turned and walked towards the door, all the while feeling a pair of eyes on her backside. She looked over her shoulder to see Jane staring and smirked once before exiting the bar.

“Rowr,” Jane made a little catlike noise after the jean clad rear disappeared out the door. She may have been straight and used the bisexual ploy to lure men, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t appreciative of a nice bottom when it passed her way, regardless of gender.

Apparently, Susan agreed to a certain extent. “I wish I could fill out a pair of jeans like that.”

Sally rolled her eyes at Jane’s antics and then leaned over in her chair to check Susan’s bottom. “Bollocks, you’re doing quite well with what you’ve got right now.” She wriggled around in her seat with a small frown. “I’m the one who could use a bit more in that area.”

“I still think things could be a bit firmer and rounder,” Susan replied.

“Nonsense, you both have fantastic bottoms,” Jane interrupted. “Just the right firmness. Very pinchable if I may say.”

Susan snorted. “And how exactly would you know?”

Jane smiled. “Well, there was that time you two fell asleep on my sofa… I didn’t think you’d be at all comfortable with your shoes and things on so I took them off for you before covering you both with a blanket and turning in myself,” Jane replied. “Didn’t you wonder why you woke up pantless?”

Susan and Sally stared at Jane in shock.

“I’m never falling asleep at your place again,” Sally finally said.

“I agree,” Susan said. “Not if I’m going to be molested in my sleep. I get enough of that at home with Steve.”

AN: And the saga continues. Let me know what you think.
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