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Summary: While waiting in a London bar to meet with a new slayer, Giles encounters an odd woman who seems frighteningly familiar... A rare (from what I've seen) cross with Coupling

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Television > CouplingIgnotusFR1398,0000196,12419 Mar 0920 Mar 10Yes

Sane Jane

Notes & Disclaimers: Another short chapter. Let me know what you think. All other information and disclaimers are at the beginning of the story.

The cargo ship finished its docking procedures and the walkways were extended.

After most of the crew departed for the night, a dark shape moved along the railing near the back of the ship. Reaching the shadowed walkway, the shape began moving down it.

Drusilla stepped of the walkway carrying her bag and grinned as she took in her surroundings.

She was home.

It felt quite good to be home again. It was far earlier than she had planned to come back here, but she found the need to came home sooner. Miss Edith didn’t want to leave so early but Drusilla was having none of that as the stars were whispering about a meeting of old friends. Miss Edith had complained something terrible which made Drusilla rather unhappy so she had been packed right at the bottom of the bag.

Serves her right for saying those awful things about not trusting the stars. If you couldn’t trust the stars who could you trust? Of course, perhaps Miss Edith was talking about the stars in Los Angeles. That could be a possibility. After all, you couldn’t trust one of those stars much.

Drusilla shook her head and drifted through the nonexistent crowd on the dock and began the trek to the safe house she and her Spike had set up in the sixties. He almost never thought too far into the future. Always wanting to be in the moment. Oh, he was all well and good at planning chaos and mayhem, but he was never good with back up plans or taking the future into consideration. Well, the far future anyway. He was all right with the immediate future, but nothing too far ahead.

One of the reasons she stayed with him as long as she did was because she couldn’t bare thought of what he’d get up to on his own. He could somewhat scatterbrained at times without her there to ground him.

But it was always nice when they went home, but they were never there often enough for her liking. But since she was no longer tied down to him…

She giggled.

No. Those thoughts could wait until later. She had things to do. Like get settled into the flat. First, since it hadn’t been occupied since their last visit a year or two before first heading to Sunnydale, she had to do a little cleaning to make sure everything was in order. She might like a little mess here and there to keep things from being too stuffy and formal, but she never did like dust. Not at all. Probably because of its relation to a vampires death. Blood covering the walls? Well, it does add some nice colour to an otherwise bland décor. But the places she and Spike stayed in had to at least be dusted.

And then she’d have to unpack what she brought. She couldn’t recall what was left in the flat so she might have to go ‘shopping’ at some point.

And then she still had to go out and get someone to eat before sunrise.

Yes, she still had plenty to do tonight before she could entertain thoughts of personal embellishments. Which meant she’d have to wait until the next night to visit her niece.

Out of all her surviving family, Jane was her favourite. Mainly because she seemed the most sane. Poor dear, having to grow up with such mentally troubled parents.

Ah well, thanks to her influence, Jane turned out perfectly all right despite all that.
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