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Summary: While waiting in a London bar to meet with a new slayer, Giles encounters an odd woman who seems frighteningly familiar... A rare (from what I've seen) cross with Coupling

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Television > CouplingIgnotusFR1398,0000196,12419 Mar 0920 Mar 10Yes

It Would Actually

Notes & Disclaimers: More reading material for all those interested. Enjoy. All other notes and disclaimers are at the beginning of the story.

Xander had not known exactly what to do after overhearing that conversation in the bar. A little voice in his head thought it was just a very weird coincidence. A second voice thought that he and coincidences don’t have that good of a history and that he should tell the others, just in case.

But the more he though it over, the name Drusilla, while uncommon, couldn’t be that rare. Okay, the circumstances that man had described for meeting the ‘bloody insane’ woman were a bit odd and reminiscent of a certain vampire, but that in no way meant that it actually was her.

Besides, he said that it was his ex-girlfriends aunt. Drusilla didn’t seem to be the family type. Well in the normal sense of the word. Though the relationship didn’t sound very ‘normal’ to him… No, she wouldn’t just sit around playing family. And beside, considering the guy still had a heartbeat, it couldn’t possibly be her.

Nope. No chance at all.

Xander shook his head and pushed the thoughts from his mind. It was a coincidence. An unfortunate, horribly worrying, coincidence. Nothing else.

It was all perfectly all right. No point in worrying anybody else about what he overheard in a bar of all places. Certainly not.

He really should have listened to that other voice.

* * * * *

Steve took the dish Susan handed him and dried it off with a towel. They had a bit of dinner together and were just cleaning up.

“So… what sort of things did Jane tell you about her aunt?” Steve had been curious about what brought about the discussion of Jane’s aunt. As well as what she was told.

“That she has a fondness for shovels,” Susan replied with a smirk. She thought the woman was obviously batty, if half of what Jane told her was true, but she wanted to tease Steve a bit.

She was rewarded with a gulp from Steve. “O-Oh? Anything else?”

“Plenty,” Susan replied. “But from what she told us about her, it does explain a bit about Jane, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, I always thought it did,” he replied. “The woman is completely insane. And I’d swear she was Jane’s sister instead of her aunt. She can’t be much, if any, older than her.”

Susan handed him another plate. “Oh? She didn’t mention how old she was.”

“I don’t know how old she is either, I never asked,” Steve had some sense of self-preservation after all, “But Jane always said she was older than she looked.”

“She mentioned that,” Susan said.

“How, exactly, did the topic of Jane’s aunt come up?”

Susan shrugged. “A man in the bar mistook her for her aunt,” she replied. “After that, she started telling Sally and me about her. I’m actually looking forward to meeting her a little.”

Steve dropped the plate he was drying onto the floor where it shattered. “What? Meeting her? When?” he asked quickly.

Susan glanced at the broken pieces of plate on the floor and then pointedly looked at the closet with the broom and other cleaning supplies. Steve took the hint and grabbed the broom and dustpan.

“I’m not sure when,” Susan finally replied as Steve swept up the last few pieces. “Jane said she’d be in London at some point in the future and that she’d introduce us.”

“Ah, well… I’m sure that will be fun.” Steve forced out a nervous smile.

* * * * *

“Ah, that’s what has you so excited,” Patrick said. “Jane’s aunt is coming to town.”

“Yeah.” Steve took a sip of his beer and set it back on the table. “I don’t know if Jane ever told her about the two of us breaking up but I’m not looking forward to seeing her.”

“Why don’t you just avoid her then?” Jeff asked.

“Oh I will. But that doesn’t mean she won’t come find me. I’m telling you, the woman is unhinged, I don’t doubt that she’d follow through on the things she said to me, regardless if Jane is all right with it now,” Steve explained.

The other two men mulled this over for a moment.

“I‘ve got it!” Jeff exclaimed suddenly.

Steve turned to Jeff with a semi-hopeful look on his face. “What? What is it?”

“You could have Jane tell her you’re dead,” Jeff finished.

Steve rolled his eyes, “Jeff, don’t be ridiculous.”

“Hold on,” Patrick interrupted. “I think Jeff’s on to something here.”

“It’s completely mad. And besides… I'd already thought of it,” Steve admitted.


“Yeah. For some reason, Jane is incapable of lying to her aunt.”

“Well it’s simple then,” Jeff said. “You just have to die for real.”

Steve sighed. “Jeff, while that would solve some of my current problems, I’d then be stuck in the unpleasant situation of being ‘dead’.”

“So?” Jeff asked. “That hasn’t stopped Keith Richards from still being around.”

Steve shared a look with Patrick, who shrugged and said, “Well you have to admit, it would explain a bit.”
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