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Never too Late(For a Second Chance)

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Summary: What if the monks didn't create Dawn out of nothing? What if she and Xander both came from somewhere else? What if they had family to go back to? (Pairings are coming I promise)

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Anime > Gundam WingFeihuFR1357,0151107,19120 Mar 095 Jan 11No

Begin the trials

~Holy crap! I FINALLY finished the next chapter. Still don’t own anything but the idea.~

Never too Late (For a Second Chance) Chapter 5

Heero rolled over on his small cot, desperately trying to sleep on the uncomfortable surface. Just six more months until he could leave this dank room behind forever. Six more months before he could possibly start the search for his sister, six more months before Operation Meteor would go into effect. Heero dreaded that part the most, he didn’t want to kill people, but he knew he would. He wasn’t a fool; the Alliance was corrupt to the core and needed to be taken down. But despite all he had been through Heero was still not a naturally violent person, he knew he would have to fake it well though as even one slip could compromise everything. If the mission was compromised, there was a good chance that any possibility of seeing his sister again would disappear like smoke before a fan.

Trowa was panicking, plain and simple. The evening had been going along just fine with him and Dawn chatting softly as they made some minor adjustments to the controls in the cockpit of Heavyarms when everything went weird. Out of nowhere a portal of some sort had appeared and four men in monk’s robes had stepped through. Trowa tried to get Dawn to hide, but the fourteen year olds just weren’t fast enough. One monk spotted Dawn and started speaking in a language Trowa couldn’t understand. Sure enough, a second monk raised his hand toward Dawn and shouted something that Trowa thought could have been Latin. The next thing he knew, Dawn was being drug through the portal by to other two monks. He tried, god did he try, to get to Dawn to save her, but Trowa just couldn’t move fast enough to grab Dawn before the portal closed behind her and the four monks that had taken her.

‘I’ll save you Dawn. Somehow, someway, I will find you and save you. I swear I’ll get you back. I have to, you have my heart with you.’

Duo sighed as he collapsed onto his bed. He had overheard a conversation between Professor G and the man’s boss earlier that had him on edge. Sure, Duo hated the alliance with a passion, but that didn’t mean that he wanted to murder innocent civilians down on Earth. Hell, they were just as much of victims as he and those he had lost were. Duo knew from the tone of G’s voice that the professor didn’t like the idea of genocide much either, but if he didn’t go along with it then he would lose all his resources and the Deathscythe would never be finished in time for operation meteor.

‘Just you wait old man, I’ll figure something out to get us both out of this. I won’t be a mass murderer, and if it takes destroying that beautiful machine you’ve been building to avoid that then I hope you can find a way to forgive me for it.’

Dawn was scared. One minute she had been about to tell Trowa a joke that she had heard from one of the other programmers, and the next thing she knew she was in some creepy cave-like place surrounded by chanting men in brown robes. Of course the weirdness didn’t end there, Dawn blinked and found herself standing in what seemed to be a bedroom of sorts. Taking a deep breath to let her thoughts settle, Dawn noted that she was remembering things that she shouldn’t. She had never grown up with parents and an older sister who loved her; she’d grown up without any real parental affection after the death of her Otousan and had been separated from her twin brother seven years ago. Dawn had a feeling that she had to focus on the new memories that had manifested in her mind, something told her that it was very important that she become Dawn Summers the bratty teen instead of being Dawn the ace programmer and mechanic for Heavyarms.

Xander whistled to himself as he walked to the Summers’ residence to get Dawn and take her to a movie. As he thought about his friend’s little sister, some deep part of Xander’s mind- near where he kept his memories of Duo and L2- screamed in warning. Had Buffy always had a little sister? Xander wanted to say yes, but he had his doubts. And what was even worse that doubting the existence of his surrogate little sister was the thought of bringing the topic up with the rest of the Scoobies. No doubt they would all think he had lost his mind and try once again to push him out of the fight.

‘Best thing I can do for now is to keep and eye on things. If the situation starts to get hinky, then I’ll speak up.’

The End?

You have reached the end of "Never too Late(For a Second Chance)" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Jan 11.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated Stories