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This story is No. 1 in the series "Lost -- A slayer's journey back to her calling". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: A slayer is found wandering in New York by Dr Daniel Jackson. CSI-NY Detective Bonasera and Dr Hawkes try to find out who she is. Crosses with CSI-NY and Stargate SG-1

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered
CSI > CSI New York
(Current Donor)DeepBlueJoyFR152853,63715378117,60923 Mar 0928 Apr 11No

Found and Lost

7/17/2012 Note: I uploaded a chapter for a different story to this story by mistake. Please accept my apologies for the error. Please also know that this story has NOT been abandoned.

Thank you and again, I apologize for any inconvenience and any hopes that may have been dashed.


Sorry for the long delay. I think a recap is in order.

The story so far:

An injured slayer is found wandering in New York City with no memory, and taken to the emergency department by Daniel Jackson. Daniel and Stella Bonasera and Sheldon Hawkes of the CSI befriend her and try to help her figure out who she is. In the process, they all discover she is a slayer with a real talent for languages and saving people. Dr. Janet Fraiser avoids an ambush that kills her replacement and creates an emergency. This tragedy leads to the slayer now known as BJ going back to Colorado with Daniel and Janet where the SGC begins to investigate her to clear her for work assisting Daniel. The Scoobies discover that the Air Force is investigating Buffy the same day Faith returns from the future with a message to save the world. Everyone ends up in the SGC in a comedy of errors, which leads to the Council and the Fang Gang both being read into the SGC.

In all the emotional conflict with the council, BJ remembers who she is; and she and Daniel realize that they must have fallen in love first while both were dead, and that his trip to New York was no accident. Faith from the future becomes Allison, and may be falling in love with Giles. Spike arrives and the Fang Gang is en route to the SGC in Colorado.


This is just a tidbit to whet your appetite... more soon (after graduation)

“Hello Buffy,” said Spike, staring intently at her.

“Hello William,” said Buffy.

Then without another word, they were in each other’s arms and the security detail tried to blend into the scenery. The officer responsible for processing Spike’s ID returned and cleared his throat.

“Mr. Pratt, you’re clear to go downstairs,” he said.

“Uh… thank you,” said Spike, looking a bit dazed.

The two were quiet as they were escorted down in the elevator. Spike reached out and took Buffy’s hand. Neither said another word until they were all the way down. They were accompanied to the quarters where the others awaited them. Buffy knocked on the door, and Faith opened it

Spike walked in, and Faith smacked him on the back of the head.

“Hi Faith,” Spike said. “It’s good to see you too.”

Faith smirked at him.

“Hey Spike! The alive thing looks good on you!” Willow hugged him tightly for a moment, before pulling away just enough to look up at him. “Bad Spike! Why didn’t you call us?”

“Buffy already punished me, Red,” said Spike. Buffy gave him a slightly evil look.

“Why do I find that hard to believe?” asked Xander. “What is it with you vampires and the major stupid?”

“Been askin’ myself the same question all the way up here, Harris,” Spike said with a slight grimace.

“Some kind person in the infirmary thought you’d be hungry…” Faith indicated a bag of blood with faint distaste.

“I don’t do human blood any more, luv,” said Spike.

“Yeah, I tried to explain…” said Faith, shrugging.

“I’ll be OK for one night. Besides… you got those fabulous buffalo wings…”

“Those were actually Xander’s idea,” said Buffy, smiling at Xander for the first time since their earlier argument.

“Why, Xander my boy, you have changed,” said Spike.

“Don’t take it too personally, Spike. I like my Buffster happy. Hurt her again and burn,” Xander said, arms crossed militantly across his chest. He spoiled it by grinning.

“Thank you, I’ll bear that in mind,” Spike said, feeling too touched by the gesture to say anything snide.

Willow and Faith smiled at each other. So far, this was turning out better than expected. Buffy seemed pleased with their reception, too.

Suddenly, Spike was almost bowled over by a blur pouncing on him from behind. He tensed momentarily, but the squeal of delight gave her away even before her scent registered. It was Dawn.

“Bloody hell woman, you’re gonna give a man a heart attack!” he said.

“First you’d have to have a beating heart, Spike,” she pointed out, sticking her tongue out at him.

“Got a point there, Nibblet. God! Can’t hardly believe it! You’re almost as tall as I am!”

“That’s what happens when you stay away for months and months,” said Dawn, reproachfully. “You miss all the good stuff.”

“Don’t tell me Buffy’s let you have a boyfriend?” Spike asked.

“No such luck… maybe you can convince her?” she asked hopefully.

“Oh no, you’re not dating until at least 30!” said Spike.

“Then, maybe I’ll have to ask BJ…” she threatened.

“I think you’re out of luck there, too. Now she remembers she’s still me? She’s still me!” Buffy smirked.

“We’ll see,” said Dawn, darkly.

“I think you just have twice as many people to stop you dating as you had before, Dawnie,” said Xander laughing.

“Just wait ‘til Angel hears his little Dawnie girl’s got suitors,” said Willow.

“Suitors?” Spike and Buffy growled in unison.

“As in the plural kind?” asked Buffy, her attention now riveted on Dawn.

Willow nodded.

“You had to tell them,” said Dawn resentfully.

“I didn’t realize it was a secret, Dawnster,” said Willow innocently.

Dawn glared at Willow, who snickered and winked at Buffy.


“Where is Angel?” asked Marcus Hamilton.

“I don’t know,” said the receptionist. “Apparently, they grabbed weapons and left. They ran off in a great hurry. No one’s seen them since.”

“Weapons?” asked Hamilton.

“You know, like swords and stuff,” said the receptionist.

“Why are you here?” asked Hamilton.

“Harmony’s not here,” said the receptionist.

“Since when?” asked Hamilton.

“Since yesterday,” said the receptionist. “Gunn’s assistant called me and asked me to take over at the front desk for the next couple of weeks.”

“I don’t like this,” said Hamilton.

“I don’t understand,” said the receptionist.

“No, you wouldn’t,” said Hamilton. “FIND THEM!”

“Yes, Mr. Hamilton,” said the young woman meekly. She picked up the phone and Hamilton yelled at her again.

“Get their assistants out here! Have them meet me in Angel’s office, do it now!” said Hamilton, sweeping into Angel’s office and slamming the door.

Within moments, all the assistants except one were standing before Hamilton, looking nervous.

“Where’s the other one?” Hamilton asked through the intercom.

“I don’t know,” said the receptionist. “No one can find him.”

“Maybe it had something to do with that sarcophagus,” said Wesley’s assistant.

“What sarcophagus?” said Hamilton.

“The one that was delivered to the lab a couple days ago,” said the extremely pretty young woman who had been assigned to Gunn on his first day at Wolfram and Hart.

“What do you know about it?” said Hamilton.

“I know Knox was very excited about it,” said the woman.

“Do you know why?” asked Hamilton.

“He seemed to think it was very powerful,” said the woman.

“What do you know about it?”

“I believe Mr. Gunn signed for it,” said the woman. “It was stuck in customs for months, apparently.”

“It was stuck in customs and you didn’t tell me that someone had signed it out?”

“I figured he must know what he was doing,” said the woman with a shrug.

“Well, you figured wrong,” said Hamilton. “Things coming to Wolfram and Hart only get stuck in customs because we want them stuck in customs.”

“Oh,” said the woman. “Well, of course… but… he’s head of legal and everything…”

“Stupid woman,” said Hamilton. “You really thought they were in charge of anything?”

The woman looked terrified. Even though she had been hired by Wolfram and Hart, she’d come to be quite fond of Gunn. He treated her well, and was always straight with her. Her true loyalty was now to him, not the firm. Whatever Marcus Hamilton was up to, she wasn’t going to help him.

“I just know what you told me… I mean, what Eve and Lilah told me,” said the woman.

“So you can tell me nothing?” said Hamilton.

“I’ve told you what I know,” said the woman.

“What do you know about the sarcophagus?” Hamilton turned to the other assistants.

“Nothing,” said Wesley’s assistant. “Knox said it was ‘very cool’ and that was about it.”

“You know Knox… He’s a big geek… Kinda hard to pay attention to him,” said Lorne’s assistant. “Besides, he acts like he’s smarter than the rest of us. He barely talks to me.”

“Well, I want you to find him and find out everything you can about the sarcophagus. On second thought, leave the sarcophagus to me,” said Hamilton dismissively. “Find Knox! Find him now. Oh, and can anyone tell me where your bosses are?”

No one could.


Harmony was on a world cruise. Angel had said it was a reward for being such a good employee. A supply of the best blood money could buy and a luxury cruise with hot and cold running fashion, including her own fashion consultant who would come to her stateroom for fittings. Harmony couldn’t believe her luck. When Angel had called her into the office, she’d been sure he was going to be angry about something. Instead, he’d given her tickets and told her to get out of town for a while. He was taking time off, and as far as he was concerned, she deserved a holiday too. This was a special kind of cruise. It was run by one of Lorne’s friends, someone intimately aware of the needs of the not-so-human guest. She would be safe. She would have a great time. She wouldn’t have to eat anybody, but she would never be hungry. She might even meet Mr. Right, if last night was anything to go by. It was perfect.


Hamilton was extremely frustrated. It was as if Angel and his crew had vanished off the face of the earth. He had a feeling that didn’t bode well, but he decided to put off contacting the partners. After all, the partners could be very unpleasant when things didn’t go their way. They would not be happy that he had somehow lost Angel after all the work it had taken to tweak his curse and manipulate him into place. Knox was another problem. No one could find him either. No one knew what the danger represented by the sarcophagus was, so the science division remained shut down. Apparently, either Knox or Fred had locked down the room with the sarcophagus using both the mystical and electronic locks. They were the only two other than him with all the ‘keys’, so it had to have been one of them. Since there were extra mystical elements, he was betting that Angel had put Wesley and Fred up to it, something that would make it difficult for even him to unlock, though with the partners, most things were possible with time. Hamilton decided that was probably a good idea to close the entire science floor for 48 hours. He certainly didn’t want it known that there was a portion of Wolfram and Hart to which he didn’t currently have access. Now even Knox couldn’t access the floor without Hamilton’s key. If Knox showed up, he was to be captured and Hamilton was to be notified immediately. If Angel or his crew returned, he was to be notified immediately, but no other action was to be taken.


It was just as well that Hamilton hadn’t looked for Spike. Fortunately, for Spike, he wasn’t part of the prophecy and therefore, the partners had deemed him unimportant. Now he was not with the slayer, he was no concern of theirs. His car wasn’t magically shielded and neither was he. However, the GPS tracking had been disabled. First, Spike had yanked it out and left it by the side of the road because it annoyed him by trying to give him directions that had gotten him slightly lost getting out of LA. The directions hadn’t been wrong, but they’d confused a very distracted Spike. Since Spike almost never got lost and this just delayed him getting to Buffy, he had become extremely cross. However, no one was looking for his car. After they discovered that Spike had left, Wesley and Fred had thoroughly screwed up Wolfram and Hart’s inventory of automobiles. Both their cars, and half a dozen others had been completely removed from the list. All the GPS tracking and the mystical tracking for every Wolfram and Hart vehicle had been disabled in such a way that it would at first look as if it was on the fritz. Since it had been both magically and technically corrupted and Fred had created a virus that would destroy any system that attempted to work on it, it would be almost impossible to figure out, much less fix. By the time anyone started looking for them, they’d be long gone. Unlike Spike, Wesley made sure that they were magically shielded, both as individuals, and the vehicle they were traveling in.

“You think they’ll ever be able to find us?” asked Angel as they finally crossed into Colorado.

“Well, if they put an APB out with the cops, they might have a small chance,” said Fred. “That’s why we took this one.”

“I don’t follow,” said Angel.

“It’s a Lexus. It’s far from unique,” said Fred. “We changed the plate. No one’s looking for a gray Lexus with a Michigan plate.”

“God, Fred, you have the makings of a criminal mastermind,” said Gunn.

“I was young once,” said Fred.

“You’re young now, sweetcakes,” said Lorne.

“You’re very sweet, Lorne,” said Fred. Anyway, like I said, this is the perfect car. They’re nice enough that the cops won’t bother us just because we’re on the road, but they’re common enough that no one’s gonna notice them. Plus, we have that lovely necrotempered glass so we can drive all day.”

“Not to mention comfortable,” said Gunn, who was currently driving. “Still, I hope I can get my truck back some time.”

“Well, that’s part of why we got all our cars away from Wolfram and Hart,” said Wesley. “We didn’t all leave together, and we didn’t leave anything there we couldn’t afford to lose.

“All we have tying us there are those contracts,” said Gunn. “I’m sorry I couldn’t break them. It would have alerted the partners and all their nasties.”

“Well, Lindsay’s contract was still in force, but they couldn’t touch him,” said Wesley, sounding slightly smug. “What I did should be enough to protect us. If they try to harm any of us, their dirty laundry will be so exposed, they’ll never do business anywhere in this dimension again – well, maybe not the entire dimension, but certainly not anywhere in the western world. Just as long as we’re not stupid enough to go back into the building like Lindsay did, we’ll be fine.”

“That was a stroke of genius, Wes,” said Angel. “Cordy was right. You do have great mojo.”

Wesley did something he hadn’t done in a very long time. He grinned at Angel.

(In spite of the time that has passed, this story has NOT been abandoned - sorry for the delay. Blue 9/10/2014)

The End?

You have reached the end of "Lost" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Apr 11.

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