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Xander Goes to Gotham

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Summary: Xander is kicked out of Sunnydale and his mom turns in an old favor to help her son. Response to challenge #4133. Xander is Bruce's adopted son.

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DC Universe > Batman > Xander-CenteredAlmadynisFR15910,9241227152,01523 Mar 0911 Apr 09No

Not Again!

Xander Goes To Gotham
Not Again!

I started this story in answer to crystal's challenge, but it has grown it's own plot and there are some things I can't see anymore. So, appologies to crystal, but the plotbunny has a mind of it's own.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, just a small piece of the plotline. All Buffy characters belong to Joss Whedon, all Batman characters belong to DC comics.

Xander stared at his supposed friends in shock from his position on the floor. Buffy had apparently found out about his lie a few months ago to her so that she could fight her hardest and save the world. He had known that she would be mad, but this intense anger had never occurred to him.

“What did I say? LEAVE!” Buffy screamed, towering over him. “Don’t come back!”

Xander looked at Willow, but she just shook her head, her face full of disappointment. Xander felt his heart crush as he slowly climbed to his feet. He was only grateful that the man he considered a father wasn’t there to agree with Buffy too. “Okay, Buffy. I’m gone.”

“Xander?” Jessica Harris looked up from her position on the couch when the door opened and she immediately got up when she saw his torn clothing and the dust from falling books. “What happened?”

Her son looked up at her with such a defeated expression that she gave him a hug on impulse. “Mom…Buffy found out I lied to her…she pushed me into a bookshelf in the library. She doesn’t want to see me again. Willow agreed with her.” His voice was soft, barely audible.

Jessica had the sudden urge to choke the blond and redhead. Especially the redhead. They had been friends since kindergarten! “How can I help?”

Xander looked at her, eyes sad, “Do you know of someplace I can go that isn’t here?”

Jessica looked at her son, then both of them froze when a creak from upstairs suggested that ‘the king of the castle’ might be rising. But no other sounds came, so they both relaxed. It had occurred to her several times to send her son away from the terror that sometimes gripped them, but her own selfish desire to keep her child close to her stayed her hand. “I met a man years ago, he owes me a favor. He lives in Gotham…it’s not a nice town, but you should be safe with him.”

“Who is he?”

“Bruce Wayne.”

That had been two weeks ago. Since then, Xander had packed, withdrawn from school, and used the money he had painstakingly saved to board a plane to Gotham. From the airport, he had been kidnapped before he had even gotten a taxi. Typical Xander luck. It didn’t even need to be Tuesday.

Now he was being used as bait. Again.

When he saw a man in a bat suit try to sneak by in the shadows, he whispered as softly as he could, “It’s a trap. Five guys with automatic weapons are around the corner with the head honcho. They kept talking about some kind of special gun that would disperse a laughing gas. Don’t know why nitrous oxide would be that scary, but that’s all I know. Be careful.”

At his first whisper, the man had looked at him, face relatively blank except for the surprise in his eyes. He didn’t say anything, just silently slipped around the corner and disappeared.

Xander could only hang on the wall. He did hear sounds of fighting for a good five minutes, and some maniacal laughter now and then, with a little gunfire thrown in for good measure. Then, all was quiet.

The bat man came back and began to untie him. “Are you okay?” The other nodded shortly. Xander rubbed his wrists to restore some feeling to them. “Thanks.”

“You alright?” The voice was bass and gruff. Xander nodded in return.

“Yeah, I’m fine. They didn’t do anything except tie me up and use me as bait for you. Ummm...” The other man paused on his way out, looking back at Xander with a raised eyebrow in question, “…do you know where I can get a taxi? See, it’s my first day in this city and I was on my way to meet a friend of my mom’s when they took me.”


So Xander followed him. To his very very very very nice car. “Oh my god…that is so cool! Where’d you get it?”

When the bat man didn’t say anything Xander sighed and obediently shut up. Then he got an answer, “Get in. Don’t touch anything.”

“Sure thing. I’m supposed to go to Bruce Wayne’s house.”

“I know the place.”

They drove really fast; enough that Xander began looking for the ‘Oh, Jesus!’ bar to hold onto, but couldn’t find any. So he sat very tense, praying that the ride would end soon. Really soon. ‘Please, god…now would be good. Anytime…’


Xander kissed the ground when they finally stopped. He looked back at the man that had saved his life and gave a weak grin. “No offense, but if we ever meet again…let me take a cab.”

The bat man gave a bark of laughter and then stopped, looking surprised again. “That’s Wayne Mansion. You’ll be safe there.”

Xander turned around, his turn to be surprised. “Mansion?” he squeaked. “Mom didn’t say he had a mansion…” He looked back, but the car and owner had gone while he had been gawking. “Okay, guess it’s time to face the music.”

He sighed and pushed the little button on the gate that hopefully would let him talk to the people who owned this very snazzy house.

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