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“Harry Potter and the Chosen Two”

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Summary: Harry/Buffy/Faith slash; set in BtVS S3 & following HP OotP.

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings > Romance(Past Donor)FaithSummersFR181119,29602116,50823 Mar 0921 May 09No


Disclaimer: JK Rowling owns the Harry Potter gang and Joss Whedon owns the BtVS CO.

Beta-Reader: Lupo. Thanks for all the ideas on improving the story flow and everything else!

A/N: Takes place directly following ‘Jealousy’.

*Harry’s POV*

It feels so right for Buffy and Faith to be touching me. It reminds me of our first days together in England before ‘real life’ got in our way. We spend the day learning the difference between an ‘I'm happy to see you’ kiss and the ‘I want you now’ kiss. This is almost as much fun as learning the difference between the I want to touch you ‘just because’ and what Faith calls the ‘do me right now’ touch.

It has been a beautiful lazy Saturday spent mostly in bed just kissing and touching and occasionally dozing off. My two goddesses, one light, one dark. I’m still a little - heck, a lot, amazed that we’re all here. Buffy is nearly always in the middle as if she is the magnet or catalyst which brings us all together. We are lying on the bed with Buffy in the middle and Faith and I stretched out on either side of her.

I watch as a soft sensuous smile plays across Faith’s face as Buffy delicately runs her fingers along Faith's collarbone, then down to the base of her neck. Buffy skims her fingers along the raven-haired girl’s skin and I hear her breathing became a little more erratic with each feather light touch of Buffy's fingers against her skin.

Buffy props herself up on her elbow and resting the side of her head in her hand she lifts her other hand and continues to trace along the shell of Faith's ear, along her hairline, down between her eyebrows, along the bridge of her nose, down the side of it, to follow the line of her cheekbone, then finally come to stop at the corner of her mouth.

Buffy pauses and cocks her head seeming to sense that I’m awake. She replaces her fingertips with her mouth, tracing the outline of Faith’s full lips with her tongue then dipping in to kiss her more thoroughly. I hear Faith sigh in appreciation.

Buffy flips over to face me and Faith moves to press herself against the length of the golden haired girl’s back. I stare into Buffy's amazingly green eyes. Buffy uses the pads of her fingers to explore the planes of my face now and I let myself drift into the faint touch which sets my blood ablaze. I can’t remember anyone ever touching me this way…I struggle to think of words to describe the feelings…and then give up and just allow myself to just revel in the sensuous feel of her skin on mine.

Slowly Buffy leans down and captures my mouth where her fingertips just finished exploring. Before I close my eyes and lose myself to the kiss I Faith run her fingers through Buffy’s hair, watching me over Buffy’s shoulder. Softly, so softly Buffy kisses me, her tongue tracing delicately, following along the same path her fingertips had taken on their discovery of my face.

*Buffy’s POV* Restview Cemetery

Faith and I land flat on our backs at the same time, each of us grappling with a vamp. Faith kicks hers in the head and as it staggers away she’s on her feet. She grabs him and throws him into a tombstone. I send a combination at mine then grab his neck and fling him away giving myself time to flip onto my feet. I duck a kick then telegraph a punch to get him to move in closer. I hear Faith landing solid blows on her opponent as I send another combination of punches at mine.

From the corner of my eye I see Faith send hers sailing over another grave marker. I throw mine onto his back then deliver a right then a left kick to his head. He struggles to his knees. I see Faith grabbing and tossing the vamp she’s fighting. Mine’s back up and we force them towards each other raining down blows with Slayer strength. When they’re back to back we stake them simultaneously.

“Synchronized slaying,” I grin as I high five Faith.

“New Olympic category?” Faith flashes those dimples at me.

I turn to look at Giles, “What do you think?”

It was then that we hear the sounds of fight close by. Someone with an English accent is calling out words that sound like spells.

Faith and I look at each other and say simultaneously, “Harry!”

*Harry’s POV*

I desperately want to see my girls slay. I think I can probably help as well. “Surely vampires aren’t any scarier than Lord Voldemort?” I grumble to myself. I taught defensive spells to twenty students last year at Hogwarts in the DA.

They let the others go too. Sure, Oz is a werewolf but that is only three nights a month. And he spends those nights locked in a cage not helping Buffy and Faith. Willow is able to perform a few spells, but even she admits she isn’t much help with the slaying. Cordeila and Xander are just Muggles. I know Mr. Giles is a trained Watcher, but he’s *old* and they let him go!

I creep out of the house underneath my dad’s cloak and steal into the night. I overheard Buffy and Faith talking earlier this evening and I know the girls are planning to start out at the Restview cemetery tonight.

I head east down Revello Drive thinking that is the right direction. I am so excited at the prospect of watching the Slayers in action that I miss the towering cloaked shadow that slips from behind a tree and glides along behind me.

I turn down an alley convincing myself it is a short cut to my destination and stumble upon a vampire – I think – attacking a young girl about my age. I’m fairly certain she’s in my history class actually.

I pull out my wand and cast a shield charm in front of the girl. She doesn’t see me because I am still under the invisibility cloak. The vampire runs right into the shield and the girl is able to escape. It can’t see me but I know it heard the incantation, “Protego”. I cast a second shield in front of myself then fumble in my jacket for the stake I brought along. As my hand closes around the piece of wood a rushing sound fills my ears like a howling wind. A horribly familiar wave of cold washes over me as a numbing mist fills my head. An opaque, white fog shrouds the alley.

‘Dementor?’ my frozen brain asks. I try to summon a happy memory…this morning, Faith and Buffy embracing me in the kitchen. I try to conjure the warm, safe feeling when I am distracted by yelling.

“Harry!” I hear Buffy and Faith’s voices shouting.

“No, stay back!” I try to warn them. Muggles can’t see dementors – can Slayers? What if they blunder right into it? It could perform the kiss and they wouldn’t even know what’s happening. My focus broken, I cast about for the happy memory, but worry and panic now replace it.

I hear it draw a slow, rattling breath and my head fills with a vision of slimy, scabbed hands wrapping themselves around Buffy’s graceful neck. It pulls back its hood and where there should be eyes there’s only gray, scabby skin stretched over empty sockets.

Then I hear solid blows landing on something and someone is kissing me, but it is no dementor.

I open my eyes as Faith pulls back from kissing me. “Well you said they take all of your happy memories right?” Faith licks her lips, and grins, “An’ they make ya feel cold…so I thought I’d make a new happy memory and make ya feel hot.”

Buffy punches the dementor again, shrugs, and looks at me. I feel the ghost of a smile forming on my face.

“Worth a shot,” Buffy says as she cups my face in her hands.

Smiling widely, I point my wand at the dementor and say, “Expecto Patronum.” A silver stag shoots from the end of my wand and charges down the dementor.

*Buffy’s POV*

I think we’re all kind of drained from our run in with the demented thingies. As we start to escort Harry back home we walk along in silence. There is an ambush set up as we round the last corner onto Revello. Three vamps. They wear white tunics with red crosses turned up at the ends. Each has two swords and they’re in full game face. The action would be welcome if not for the fact our main concern is protecting Harry.

Two of the vamps rush me knocking me flat on my back. One assailant looms over me and I slam the heel of my boot into his face. He lurches backward as I flip onto my feet. I spin punching the vamp, knocking him back into street. I stake that one before he can recover.

Faith blocks two punches from the next grabbing an arm and twisting until it drops a sword and the satisfying pop of its shoulder dislocating can be heard. She gives it a right left combo ducking in too close for it to bring its other sword into play.

That just leaves the third which Harry is keeping at a distance using a shield spell. It sees me heading for it and sprints away on powerful legs across the street heading west. I start to follow then change my mind wanting to get Harry to safety. Harry lowers his wand and sags against me. I guess the earlier attack took more out of him than I realized.

*Harry’s POV* Next morning…

I wake up feeling like I’ve been trampled by a rampaging hippogriff or possibly an angry manticore. Opening my eyes I find the world is fuzzy. Blinking I feel around on the bedside table for my glasses. My hand brushes another hand and suddenly my glasses are there in my hand. I put them on and the world returns to focus. I see Buffy frowning down at me; Faith stands behind her, arms crossed.

“I thought Giles told you not to go out at night!” Buffy looks pretty brassed off.

"Hello to you too," I smile. Buffy is so beautiful even when she’s angry. It puts a fire in her usually gentle eyes.

"I hate to ask, but what were you thinkin’ jumping into that fight last night... matter of fact what were you doing in that alley anyway?” Faith demands.

"I don’t know… seemed like the thing to do at the time." I answer guiltily. I didn’t mean to make anyone worry about me.

“What jump into a fight or be in an alley?” Buffy asks exasperated.

The End?

You have reached the end of "“Harry Potter and the Chosen Two”" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 May 09.

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