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“Harry Potter and the Chosen Two”

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Summary: Harry/Buffy/Faith slash; set in BtVS S3 & following HP OotP.

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings > Romance(Past Donor)FaithSummersFR181119,29602116,50823 Mar 0921 May 09No



Disclaimer: JK Rowling owns the Harry Potter gang. Joss Whedon owns Faith & CO.

*Harry’s POV*

I’m out late. Much later than I should be and alone. I waived Ron and Hermione off hours ago. The country is on full alert for Death Eaters now, but does that really make it any safer?

I linger outside the leaky Cauldron, unsure of what to do next, but knowing I don’t want to go back to the Dursley’s yet. In my mind’s eye I still see clearly the two girls that intrigued me this morning.

I see a slim figure walking up the alley toward me. I catch a glimpse of long, blond hair in the moonlight and brighten. Maybe it’s her – Buffy?

A curtain of hair hides her face but she’s moving closer with that same easy, predatory grace. Then she’s upon me and her face is anything but beautiful, it’s wrong, unnatural. It reminds me of Voldemort, but only a little. The forehead is wrinkled, the eyes are yellow not red, but her fangs are sharp and long. She’s fast and has me in a vice like grip before I can draw my wand.

With relief I see Buffy and Faith running toward me. They have their wands drawn, but they’re holding them all wrong and the wands are too wide and shaped funny.

“Harry!” Buffy exclaims.

“What the hell?” Faith curses.

The creature holding me hisses, “Slayer.”

“Screw this!” Faith grabs the creature and yanks it away from me. I stumble into Buffy’s arms and when I turn it is nowhere to be seen.

“Wh-what? Where’d it go?” I ask.

“Oh, we scared her away,” Buffy explains.

*Faith’s POV*

Buffy and I were patrolling the damp, misty streets of London. According to Giles there were a bunch of dementoid thingies hanging around and that was making all the fog. Buffy stopped to pull me into a lingering kiss. ‘Mmm…likin’ this, likin’ it A LOT.’

“I can’t believe G-man gave you the keys to the rental, B,” I say as we come up for air.

“Oh, he didn’t…he left them on the table,” Buffy smiled back innocently.

That’s when I feel it, ‘spidey-sense’ tingling…there’s a vamp somewhere close. I look over at B and I know she can feel it too. She jerks her head towards an alley. It’s back by that weird pub we were in earlier.

“Harry,” Buffy whispers. And I’m thinking the same thing too. He shoulda been gone hours ago, but what if he’s still there?

She’s down the alley in a flash. And it is him - Harry. There’s a vamp with long, blond hair in full game face. She’s holding Harry, his hand behind his back and she’s going for the kill. B and I both have our stakes out and we circle.

“Harry!” B Yells.

“What the hell?” I curse.

The vamp holding Harry hisses, “Slayer.”

“Screw this!” I grab the vampire and yank it away from Harry, plunging my stake into her heart as she falls.

Harry stumbles and B catches him. Luckily he’s facing the other direction when I dust the vamp. He looks around confused, “Wh-what? Where’d it go?”

“Oh, we scared her away,” Buffy explained.

B offers Harry a ride home, very chivalrous. Of course he has no idea how scary B’s driving is.
By the time we screech up into his drive, he is well aware I’m sure. I blow him a kiss as we drive away.
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