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The Evils of Nature and Nurture

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Summary: After Voldemort died, he was reborn as a young boy. Young Tom Summers just got an offer to attend Hogwarts. What'll happen when they realize just who he really is? More importantly, what will he do?

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Chapter 3

AN: For those of you who thought it was unrealistic to have a Vengeance Demon in Hogwarts... You're right. For those of you who didn't... You didn't honestly think it was gonna be that easy, did ya? ;)

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Chapter 3

“Fox!” Luna swatted the figure in front of them. “Quit messing around! He’s Muggle-born, and that’s just mean!”

The very realistic looking face in front of them pulled away to reveal a laughing boy behind it. He had bright red hair. “Sorry, Luna. Uncle George gave me this Vengeance demon mask for my birthday. I couldn’t resist.”

Luna rolled her eyes. “Tom, this is Fox Longbottom. He’s the son of our Herbology professor. Fox, this is Tom Summers.”

Fox shook Tom’s hand. “Hi. First year, right? I’m in third.”

Tom nodded. “Nice to meet you.”

The table broke out into general conversation for a few moments, until Tom noticed one of the Professors eyeing him. “Hey, Luna. Who’s that?”

Luna followed his line of sight. “Oh! I totally forgot to tell you! That’s my dad! He’s the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher!”

Tom looked back at the professor. Harry Potter, huh? Didn’t look like much. Buffy probably coulda taken him down in two seconds flat. But then, most people said that about Buffy. Looks could be deceiving.

His thoughts were interrupted by Professor McGonagall. “Before we begin the feast, I’d like to go over a few things: First, anyone who goes near the Forbidden Forest does so at their own peril. We’ve learned that we can’t stop you, but we do hope you’ll decide you enjoy living.

“Second, our caretaker, Mr. Filch, has asked me to remind you that any of the items from Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes are forbidden, as are Fanged Frisbees, Shrieking Yo-Yos, Ever Bashing Boomerangs, Flaming Ping-Pong Paddles, and Ice Darts.” She sat down.

As she did so, Professor Potter stood up. “And now, to begin the feast, I’d like to speak a few words.” He grinned at them. “Nitwit! Oddment! Blubber! Tweak!”

The trays in front of them were filled with food. Tom’s mouth began to water almost instantly. He grabbed a few chicken legs, and put a scoop of mashed potatoes onto his plate. When he looked at the pitcher in front of him, he found an orange liquid. “What is this stuff?”

“Pumpkin juice!” Luna replied.

Tom grimaced. Rather than pour that into his goblet, he opted for a more familiar option. The book he’d bought yesterday included a spell to create grape juice. According to the book, he wouldn’t be able to do it until he was about fourteen, but it never hurt to try…

He pointed his wand at the goblet. “Vineo!” To his shock, and pleasure, grape juice came from the tip of his wand. The stream of liquid ended automatically when the cup was full. He grinned, and tasted the finished product. Perfect.

“Hey! Nice trick!” Luna grinned at him. “Where’d you learn that one?”

“I’ve got a book, has a few food spells in it. I’ll show you when we get to the dorm.”

She nodded, and went back to her meal.

After a few minutes, Tom felt himself being watched again. Sure enough, it was Professor Potter. The strangest thing about it was, Tom was pretty sure he’d seen the professor somewhere before. For the life of him, though, it wouldn’t come. It was just on the edge of his mind.

Tom shook it off. It was probably just Déjà vu. Nothing to get worried about. Despite the almost endless shiver going down his spine…

Dinner was soon over, and the Prefects were leading the Gryffindors to the common room. Tom quickly memorized the password (Veraverto), and went to retrieve his book of food spells. He, Luna, and Jason stayed up for another hour, working on the spells. They were surprised to learn that these were so-called ‘advanced’ magic. All three of them were more than capable of performing the spells.

After a while, they went to bed. Classes started in the morning, and they all wanted an early start.


Tom’s mother had once told him, ‘If you get a good start on the first day, you’ll have a good start for the whole year.’ It made sense to him.

His first day at Hogwarts…

Tom woke up an hour late. He just barely made it to breakfast in time to shove something in his mouth. He ran to his first class, Luna and Jason nipping at his heels. They got in just as the deadline hit.

The rest of the day passed without incident, until DADA.

“Hello, everyone.” Professor Potter greeted the class. “My name is Professor Potter, and this is Defense Against the Dark Arts.

“This term, we’ll be studying dark creatures. In particular, Vampires and other demons. In fact, let’s begin there. What kind of places to vampires congregate?”

None of the students raised their hands, so Tom decided to answer. “Dark places. In a city, or town, they like abandoned warehouses or factories. In more wild areas, they go for caves, or heavy woods.”

Potter nodded. “Take ten points for Gryffindor, Mr. Summers. Now, can anyone tell me how to repel vampires?”

Again, no one said anything. Shrugging, Tom spoke up. “You said repel, right?” Potter nodded. “Crosses, or Holy Water.”

“Take another ten points. I’ll give you another twenty for each method of killing a vampire you can give me.”

Tom nodded. “Wooden stake to the heart, decapitation, sunlight, setting them on fire. That’s… Four.”

Potter nodded. “Well done, Mister Summers.”

The rest of the class went by, and Tom was able to answer almost every question Professor Potter put forth. At the end of class, Tom was asked to stay behind.

“Mister Summers, I feel compelled to ask… How do you know so much about demons? Do you have an interest in demonology?”

Tom shook his head. “Not really. But… Where I come from, it helps to have a healthy amount of know-how. I don’t think my family knows I’ve done so much research, but I did. Even if I could only use the books that are in English.”

Potter nodded. “I see. And where do you come from?”

“Sunnydale, California.”

“And the reason you need so much knowledge on demons?”

Tom looked confused. “You mean Professor McGonagall didn’t mention it?” At Potter’s confused look, he explained. “It’s on the Hellmouth.”

Professor Potter sat in stunned silence. After a long, long moment, he came back to himself. “The Hellmouth. I didn’t know that.”

“Yep.” Tom nodded.

Potter nodded in return. “Alright, Summers. You’d better get to your next class.”

Tom turned to leave, then turned back. “Professor. I was curious. Why were you looking at me at dinner last night?”

Potter shrugged sheepishly. “You… Remind me of someone. Someone I knew a long time ago. He wasn’t the nicest person, so my reaction was a bit… Strong.”

Tom nodded. “Mr. Ollivander was the same way. I don’t know why.” He grinned. “But that was nothing compared to when he saw my wand.” He pulled it out of his pocket. “He flipped out when it worked for me.”

Professor Potter’s breath caught in his chest. No… It wasn’t possible… Ollivander said he was going to destroy it…

“Anyway, gotta go! I’ve got potions next. Later!”

Before Potter could stop him, Tom ran out of the room.

Potter stood stock still for a full five minutes. Then, he bolted for the door, running for the Headmistress’ office.


“You can’t tell me this is a bloody coincidence!” Potter exclaimed. “His first name is Tom! He has Voldemort’s wand! He looks identical to Dumbledore’s memories of Riddle at that age! Something is going on here!”

McGonagall sat quietly, waiting for him to finish. When it seemed that he had, she spoke. “Harry, I’m perfectly aware that something strange is going on. I’ve known since he picked up the wand. I also know that there is no magic on this Earth that could have restored him to a child’s body while preserving his personality. Whomever that young man is, he is not Tom Marvolo Riddle. He is a polite, if slightly unstable, young man.”

Potter’s eyes narrowed. “Unstable?”

McGonagall winced. “Well… His two primary nannies were both vampires…”

“Hah! You see?! He’s controlling Dark entities!”

She put up a hand. “The first had a soul. It was restored by Romany magic. The second was incapable of harming humans, and… Well, he seemed to feel a certain level of affection for the boy. I know that should be impossible, but I know what I saw.”

He growled. “I’ll not have my daughter hanging around him.”

“You may find that difficult.” She pointed out. “They’re in the same house, and the same year.”

That took some of the wind out of his sails. Sighing, he slumped into a chair. “How… How could you allow him to come here, Minerva? You’re the Headmistress. You handle admissions.”

She shook her head. “No. The globe there handles admissions. I just offer the opportunity. I saw him on the globe. I went, in person, to the family, because they were in America. I even went so far as to swear an unbreakable oath to protect him from harm… And even now, I’d do it again. That young man is not responsible for Voldemort’s crimes, Harry.”

He sighed again. “I hope you know what you’re doing, Minerva.”

She smiled at him lightly. “I’m not the one who gave him 100 points earlier.”


Tom sighed in disgust. He’d been sitting in the common room for an hour, trying to write home to his family, but using a quill and ink was proving to be difficult. Like a pissed off bull elephant is difficult.

“Argh!” He crumpled yet another piece of parchment. “This is way too hard!”

“You too, eh?”

He turned to see who had spoken. “Who are you?”

“Chris Raiden, Seventh year.” He held out his hand.

Tom shook it. “Tom Summers, First year.”

“You’re American?” Chris grinned. “My sister lives in America. I was born there, but my parents moved to England soon after. Anyway, I notice you’re having trouble with the quills? You’re not alone.” He produced a loose-leaf notebook, and a ballpoint pen. “I keep a few of these on hand. After last year, I pretty much had to.” He held them out. “Here. From one Muggle to another.”

Tom accepted them gratefully. “Thanks. You have no idea how much I appreciate this.”

Chris’ grin widened. “I have some idea. Don’t worry about it. You run out, just come to me. I can keep you in paper until Christmas break. After that, you’re on your own.”

Tom laughed. “Sure thing.” He began writing his letter. “Your sister lives in America, you said?”

Chris nodded. “Yeah. Gwen.”

“She wouldn’t happen to live in California, would she?”

Chris’ eyebrows shot up. “How’d you know?”

Tom just shrugged. “My family tends to attract things like that. It’s like someone writes it all out for television.”

Chris laughed. “That I understand. Gwen has this weird thing with her body. It generates huge amounts of electricity. She can’t touch anyone without killing them.”

Tom winced. “Ouch…” Then, a thought occurred to him. “Hey, if she’s ever in LA, tell her to look up Angel Investigations. They might be able to help.”

“And why would they be able to help?” Chris asked skeptically. “No one else has.”

“Well, Angel is a vampire with a soul. One of his friends is a seer.” Tom shrugged. “They have experience with this sort of thing.”

Chris nodded. “I guess… Yeah. I’ll write to her. Thanks a lot, man.” He stood, and walked away.

Tom smiled. Good deed done for the day.


The next few weeks were relatively boring. Tom got into the swing of things quickly enough, even managing to remember where the vanishing steps were on most of the staircases.

He, Luna, and Jason quickly formed a permanent group. While he was glad to have friends, Tom was a little worried by this. People who formed trios tended to get into big adventures. Buffy, Xander, and Willow had done it. They ended up blowing up their high-school. According to Luna, her dad, Hermione, and someone named Ron were still called the ‘Golden Trio.’ They’d managed to take down Voldemort. Tom didn’t know what was coming, but his gut told him something would. He’d have to ask Willow and Tara for more charm bracelets…

It wasn’t until the beginning of October that anything he would call ‘Big’ happened. The day started normally enough.

“What’s the schedule for today, again?” Tom asked his friends, pouring apple juice from his wand.

“Um… Potions first thing, then Transfiguration, Herbology, then Double DADA.” Luna informed him.

Tom groaned. After his first lesson, things hadn’t gone well in DADA. It wasn’t like he was constantly in trouble, or anything. Professor Potter just ignored him.

He was about to say something, when Luna suddenly jumped out of her seat. “Mum!” She ran to the doors of the great hall, hugging a woman with platinum blonde hair. She quickly began dragging said woman over to the table. “Tom! This is my mother, Luna Potter!”

“I worked that part out when you shouted ‘Mum’.” He grinned, standing up. He offered his hand. “Hi. Tom Summers.”

The elder Luna frowned at him. “Are you sure about that? I don’t think your name is supposed to be Summers.”

He nodded. “Pretty sure. My mom gave me the name, so…” He shrugged.

“Very well.” She shook his hand. “My daughter’s spoken highly of you. I think she likened you to ‘What Adonis would be if he were eleven.’”

“Mum!” Luna blushed.

Tom shrugged, not entirely sure who Adonis was. “I’m guessing that’s a good thing.”

“It means you have a well maintained body.” The older woman explained, half smiling.

He nodded. Well, living on a Hellmouth did that for you. Lots of running. “Cool. Nice to meet you.” He smiled, and sat down.

“You as well. Luna, I’ll see you later. Your father doesn’t have classes for the next hour, and I’m taking advantage of it.” With that, she left.

“What’d she mean by that?” Tom asked his friend.

“Don’t know.” Luna shrugged. “They both tell me I’ll understand when I’m older.”

The first three classes of the day went normally, but almost as soon as they sat down in DADA, Tom began to feel uneasy. It was almost like having a headache, or an upset stomach, but... Not. Something was just... Not right.

It must have showed on his face, because Professor Potter took the time to notice. “Is something the matter, Mr. Summers?”

“I… I’m not sure. I’m okay, I think.”

“Very well. Tell me if it gets worse.”

“Yes sir.”

Potter turned back to the class. “Alright. Today, we’ll be discussing werewolves. Can anyone tell me how one becomes a werewolf?”

Several students raised their hands. He pointed to Luna. “They get bitten by a werewolf.”

“Ten points to Gryffindor. Now, in Wizard werewolves, the magic inside them keeps a certain level of control over the wolf. It can only be released on the night of the full moon. A Muggle who is bitten, however, transforms three nights out of the month. The full moon, and the two days surrounding it.”

The lecture went on for a while, but Tom couldn’t pay attention. Something was going on. A pressure was building up in his mind. He couldn’t ignore it. He tried to stand up. “P-Professor. I think…” He stumbled, falling to his knees.

“Mister Summers, what-” Potter was cut off as his scar began to burn. It hadn’t done that since he was seventeen. He clutched it. “What… What is this?!”

Tom had no answer. His head was pounding now. He curled up into a ball on the floor, holding his head as if it might fall off.

Potter, meanwhile, was doing almost the same thing. He was on one knee, his head bowed, groaning in pain. Suddenly, his mind was assaulted with images.

A grave. She saved the world. A lot. A group sitting around the grave. A redheaded woman, calling on Osiris. A snake falls from her mouth. Red light surrounds her. It goes into the ground.

Both Tom and Potter opened their eyes. Tom stood up, breathing heavily. “Buffy.” Immediately, he pulled out his medallion. “Slayer!” He vanished.

Potter stood slowly. “Right… Since all of you will no doubt be useless in class for the rest of the day, go… Do something. I’ve got to see about this.” He ran from the room.

The students all looked at each other. What had that been about?


Tom landed in the living room at Revello Drive. If he hadn’t been so preoccupied, he’d have been proud for landing on his feet. Dawn and Spike were there, but he took no notice of them. He ran out the door, heading for Buffy’s grave.

It took him all of ten minutes to arrive. The others were gone, but Tom could see the Urn from his vision. They’d done something. They tried to bring her back. Why hadn’t they dug her up? Was she… Underground? Buried alive?!

He pulled out his wand, pointing it at the ground, only to realize he didn’t know a spell for moving dirt. “Uh… Oh, crap. What do I do? How do I…” He started to panic. His sister was buried alive, and he couldn’t do anything about it! “AAAARRRRGHHHHH! DIG!”

To his amazement, that worked. Six feet of earth erupted out of the ground. Tom leapt down into the hole, and opened the casket. There, with curiously dark hair, was Buffy. “Buffy!” He pulled her into a hug. “You’re alive! You’re alive!”


Professors Potter and McGonagall both appeared in the middle of Sunnydale. “Where’s his house?” The younger teacher asked.

“That way.” McGonagall pointed. Before they could get going, however, several demons went by on motorcycles. They were destroying everything in their path.

Potter sighed. “Oh, bugger.”


Buffy blinked. Someone had opened her casket. It was… Tom? It was! She wrapped her arms around him. “Tom. Oh, thank Heaven you’re okay.”

“I’m okay? I’m okay?!” He laughed. “You’re the one who spent the whole summer dead!”

She smiled at him. “Yeah. I even made it to Heaven. Nice place. But I couldn’t leave you here. I’ve been trying to get back the whole time. I met this guy, Osiris. I liked him. His name is easy to pronounce. He said he’d find a way to send me back.”

He grinned. “Remind me to send him a thank you. I’m a Wizard now. I can probably do it.”

Buffy raised an eyebrow. “Oh, really? Looks like we’ve got some catching up to do.” They both looked up as they heard an explosion, followed by motorcycle engines. “But it’ll have to wait. Help me out of this.”


Sectumsempra!” Potter put down yet another of the demons. “Is there no end to these things?!”

“I have no idea!” McGonagall called back as she set several of the… things, on fire. “I suggest we find Mr. Summers! His family deals with these threats!”

“Right!” He banished two more demons. “Just one problem! I don’t see us moving any time soon!”


Once Tom and Buffy were out of the grave, they started running for town. On the way, the ran into Spike, who had followed Tom.

“What the bloody hell is going on?!” He yelled, not spotting Buffy right away. “You appear out of nowhere, and just run off?!”

Tom grinned. “Had something to do.” He nodded back over his shoulder.

Spike looked. “Yeah, yeah. I’ve seen the bot.” He noticed the hair. And the clothes. “Wait…”

“You got it!” Tom’s grin widened. “Now, what’s going on? We heard motorcycles.”

“The Hellions.” Spike answered. “Demon biker gang. Stupid as it sounds, they make most bikers look like Elton John. They’re tearing the town apart.”

Buffy strode forward. “Got a weapon?” Spike tossed her a stake. “Let’s do this.”


Potter was getting tired. He hadn’t had to use this much magic in years. McGonagall had already passed out from exhaustion, and guarding her was getting difficult. And the demons… Nothing seemed to put them down! He’d fling one against a wall, it got back up. He cut one of them, it ignored the wound.

“Alright, you buggers.” He panted. “Come on. This can’t be all you’ve got.”

The demons just chuckled. The leader stepped forward. “You’re a brave little human. I’m going to enjoy taking your head off of your body.”

“What a coincidence!” A new voice said. “I was just thinking the same thing about you!” Out of nowhere, someone tackled him. Just as quickly, that someone snapped his neck. She, for it was a she, stood up, and looked at the other demons. “Who’s next?”

As one, they backed up, muttering something that sounded like ‘Slayer.’ They got on their bikes, and rode away.

Tom ran up. “Alright, Buffy! You got him!”

Buffy turned to him, grinning. “Well, naturally. Slayer 1, demons zip.”

Tom grinned back, then noticed his teachers. “Professor Potter? What are you doing here?”

“I could ask the same thing.” He replied. “Who’s this?” He nodded at Buffy.

Buffy looked him over. “You’re a professor? Weird. Most professors are old.”

Tom laughed. “Buffy, this is one of my magic teachers. His name is Harry Potter. The other one behind him is the Headmistress at the school.”

Buffy shrugged. “Okay, then.” She smiled at Professor Potter. “Hi. I’m Buffy. The Vampire Slayer.”

AN 2: Okay. Before people start bashing me, I want to say something. If Buffy had a ten year old sibling, I don't think she'd just abandon him. I couldn't work it in here, but the fight at the tower went differently. The re-write will be in the next chapter.
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