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Zealot Side Story

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Hellmouth Zealot". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Scenes not part of the main stories in Hellmouth Zealot

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneralBurningLightFR152538032,38829 Mar 092 Apr 09No

The Worst Birthday Ever

I don't own Buffy. Only this story is mine.

The Worst Birthday Ever

Dawn Harris was not a happy girl. Why? It was her birthday, and her brother was not around. It was a Harris sibling tradition to spend the entire day together on their birthdays. They would go out enjoy the day together go to the mall, arcades, other cool places, and also they would prank people.

The problem was her brother was missing. None of his friends in the Scoobies club would tell her what had happened. All she knew was it was another world ending thing when he disappeared.

So she decided to go pranking people on her own. First there was Willow, this was the big year in pranking Willow. Frogs, lots of toy frogs. All around her bed. Recorded croaking sounds coming from her CD player / tape deck / alarm clock. Oh how she screamed. Payback was a bitch after all she burnt Dawns favourite book when she did that fire from ice spell.

Then there was Fuhrer Snyder, She was going to do things to the trollmobile. For starters steal all his cassettes from his car and replace the music with teenpop. Also leave a bit of cheese under the driver seat. That would be a good revenge for all those detentions.

But it just wasn’t the same without her accomplice and teacher in the art of prank-fu. Oooh she was so going to kick his ass when he gets back. A darker part of her mind said IF he got back.

He was supposed to give her an intensive training course in all the army stuff this summer. She had already learned the sign language and kept up with the basic exercises. This was the summer she was going to learn to defend herself from all the nastiness on the hellmouth.

Not that she missed the idiot anyway it was just… boring yes that was it boring without him around. Also her parents were smothering her with love now that Xander was missing. It was suffocating.

It was the worst birthday ever. She missed her brother.


A/N reviews inspire me tell me what you like OR don’t like, let me know if you spot errors, constructive criticisms are welcome.
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