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More Than Meets the Eye

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Summary: -Crossover between Moonlight and Sanctuary- Is Doctor William Zimmerman all that he appears to be or is he more?

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Multiple Crossings > Non-BtVS CrossoversjessieFR1521,9290266829 Mar 0931 Mar 09No

Chapter Two

The weeks following Mick’s visit were so hectic that Will forgot all about the visit. Forgot until one day while enjoying a meal in one of the cities more popular restaurants, a treat to himself for a mission well done, he had such an overpowering urge for blood that he was forced to order a steak as rare as they could legally make it to quash the rising want and need. This was all the wakeup call he needed; the Cure was almost completely out of his system and within a few days he’d revert back to his old self.

Two days later he was paying a local morgue attendant to supply him with a continual supply of blood.


“Sorry I’m late.” Will apologized when he entered the weekly staff meeting more than a half an hour late. “I was called in to consult with the police last night and I only just got back.” He ran a hand though his blonde hair and took his customary seat in front of Helen Magnus’ desk. He ignored the looks each member of the Sanctuary staff was sending him; now wasn’t the time to appear paranoid.

“Yes, well, we were actually about to call an end to the meeting and order lunch. Italian sound good?” Helen asked, her eyes moving from her young protégé to her daughter and surrogate son; who was acting as strangely as Will these days.

“Fine with me.” Ashley Magnus, Helen’s daughter, didn’t even look up, from cleaning under her finger nails with one of her mother’s very old letter openers, to reply.

“You know me; I’ll eat just about anything.” Henry told Helen with a toothy grin.

Will was careful to keep his face relaxed when he declined. “You guys go ahead; I haven’t really had an appetite lately.” This was the truth. He could no longer partake in human meals; instead he was confined to an all liquid diet.

Helen felt her worry for the young man double. “Ashley, Henry, could you give Will and I a moment alone?”

Henry stood and pulled Ashley to her feet as well when the girl didn’t make any movement to do so on her own. “Sure thing, Doc. Ash and I will call the Italian place and have them deliver.” He proceeded to drag a protesting Ashley out of her mother’s office and down the hall towards his office.

Once they were alone Helen left herself study the young man with a Doctor’s critical eye. Once she had completed her visual scan she noted that he looked pale, edging on sickly. “If you were feeling ill, William, you should have told me.” She chided, gently.

“If I was ill, I would have told you.” Will countered not feeling in the mood to play twenty questions with her. “I just haven’t been hungry.” He shrugged trying to play it down. When he saw she wasn’t buying it, he had to move to plan B. “I think the Tribal’s we encountered in the Amazon earlier this week put me off my feed, so to speak. I’ll be fine in a couple days.” He assured her and he would; once his body readjusted to the blood consumption.

“I’d still like to run a few tests.” Helen still wasn’t buying his explanation. “You may have picked up a parasite in the jungle that could lead to a more serious condition.” It was always a good idea to err on the side of caution.

Will bit back a sigh. “I don’t need any tests, just rest.” He told her. “I’m fine.” Please drop it. He silently prayed.

Helen’s frown deepened but if he insisted he was fine then there really wasn’t anything she could do. “Very well. But if you are still sick at the end of the week then I will be running tests. Understood?” Her voice left no room for argument.

“Understood.” Will told her with a nod. “I should go, I have patients to see.” He pushed himself out of the chair and headed for the door but stopped when Helen asked him to hold on a moment.

“Henry has brought it to my attention that a strange man has been seen outside our gates on more than one occasion.” Helen rose and joined the young man at her office door. “Henry also thinks that this mysterious mans appearance coincides with your change in behavior.” She eyed Will. “If you need to talk about anything, anything, at all I want you know that my door is always open.”

Will took a deep breath and let it out through his nose. He was fighting against all his instincts to just tell Helen. He trusted her, Ashley, and Henry more so than Josef but it was against the law to tell dangerous outsiders. And if any outsider was dangerous it was Helen Magnus. “Isn’t that my line?” He joked. “Thanks but there isn’t anything to talk about.”

Helen knew Will better than he knew himself and she could tell he was lying. “Very well.” She pushed her door open. “Henry views you as a brother William. Perhaps you could talk to him and put his mind at ease?”

“Yeah, I can do that.” Will assured her as he headed down the hallway and into the elevator that would take him deep within the Sanctuary and away from the afternoon sun; it wasn’t a coincidence that his morning and afternoon appointments were all with Abnormals living within the deeper levels of the building whereas his late evening and early night appointments were all with inhabitants that lived on the main floors. So far no one noticed his shift in patient schedules or so he thought. He knew he needed to talk to Henry, if anyone could understand it was the other man. But he was afraid that the werewolf in Henry could sense his new state and that could cause him problems; that’s why he had been steering clear of his best friend since he changed back. The opening of the elevator doors interrupted his thoughts and as he stepped out into the almost completely dark corridor lined by equally dark glass living quarters he couldn’t help but wonder if he’d be deemed a threat and locked in one of the rooms he was passing if his family found out his secret. It was thoughts like that, not the rules and laws of his people, that was keeping him from telling his secret.

It was fear, plain and simple.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "More Than Meets the Eye" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 Mar 09.

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