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Tatsuki the Vampire Slayer: -01 Slayer Academy

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Tatsuki the Vampire Slayer". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Tatsuki's adventures at Slayer School. A collection of ideas that pop up in my head but don't fit in the main storyline.

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Anime > BleachBonezerohzrdFR1311,489051,18429 Mar 0929 Mar 09No
DISCLAIMER: See series introduction for the long version. The short version? Not mine, I'm making no money. Buffy is Joss Whedon's and Bleach is Tite Kubo's.

TIME FRAME: Buffy: After Chosen, before Long Way Home.
Bleach: Two weeks after Ichigo and co. leave for Hueco Mundo.

NOTE: OK so slayers are called from all over the world, then go to a school in Scotland to train. I’m thinking that there’s gonna be a language barrier or sixty cropping up. So I’ve decided on a little plot device to ensure everyone can understand each other, no matter what language is spoken: Willow cast a spell.

NOTE THE 2ND: I have no proof-reader/beta. Mistakes are probable (some are intentional, to mimic speech/ thought patterns etc.) others I missed and/or spell check didn’t pick them up. Also let me know if sentences don’t make sense. They all make sense to me, but my brain is weird.

“A’ight, who’s next?”

A tall brunette stood on carefully placed crash mats, at her feet lay an unconscious girl. Surrounding the two sat a group of girls, some heavily beaten and bruised, others wide-eyed in fear. On a balcony overlooking the gym a blonde was watching the proceedings with interest.

“What’s Faith doing?” The blonde was joined in her observation by a red-head.

“Hey Wills. Faith’s teaching the mini-slayers that while they may be strong and tough, we’re stronger and tougher.”

“Discipline problems?” The new baby slayers had recently come into their powers and whilst it was true that they were stronger than before, EVERYONE at slayer school had super-strength. Fights were a regular occurrence and no-one wanted to listen to the two senior slayers.

“Yup. They may all be in the same boat strength-wise but they need to realise that slayer powers get stronger with age and that experience is a powerful weapon.”

Below the friends another girl had decided to try and take out the older slayer. The fight was short and the two onlookers winced in sympathy for the girl.

“How many’s that?” the red-head asked.

“That’s number fifteen. I really wish Faith wouldn’t goad them.” This was said with a sigh. Every time Faith defeated one of the mini-slayers she would stand there, hips cocked, eyebrow raised, finger crooked and demand that someone try to take her down.

“True. Remind me that we need to restock the med-bay. Wait did you say fifteen? I only see five beaten bodies down there.”

“Rest’ve already gone to medical.”

“Aah.” Willow understood, but something else was nagging at her brain. “Ummm, Wasn’t Kennedy supposed to be leading this class?”

“She was the first to challenge Faith. On a side note she was also the first to go to the med-bay.” Willow’s girlfriend really needed to learn to control herself. Also, respect and anger management.


A thin girl stood up from the group. She had dark spiky hair, wore ¾ length shorts, a t-shirt and a button-up shirt on top of that. She wore no shoes. A girl sitting next to her with red hair and half rim glasses tried to pull her back down but was shaken off.

“And you’d be?” The brunette was amused, they’d never learn.

“Arisawa Tatsuki, sensei.” The girl said with a small bow.

“A’ight Arisawa. Let’s see what ya got.”

The two girls got into fighting stances and began circling each other, sizing their opponent up. Faith’s patience broke first and she attacked, leading with a punch to the head, which was blocked, followed with a knee to the solar plexus, which was dodged.

Then, came a flurry of kicks and punches, mixed in with some knees, elbows and in one instance a head butt. Most were either successfully blocked or dodged. The few that did hit, didn’t seem to faze the girl much.

Faith backed off and looked at her opponent critically. “Not bad kid. Let’s see what ya can do attack-wise”. She then adopted a more defensive stance and let the girl come at her.

It was obvious to Buffy that the girl knew what she was doing. Not only had she successfully defended against Faith’s attack, but Faith seemed to be putting some effort into her own defence.

Once again the brunette backed off. “Pretty good. You’ve lasted longer than the others put together. You can defend, you can attack. Your strength control’s a little iffy, but all of you slayers in training got that problem, we’ll soon fix it. Now let’s mix it up a little huh?” With that Faith attacked once again.

Tatsuki defended against the first few blows, but responded when she saw an opening and took the offensive.

“Faith’s got the advantage in strength, speed, and reach, but that kid’s got some moves. Any idea who she is Wills?”

“Hmm, I think she’s a slayer from Japan, came in with a friend. Other than that, not a clue, I’d have to look her up. Her friend though, we’ve had some complaints about.”

“Japan eh? That explains it.”


“Yep, don’t all Japanese people start learning monkey-kung-fu when their like two?”

“I think you may watch too many martial arts films.”

“No such animal Will. What we doin?” The two women were joined by a dark haired man with an eye patch.

“Well, we WERE watching Faith teach a valuable lesson in respect to the SITs. Now we appear to be watching Faith getting her ass kicked by one of those SITs.” Willow told her oldest friend.

The trio winced as a particularly nasty blow got past Faith’s defences and landed on her face.

Xander snorted. “Faith teach a lesson in respect? Whose dumb idea was that?”

He was answered with shrugs.

“Think someone should step in before the mini-me’s are taught the opposite of the lesson we wanted to teach them?” Buffy asked.

“Probably yeah, but don’t look at me. I don’t have super strength, or speed, or healing, or depth perception and I don’t have my padding with me.” Xander held up his hand and began backing away. “And how do we stop the fight without looking like we’re stopping the fight to save face?”

“The coward has a point,” Buffy mused, then brightened, “but at least, Kennedy isn’t watching this!”

“True, but you know someone’s videoing it and it’ll be spread round the academy faster than that whiskey that was smuggled in a few weeks ago.”

“I’d forgotten about that. Faith deserves a beating for that stunt alone. But then Kennedy will be insufferable-er... more insufferable?” This was said with a small frown as the blonde tried to work it out. “Anyway, she’ll be much with the insufferableness.”

“It’s not Kenny’s fault that she’s competitive, it’s the way she was brought up.” Willow finally decided to defend her absent girlfriend.


The three friends looked down at the mats to see Faith lying flat on her back, nose bleeding. She blinked a few times trying to clear her head. Her opponent, instead of rushing to Faith’s aid, stayed away and maintained her stance.

“Smart kid, not falling for the ‘oh you’ve hurt me, come here and help me, ha, ha, I was faking, I kill you now’ act.” Xander had some experience with that act.

“Xan, I don’t think Faith’s acting.” Willow patted his arm.

“Alright kids, class’s over. Remember: superior speed and strength is all well and good but experience can win the battle.” Buffy dismissed the group, before leaping over the railing and landing on the floor below, to check on Faith.

Meanwhile Tatsuki’s friend ran up and hugged her. “Off! Off!”

The second girl was pushed away and pouted. “I only wanted to congratulate you. Besides you’re not my type!” Chizuru held out her hand, it was full of money. “Here’s your share of the winnings.”

“You bet on me?!” Tatsuki was shocked, but still took the offered money.

“Sure I did. You’re only the second strongest female fighter in Japan coz your arm got broken. If that hadn’t happened you’d have won for sure!”

“Your opponent broke your arm? Shouldn’t she have been disqualified or something? Or were you in one of those crazy, no rules cage fights?” The two girls were joined by the senior slayers, Faith’s arm wrapped around Buffy’s shoulders for support.

The younger slayers bowed before Tatsuki answered the blonde’s question, “Oh, no she didn’t break it. I got run over by a car early on in the competition. The organisers didn’t want me to continue, but I eventually convinced them to let me go on. I worked my way through to the final and it was pretty close but I lost. I was going to re-enter this year and set the record straight.”

The older girls looked slightly impressed. “Ya keep fighting even when facing bad odds. Good fer you kid.” Faith congratulated. The girl was going to pay dearly for this humiliation.

“You do know that you can’t re-enter, right? It’s too risky we could get found out.” Buffy hated destroying other’s dreams, unless they were evil and dreamed of world domination. Or puppy killing. Or making everyone wear lime green polyester.

“Yeah, I know. It wouldn’t be a fair fight. I wanted to win with my own strength, it’d be too easy now. Still, I can always become the strongest slayer!”

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "Tatsuki the Vampire Slayer: -01 Slayer Academy" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29 Mar 09.

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