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Why Fight It

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Summary: Not all worlds are in need of freeing from goa’uld tyranny by an outside force like the SGC.

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Stargate > GeneralDuchessFR1526850205,62329 Mar 0931 Mar 09Yes

Why Fight it

Author's note: This is for all of you who wanted more, but this is IT I tell ya! LOL

O’Neill protests, “But sir-,” then stops at the sound of complete exasperation from his CO.

General Hammond takes a deep breath and obviously counts to ten in his head before looking back up at his second in command, “Colonel, for the last time; I don’t care that you think it’s a great idea, we will NOT be putting a booby-trapped throne in the gateroom. Now you’re dismissed.”

When Jack starts to open his mouth again George snaps, “Dismissed!”

O’Neill salutes and leaves the room. Getting out into the hallway, Colonel Chekov falls into step with him.

“The expression on your face says the conversation did not go well,” the man states the obvious in his heavy accent. O’Neill’s sigh is his answer and he claps his American counterpart on the back, “My team liked the idea too. The young man that explained the concept to them made good arguments for such tactics. Perhaps one day we’ll get a chance to do something similar, eh?” He then turns the other way and walks off.

Jack stops, turns around and makes a face at being in agreement with the Russian on anything. Shaking his head, “Nah, I still say it was a great idea. Nasty, but sweet!” He smiles and walks on, hands in his pockets and whistling a jaunty tune.

Author's note 2: Jack's idea in this part was Tjin's original idea. I just reworked it a tad in the previous chapter.

The End

You have reached the end of "Why Fight It". This story is complete.

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