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Why Fight It

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Summary: Not all worlds are in need of freeing from goa’uld tyranny by an outside force like the SGC.

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Chapter One

Why Fight It?

Disclaimer: I don’t own the Stargate universe, any part of it, or any other character you might recognize. ;)

Summary: Not all worlds are in need of freeing from goa’uld tyranny by an outside force like the SGC.

The minor goa’uld System Lord was surprised at the subservience of his new slaves as he stepped through the Chappa’ai.

The fact that they had built him a small palace with a grand audience chamber, complete with a magnificent throne was quite pleasing. He was sure he could have a larger one built eventually, but this was acceptable for the short term.

Speaking to his newly made First Prime, “Finally, a welcome that befits my station. I’d thought to have to make an example of a few of my new slaves in order to get this type of obedience.”

The Jaffa spoke with his head bowed in obeisance, “Your magnificence precedes you, my Lord. None would dare to disobey.”

The goa’uld’s eyes flashed, “Yes.” He stepped up onto the dais then, turned with a swish of his robes and sat on the aforementioned magnificent throne.

Deep inside said throne, something clicked and released, triggering a response throughout the palace. The outer doors slammed shut and a colorless, odorless gas started to pour out of hidden openings in the wall and ceiling carvings.

On the throne, the goa’uld is suddenly blown apart by small, specifically placed incendiary charges aimed outward from the throne itself. The only harm to the jewel encrusted chair is spattered gore and some easily cleaned off blackening here and there.

By the next morning the palace is aired out and some of the villagers enter, making their way to the throne room and when they get there, they look quite pleased with the results. Or at least, one of them does.

The one eyed man laughs, “I’d like to see them put that mess into a sarcophagus and try to revive it!”

His companions just look at him warily, not quite sure what to make of that comment.

“What? Fine! Let’s clean this mess up and get the place ready for the next snake with delusions of grandeur.”

He grumbles as he starts dragging a gore covered Jaffa body out of the throne room, “Why can’t I end up in a dimension where somebody likes my sense of humor?”

The End

Author’s note: I must admit that my brother Tjin has had an undue influence on me and the “special” throne was actually his idea, but the rest was my own. You’ve got to admit he’s right, a goa’uld just cannot pass up the opportunity to sit on a throne. *snicker* I hope this at least made you smile. *g*

Oh and you can pretend the man that’s speaking is any one eyed, male character from any genre you like. I left it open to your imaginations. LOL
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