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Good job.

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This story is No. 5 in the series "Dawn's NCIS". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: This story takes place years after 'The beginning of Elizabeth Tali', but only about a year after the story that goes between them (which hasn't been posted yet). Elizabeth becomes a big sister.

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NCIS > Dawn-Centered(Past Donor)sevangelFR1313,4026278,65030 Mar 0930 Mar 09Yes
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Joss Whedon owns everything Angel/BtVS while Bellisario and co owns everything NCIS.

He wasn’t sure what woke him up, just knew that one second he was dead asleep and the next he was awake. He listened, eyes closed, but didn’t hear anything around him. His weapon was in the drawer beside the bed, locked to keep Elizabeth out. He wouldn’t need it though, the alarm on the house was insanely protective. Only Fort Knox was more protected.

Tony rolled over, arm reaching for Dawn only to come up empty. That was why he woke up. He sat up, blinking the sleep from his eyes as he glanced around their bedroom. The light in their bathroom was on, so Dawn wouldn’t trip over anything on one of her many trips to the bathroom but she wasn’t in there. Growing worried, he moved off their king size bed and padded quietly out of the room. A glance in the bedroom across from theirs showed a sleeping Elizabeth, her arms wrapped tightly around the Angel stuffed doll she slept with every night. He walked in and pulled the blanket back up to cover her shoulders, she always kicked it off, and bent to kiss her forehead. She didn’t so much as move a muscle; girl slept like the dead.

He left her room as quietly as he came and continued down the hall to the living room. The light beside the large couch was on and his wife was curled on the end of the couch, sitting up and dead asleep. He kneeled down beside her, brushing his knuckles over her cheek.

“Mmm, hey,” Dawn murmured sleepily. “Wake up?”

“Yeah, I was worried about you,” Tony said. “Why are you out here?”

“Heartburn,” Dawn said. “Doesn’t burn so much when I’m sitting up.”

Tony bit back a sigh, hating how miserable she looked. She had awful heartburn, to the point that they stocked up on Mylanta and even then, she still had heartburn bad enough to keep her up at night. Apparently, it was the curse of being pregnant.

“Go back to bed,” Dawn said.

“Scoot up,” Tony ordered, already reaching down to help move her forward on the couch. It took some maneuvering but managed to squeeze in behind her, letting her lean back on her chest, between the vee of his legs.

“Tony, you can’t be comfortable,” Dawn said.

“I’m fine,” Tony said.

“You can go back to bed, I’ll be fine by myself,” Dawn said. “You have to work tomorrow, you need sleep.”

“I’m fine,” Tony kissed her temple. “Beside, I can’t sleep without you anymore.”

Dawn sniffled, loudly.

“You’re not crying, are you?” Tony asked, eyes flying open in panic.

“No,” Dawn sniffled.

Tony kissed her temple again and drew her closer to his chest. “Go to sleep, honey.”

“Okay,” Dawn snuggled into is chest. “Love you.”

“Love you too.”


“DiNozzo, what the hell are you doing?” Gibbs barked.

“Trying to crack my neck,” Tony said. “It’s killing me.”

“Rough night?” McGee asked, a cheesy grin on his face.

“McGee, in case you forgot, he’s married to my daughter,” Gibbs warned.

“Oops, sorry boss,” McGee stammered out, the blush covering his face saying he forgot that fact for a second.

“To stop all questions, I slept on the couch last night,” Tony said. “And apparently my neck didn’t like it.”

Gibbs looked over his desk, eyebrow arched in question. “You do something to my daughter to make her put you on the couch?”

“No,” Tony shook his head. “She had some bad heartburn and needed to sleep sitting up. So we slept on the couch.”

“That was sweet of you,” Ziva frowned. “I did not realize you could be that sweet.”

“Only to me and Elizabeth,” Dawn walked, okay, waddled into the bullpen, hand resting on her eight month bulge.

“What’s wrong?” Tony was instantly on his feet, rounding his desk to grab her belly. He didn’t have to look behind him to know Gibbs was on his heels.

“Nothing, I’m fine,” Dawn said. “The doctor just called and changed my appointment to nine, which means I have to go now. Are you still coming with?”

Tony looked at Gibbs.

“Go,” Gibbs said. “You can meet us at the apartment later.”

“Thanks Gibbs,” Tony said, already moving to grab his bag from behind the desk.

“Morning, dad,” Dawn smiled.

“Morning, sweetheart,” Gibbs kissed her forehead, hand automatically reaching for her belly. “How’s my grandbaby doing?”

“Kicking like crazy,” Dawn said. “But with too insanely energized parents like me and Tony, how can we expect differently?”

Gibbs smiled and kissed her forehead again. “Call me if something’s wrong.”

“Will do, boss,” Tony said.

“Love you,” Gibbs said.

“Aww, boss, I love you too,” Tony said.

Gibbs smacked him on the back of the head.

Dawn giggled. “Love you too, daddy. I’ll see you later.”

“Come on, honey,” Tony said. “You’d think he wouldn’t hit his own son-in-law. Do you think that counts as domestic violence?”


“Nikki, can you do the translation on this for me, please?” Dawn held the folder out to the obsessive-compulsive agent, her other hand braced on the small of her back.

“Are you okay?” Nikki took the folder, a concerned expression on her face. “Do I need to call Tony?”

“No, I’m fine,” Dawn smiled. “Just a little tired and I need to talk to Tony about something so I was hoping you could handle this for me. Director Vance wants that done today and I don’t think I’ll get to it.”

“Yes,” Nikki smiled. “Thank you for trusting me with it.”

“You’re welcome,” Dawn said. “You’re a great translator, Nikki.”

“Director Vance put you in charge,” Nikki said.

“I’ve been doing this a bit longer and have more experience,” Dawn reminded her. “But trust me, he does notice you and the work that you do.”

Nikki smiled. “Are you sure I shouldn’t call Tony?”

“I’m on my way to find him myself,” Dawn said. “Thanks though, for asking.” She waved at the other translator as she walked away, or more actually, waddled away, her belly making her feel like she swallowed a watermelon. She wasn’t this big when she had Elizabeth, but then again, she was also eighteen at the time and didn’t go to full term. But thankfully, the cramping in her belly told her she wouldn’t be growing any bigger; she was in labor. But she didn’t want to freak out Nikki by telling her, instead deciding to find her husband on her own. Or her dad, one of the two. Or Angel. Hopefully, they weren’t out on a case at the moment or that the vampire wasn‘t out.

Five minutes later, she stood in front of her husband’s empty desk.

“Dawn, do you need Tony?” Bruce, an agent who sat on the other side of his desk asked.

“Is he out?” Dawn asked, one hand placed against her belly.

“Yes, I think they got a lead on their latest case,” Bruce said. “McGee’s with Abby, I think.”

“Okay,” Dawn said.

“Dawn, are you sure….”

“Bruce, I’m fine,” Dawn cut him off. “I just need to talk to him.” She smiled at the agent and then waddled back to the elevator, waiting until she was inside before gripping her stomach. Yeah, her contractions were a little closer together than she thought. She found McGee in Abby’s lab, the former couple staring a computer screen, a cup of coffee McGee’s right and a Calfpow at Abby’s left. “Hey, guys.”

“Dawn, are you okay?” McGee turned to face her.

“Yeah, I just want to talk to Tony,” Dawn said. “Or my dad. Or Angel. When are they coming back?”

“They’re in the middle of doing something but I can interrupt them if you need them,” McGee said.

“Angel’s out doing something, he’ll be back later,” Abby added.

“A break in the case?” Dawn asked.

“Yeah, a big one but if….”

“It can wait until they’re done,” Dawn said. Hopefully, Dawn added mentally. “Can I hang out here?”

“I’m not running any lab work at the moment so you should be fine,” Abby said. “McGee, go get the chair out of my office.”

Dawn let McGee help her settle into the chair, wincing at the pain shooting through her belly. Yeah, she might be cutting it close. Hopefully, her husband and father worked fast.

An hour later she was in intense pain, her contractions only minutes apart. She was going to have to say something.

“Ziva, we got everything,” McGee said. “Should be enough.”

“Are they done?” Dawn asked.

“Yeah, they’re heading back in,” McGee replied.

“K,” Dawn said. “Can you just tell them to go to the hospital instead, I’m in labor.”

McGee’s look made her giggle and then gasp, hand pressed against her belly. “Um, now please. And ask Ziva if she can pick up Liz from pre-school and bring her to the hospital.”

“McGee, talk,” Abby poked him. “This isn’t the time to freeze.”

“Um, Ziva, can I talk to Tony?”


“Damn it,” Tony slammed his cell phone shut, hand pushing through his hair in frustrated motions.

“What?” Gibbs asked. “DiNozzo, what’s wrong?”

“Dawn didn’t answer,” Tony said. “She had some heartburn this morning and I wanted to check up on her.”

“She’s probably in the bathroom,” Gibbs said. “She spends more time in there than at her desk. Try her again in five minutes and if she doesn’t answer, call McGee to go check on her.”

“Yeah, okay, boss,” Tony agreed. “I just worry about her.”

“Me too, Tony,” Gibbs said. “Girl scares the crap out of me sometimes.”

“Tony!” Ziva’s yell cut off his response, the Mossad officer running toward them. “McGee needs to talk to you.”

“Okay,” Tony frowned. “Something wrong?”

“I do not know,” Ziva said. “But he sounds panicked.”

Tony grabbed the phone from her. “What’s going on, Probie.”

“Dawn’s in labor,” McGee said. “What do I do, I don’t know what to do, Tony.”

“Dawn’s in labor?” Tony shouted into the phone. “How long?”

“I don’t know, she came down to Abby’s lab about an hour ago, looking for you, but she wouldn’t let me call you, said it wasn’t a big deal….”

“McGee, is my daughter in labor?” Gibbs took the phone from him.

“Boss, I asked if she was okay, she didn’t say….”

“Call Vance, have him drive her to the hospital, you sound too jumpy to do it yourself,” Gibbs ordered. “Ride with them, her bag is by Tony’s desk. We’ll meet you there.” “Yes, I’ll tell her.”

“Boss, what do I do?” Tony asked. “I don’t know what to do.”

“First off, take a deep breath, I’m not carrying my son-in-law into the hospital,” Gibbs said. “Ziva, take the van into headquarters and then pick up Elizabeth and bring her to the hospital.”

“On it, Gibbs,” Ziva grabbed her phone from him and jogged back to the van.

“Smith, ride back with Ziva, we’re taking the car,” Gibbs ordered one of the other on-sight agents.


“We’re taking the car,” Gibbs grabbed the keys out of his hands. “Come on DiNozzo, we got a twenty minute drive.”

“The hospital is forty minutes away,” Tony said.

“Not the way I drive.”


“The baby room still isn’t painted,” Tony said. “I have to finish getting the crib together. It’s too soon, we’re supposed to get three more weeks.”

“I thought you finished the room two days ago, when Lizzie stayed with me,” Gibbs glanced over at him.

“Well, yeah, I started but Dawn….damn it Gibbs, she’s your daughter and she’s all distracting with the…..”

“If you’re about to mention my daughter and sex in the same sentence, I would rethink it,” Gibbs advised.

“Um, she’s just distracting,” Tony said. “And I didn’t get finished.”

“I’ll get the team and we’ll go over and finish it,” Gibbs said.

“Thanks, boss,” Tony said.

“No problem, Tony. Can’t have my new grandbaby sleeping in a drawer.”

“I’m going to have two daughters,” Tony said. “Two, Gibbs. And with my relationship history……Liz’ll be five in three months. Then years from then, she’ll be fifteen, talking about boys and wanting to date. What the hell am I supposed to do then?”

“Don’t let them date,” Gibbs said. “Ever. Hell, if I’d raised Dawn, she would have never even met Ari let alone slept with him.”

“Then we wouldn’t have Liz,” Tony said. “And while Ari might have been a crazy bastard, I love the hell out of that girl.”

“Yeah,” Gibbs said. “She is one beautiful girl.”

Tony tapped his fingertips on the dash. “Think we could talk Angel into finding some type of magical bubble thing to keep boys from coming near them.”

Gibbs laughed. “Already asked, he said Dawn would figure it out and kick all our asses.”

“Damn it,” Tony frowned.

“Tony, we have ten years to figure out how to deal with this,” Gibbs reminded him.

“Yeah,” Tony agreed. “But the first little punk ass that breaks her heart, you’re helping me dig the hole.”

“Already got the shovels, Tony.”


Tony ran through the halls of the hospital, passing nurses and doctors that he knew but paying them no mind. Then, as he neared the check-in desk, he almost ran into a doctor that he knew, very well.


“Oh, hey, Jeanne,” Tony stopped, staring at her for a second. Then he turned to the nurse behind the desk. “Dawn DiNozzo, where is she?”

“Tony, down here,” McGee shouted, the younger agent waving his arms.

“Never mind,” Tony said. “It was good to see you, Jeanne.” He jogged toward McGee.

“Tony’s married?” Jeanne whispered.

“Yeah,” Gibbs replied. “To my daughter.”

Tony didn’t hear his ex’s response, too busy pushing past McGee to run into the room. “Dawn?”

“Hey,” Dawn smiled at him, her face pale and sweaty. “Glad you could make it.”

“Why the heck didn’t you tell McGee to call?” Tony moved next to her, bending to press a kiss to her forehead. “How long have you been in labor?”

“For about five hours,” Dawn said.

“What?” Gibbs exploded from the doorway. “Damn it, Dawn, why didn’t you call?”

“I wasn’t ready to go yet, so all that would have happened would be you two circling me all worried like and frankly, that would have drove me nuts,” Dawn said. “This way, you’re hear for the main act but missed the first two acts.”

“How close….”

Her doctor walked in, smiling at the group. “Well, Mrs. DiNozzo, are you ready?”

“Yep,” Dawn nodded.

“What, ready?” Tony gasped. “Now?”

“Yes, now, your wife is ten centimeters dilated,” the doctor said. “We are ready to deliver this baby.”


“Hi there, beautiful,” Tony murmured, his newborn daughter cradled in his arms. “Welcome to the world, Shana Joy DiNozzo.” Then he looked up at Dawn. “She is perfect.”

“Yes, she is,” Dawn agreed. “And you look pretty perfect holding her.”

“Yeah,” Tony brushed a gentle finger down her forehead. “So, when are we having another one?”

“Have plans for a big family?” Dawn smiled.

“Yeah,” Tony said. “I hated being an only child. Plus we have that nice five bedroom house, no reason not to fill them all.”

“Works for me,” Dawn shifted on the bed, unclasping the front of her gown. “Gotta hand her over, Ton, time to eat.”

Tony stood up and carefully handed the newborn over, watching in rapt fascination as Dawn put the baby against her now bared breast.

“You’re staring,” Dawn said softly.

“Yeah,” Tony agreed, long frame sprawled back in the chair much too small for him.

“With that smirk,” Dawn said. “I know what it means, Anthony Michael DiNozzo.”

“Yeah,” Tony agreed, his eyes tracing down her face to her chest.

“Tony, I am breastfeeding your newborn daughter,” Dawn said. “Really not the time for the lustful look.”

“Can’t help it,” Tony smirked. “God, your breasts are huge.”

“Better not get used to it,” Dawn said. “They’ll be gone before you know it.”

“But I’ll enjoy them while they’re here,” Tony said.

“Not for six weeks, at least,” Dawn reminded him.

“Don’t ruin my happy breast moment,” Tony said.

Dawn laughed, switching her nursing child to the other side.

“Did you nurse Liz?” Tony asked.

“Yes,” Dawn nodded. “Both breast milk and formula. My breasts weren’t this big with Liz.”

“Hmm,” Tony glanced at the door. “When did Ziva say she’d bring her in?”

“She’ll be here soon,” Dawn said. “You really do have the overprotective dad thing down to a tee, don’t you? God forbid when they start dating.”

“No dating,” Tony shook his head. “Never going to happen.”

Dawn hid a smile, briefly giving thought to what would be in store for her in oh, about ten years, when Liz really started to notice boys. Between Tony and her dad, her girls were never going to date. A soft knock on the door had Tony tensing and automatically reaching for his gun. A gun that wasn’t there. Then the door opened and Elizabeth ran through, the five year old running straight to Tony.

“Hey, there, princess,” Tony pulled Elizabeth onto his lap. “Did you have fun with your aunt Ziva?”

“Uh huh,” Elizabeth nodded. “We boughted the baby a bear.”

“You did, huh?” Tony kissed her forehead and glanced up beside him. “Hey, Ziv.”

“Tony,” Ziva nodded. “Dawn, you are looking….”

“Busty,” Tony supplied. “You can say it, my wife is busty.”

“What’s busty, daddy?” Elizabeth asked.

Dawn laughed at the look on Tony’s face. She knew who’d be giving the sex speech when the kids got older and it wouldn‘t be her husband. “Nothing, baby, daddy’s just being too adult.”

“Eww, you going to kiss now?” Elizabeth wrinkled her nose, disgusted.

“Maybe,” Tony turned her over and blew raspberries on her belly, laughing at her loud giggles. “Or maybe I just want to kiss my princess.”

“Stop daddy, I can’t breathe,” Elizabeth squealed.

Tony straightened her up, resting his chin on the top of her head. “So, we keeping the baby?”

“I don’t know, daddy,” Elizabeth whispered. “She’s really yours.”

“Hey, don’t you ever say that,” Tony lifted her up, turning her to face him. “You are my princess, just like your mom is your papaw’s princess. That will never change. If you don’t want the baby to come home with us then we’ll just leave her here.”

“That’s silly, daddy,” Elizabeth frowned. “Shana has to come home with us, she’s ours. Plus I get to be a big sister like aunt Buffy and she said being a big sister is the best.”

“And you will be the best big sister, ever,” Tony said.

“Just like you’re the best daddy,” Elizabeth said. “Cuz you love us lots.”

Tony kissed her forehead again, looking over her head to Dawn.

‘I love you,’ Dawn mouthed.

‘I love you,’ Tony mouthed back.

“How are my best girls doing?”

“Papaw!” Elizabeth squealed, launching herself off Tony’s lap and into Gibbs’ arms.

“Hey there, pumpkin,” Gibbs propped the girl on his hip. “How’s the baby doing?”

“I don’t know, papaw, she’s all red,” Elizabeth frowned.

“All new babies are, sweetheart, she‘ll grow past that,” Gibbs said, leaning down to kiss Dawn on the forehead. “How are you feeling, princess?”

“Fine, dad,” Dawn replied. “Tired.”

“And busty,” Elizabeth added. “That’s what daddy said but I don’t know what it means.”

Gibbs reached behind him and smacked Tony on the back of the head.

“Sorry, boss,” Tony said.

“Papaw, you silly,” Elizabeth said, arms wrapping around him, her head resting on his shoulder. “Can we go home now daddy, Shana gots to see the house.”

“Not for a day or two, princess,” Tony said. “Your mom and Shana have to stay the night, I‘m staying with them.”

“Do I gots to stay too?” Elizabeth asked. “It smells funny in here.”

“No,” Gibbs laughed. “You get to stay with me tonight.”

“Yah!” Elizabeth squealed loudly. “I get to stay with papaw again, daddy.”

“I heard,” Tony said. “Do I get a hug before you go?”


Gibbs handed the girl over, averting his eyes from Dawn, whom was done breast feeding.

“Dad, you want to hold her?” Dawn asked.

“Yes,” Gibbs took the newborn from her, cradling her gently against his chest. And just like with Elizabeth, she instantly had his heart. She was perfect. “DiNozzo?”

“Yeah boss?”

“You did good.”


The End

You have reached the end of "Good job.". This story is complete.

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