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No Matter What You Do

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Summary: The Winchesters have a whole new world opened up to them that they never considered could exist. There will be pairings, not sure who with who.

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Supernatural > Multiple PairingsSariLaneFR18714,25602811,16831 Mar 0924 Apr 10No

Good Witch? Bad Witch? False Impressions...

A/N: I started this story a while ago. With all the crossovers I've been working on I've decided to work on this one as well, between my series, and the others. sorry. Hope you like it.
**It does not follow canon. I have not chosen my pairings yet. I do take suggestions, but no promises.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


"Giles!" Buffy was astonished to see her mentor. He hadn’t told her he was coming back to join them. What did this mean? "You didn’t tell us you were coming!" The blonde disengaged her enthusiastic sister, who then moved on to hug Faith. Buffy hugged Giles. It felt like ages since she’d seen the man she’d always thought of as a father.

"It was a spontaneous decision," he told her as he hugged her back. "I see you’ve met the Winchester brothers?"

Sam was helping Dean to stand. Dean couldn’t believe the little girl in front of him, a girl he was almost a foot taller than, had knocked him on his ass. "Are you okay?" Sam asked him.

"Fine," he grunted and worked on breathing through his bruised ribs. "We heard noises and went to investigate..."

"What happened?" Willow seemed worried.

"Sweetie," Kennedy began as an idea entered her head. "Did you tell the guys that you warded the doors so none of the bad guys could get in?"

Realization sunk in and Willow winced. "No. Oh my goodness, I completely forgot!"

"Warded the doors?" Dean murmured.

"Yeah, we ward the doors so that we can go in and out, and our people can, but if something, or someone were to attack, they couldn’t get through with out setting off major alarms," she explained. "That was my bad completely."

Bobby Singer had started chuckling. Giles looked over at the man. "Buffy, Faith, this is Bobby Singer. He’s been a hunter for a very long time. He’s the one who introduced us to the Winchesters. Gentlemen, this is Buffy Summers," he motioned to the blonde, "and Faith Lehane," He added pointing to the brunette. "They’re both Slayers."

"Yeah, about that, could someone explain what exactly a Slayer is?" Sam finally asked.

"Certainly, seeing as we all seem to be awake, why don’t we adjourn to the kitchen and we’ll talk for a while," Giles said ever so calmly. "Would anyone like a cup of tea?"

It didn’t take long for everyone to find a seat. Kennedy had found the two bags of groceries Faith had been bringing in and set about putting them away. Giles cleared his throat, "A Slayer is, and has always been, a young female who is given powers and abilities originating from the heart of a pure demon. It gives her superhuman senses; strength, agility, speed, endurance, accelerated healing. She is also bestowed with prophetic dreams. All of these abilities are given to the girl so that she is aided in the fight against forces of evil."

"There’s always been a Slayer line. One slayer passes the abilities down. Only one slayer lives at a time," Buffy added.

"Then how are there two," Sam began and then looked at Kennedy, "wait, three of you?"

"Simple really." Buffy gave him a half smile. "I died. The first time I died it was only for a minute, but another was called. Kendra found us. She died, and when she died Faith was called."

"There are more than three," Willow blurted out. "Last year I came up with a spell to call all potential slayers to Sunnydale. The First was coming, and we had to have an army. They came, or any many that lived to make it came, and during the battle I cast a spell to imbue all of the potentials with the gifts of the slayer line."

"So, you're telling me there are a bunch of women running around out there with these...abilities?" Dean asked.

"That's pretty much what they're saying Swift. Although not as many as there were before the fight." Faith smirked from where she leaned against the kitchen island. "But none as old as me or B. I guess you could say we're the old ladies of the bunch."

"What do you mean?" Sam asked curiously.

Buffy shrugged. "Most slayers don't have a long life. When you hunt like we do; fight as many evil guys as we do, eventually something gets you."

"Most of the potentials that came to help against the First died that day at the hell-mouth," Faith added.

"So, besides this slayer thing, what else is different?" Dean asked looking at Giles. "When we told you earlier that most groups wouldn't hunt with us you said yall weren't like other hunters."

"I said that because you thought no one would hunt with you because you opened the gates of hell and let evil out," Giles told the man. "That's mostly because they see you as the cause of a great problem. We don't."

"Why?" Dean was blunt.


"No Sammy, you know that everyone else treats us like lepers, why are these people so different?"

"Gee, and you'd think the boy would just be happy to have some help," Faith sniped.

"First off sweetheart, I'm not a boy I’m a man. Secondly, sure we're glad to have help, but we also want an explanation."

"Fair enough," Buffy interrupted to two before Faith could respond. "I guess we don't blame you for letting the demons loose. Not one of us can cast a stone at you for it. We've all screwed up and in doing so we've screwed up the way the world worked."

"So, you know our big bad blunder, how about yours?" Dean challenged.

Buffy met his eyes. "I'm sure there are a lot more blunders in your world than just that one."

"I'll start," Willow broke in nervously.

"Will..." Xander began protectively.

"No Xander, we want them to trust us, and if they're going to trust us then we need to be honest," Willow was straightforward. Kennedy had moved until she stood behind the redhead. "I almost ended the world."

The words were simple. "What?" Sam was almost speechless. Sure the woman had frozen them in place, but she seemed far too sweet, and dare he think, dizzy, to almost end the world. It did make some of her comments seem less odd though.

“I’d been dating this guy, Oz, for a while. He got bit by a werewolf. Stuff happened and he couldn’t handle it so he left. I was crushed…then I met Tara. She was…so special.” Willow’s face had turned both dreamy and sad. “I fell in love. She also practiced witchcraft. She was one of the gang. Three guys we went to high school with decided they wanted to play super-villain, and they began to build strange high tech gadgets. They called themselves the Trio. Buffy beat them back every time. Tara and I had our problems. We broke up because I did some really stupid things.” Tears had begun to leak from Willow’s eyes down her cheeks. “We got back together, and it was amazing. I thought we’d be together forever. Warren, one of the Trio, lost his mind. Couldn’t take losing to Buffy anymore. He came to Buffy’s house to shoot her. Instead the gun went off killing Tara…I lost control. I did some really horrible things.” Now Willow sobbed openly and Kennedy wrapped her arms around the redhead tightly. “Oh Goddess the things I did…”

"Will couldn't handle it," Xander offered. "So much anger, pain, hate...she let it consume her, and she almost destroyed the world with it."

"You talked me down Xan. My bestest friend."

"Always Wills, always."

“I went to England for a while after that to study with some Wiccans. Tried to get rid of the dark influences.” Willow wiped the tears from her face.

"Look, I know you want everyone's story, and we want to hear yours, but Faith and I are tired. We were in DC yesterday killing demons. All I want to do is take a shower and go to bed," Buffy murmured tiredly. "I say we call it a night and start again tomorrow."

"Sounds smart," Sam agreed.

Everyone started to stand up and leave the room. "Hey Swift," Faith called out and Dean turned to glower at her. She tossed something and he automatically reached up and caught what turned out to be an ice pack. "Might need that." She smirked.

When Sam awoke it was just past seven in the morning. The sun was starting to shine, and he could feel the slight chill emanating from the window. Not too cold seeing as it was South Carolina, but not hot either. He dressed quickly and took a look outside of the window to see if anything was happening. He could faintly hear sounds of combat coming from the barn where Willow had said training facilities were set up.

Sam took the stairs two at a time and headed for the kitchen. He could smell bacon frying and it made his stomach grumble. Upon entering the kitchen he found Xander at the table eating and reading a newspaper. Dawn stood over at the stove cooking. "Good morning," he murmured.

Dawn smiled brightly. "Hi Sam, how'd you sleep?"


"Would you like some pancakes and bacon?" she asked.

"Oh, you don't have to go to any trouble..."

She interrupted, "No trouble at all. I enjoy cooking, and it would only take a few minutes."

"If you're sure...that would be great." Sam sat down at the table and Xander pushed some of the paper towards him. "Thanks." Then he turned and looked at Dawn. "If you don't mind my asking Dawn, what do you do about school?"

Dawn was already moving to put a plate in front of him. "I take correspondence courses on line."

"You can do that with high school?" he asked with some confusion.

Xander snorted and Dawn's eyes narrowed. "I'm going to be twenty next month Sam. I'm done with high school."

Sam looked at the girl blankly for a moment, "Oh! I'm sorry. You just look so young."

Xander was still snickering and Dawn smacked him across the back of the head. "I get it all the time. Don't worry about it," she murmured.

Feeling uncomfortable now, Sam began to eat in earnest. "So, ah, what's everyone up to today?"
Obviously deciding to forgive him for his unintentional blunder Dawn smiled again. "Well, Faith is still snoozing, Willow is on an overseas call with someone from the England coven, and Giles and Mr. Singer are out in the barn watching Buffy and Kennedy spar," she informed him. "I figured I'd clean up in here. Get Faith and Dean some breakfast if they wake up in time, and then I have some more research I need to do for the Globe of Exorcism that Willow and I are working on."

"Globe of Exorcism?"

"Yeah, that's what we're calling them right now; unless we can come up with something cooler."

Sam met Xander's gaze. The other man just shrugged. "I don't do the whole magic thing," he informed the youngest Winchester brother. "I fix things, and can look through a book for stuff on occasion."

Sam smiled. He finished his food and before he could move to take his dishes to the sink Dawn was swooping in to grab it. "Go on now, why don't you go check out the sparring?" the girl told him.

Deciding to do just that Sam stood and headed out to the barn.

Buffy and Kennedy circled each other in the large area that had been set up for sparring. While Buffy moved with confidence and an air of non-concern, Kennedy moved warily keeping both eyes on her opponent. Giles and Bobby were leaning on a railing that enclosed the circle. Sam joined them but didn’t make a sound.

“Come on Kennedy. You’re brilliant with a sword, brilliant with ranged weapons, but when comes to hand to hand, you fight like a girl,” Buffy taunted.

“I am a girl,” the brunette snapped back.

“No, you’re more than a girl,” Buffy’s tone was harsh; “you’re a Slayer!” Kennedy swung a fist, but Buffy was fast and she ducked it easily. “I read that coming a mile away little girl. Come on. Pick up your game! You’re one of the best. If something happens to me and Faith it’s up to you.”

“Nothing’s going to happen to either of you,” Kennedy panted. “You’re both too mean to die.” She launched a spinning kick at Buffy’s midsection, but again the blonde moved; this time dropping into a low kick which hit Kennedy in the calves and tripped the younger girl.

Kennedy rolled with the fall and lashed out with her left forearm almost catching Buffy in the lower back. The hit lacked power and Buffy spun knocking the arm away. Kennedy was already up on her feet and springing at the other girl. She managed to wrap her right arm around Buffy’s neck getting the shorter girl in a chokehold. Buffy pushed forward flinging Kennedy over her head and onto the ground. The brunette hit the ground with an “oof” as the air was knocked out of her.

Sam could barely follow the movements as Buffy continued her forward movement flipping over the other girl. Suddenly Buffy was straddling Kennedy with a stake to the other girl’s throat.

Buffy grinned at the other girl who looked slightly embarrassed. The blonde stood gracefully and helped Kennedy to her feet. “You’re getting better.”

“I still ended up on my ass.”

“Yeah, but how many years do I have on you?” Buffy was matter of fact. “And honestly I didn’t see the chokehold coming.”

“Really?” Now Kennedy seemed pleased.


“That was amazing,” Sam told the two girls as they drew closer. “You are both really good.”

“Want to give it a whirl?” Buffy asked the tall man.

“Um…sure?” Sam felt sort of uncomfortable at the thought of throwing the petite girl around. He was over a foot taller than she was.

“Come on in,” she invited with a half smile. Buffy could practically read the man’s thoughts. He was scared of hurting little old her. How cute. “Take a few minutes to stretch out.”

Sam ducked under the railing and took off his jacket leaving him in jeans, boots, and a sweatshirt. Buffy wore spandex leggings, tennis shoes, and a black sports bra. He did as she suggested and stretched for a bit. In that time Faith and Dean had made their way to the railing to watch. Dean was shaking his head.

“That’s not exactly fair Sammy,” Dean chided. His brother was a lot bigger than Buffy.

“Don’t worry,” Faith’s tone was smug, “B won’t hurt him too bad.”

Dean looked at the cocky Slayer with his own smirk. “I was worried about your friend, not my brother.”

“Aw, that’s sweet,” she told him and then turned her attention to the two combatants.

This time there was no verbal sparring between the two in the middle of the ring. Buffy took mental notes on how the youngest Winchester brother moved and his different mannerisms. He telegraphed his first move and as he rushed her she slammed out her arm effectively clothes lining him. Sam wasn’t expecting the hit, or the force of the impact and he went flying backwards and down hitting the hard ground heavily.

For a moment he was dazed and he could only lay there staring at the ceiling of the barn.

“Sammy!” Dean shouted and moved over to his still brother. “You okay?”

“She’s got quite the hit,” Sam murmured.

“Yeah, you ain’t kidding.” Dean smiled in relief.

Buffy and Faith had come over and were leaning down looking at the two men. Buffy was frowning and concerned. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, I was just not expecting you to be so….strong,” he mumbled.

“I’m so sorry; I thought I was pulling my punch enough.” She kept looking between the brothers.
Sam sat up with Dean’s help. “That was your pulled punch?”

“Hello? Slayer…I’m really strong…remember?”

“Right…right, guess I didn’t expect it to be that strong.”

“I think perhaps this would be a good time to take a short break?” Giles broke into the conversation.

Faith pulled Sam to his feet. “Come on big guy, let’s go walk it off and get you a drink or something.”

Sam, still a bit dazed, let the brunette lead him away.

“I’m so sorry,” Buffy apologized to Dean.

Dean was chuckling. “Hey, I felt it last night, only fair Sammy gets some too.”

Buffy smiled up at the man. “Sounds like an older sibling speaking.”

The group had begun to walk back to the house. “Yeah, I wouldn’t want anything seriously bad to happen to him. He’s all I got, but a little knock around won’t kill him.”

“I know what you mean there…Sorry about our meeting last night. That got out of hand real quick and could’ve gotten ugly.”

“This is all so new to us.”

“The witchcraft thing?” she asked and he nodded in response. “Yeah, it’s new to most people. But it sure does help. Willow’s bailed our asses out of trouble more than once or twice.” They reached the door and found everyone had moved in to sit at the large round dining table. “Looks like it’s story time again,” she sighed quietly.
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