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No Matter What You Do

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Summary: The Winchesters have a whole new world opened up to them that they never considered could exist. There will be pairings, not sure who with who.

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Supernatural > Multiple PairingsSariLaneFR18714,25602811,17331 Mar 0924 Apr 10No

Brothers, Witches, and Kitchen Doors.

A/N: I started this story a while ago. With all the crossovers I've been working on I've decided to work on this one as well, between my series, and the others. sorry. Hope you like it.
**It does not follow canon. I have not chosen my pairings yet. I do take suggestions, but no promises.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


The cemetery was cold. She almost laughed as the thought hit her. was late October in Detroit, Michigan, of course it was cold. Add to that the fact that cemeteries always gave people the creepy-crawlies...and she was definitely not the exclusion to that rule no matter what her lot in life was. She sighed heavily and kicked a loose rock across the ground. Then she frowned. She hoped she hadn't scuffed her boot. They were a brand new pair of french-vanilla leather ankle boots, with the cutest little heel. Maybe she shouldn't have worn them out to patrol.

"God damned it's cold. How much longer we gotta stay out here B?" Faith blew out an exasperated breath, and looked at her companion who seemed lost in thought. So far they'd come across nothing to dust and it was starting to piss the brunette slayer off. She wanted to kill something...well, something evil. Faith pulled the coat closer around her body. "B?"

Buffy looked over at Faith and smiled slightly. "I don't think anything is coming out tonight. The two we staked yesterday seem to be the only vamps in town. I expected more really."

Faith nodded. They'd gacked two extremely tough baddies the night before and she still had the bruised ribs to prove it. Even with her accelerated healing. "Where we heading next?"

"Don't know. Gotta check in with Giles," the petite blonde replied and the two girls started the trek back to the hotel the two had holed up in. "Hoping we get to go home for awhile." Again Faith nodded. She too wanted to go back to the home they'd settled into.

It had been a year since Sunnydale had been destroyed. Six months since what was left of the baby slayers had been dispersed throughout the world to fight what evil remained. It was back to the core group really; Buffy, Faith, Dawn, Xander, and Willow. Of course Kennedy had stayed with Willow, but she was part of the gang now. Giles had gone back to England to rebuild the Watchers, but they kept in close contact with him daily. Giles had been the one to notify them when the Big Bad had happened four months before. Hell had literally broken loose because of some hunters; the Winchester Brothers. Apparently the vampires had decided this was a sign that they could have free reign. So far Buffy, Faith, and the rest of the Scoobies had been dealing with the influx of activity from both vamps and demons.

Sam had been awfully quiet since they'd left Des Moines. Dean hadn't wanted to pester the guy too much. The blonde girl had shown up three times in the past three weeks, and Sam had told him only that she said she wanted to help. What really irked Dean was the fact that the girl was a demon. Sure, Sammy said he didn't trust the girl, but could Dean count on that? Dean tried to shrug it off. Hell, the girl had helped Bobby fix the colt. In all reality, all Dean really wanted to do was kick some demon ass and in his down time get the most out of the last year of his life. Sam's phone came to life with some obscure ring tone, and the dark haired man answered it quickly.


Dean frowned. He hadn't expected to hear from the older man for a while. Dean wondered what news he was giving to Sam. Only being able to hear his brother's side of the conversation was starting to annoy him. "What's he saying?" he asked as he pulled the Impala over to the side of the road and stared at his brother expectantly.

Sam waved a hand at him in annoyance. "Really? I've never heard of anything like that..."

"Well, what's he saying?"

"I thought that was a natural disaster."

"Dude, what's he saying?" Dean snapped.

"Okay Bobby, if you're sure it'll work out We'll meet you there." Sam hit the end button and looked over at Dean. "Bobby says he found out from someone very reliable that there's something big happening in Newburg Tennessee. We're supposed to meet him and some others in Whisper South Carolina and then we'll move to Tennessee from there."

"Other hunters want to work with us? That's different... South Carolina huh?" Dean mused, then grinned. "You know how much I like those southern girls."

Sam just shook his head. "Bobby said that this group we're going to be meeting up with has experience with a hell-mouth."

"What's a hell-mouth?"

"It's like a big hole that's constantly open for bad stuff to come through. Not one big burst like we did, but a constant leak."

"Where the hell was that?"

"Sunnydale California."

Dean's mouth gaped open. "I remember hearing about that town. A year ago. It was wiped out by an earthquake... or a sinkhole or something."

"Yeah, I remembered too, but Bobby said it wasn't an earthquake or sinkhole, it was this group closing the hell-mouth."

Dean smirked. "Gee, it almost sounds as if they're as destructive as we are."

"We? You mean you."

"Oh, come on now Sammy, you were with me every time." Dean grinned widely and pulled back onto the road doing a U-turn. "Plot the course little brother. We're going to South Carolina."

The black Impala pulled up the dirt drive and parked in the open area in front of the big red farmhouse. There were several other cars parked in the general vicinity, and the Winchesters instantly spotted Bobby's car. "Looks like we found the right place," Dean murmured.

"This truly is the middle of nowhere." Sam looked around the place where they were to meet this group of hunters Bobby thought so highly of. "It looks deserted."

Dean quirked an eyebrow at his brother. "Let's go check it out."

The house was a large two story. It looked as though at one point it was perhaps a plantation house. There was a porch that made its way around the entire house. White shutters framed every window.

The two men got out of the car and tucked their guns into the back waistband of their jeans. They approached the front screen door cautiously. Sam was right, it was extremely quiet. Sam rapped his knuckles on the frame of the door. "knock knock," he called out. There was no answer, but now the guys could hear a television running faintly in the background. Dean opened the door and stepped inside.

"Maybe we should wait for someone to show up before just walking in." About ten feet inside the entrance was a staircase heading up. An open doorway was directly to their right. Sam felt a sinking in his gut.

"Come on Sammy, we don't know what's happened. What if something bad happened and we're needed to ride to the rescue?" Dean pulled out his gun. As soon as he pulled it in front of his body a redhead who seemed to be the same age group as the brothers appeared at the top of the stairs.

She pushed out her hand and yelled, "Freeze!" before the brothers could do anything but widen their eyes in shock.

The two men locked up immediately. "Sammy?" Dean grunted.

"I can't move," Sam said between clenched teeth.

"What the hell just happened?" Dean was close to freaking out.

The redhead looked smug and she headed downstairs. She was an attractive girl with a wide smile. A teenage girl with long brown hair and big blue eyes came around the corner from the men's right. "Way to go Wills," she told the redhead with a grin. "I honestly didn't think it would work."

"Dawn, you should have more faith in me. Faith, get it? I mean, hello? End of the world girl here." Now the redhead was grinning, and the teenager was snickering. Then the redhead turned a frown on the guys. "You big bad nasties come into our house thinking you can put a cap in us..."

The girl, Dawn, tilted her head. "Have you been watching The Sopranos again?"

"Maybe," the word was drawn out as the redhead sighed. "But hey, they do have guns. Ergo they would be able to bust a cap in something or someone, namely us."

"Big bad nasties?" Dean asked.

"Put a cap in you?" Sam was just as confused as his brother.

"Hey, who ate all the Cocoa Krispies?" Now another brunette came around the corner past the stairs and to the left. This one was older than the teen, but still younger than the two men and the redhead. "Will, Sweetie, what did you do?" she asked as she stared blankly at the two men, the empty cereal box now forgotten.

"I captured bad guys."

"What if they're the guys Mr. Singer was waiting for?"

"Oh thank god..." Dean started but the redhead raised a finger and he fell silent. He tried to speak but nothing came out.

"They're carrying weapons," Willow said as if that explained everything. "It's not like I hung them upside down or anything."

"And they're total hotties," Dawn interjected. "I mean if they were hunters they'd be all scarred up and grizzled right? Of course slayers aren't but then they don't technically count as hunters right? OR would they be counted as the top hunters? the elite of all hunterdom?"

"Maybe they're Jehovah's Witnesses?" the third girl offered as the teen rambled.

"Oh Goddess, I hope not." This thought seemed to alarm Willow. She hurried down the stairs and looked at the two men who were frozen in place. "You're not are you? I mean, I don't have anything against you guys or anything...hey, I'm all about the whole freedom of religion thing...we just don't need the literature, and we really don't have the time to sit down and chat...It must really be dangerous out here if you guys have to carry weapons..."

"No. We're here to see Bobby," Sam managed.

The redhead smiled a relieved smile. "Oh, well why didn't you say so?" She snapped her fingers, and both men dropped to the ground unexpectedly as they became free.

They stood up cautiously and stared warily at the three girls. Dean grimaced, "We would have, but you didn't give us the chance."

Willow flushed. "Oh...right."

"Hi, I'm Kennedy," the third girl introduced herself. "You must be the Winchesters?"

Sam reached out and shook the girl's hand. "I'm Sam, this is my brother Dean."

"I'm Willow, welcome to the Scoobies base of operations." The redhead was now smiling prettily. "This is Dawn." She pointed to the teenager who grinned and gave a wave. "Come on, I'll take you out back to where Giles and Mr. Singer are." She only stopped momentarily to bestow a kiss on Kennedy's pleased mouth. "Xander ate the cereal, and then finished off the waffles." Willow practically skipped down the hall and turned left where Kennedy had come from. The Winchester brothers followed and were sort of amused to hear Kennedy muttering under her breath about what she was going to do to the before mentioned Xander. Some of it sounded painful.

When they turned left it was to enter a large kitchen with an area that held a large wooden table. The area was filled with natural light floating in from the large windows and a door with a small window in it. Willow went directly to the door and opened it only to reveal a man about to enter. He was about Dean's height, medium build, dark brown hair, and there was a large and wicked scar running over his left eye. The man looked to be about the same age as Willow. He looked at the guys and frowned slightly.

"Xan, this is Sam and Dean Winchester."

The man nodded and his face relaxed. "Nice to meet you. I'm Xander Harris," he told them and turned his attention to Willow. "I've gotten all of the windows reinforced. You'll just need to do that voodoo that you do so well." Xander made to move past the group.

"Thanks Xander, by the way Kennedy found out you ate the krispies."

"Right, as if I don't know you told her...traitor." This brought a smile to the man's face. "Wonder what she'll threaten to do to me this time."

Willow shrugged and led the two men out onto the back porch. "Giles and Mr. Singer are just over there," she told them and pointed to a barn area. Now both Sam and Dean could see Bobby talking to another man. Willow walked with them.

When they got closer to the two men Sam took a moment to look at the man Bobby was talking to. He was tall with brown hair turning to gray at the sides. He wore wire rimmed glasses, brown slacks, a button down shirt and a tweed jacket. He looked like one of Sam's professors from college.

"Good to see you boys," Bobby acknowledged as they approached. "Boys, this here is Rupert Giles, Mr. Giles, this here is Sam and Dean Winchester."

When the man spoke Sam was slightly surprised to hear the english accent. "Please Robert, I told you, call me Giles. The same for you gentlemen. Hopefully we'll be working together, so there's no reason for formalities. I'm hoping we can all be friends."

"I guess I have to say I'm pretty surprised that you all are willing to work with us," Dean told the man. "Not many hunters are."

When Giles looked at Dean with confusion apparent on his face Sam explained, "Since we're the ones who opened up the door to Hell and let all the demons out not many other hunters want anything to do with us, let alone work with us."

Giles smiled slightly. "Well, I guess you could say we aren't your normal group of hunters." Willow smiled widely at this statement.

"Oh yeah, what makes you say that?" Dean asked with suspicion evident in his voice.

"Dean..." Bobby started.

Giles put his hand on Bobby's shoulder. "Don't worry yourself Robert. The young man has every right to question what's happening now. As I'm sure my people will want to ask questions as well. Perhaps we could hold off on explanations until tomorrow? I wouldn't ask normally, but two of my hunters are on their way back from a mission and were sidetracked in D.C. They should be here by tomorrow," Giles explained. "There is plenty of room in the house for everyone. And Kennedy and Dawn are making dinner for everyone this evening. Will you stay?"

"That would be great." Sam actually found himself looking forward to a night of a homecooked meal and a bed that wasn't in a hotel room. Dean only nodded.

"Wonderful! Let's all head inside shall we?" Giles smiled.

It was Willow who showed them upstairs to their rooms. The two were right next door to each other. "They share a bathroom," the girl explained. The halls were lined with doors. "Giles and Bobby are in the two rooms downstairs. Kennedy and I are in the room right across the hall from you, Xander is next to us, and then the others are down the hall on the other side," she told them pointing to the different doors. "We'll be eating in about half an hour if you wanted to take a few minutes to clean up or rest or whatever. If you need anything let me know. I did put some towels in the bathroom for you. Otherwise if you get bored there is a television downstairs and the barn is set up as a training facility."

"Thanks." Sam smiled.

Willow returned the smile. "Well, it's no problem. Sorry about how we met earlier, you just can't be too careful these days you know?"

"How'd you do it?" Dean asked.

"Oh, I'm a witch. Only with the good magic these days though," Willow assured them. "Anyways, I'd better get back to my research. I'll see you guys later."

Each man entered their respective room and looked around. Nothing fancy, but it was clean and comfortable. Each room held a queen sized bed, a chest of drawers, a small closet, and a door that led to a shared bathroom. Dean leaned against the frame of the bathroom door leading into Sam's room. "We're not in Kansas anymore Toto."

Sam sat on the edge of the bed. "You aren't kidding. Willow wields some pretty powerful magic. There was some kind of power vibe coming off of the Kennedy girl, and the Dawn girl, and it looks like that Xander guy had a run in with a chain saw to the face."

"Did you notice his eyes were two different colors? And there are two more hunters coming." Dean murmured; then he grinned. "Is it just me or are Willow and Kennedy an item?"

Sam rolled his eyes. "Dean, go take a nap or something."

"I'm just saying..."


Dean knocked on the bathroom door leading into Sam's room and heard a muffled 'I'll be down in a minute'. "I'm heading downstairs Sammy." He opened his door and entered the quiet hallway. Shrugging slightly he went down the stairs and entered the living room where the television was on cartoons. The teenage girl, Dawn, was sitting cross legged on the floor and writing something. She looked up a bit startled when he entered. "Sorry."

"Oh, no problem." She smiled at the handsome man. "Guess I'm just not used to having anyone other than the Scoobies around yet."

"Scoobies? I've heard that twice now. What is it?"

"Is it like Scooby Doo?" Sam asked joining the two.

"Exactly." Dawn's smile widened. "There are the slayers, and then there are the Scoobies. The slayers fight the big bad evils and we do the research on the best way to fight the big bad evils. You know, the Scooby gang was always investigating and researching?"

"That's a pretty appropriate name then huh?" Dean teased.

"I always thought so. I mean, it was around way before I was, but still...coolness," she agreed. "I mean, don't get me wrong, we fight too. We all fought against the First," Dawn's tone became solemn. "We lost a lot of people in that fight. But we won."

"So who make up the Scoobies?" Dean asked wanting to take the sad look off the girl's face.

"Well, the original Scoobies were Willow, Xander, and Cordelia. Cordelia is dead now. Oz was a Scoobie, but then he became a werewolf and went off to meditate. Then Tara was a Scoobie, but she was shot and killed. That was horrible. Then it was Willow, Xander, me, Anya, Spike, and Andrew. Anya and Spike died during the battle, and Andrew left us a few months ago and moved to Los Angeles with some of our allies."

"What about Giles?" Sam asked. "And the girl, Kennedy?"

"Well Giles is a Watcher. I mean, I guess we always considered him a Scoobie, because he helps research, but he's more of an advisor to the slayers really. I mean, he's like THE Watcher now. And Kennedy is a slayer, but she doesn't have as much experience. Although, she was left here as extra protection."

Dean couldn't help but continue smiling. This kid was telling them everything. It sure did make things more understandable. He still didn't know what the hell a slayer was, but hell, could he complain at having a houseful of researchers, and more hunters willing to work together? Nope. "So, how'd you get involved with all this?"

"You mean besides growing up in Sunnydale?" Now she smirked slightly. "On top of the hellmouth? It's a long story actually. The short and easy version is my sister is a slayer."

Dean was about to ask another question when a loud voice rang out, "Dinner!"

They made their way to the kitchen to find everyone else already there. Willow motioned them to two empty chairs. Giles and Bobby already seemed to be in the middle of a conversation as Kennedy began to pass food around the table.

"Everything smells and looks wonderful." Sam murmured as he sat down.

Kennedy smiled. "Thanks. Couldn't have done it without Dawny."

Once everyone was seated conversations stopped and everyone except for Bobby and the Winchesters looked at Willow expectantly. Willow lifted her hands and looked skyward. "Oh Goddess, bless this meal and all who partake in it. Bless our new friends Sam, Dean, and Bobby, and bless our family and allies who continue to fight. Goddess, I beg thee to bring our family home safely."

"That was lovely Willow." Giles spoke softly.

"Thanks." The redhead seemed pleased with the praise.

Then there was no more silence as it seemed that everyone began to speak at the same time. It seemed that this group had a lot to say and no qualms about speaking over each other. There was a lot of good natured teasing, and Sam and Dean could only watch in silence as they ate the delicious food and tried to keep track of who was saying what.

Suddenly it seemed that all eyes were on them. "Are your rooms okay?" Kennedy asked.

"Oh, they're great," Sam assured her.

"Much better than what we're used to," Dean added.

"Good," Willow said with a sigh. "If you need anything, or anything goes wrong all you have to do is let us know."

Xander finally spoke, "Yeah, let me know if anything needs work. One of the windows was sticking slightly, but I think I got it fixed."

"Xander's our resident carpenter and stake maker," Dawn sounded proud.

"I just try to help however I can," he said and looked down at his plate as he blushed a bit.

"He's too modest," Willow shared. "Xander is the main reason the training facility is as good as it is."

Dinner continued in a friendly camaraderie, and the brothers didn't ask the questions that were flying around their minds as they remembered that Giles had said they would find out everything the next day. As it approached eleven o'clock everyone headed to their separate rooms to get some needed rest.

Dean had just started to lay down when he heard a creak. He moved softly to the door and opened it to already find Sam peering out of his own door. "You hear that?" Dean asked and Sam nodded. The brothers heard two more creaks but it didn't seem like anyone else was coming out of their rooms. Sam held up his flask of holy water and Dean nodded. They made their way slowly down the stairs. The noise was coming from the kitchen, and now they could hear more rustling. Sam peered around the corner and saw that both Giles door and Bobby's door were still closed. Dean motioned to Sam and the brunette man nodded. Dean leaned his head in slightly only to see a dark figure slinking stealthily through the kitchen.

The blonde man rushed the figure, but the figure had good reflexes and kicked him as he reached it. He let out a loud "Oof!" and the figure slammed an arm out knocking Dean into the wall. Dean felt like he'd been hit by a ton of bricks. The figure dropped the two bags it was carrying and started to move towards Dean. Sam hurried forward and threw the holy water on the person.

"What the fuck!" the figure cried out, but not in pain. Dean rose again but this time the figure dropped into a spinning kick knocking him out the open kitchen door and out onto the porch. "B we got company!" The figure yelled.

Sam dodged and threw on the kitchen light. The figure, a brunette girl dressed in a thick black coat, black leggings, and black boots, looked at him through the glare of the lights. "You're not burning," he muttered as she wiped the water from her face. She was a stunningly lovely, yet very pissed off brunette.

"No shit Sherlock. I don't melt when water hits me," she snapped and moved towards him with fists raised.

"Wait!" he spoke quickly. "I'm Sam Winchester." Sam had a feeling they'd just made an error.

Dean flew out the door and hit the railing behind him. "Son of a Bitch," he groaned and caught his breath. He turned suddenly as he realized he wasn't alone and was shocked as a petite blonde girl came slamming into him. Her hit pushed him through the back railing and he crumpled to the ground. It looked as if she was coming for more when Sam and the first figure rushed to the door.

"B wait!" the first figure, Dean could see it was a girl, yelled out.

"Dean!" Sam moved quickly to his brother's side.

The lights in the house were all coming on and people were now pouring out of the house.

"You're home!" Dawn squealed and rushed to the blonde girl.

"What the hell is going on?" the blonde snapped.

"Oh dear," Giles murmured sleepily. "It seems there's been a terrible misunderstanding."
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