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The Last Son and the Slayer Part 3

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Entwined Destinies". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Part 3 of my Entwined Destinies Saga as Buffy and Clark embark on their travels around the world. What adventures will they have?

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Smallville > Buffy-CenteredjohnsmithFR182183,85513520,81531 Mar 0926 Jan 10Yes

Chapter One: Paris I

Summary: Part 3 of my Entwined Destinies Saga as Buffy and Clark embark on their travels around the world. What adventures will they have?

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters I use in this story.

Author’s Note: So here is my continuing adventure of Buffy and Clark. Sorry it has taken so long.


The sound of ringing breaks through Buffy’s sleep. For a moment she thinks it is that stupid alarm clock that use to mock her with its buzzing and ringing in its attempts to wake her up in time for school. However she suddenly remembers that that alarm clock is at the bottom of the crater that use to be Sunnydale, California. Buffy opens her eyes and looks around the room. Of course the first thing in view is the chest of her fiancé upon which she is sleeping. A smile flits across her lips as she remembers just what she and Clark were doing before they fell asleep. God she has the best fiancé ever. After all they are so few men who can keep up with a slayer’s sexual drive.

Buffy frowns. That ringing is still here. Now where is it coming from?

“It’s your phone,” Clark mumbles in his sleep almost psychically knowing her question.

Oh…right…phone. Now where did she leave it? Buffy rolls to the side and there is her phone sitting on the bedside table. She picks it up and frowns at the caller ID. She answers it. “This better be really good Will.”

“I didn’t interrupt anything did I?” Willow asks in mock naïve innocence.

“Will. Buffy very sleepy here,” Buffy says with a yawn trying to get Willow to get to the point.

“Ah. Still at the ‘doing it like bunnies’ stage of our relationship are we,” Willow teases.

Buffy shakes her head. She is sure there was a time Willow would not have said something like that. Of course right now her sleep addled brain can’t recall said time but she is sure there was one.

“How’s Paris?” Willow asks moving on.

Oh that’s right. Buffy remembers now. They’re in Paris. After they left Scotland they spent some time in London. It had its moments. She got to the tourist-y thing she had always secretly wanted to do and both she and Clark helped out the London slayer cell. Clark’s ability to see even in pitch dark tunnels was really useful. He also spent time talking to all the native British members of the Slayer cell as part of his quest to better understand humanity. By the time they left London Buffy was positive quite a few of them had crushes on Clark. Anyway after that they hopped or more accurately flew across the English Channel to France and ended up in Paris.

“It’s fine,” Buffy says in answer to Willow.

“Yes I can see that from the credit card bill we got. Been doing a little shopping have we?” Willow asks getting to the reason she was calling, well why Giles was making her call.

Buffy a little more awake now starts to grin. Oh yeah. She had had a great time shopping especially for certain pieces of lingerie for her beloved fiancé which is why she is very tired at this precise moment. She can still remember the look on Clark’s face when he saw her and the glow in his eyes which indicated she had achieved the intended result.

“Buffy. You still there?” Willow asks at the silence.

“I’m here. Let me guess. Giles made you call.”


“I didn’t spend that much,” Buffy sleepily protests.

“Well according to Giles you did and he wants to know what you spent it on.”

“No he doesn’t.”

“Buffy he isn’t here or listening in so come on spill.”

“It wasn’t that much. It was just a few things to make Clark happy.”

“Uh huh. These wouldn’t be things that are worn…oh I don’t know…in the bedroom by any chance?”

How does she do that Buffy wonders about her red headed friend. “Um do I have to answer that?”

“It is probably better you didn’t but answer me this did Clark appreciate them?”

Before Buffy can answer her phone is snatched away. “Yes he did very much,” Clark tells Willow. Buffy and Willow’s conversation had woken him up.

“Clark!” Buffy exclaims before she grabs the phone back wondering what had happened to that shy farm boy she had first fallen in love with. She puts the phone back to her ear in time to catch Willow laughing her ass off. “Alright Will. I think that is enough.”

Willow gathers herself. “Sorry. It seems you have had an effect on him but I’m not sure it is a positive one,” she jokes.

“I think it is a very positive one,” Clark whispers in Buffy’s ear before trailing kisses down, what he knows is, her very sensitive neck.

Buffy involuntary tilts her head allowing Clark better access and moans.

“Buffy?” Willow inquires at the moan.

“I’ll…I’ll have to get back to you later Will,” Buffy says before she loses all self-control. She hangs up the phone and allows herself to get lost in the feeling of Clark nuzzling into her neck. She groans as Clark’s hands reach round her from behind and start caressing her. Clark was a very quick learner and he had very quickly discovered all her sensitive spots which he was now very expertly turning his attention to. “Claaark,” Buffy groans out.

“Yes sweetheart,” Clark says while not letting up on the exquisite torture of his fiancée.

“I really need to sleep sometime,” Buffy weakly protests.

“Uh huh. You should have thought of that before you bought that red lingerie,” he feels the need to point out. Even now the mere thought of what she looked like in that is enough to send his heart pumping. She has no idea what she does to him. Before he met her he was practically a monk apart from the few weeks he was mortal.

Clark’s hands slip south and that is it as far as Buffy as concerned. “Alright mister you have asked for this,” she says as she spins round and quite forcible shoves Clark down onto his back and sets about her own form of exquisite torture. After all she had figured out just where exactly Clark has sensitive spots on his otherwise invulnerable body.

Clark is rather chuffed how his plan has worked. He has to admit he loves it when Buffy takes charge and even though she is nowhere as strong as him, she is strong enough that he can embrace the feelings that run through to a far greater extent than he could ever dream with a normal human being.

A little later Buffy collapses down on top of Clark after another wonderful session of lovemaking. “Had enough?” she asks rather breathless.

Clark grins wickedly. “Nope but I’ll go easy on you and surrender anyway.”

Buffy chuckles before she raises her head and looks Clark in the eye. “I love you.”

Clark gently moves a sweaty lock of her hair behind her ear and gives her a kiss. “I love you too.”

Buffy lays her head back down. “I’m just going to lie here for a few…days.”

Clark laughs. Even though he won’t admit it right now even he is a little tired. He isn’t without limits after all.

Buffy ignores his laughter and simply sighs contentedly before she drifts off to sleep.


Stupid sunlight is Buffy’s immediate thought as she is awoken by light hitting her face. Being a slayer means she has never really been a morning person. Of course her current tiredness has nothing to do with slaying although she will get around to that when she and Clark meet up with the slayer cell that resides in Paris. She had wanted to do the tourist-y thing first. Notre Dame, Champs-Elysées, the Eiffel Tower. It was fun. Now why is she lying on a bed when she distinctly remembers falling asleep on top of Clark.

Buffy opens her eyes to find herself alone in her bed in the hotel room she and Clark decided to stay in. She looks around and sees…roses? Buffy sits up and looks around the room. Lots of roses…everywhere. She can’t believe Clark did this for her.

“Do you like them?”

Buffy turns to the doorway to find Clark with a tray carrying what she assumes to be breakfast. “They’re gorgeous Clark but you didn’t have to do this.”

Clark sits on the bed next to her. “I know. I wanted to. You once said the world isn’t all sunshine and roses.”

Buffy smiles realising what he has done. “Yeah I did.”

“Well for this morning at least it is.” Clark leans over and kisses her ever so gently.

God, Buffy can’t believe how sweet Clark is to do this for her. Her other boyfriends…well Spike and Angel had a couple of centuries of bloody slaughter behind them. Angel brooded and Spike would never dream of being this ‘sappy’ as he would phrase it and as for Riley…too much military training and discipline even though he had his romantic moments to be fair to him. She briefly wonders what Riley is up to these days and if he is even still alive.

“I brought you breakfast,” Clark says breaking Buffy out of her musings.

“Oh thank you.”

Clark places the tray down next to her. Even though getting enough roses had taken a little work the smile that adorned Buffy’s face made it worth it. He watches her as she begins to eat. He has to say so far this trip is going great. He and Buffy are getting along no problem so far and as his mother pointed out to him, in some ways this trip together is good for them. They would spend time together and he supposes see if they have any habits that annoy each other and they could talk more about each other’s lives.

London had been interesting. He had never been to London before. He and Buffy hit the tourist trail for a little while and he had loved how happy it seemed to make her. Of course he did eventually get into his mission to better understand the peoples of the world. The slayers he met had been really interesting to talk to and he even helped them out with a little bit of slaying, as Buffy insists he calls it. He smiles briefly at the stunned look on the girls faces when they first saw him use his heat vision on a vampire.

“You not eating anything?” Buffy asks as she pops a piece of a croissant in her mouth.

“I already ate Buffy. You may not have noticed that it is actually quite late and you know I wake up with the sun.”

Buffy shrugs. Truthfully she hadn’t noticed the time yet. “Is it still morning?”

Clark chuckles. “Yes but not by that much. Maybe I should have called this brunch.”

“Why didn’t you wake me?”

“I didn’t want to disturb you. You look so sweet when you’re asleep.”

Buffy frowns. Sweet? She’s a slayer. Slayers shouldn’t be sweet. She is meant to be the thing scary things are afraid of. Not sweet. Before she can point this out to Clark her phone rings again. Clark retrieves it from the bedside table. “It’s Willow,” he tells her.

Buffy takes the phone. “Hey Will.”

“Hey Buffy. You never got back to me like you promised so I decided to call you. Sooo am I interrupting anything this time?”

Buffy rolls her eyes. “Only me eating Will and by the way why were you calling in the middle of the night before?”

“Oh I had my reasons.”

Buffy mutters when she realises what those reasons were. “You hoped to catch me and Clark out didn’t you?”

Buffy can almost hear Willow smirk. “Maybe.”

Buffy notices that unlike last night Clark has the good grace to blush at that.

“Oh by the way Clark Chloe loved your letter from London,” Willow mentions knowing that Clark can hear her.

“And she couldn’t phone herself why?” Clark asks back. After all he left her his number just in case she needed him in an emergency and well just to talk really. She is still his best friend.

“Um…can’t answer that one sorry,” Willow says.

Clark may just have to phone Chloe and ask her he thinks. After all he promised to write to her when he was away because that is easier than some long conversation on the phone. In fact during his time in London he found he liked writing about what he did even if he had to selectively edit some of it to leave out vampires, demons and slayers.

“So how are things at HQ?” Buffy asks her friend.

“Oh nothing too unusual. You’ll be glad to know Faith is doing a bang up job and oh we hooked up Angel to the slayer network last week and left him a cell to train.” Willow then laughs. “Oh god the look on his face was priceless when he found out that Angel and Angelus were sort of icons to a bunch of horny teenagers.”

Buffy smiles widely. She can so imagine the look on Angel’s face. “How did Cordy take that?”

Willow laughs loudly. “Oh I think we should be real thankful that she doesn’t have heat vision like Clark otherwise we would have a few less slayers on our books.”

Buffy laughs too. “Yeah I can imagine. How about Fred or Illyria or whatever she is now. I heard some stories about that when I was in London.”

Buffy is of course referring to the fact Illyria and Fred’s essences merged into one being. “Yeah that was weird I must say,” Willow mentions. She had gone over and hooked Angel up to the network and seen the new Illyria. In fact she helped a lot with the techy bits of it.

“How’s Dawn?” Buffy asks in regard to her sister.

“Oh she’s good. You want to talk to her?”

“I don’t know. Do I? I don’t want to come across like I don’t trust her to be by herself without me checking up every 5 minutes,” Buffy tells Willow with some concern since Dawn doesn’t always react well to her prying.

Willow thinks Buffy is exaggerating a little. “You’ve managed so far and hey remember I phoned you.”

Buffy bites into a piece of toast. “There’s that. Ok put her on.”

“Dawn!” Willow yells causing Buffy to hold the phone away from her ear.

“Hey sis,” Dawn greets Buffy over the phone.

“Hey Dawn. How are you?” Buffy asks while chewing on her toast.

“Buffy are you eating again?” Dawn asks incredulously.

“What do you mean again? I’ll have you know this is my breakfast. I had a lie in for once.”

“Oh I get it.”

“Get what?” Buffy asks rather puzzled.

“Clark being wearing you out has he.”

Clark who is still sitting on the bed next to Buffy blushes once more while Buffy shakes her head and having no idea how her sister became so…so blunt. “Dawn,” Buffy pleads.

“What? Oh please Buffy I’m a grown up now. I know all about the little facts of life like the fact you and Clark are having lots and lots of sex. In fact I bet you secretly love the fact that you’ve found someone who can actually keep up with you.”

While it is actually true that Buffy does love the fact Clark can keep up with her and then some, she is certainly not about to admit it or even discuss it with her little sister. “That is not a topic I am discussing with you Dawn. When do you go back to college?”

“Err soon.”

Buffy catches the slight hesitation there. “Ok Dawn what have you done now?”

“Nothing!” Dawn protests.

“Uh huh. Not buying it.”

Dawn groans. “I’m just going to a different college than we originally discussed that is all,” she reluctantly admits to Buffy.

“And where is this college?” Buffy asks.


Buffy rolls her eyes. “This wouldn’t be the same one Connor is going to by any chance is it?”

“Um maybe. I don’t know for certain.”

Buffy sighs. That is Dawn speak for she looked it up and yep it is definitely the same college. She just knew that Angel’s son would be trouble from the second Dawn went all googly eyed over him. “Well I know I can’t stop you, well actually I could but I’ve decided to be all grown up and accept you have to make your own decisions. Just promise me you’ll stay out of trouble.”

“Only if you promise me you won’t get Angel to watch over me for you.”

Buffy frowns. Damn. Dawn is onto her. “What makes you think I would do that?” she asks in a too innocent sounding tone of voice.

Dawn snorts. “Because I know you Buffy.”

“Dawn. You still need someone you can turn to in an emergency and Angel will make the best choice since he is closest.”

“Oh alright,” Dawn concedes. “But I don’t want him hovering over me 24 hours a day.”


“Well I have to start packing,” Dawn tells Buffy. “I love you.”

“I love you too Dawnie,” Buffy says before hanging up the phone.

“You handled that well,” Clark comments.

Buffy smiles brightly at his praise. “Really?”

Clark nods. “Yep. You must be maturing or something,” he jokes.

“Wow and it only took me until I was 24,” Buffy jokes in mock praise of herself.

Clark chuckles and gives her a kiss. “A very young looking 24. I only hope I look that good when I’m 24.”

“Oh god I had forgotten that you’re younger than me,” she says because Clark looks…looks…well the phrase ‘like a Greek God’ comes to mind. A sudden thought comes to her followed by a cheeky little grin forming on her face. “Hey does that make you my toyboy?”

“Depends,” Clark says, his voice low and husky.

“Depends on what,” she says back her voice suddenly breathy.

Clark says nothing but kisses her slowly, deeply, lovingly. Now Buffy has been kissed by a few people, some of who had centuries of experience yet none make her heart flutter the way Clark does when he kisses her.

“What were we talking about?” Buffy asks once the kiss ends having lost all recollection of their conversation.

Clark smiles at his ability to do that to her. “You were going to phone Angel and tell him about Dawn.”

“I was?”

“Well no but I thought I would remind you to do so before it completely slipped your mind.”

“Um ok. Thanks. Hey ready to meet the slayers tonight? You can impress them with your language skills. After all you do have a very talented tongue.”

“Je vous aime. Votre beauté est sans compare,” Clark says in a demonstration.

“Ok I got the I love you bit. What was the rest?”

“Your beauty is without compare.”

“Ah. That is totally true.”

“Wow you’re not vain or anything are you?”

“Nope I’m pretty much perfect.”

“I would argue with that except for the fact that it is the truth.”

“You’re biased.”

Clark scoffs at that. “Nah. How could you think that?”

Buffy can’t hold it in any longer. Ever since they started this little dialogue she had been holding it back but no longer and she laughs loudly. “Oh wow is this conversation surreal.”

Clark kisses her once more. “I love it when you laugh.”

“Well it is all your fault. I was just fine being miserable then you came along and had to cheer me up.”

“Hey you came to my hometown,” Clark reminds her.

Buffy gently slaps him on the arm. “Just go. I have to phone Angel and hey I’m still naked here.”

“So? I have no problem with the naked part.”

“Just go before I insist on training you again.”

Clark gets up so not wanting that. She still has that piece of blue kryptonite. “I’ll meet you downstairs when you’re ready,” he tells her before he exits the room.

Buffy watches him leave. God she loves him and she has been a lot happier since she met him. He just seems to be able to wash away all the darkness and grief in her life. He makes her feel good and more than just physically. He is slowly dragging her back from the cynicism she had built up living on the Hellmouth for 7 years. For the first time in a long time she has real genuine hope that tomorrow will be better and not just another endless battle against the forces of darkness. Oh well enough introspection, wow where did she pick that word up from? Anyway she better phone Angel and make sure he looks after Dawn.


She glides soundlessly around the house. She could almost be mistaken for a ghost. Well she is dead but she is far from a ghost. The house’s previous occupant lies on the floor, waiting for nightfall when they will rise again. She had wanted a new pet, a new playmate for Miss Edith for a while and this one seemed to fit the bill.

She needed to plan. The stars had sung to her. The nasty slayer was in the town. The one that took away her Daddy and her William but the song the stars sung was changing. There was something new, something different with her. A fallen star. It was all bright and full of goodness. She could see the dark world she lived in slipping away.

She had to act, had to plan. She would need more pets. She needed a new family. Then she would send a message. The fallen star made Buffy happy the stars told her and she couldn’t allow that. No. No more happiness for Buffy. She would make sure of it. No more happiness. Not ever. Just death and blood.
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