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Summary: Forced to serve his father's sentence as a child, Alexander Harris grew up in the most horrible prison on the planet surrounded by the worst that humanity had to offer. Forged by pain and rage with a desire to improve himself, Xander becomes Bane.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Faith
DC Universe > Batman > Xander-Centered
TheLaughingManFR18517,74515123,13331 Mar 0916 Oct 09No

Chapter One

AN: Once more, my stories are being held hostage by plot bunnies.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Bane, The Dark Night, Batman, BTVS, Angel, Justice League, nor any other crossovers that I may or may not add. I'm not making any money from this, it's for amusement purposes only.


Xander couldn't remember much about being outside of Peña Duro's walls, but he did remember his parents and one friend. He didn't even know why he was here, the Jesuit said that he would tell him when Xander got older. Peña Duro was one of the most feared and formidable prisons in the world. Filled to the brim with serial killers, rapists, pedophiles, and enemies of the current regime. Most were the worst of the worst, but some, like the Jesuit, were kinder and helped protect him from the other prisoners. Xander was eight years old, but sadly he was not the youngest person in the prison.

Most children in Peña Duro were found and taken quickly as whores by the older convicts before some of more honorable ones could find and protect them. Xander was one of lucky ones. The Jesuit, nobody knew his real name, had found Xander in his first terrifying few hours in the prison. He didn't remember those hours and the Jesuit said that he had repressed them and that it was best if he did not remember. All Xander had to do was stay near the Jesuit and all he would have to worry about was the needles the men in white coats would stick into all the children occasionally. Xander was always sick for days afterward when they would that.

It wasn't so bad, really. Sure, he slept on the cold hard floor in a cell with only a bucket for a bathroom and sometimes the guards would beat him, but it could be much worse. Like it was for the others. Children were at the bottom of the food chain in Peña Duro and Xander could hear them scream and cry during the day and at night forcing Xander to learn the cold, hard truth and that truth was that only the strong survived and the weak were either toys to the strong or dead. When the Jesuit told him Darwin's law that only the strong survived, Xander had swore that one day he would be strong. The Jesuit then told him that strength lay not only the muscles of your arm, but also in the mind.

Xander was still lonely. He wanted a friend like Willow, but he hoped and prayed with all of his heart that she would not come here. Poor Willow wouldn't survive, she was too soft and weak, but he still remembered her and he cherished her memory. Friends were a weakness here, one that was exploited far too often. Xander made a friend with one of the older boys in the prison, but the boy betrayed him and gave him to big smelly guy who put *it* in *there*. It had hurt so much that Xander had thought he would die, but the Jesuit saved him and killed smelly guy.

When asked why he had trusted the boy, Xander told the Jesuit that he had wanted a friend. A week later, the Jesuit gave Xander a friend who would never betray or hurt him: a teddy bear that he named Osito, which was Spanish for 'little bear'. Spanish was one of the languages that the Jesuit was teaching him. The Jesuit knew an awful lot and tried to drill it Xander's head. After teaching Xander how to attain a photographic memory by meditating as according to him anything else would be useless unless he had a photographic memory. He said that it was possible to attain total recall with enough practice, whatever that was.

Xander knew hat he needed an edge over the other prisoners as the Jesuit could not be there for him all the time. He wasn't big enough to really hurt anyone and the other prisoners were too skilled with a knife to oppose one immediately. It was when Xander was looking at Osito that an idea came to him. He cut out a hole in the back of Osito's head, just a little below the neck and big enough to hide his knife. If you couldn't beat them with your fist, then do it with your wits as the Jesuit said. It was just the edge of surprise that he needed. It was a few days later when the Jesuit went to visit some other convict for something that didn't understand that his new edge would be put to use.

"C'mon over here boy. I'm not going to hurt you, I promise." A skinny convict wearing the orange uniform that all prisoners had to wear said coaxingly. Xander knew better than to go over there, so he backed away slowly, edging toward the door that led outside. The man noticed Xander's movement and leaped at him. The eight year old was ready, however, and pulled his knife from inside the back of Osito's head, slashing toward the man wildly.

By a miracle or maybe just plain luck, Xander's knife struck true and slashed the man's neck open. Blood squirted from the wound like a fountain, covering Xander in the red liquid. He just stood there, staring at the man's body for hours until the Jesuit found him and led him back to their cell. The Jesuit comforted Xander as best as he could, he wasn't the best at it since it had been so long since he felt guilt over killing someone, but he managed to help Xander get over his breakdown.

A day later, the Jesuit explained to Xander why he had been put in Peña Duro. Anthony and Jessica Harris had been on their honeymoon, exploring South America when they reached Santa Prisca and Jessica went into labor, giving birth to him, Xander Harris. While Jessica was recovering from giving birth, Tony went off to celebrate. When, he was in a bar, he got into a fight with a man in the Santa Prisca Military. During the fight Tony smashed a bottle over his opponent's head, which unfortunately killed him.

Tony sobered up quickly when he realized that he had killed a man and he ran back to the hospital. A few hours later, the Harris family barely got out of the hospital before the soldiers came. Tony had accidentally killed the son of a General. The family were able to escape back to America and back to Sunnydale where Tony became a drunk to escape the memories of killing a man. Not long after Xander's seventh birthday, Santa Prisca Soldiers came into Sunnydale accompanying a General who had a meeting with Mayor Wilkins.

Tony ran when he found out and left his wife and son behind to save his own skin. Somehow, the General whose son Tony had killed found out where they lived and came for them. With the Mayor's permission to arrest any individual who had committed a crime in Santa Prisca would be taken back to be judged by their laws. Sadly, their laws said, thanks to the current corrupt regime of Santa Prisca, that if any criminal ran then their family would take their place which led to Xander and Jessica being entombed inside of what many considered to be Hell on earth. Jessica Harris had died a few days after being brought in due to severe trauma being induced by constant rape. She had been an attractive and unskilled woman, the worst possible thing to be in Peña Duro.

After the story was finished, Xander promised that if he ever got out then he would find and kill his father.


A fifteen year old Xander Harris huffed as he finished his daily exercise, making sure to do two more than yesterday. He sighed in relief as he learn his tired and hot body against the cool wall of his cell. He now stood at a freakish height of 6'4" due to the growth enhancing drugs that the doctors used to experiment on the prisoners. Xander seemed to be their favorite subject when they came around to pick someone, but they gave him a decent meal in return. Probably the reason why so many convicts volunteered for experimentation was the food. To a man living on MRE's, even ramen noodles and sausage was meal fit for kings.

When puberty had hit at thirteen, Xander had begun to exercise and train his boy religiously. Five days out of a week, you could hear him grunt as he pushed his body to it's limits and beyond. Heavy muscle covered his entire body, his chest was wide due to the amount of running and calisthenics he did daily to build up his wind. He could now bench press three hundred pounds ten times before he could no longer go on. His knuckles showed scars from the fights he had been in with the other prisoners, some he won and some he had lost. He demanded excellence from himself, not only in body but of mind.

He studied everything he could his hands on. Languages, mathematics, reading, writing, history, military tactics, encyclopedias, science, physics, chemistry, and books on martial arts and training regimens. Xander had nothing but time inside of Peña Duro and he used that time to improve himself. The other convicts were fools if they did not have the common sense to make themselves stronger, but Xander was smarter and one day he would be the strongest. Body, mind, skill, and soul.

"Xander, we need to talk." The Jesuit said heavily in Spanish, sitting down on his bed while watching his student sadly. The boy was strong, stronger than most of the other inmates and much more educated than them. "There is something that we need to discuss. Old secrets that I have kept out of guilt, but secrets that you are entitled to have. They will upset you, but I don't care what happens to me now. I'm old and I will not survive much longer. I am glad that I have kept my strength long enough to protect you when you were a child."

"Very well." Xander said, the slight South American accent that he had picked up from inside the prison coating his voice. He walked over to his bed and sat on it, facing his mentor. The Jesuit was nearing seventy now, his face aged and weak. It saddened Xander to see his once strong protector so frail. "I am listening."

"What I am about to tell you may break you." The Jesuit said slowly, his rasping voice giving out at odd moments when he spoke. "If you wish not to hear it, then I shall take it to my grave. Will you hear it?"

"I will." Xander said, frowning at the thought of breaking at a simple secret. He was strong in mind and body, he did not break at anything not at men, animal, words, or anything else. Still, it must be a terrible secret if the Jesuit was cautioning him against it.

"I had a moment of weakness many years ago. I became consumed by my own lust and my honor had all but died in my insanity. I was a feared man inside the prison, so I had first pick when new prisoner were brought into here." The Jesuit closed his eyes in pain as the memories of the atrocities that he had committed played in his mind. "When your mother came in, beautiful and helpless, I took her. It is I who raped her to death.

When I realized what I had done, I searched for you and I found you enduring a fate not unlike your mother's, but something was different about you. I saw a strength in your eyes unlike anything that I have ever seen and I decided then and there to train and protect you the best that I possibly could to find some sort of redemption for my evil. You have surpassed me in all that I know and my strength is waning. I ask that you finish me as punishment for my sins and I hope that I have not broken that strength of yours with my request."

"You have my forgiveness, Jesuit, though you needn't worry about breaking me." Xander said after a long moment. He had suspected it for a few months now, but now he had his confirmation. Xander reached out and hugged the old man softly, careful not to hurt him. "I do not break, it is I who break others. May you find you peace, my friend."

With that said, Xander flexed his arms and squeezed with all of his strength, breaking the Jesuit's back and crushing his ribs, causing the old man to die instantly as a rib pierced his heart. Xander laid him down slowly, marveling at the soft smile on his teacher's face. He had truly found peace and freedom in those final moments. Freedom was something that Xander would never know in Peña Duro. He loved hearing about America as he could barely remember it. To think an entire country of free people. They did not know what it truly meant to be free as they had never suffered Peña Duro.


Xander was nervous. He had just eaten the finest meal that he had ever tasted: stake served with a sauce and a baked potato. No inmate got a dinner like that, not even those due to be executed. This was not like the usual experiments, no, something was different about this one. None of the volunteers had returned and they forcibly dragged him to the waiting cell, something that cost them three guards. Tonight, he may very well die and his biggest regret was not remembering what it felt like to be free or to see Willow again. He doubted that she remembered him, but Xander remembered her. She gave him hope even if she didn't know it, her memory was always there to comfort him.

In the three years after the Jesuit's death, Xander had become even more massive than he was before. Now he stood at 7'5" with large muscles covering his body, his shoulders almost impossibly wide, and he could now bench press twelve hundred pounds. He was monstrously strong and had taken over the prison as it's unofficial king. Xander could also speak and read French, German, Russian, Mandarin Urdu, Farsi, and Latin in addition to English and Spanish. He had learned all that he could on his old interests and had also learned about Geology and Social Studies.

His main interest now was the Batman. A mysterious figure of darkness and justice who fought criminal with a startling display of martial arts, stealth, and resourcefulness. Such spirit and strength amazed Xander. The Batman was no idiot either. He was highly intelligent as far as he could tell. Xander wanted to escape Peña Duro just to find this Batman and fight him. The other prisoners were far too easy to beat, even if Xander tied both arms behind his back, and he had, they posed no challenge at all. He had studied the Batman as much as he possibly could while Peña Duro.

He read about the Batman's defeat over the crime lord of Gotham City Carmine Falconi, his battle the so-called 'Scarecrow', the race to save Gothom, of him tracking down and defeating dozens of criminals, of battles with this Scarecrow and his eventual victory over him. More recently, Xander had read about the Batman matching his wits against a maniacal clown who lived only for death and destruction named the Joker by the news people. Even how the Batman had been framed for the murder of Harvey Dent, a District Attorney who had gone mad after his disfigurement and the death of his beloved, and his recent deputation by a man named Gorden.

Gassed started to leak out of the vents and Xander jerked himself from his thoughts. Eyes widening, Xander leaped toward the cell door and slammed into with all of his formidable strength to no avail. He beat his fist on the metal and slammed his shoulder into it again and again until the gas slowly started to wear him down, but Xander wasn't going down without a fight. He let loose a mighty roar and pushed every fiber of his strength into breaking down the door. Just when he thought it was hopeless, the metal groaned slightly. He grinned in victory, before the gas finally knocked him out.


Xander grinned in sheer joy as he felt the wind whip his face and heard the sound of the ocean. He was free! Even two weeks after his escape he was still amazed and, if he was honest with himself, terrified. Ironically, the reason he was able to escape was the experiment. They used a prototype super steroid known as Venom that's only side effects were it's addictiveness and possible temporary insanity. The best part was that he didn't have to make or get more, the stupid doctors had made metal bracer that took it's ingredients from the very air around him.

There were some downsides such as the fact that he was addicted to it, his head was shaved in preparation for the operation, and the tubes running into his head, but he could with that. He knew exactly where he wanted to go: Sunnydale to check up on Willow and Gotham to fight the Batman. The small remaining bits of him that were soft hearted needed to see Willow and the rest of him wished to fight the Batman. Well, Batman could wait, he was going to see his Willow.

He was wearing the black leather pants that the doctors had given him along with a black leather belt with silver studs and a sleeveless black T-shirt, massive combat boots, and a mask. The mask was a made for the entire head much like a Mexican wrestler's mask, except with no mouth hole. It was colored black with an odd horned skull-like face painted on, and red eye lenses. He was Alexander Harris, but that was not all of who he was. The doctors had given him another name when he survived the operation.

He was Bane.


AN: Wow, I really didn't mean for it to get as long as it did, but whatever. Be sure to REVIEW!
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