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The Beginning: Xander Harris's Bad Day

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Summary: The first in a series of mostly independent stories revolving around the characters who became involved with Baker Street Investigation: Xander Harris, Spenser Reid, Danny Messer, Ryan Wolfe, Sam Winchester, Greg Sanders, and Tony DiNozzo.

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters of Buffy, NCIS, CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, Criminal Minds or Supernatural (or anyone else I decide to throw in).

Oh, and if you don’t care for slash then this story might not be for you.

So on with the show! The only time line that you need to know is that is sometime post “Chosen” for Buffy—but Xander still has his eye. There are no Buffy style apocalypses or demons around. I know that doesn’t make sense yet but it will; for you see, I have plans! --.

SPOILERS: NCIS is post “Boxed In” but no real spoilers other than that particular episode. CSI: Miami is post “Lost Son” but Speed is just fine, he was out for a few months recovering. CSI is after Greg has been trying to be a scene tech, no particular spoilers. CSI: New York is after we learn about Danny and the Tanglewood gang. Criminal Minds has no real spoilers but Gideon is still around and Hotch divorced earlier than in the show. In Supernatural, John didn’t die, no Dean deal making, and the demon was killed by all three Winchesters together; Sam’s dreams started earlier and he and Jess broke up before the demon killed her.

All the characters involved have left their teams for any where between 4 months and two years.


DAY 1 (one day after the shooting)

Xander Harris was Not Happy at all. The stupid job had started out as a basic kidnapping but quickly escalated into an international mess. He and his personal investigators of Baker Street Investigations had accepted a job finding a kidnapped child. They had quickly tracked her down to a warehouse in West Virginia near the Pennsylvania border. Unfortunately, the kidnappers weren’t just simple kidnappers; no, they were drug- and gun- smuggling kidnappers who only took the child to raise some extra cash from her father. Of course the Feds didn’t listen to Xander or any of his people until it was almost too late for the girl.

The Baker Street PIs ended up in a shoot out with the smugglers which they had won at great cost to themselves. Xander had been hit three times, once in the shoulder, one long deep graze on the thigh and a nasty gash on the temple from a ricochet from while he was bodily covering the kidnapped child. His detectives hadn’t been quite so lucky.

Danny Messer had received two gunshots to the chest, though thankfully they didn’t hit anything vital because he was wearing his Kevlar vest, but however one did crack a few ribs. Sam Winchester had been shot in the right shoulder and a ricochet had lodged in his knee; he wasn’t even supposed to be in the field since he was a mostly research detective (and their sole arbitrator of lawyerly advice) but it had been an all hands on deck type of situation.

Tony DiNozzo had been shot in the shoulder which broke his collar bone, had gathered yet another concussion, and had had surgery to repair torn ligaments in his knee. Ryan Wolfe had been hit in the thigh with a wild shot, which had nearly caused him to bleed to death from an arterial bleed. He had also sprained his wrist and gained a concussion. Greg Sanders had broken one arm when he defended himself from a pipe wielding smuggler and a broken leg and concussion from being pushed down a flight of stairs as well as a nasty crease along his side from a bullet. Spencer Reid had a broken nose from a nasty blow, as well as cracked ribs and a broken ankle from a fight with a smuggler trying to escape.

Two days had passed since the rescue fiasco, and when Xander heard multiple commotions approaching from the elevators, he sighed as he swung his legs out of bed.

“I’d rather expected this,” he sighed as he shuffled out the door.


Earlier that same day:

Abby Sciuto began her day at NCIS like most every other day in the past 10 months; she entered the lab with a giant Caf-Pow, turned on her music, checked for any backlog, and ran a computer search for Tony. She missed her Tony because no one else flirted with her like he did. And Gibbs missed him too and he took that regret out on poor McGee and Ziva’s replacement. Ziva hadn’t lasted long after Gibbs discovered that she and then-Director Shepard had intentionally tried to pressure Gibbs out of NCIS. Abby visibly sulked at that thought. As she finished settling in for the day (and she had hugged Bert her farting stuffed hippo), Abby realized that one of her searches had produced something. She bounced over to the computer and tapped away happily. Quickly, she began to frown and mutter as she skimmed through several pages of reports and news articles. Finally, Abby’s eyes narrowed and her lips pursed as she read the medical reports. She pulled her phone over and tapped in an oft used number.

“Gibbs,” came the sharp bark at the other end of the line.

“Come down here now!” demanded Abby as she glared at the computer screen.

“Abby?” questioned Gibbs, “Is everything alright?”

“Yes and no, Gibbs. I’ll show you when you get here,” Abby quickly hung up on Gibbs and began to do a more in depth search for information. A few moments later, Abby was startled by the voice from behind her.

“You commanded my presence?” the distinguished silver haired man said calmly.

“Gibbs, you know how every morning I have the same ritual when I come into work? I turn on my music, check for backlog, make sure I have a soda, and all of that?” Abby babbled, “Well, I also run a search for any information about Tony. You know, just to see of he’s still alive and okay and everything.”

“The point, Abby?” Gibbs said, bringing Abby’s mind back on task.

“I’m going, sheesh. Anyway, the point is I found him. He ended up working as a PI for a company called Baker Street Investigations,” replied Abby, handing Gibbs the sheaf of papers that she printed out, “He was in a major shootout yesterday and…” She didn’t have time to finish what she had been saying as Gibbs yanked the papers out of her hands and began to skim through them quickly. He scowled angrily and walked off to use his cell in privacy. A few moments later he returned, slightly appeased.

“We have the next few days off, starting tomorrow. We’ll go collect our runaway team member.” The two exchanged satisfied looks and both began to plot separately about how to convince Tony to return to NCIS.

Something clicked in Gibbs’ mind as he read through the papers another time. “Abby, aren’t these other investigators some of the CSIs that other departments are looking for?”

“Yeah, they are,” she said bouncing happily, “Should I contact the departments and tell them?”

“No,” Gibbs replied as he walked out of the room, “Send them a copy of the news article and tell them I highly recommend they read it carefully.

“Sure thing boss!” Abby caroled joyfully as she danced about her lab. Her Tony was coming home!


Gil Grissom was about to leave after a long night at work in the Vegas crime lab when he noticed he had received an email from a federal lab.

“Huh,” he muttered, brow furrowing as he read the brief and cryptic message. He quickly downloaded the attached information and opened it. He scowled as he continued to read while he reached for the phone. He reached the sheriff easily and was granted leave for the next few days. Grissom then placed a few other calls.

“Brass, it’s Grissom,” he said, “I found Greg but he’s currently injured and in the hospital. I’m going to see him and bring him back.” Grissom listened to the reply, humming his assent in a few places and then hung up and dialed one last number.

“Catherine, Greg’s been located and I’m going to retrieve him but he’s currently in the hospital with broken bones and a gunshot wound,” he winced as he listened to the explosion on the other end, “Yes, I’ll bring him back no matter what. In handcuffs if need be. Alright well, I will call you when we return.”

After that, Grissom calmly stood up, prepared all of the necessary files, and locked his office. He walked out the front door of the crime lab happily, his earlier weariness forgotten in the rush of finding Greg.


Penelope Garcia opened a babbling email from her friend Abby and squealed. She printed out the information included and dashed down the hall to the Behavioral Analysis Unit.

“Hotch, Gideon, Derek, JJ!” she called, “I found him! Well, actually Abby found him but—”

“Calm down, baby girl and say that one more time,” Derek Morgan said as he guided Garcia to a chair. Garcia took a deep breath and looked at Jason Gideon and Aaron Hotchner and then said, “My friend and hacker buddy Abby over at NCIS, she found Spencer. He’s apparently a private investigator and he was involved with the big shoot out in that kidnapping yesterday. He’s in the hospital but he’s listed in stable condition. He’s got a broken nose and ankle and some cracked ribs but everything says he’ll be fine.”

Everyone fell silent for a moment and then JJ Jareau spoke.

“I’ll get time off for everyone and get the plane ready to take off.”

“Two hours people, and then we leave. You too Garcia,” Hotch said.


“Don,” called Detective Mac Taylor, “I received an interesting email a few minutes ago. They found Danny; he was shot in that kidnapping yesterday. He took two to the chest but had on his vest. He’s got cracked ribs though.”

“Right, so now we go get him right?” Detective Don Flack asked.

“I already requested time off for both of us. The Chief wants him back too; he says I’ve been beyond grumpy without Danny.”

“Yeah, I’ve had similar comments,” Don said sheepishly, “I’m glad we know where he is. When are we leaving?”

“The plane takes off in a few hours. We have enough time to go home and pack a few things,” said Mac as they walked out of the station.

“Let’s go then,” replied Don, “Did you tell Stella that we’re leaving to get Danny?”

Mac winced and said, “I did, and she said if we don’t return with him, we should forget returning at all. Aiden seconded the motion.”

“Well then,” Don murmured, “We’d better not fail.”


John Winchester was checking his email when he noticed one from someone he had never heard from. He clicked on it and read the information. Then he re-read the information. He grabbed his cell and called his oldest son.

“Dean! Get back to the hotel now. I found information on Sammy; he’s a private investigator and was injured yesterday in a shoot out.” John then hung up on his eldest’s sputtering and swearing. He quickly packed all of his belongings and within moments, Dean arrived still swearing vociferously.

“Good, you’re here. Read this,” John said as he thrust the computer at Dean. Dean settled down and grumbled, snarled and swore at the information and then finished packing the rest of his stuff.

“Let’s go get my little brother,” Dean stated grimly, “How long will it take us to get there?”

“About 12 hours, depending on traffic,” replied John, “Dean?”

“Yeah, Dad?”

“Do we still have those handcuffs? I have the feeling we’ll need them to keep hold of Sammy,” John said.

“I’ll pull them out of the trunk before we go.”


“You paged, H?” asked Tim Speedle as he walked into the office.

“I did. I just received some information about Ryan’s location. He was recruited to Baker Street Investigations and was involved in that kidnapping and shoot out yesterday. He’s in the hospital. He was hit with a ricochet in his thigh and nearly bled to death.” Speed paled, knowing exactly what that felt like to stare death in the face while bleeding to death. He began to have flashbacks to the shooting that had nearly killed. Horatio Caine quickly moved over and embraced Speed, quietly murmuring to him and breaking him out of the flashbacks.

“Thanks,” Speed said shakily as he relaxed against the redhead. “So when are we leaving? I want to be there for him.”

“We leave in about 3 hours. Let’s go home and pack. Calleigh’s in charge while we’re gone.”

“Sounds good,” Speed murmured as they left.


DAY 1 (back at the hospital)

Xander hobbled down to the waiting rooms by the elevators where the loud voices were coming from. As he entered the room, he noticed that Tara was there and upset, verging on truly mad. The small room was crowded with various people he recognized from the background checks of his investigators. These were the people who had hurt or allowed others to hurt the family that Xander had made; his eyes narrowed and a stubborn look crossed his face. Tara saw him and sighed as she recognized the look on his face; contrary to popular belief, the Resolve Face (tm) did not originate with Willow but instead was a specialty of Xander’s. She almost flinched when Xander spoke.

“Can I help you?” he said in the iciest tone he could muster. The room quieted and all eyes turned towards him. A pale eyed, silver haired man stepped forward first.

“Yeah, where’s DiNozzo?”

As if this question had broken a dam, everyone else spoke up and asked for the others. Xander just sighed; he knew this was going to be a bad day.

Please review! I welcome any and all ideas for the stories. Thank you.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Beginning: Xander Harris's Bad Day". This story is complete.

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