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Of Wishes and Warlocks

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Summary: One wish can make a big difference. What will happen when Connor grows up in a 'verse with a few less fangs and a lot more fwoosh?

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Comics > Comic StripsFwooshFR1321,014282,60531 Mar 094 May 09No

Baby, What Baby?

Of Wishes and Warlocks

Disclaimer: I still do not own anything from Looking For Group or Angel.

**********Baby, What Baby?**********

After Richard’s little surprise the rest of the group was having an emergency meeting. Richard, unhappy at being left out, sat with his back to the group, toasting the occasional small animal that came too close. When not decimating the local wildlife, he watched the baby, who was sleeping on his lap. Meanwhile, the others were in the middle of a heated debate.

“Of course it’s not a real baby,” argued Benny, “If it was he would have eaten it already.” She was not very happy about the new addition. They had finally been making good progress towards the Bloodrage city and now they were stalled yet again.

“Aye,” agreed Pella, “Remember when we were in that village near Kethnecia? If they hadn't needed our help they probably would have kicked us out after what he did to that nursery.”

“Yes, I do remember that,” said Cale, “But you have to admit he has done things like this before. The first thing he did when we met was kill a rabbit, and now he has one following him around.”

“The warlock is an odd creature,” said Krunch, “At some times he is entirely predictable. At others there’s no telling what he’ll do next. I for one think that it is a real baby. Maybe he does care for the child. Or maybe he’s just saving it for lunch.”

“Whether it’s human or not, we can’t just leave it with him,” said Cale, “I strongly doubt Richard has much experience with child care.”

“I could help with the child,” offered Krunch, “I survived raising Benny here after all. I think I can take care of this one.” He glanced affectionately at his adopted daughter. Despite their differences, her being some sort of green troll thing and him a minotaur, they had stuck together through thick and thin.

“Fine,” said Benny, “We’ll all help. But if it ends up being some kind of mindless killing machine I’m not changing its diapers.”

As the group concluded their meeting Richard remained seated, oblivious to the parts of the world that weren't small, furry, and highly flammable. His gaze was focused on the baby sleeping on his lap.

“I think I'll name you, Tim.”


Author’s Note: Thanks everybody for all the reviews. Also, I know that in LFG there is a troll named Tim. Connor is not named after that Tim, but after one that enjoys pyrotechnics a bit more.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Of Wishes and Warlocks" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 May 09.

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