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Forget Me...Not (formerly Everlasting Love)

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Summary: A demon sends Buffy and Dean to an alternate dimension where they have no memories of their life together. It’s up to Sam and Faith to find them and set the world right again before the demon wipes our heroes from existence forever. Pairing: B/D S/F

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean Winchester
Supernatural > Faith-Centered > Pairing: Sam Winchester
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Chapter One - A Typical Day at the Office

Disclaimer: BTVS, Supernatural and all characters and related elements are properties of their genius creators, Joss Whedon and Eric Kripke. FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY no infringement intended. I own nothing.

Summary: A demon sends Buffy and Dean to an alternate dimension where they have no memories of their life together. It’s up to Sam and Faith to find them and set the world right again before the demon wipes our heroes from existence forever.


Spoilers: Post season 7 and 5

Rating: FR-18

A/N: This takes place after the end of the each show.
Also, Spike’s appearance is pre “Angel”.

Port Aransas, Texas

Buffy let out a soft sigh of contentment as she rolled onto her side. A mild breeze swept through the crack of the window, comforting her mind with pleasant thoughts of her life. A strong, male hand slipped over her waist, pulling him into her. She smiled, letting herself drift back to sleep. God, she loved her life. After making so many personal sacrifices, of wondering if she would end up alone or dying young (again) it was all worth it now. Now that she had been Mrs. Dean Winchester for almost four years, her life had been one blissful day after another.

The sound of the alarm blaring disturbed the lovely silence. Buffy grunted, slipped an arm out from the covers and slammed her hand down on the clock, splintering it in half.

“You did not just do that,” Dean groaned wearily.

His eyes fluttered open as he lifted his head.

“God dammit,” he muttered, “That’s it, I’m not buying any more alarm clocks. That’s the fifth one you’ve broken in a month.”

Buffy whined softly, “Sorry…why do we need a stupid alarm anyway? It’s not like we’ve got anything good to get up for.”

“Uh, how about jobs that pay for this house and all the things we need to survive.”

Buffy twisted around to face Dean.

“We can survive on love,” she replied dreamily.

“We tried to do that once and as I remember you complained every hour for a week about how bad dollar shampoo made your hair look. You think I want to put myself through that again? Besides, our twenty-four hours as a childless couple is about to end soon.”

“Oh right. Kids. We’ve got those huh?”

“Hey, you wanted them.”

“Uh, you helped make them….and the last time you were all over me.”

“Well stop being so damn sexy and maybe I’d have a chance of resisting you.”

They laughed.

“Mmm, I can’t remember the last time we stayed up all night like that without interruptions," Buffy sighed joyfully.

Buffy snuggled closer to his warm body.

“You think Sam and Faith will take the kids for a whole weekend?”

His eyes widened, “God, can you imagine? We’d be lucky if she didn’t bring them back in leather outfits and carrying rubber knives.”

“She’s a reformed bad girl, remember?”

“Then why did she buy Pheebs a pair of red leather pants for her birthday?”

Buffy chuckled, “Because she thought it was funny and she knew it would freak you out.”

“Yeah well, just wait until she pops a couple out, I’ll be sending her toddler sized Amish getups.”

Buffy chuckled again then stopped to think about the image, “That’s a scary thought. Faith in labor pain with Sam in the delivery room….she’d kill him or at least break his arm.”

“Like you did mine?”

Buffy feigned an offended look, “I said I was sorry…next time you have the kid and tell me it doesn’t hurt more than a knife to the gut...besides, it’s your Winchester stubbornness that made the labor go on so’s your fault I broke your arm...”

“And the second time?”

“Your fault too, I wanted a girl and yet you gave me another Winchester boy too stubborn to come out, so you got a sprained grateful Phoebe came out quick and graceful or I would have crippled a lower appendage.”

“Uh, doubt it, you love that lower appendage.”

Buffy snickered, “Yeah, I do.”

Dean’s cell phone buzzed on the bed side table. Buffy groaned, leaning closer to kiss him.

“I have to get that,” he said.

Buffy gave him a determined look, forcing the kiss deeper.

“Not if I can help it.”

She pressed her half naked body against him as the cell phone continued to buzz.

“Shit, if that goes to voicemail, I’m in trouble.”

He reached for the phone but her hand slapped on his wrist.

“Please don’t answer it," Buffy moaned.

“Real life is calling baby…sorry…”

She loosened her grip allowing him to grab the phone. He eyed the caller ID screen as he sat up in bed.

“Hey Max….yeah I’m up….okay…..I’ll see you soon.”

Buffy frowned, her lower lip dipping into her famous pout. Dean put the phone back on the bedside table and eyed his sulking wife.

“We’ll pick this up later.”

“Or we can pick it up now before the kids get here.”

She crawled up behind him and draped her arms around him. She kissed his shoulder and neck seductively.

“I’ve created an animal,” he said.

Buffy continued her seduction, knowing all of the moves that drove her husband wild with desire.

“Aw screw it, I’m stuck in traffic.”

He grabbed her and pulled her down to the bed as something came crashing through the bedroom window. Four demons with black charred faces swung their swords and roared.

Buffy and Dean exchanged looks before rolling off the bed as the demons attacked. Buffy lunged into the air and drove her foot into a demon’s head. Dean ducked as a demon swung its sword at his head. The two seasoned warriors dove into the fight without fear.

Buffy blocked one of the demons as he tried to punch her. She glanced out of the corner of her eye and noticed a portal in the window. A whirlpool of blue and green light filled the gap where the window had been.

She snapped her attention back to the demon, spin kicking him in the face. She charged forward and lunged into the air. She jammed her foot into the demon’s head, sending him crashing back into the wall.

Dean slammed his fist into another burnt toast faced demon. The demon stumbled back as he charged forward. The demon swung his sword out but Dean grabbed the handle, forcing a struggle.

Buffy managed to kill two of the demons and was struggling with another one to take his sword. She punched him in the face, sending the demon back into the dresser. She launched forward into a combination of punches and kicks.

Buffy blew back onto the bed, the demon having managed to throw her across the room. The demon lunged on top of her and grabbed her by the throat. She struggled to break free as the demon lifted her up into the air. She glanced over at the swimming pool of mystical light. She kicked her knees into the demon’s chin. The demon shook his head and growled. She finally broke free and darted her head around for a weapon. She noticed the mirror from the dresser had shattered. She snatched up a sharp shard and plunged it into the demon’s throat. The demon howled and charging toward her like an angry bull.

Buffy slammed into the wall, mere inches from the portal. She tried to shake off the blow but the demon was already on top of her. He took the butt of his sword and whipped her across the face. He grabbed her by the hair and leaped into the portal.

“Dean!” she cried.

Dean stumbled as the demon struck him the face. He whipped his eyes over at the call of his name. Panic speared through his body when he saw one of the demons sailing through the portal, taking Buffy with him.

“Sonofabitch,” he hollered.

The last demon used the distraction to his advantage, striking Dean clear across the face. Dean sailed back onto the bed and crashed back into the headboard. The demon growled and grinned wickedly, showing its sharp yellow teeth.

“Dude, don’t they dental have plans in the underworld?”

The demon snarled, slowly going in for the kill. Dean let the bastard close in on him. He carefully slipped a hand under the stack of pillows behind him.

“Please don’t kill me, I’ve got kids.”

The demon leaped toward him. As the demon descended upon him, Dean snatched the dagger from under the pillow and shoved it in the bastard’s belly. The demon growled in pain as Dean jammed the dagger deeper into the demon's flesh. He kicked the demon back into the dresser and sprung forward. He grabbed the demon into a chokehold and bolted toward the portal.

“Just another day at the office,” he grumbled.

Dean squeezed his arm tighter, crushing the charred headed demon's windpipe before launching himself and the demon through the portal.
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