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Heroes Heir

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Summary: Two of the world's greatest heroes have a son. Too bad they have no idea. Xander's life just got a whole lot more complicated.

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DC Universe > Justice LeagueMidknightJFR15516,014119433,9851 Apr 0918 May 09No

The Players

Disclaimer: I'm poor. I own nothing.

The Players

Main Cast

Alexander Harris
Affiliation: Scooby Gang, Watcher’s Council

Clark Kent, aka, Superman
Affiliation: Justice League

Diana of Themyscira, aka, Wonder Woman
Affiliation: Amazons, Justice League

Mary Batson, aka, Mary Marvel
Age: Late teens as Mary Batson, appears mid-twenties as Mary Marvel
Affiliation: None; Formerly Marvel Family

Supporting Cast

Justice League of America

Bruce Wayne, aka, Batman
Roy Harper, aka, Red Arrow, aka, Arsenal
Dinah Lance, aka, Black Canary
Mari McCabe, aka, Vixen
Kendra Saunders, aka, Hawkgirl
John Smith, aka, Red Tornado
Jefferson Pierce, aka, Black Lightning
Wally West, aka, Flash
Hal Jordon, aka, Green Lantern
Jason Rusch, aka, Firestorm
Zatanna Zatara

Watchers Council
Buffy Summers
Dawn Summers
Rupert Giles
Willow Rosenberg
Faith Lehane
Andrew Wells
Robin Wood


Eclipso, aka, Wrath of God
Affiliation: none

Cloaked Woman
Affiliation: Eclipso
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