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Feeling Lost Again

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Summary: Crossover w/ Lost, in memory of Andy Hallett. Set between Seasons 4 and 5 of Lost. Dr. Jack Shepard stumbles into a strange bar after Kate rejects his request to return to the island, and ends up singing for his troubles...

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Television > LostTheHeartistFR131784026122 Apr 092 Apr 09Yes
A/N: For a talented guy who died too soon, too young...

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters of Lorne or Dr. Jack Shepard, or the shows Angel the Series or Lost. They are the intellectual properties of Joss Whedon and J.J. Abrams respectively.

Lorne had thought he'd seen 'em all. But he could never quite recall a doctor ever wandering into Caritas. Unless you count Dr. Feelgood that is.

Lorne took a seat next to the guy still wearing his doctor's coat, and ordered a seabreeze.

"Whoa there amigo, you've been partaking on a little too much of the sauce? What's the matter, the job getting you down?" Lorne asked.

The man turned to reveal to Lorne his quite substantial facial hair, and sighed heavily.

"Well aren't you just a regular chatterbox? You got a name cupcake? I'm the Host here, but my friends call me Lorne" Lorne said, trying to figure out what was wrong. He never knew what it was with him, but he always felt compelled to bring a smile to a sad face, no matter the cause of their sadness.

"My name is Jack Shepard...and I am an alcoholic," the man said with a sad smile on his face.

Well, Lorne thought, halfway there.

"So where does slouching by the bar at a quarter to midnight come in the eight step program?" Lorne asked, maintaing his winning smile ", wait, I know that's a girl huh?"

"I'd say you're a pretty astute person, Mr. Lorne," Jack replied.

"Please, just Lorne, only the IRS call me Mr. Lorne, and that's when they're asking for the taxes on this place," Lorne replied back.

Jack smiled for a second, an honest smile, before saying ", okay, well...yeah, it's a girl. And she's the one, I'm sure of it. But she doesn't trust me."

"If you can't trust a doctor these days, who can you trust? What did you do?" Lorne asked.

"I need her to believe something...something important. We need to go somewhere together, but she just doesn't trust me anymore," Jack explained ", and I'm scared about how everything is going to turn out."

"Well, why don't you hop on up to that there stage, sing a few bars, and perhaps I can help," Lorne said.

Jack looked up into Lorne's eyes, and then across at the stage...

Several minutes and a drunken rendition of Lou Reed's Perfect Day later...

"Not a bad set of pipes for an alcoholic doctor there Dr. Shepard. But I tell you, your future, kind of defies explanation," Lorne said, as Jack sat back down next to him.

"Defies explanation?" Jack asked. This was the longest he had ever suspended reason for in his entire life (not counting the island) but he was in deep enough now, so what the hell...

"Well, your future is kind of scattered. And YOUR future doesn't seem to align neccessarily with the futures of everybody else in this room. But know this. When the time comes, do what you do best. If you don't, you may just end up help making the very thing you are trying to preventing happening from occuring in the first place," Lorne explained.

"Scattered future..." Jack murmured to himself, trying to process what he had been told.

"Just know that you'll get to where you're trying to go. Just perservere. Oh, and Jack?" Lorne continued.

"Yeah?" Jack asked in reply.

"She still loves you. I don't think she knows it, but she does. Same advice, just...perservere. it's all you can do," Lorne said ", but first, you should clean yourself up! Get out of here, and get back to saving lives. It's what you do best. The answers will come in time, even if you forget you were looking for them. Now go. And if I see you in here again cupcake, I won't be a pleased Host. Go on, am-scray."

Jack turned to leave and stopped before the stairs, turning back.

"Thank you, Lorne," he said ", I won't forget you."

Lorne put down his glass of seabreeze, and turned towards Jack, before saying ", me, you can forget, hell, all that booze and you probably will. But my advice. Make sure it sticks. It might just make your future a good one."

Jack smiled, and turned, starting up the stairs.

He stopped at the door at the top, shook his head, and murmured to himself ", am I ever going to forget a guy like that..."

And with that, Jack was gone.

A/N: Hope you all liked. Reviews are good, but this time, I don't really mind. I did this out of respect for a guy who really carried the emotion of one of my favourite T.V. shows for me. The character of Lorne was always the guy with the good advice, and Andy really bought him to life. A fine actor, and a talented individual (not to mention a fantastic voice) rest in peace Andy Hallett. You will be missed.

The End

You have reached the end of "Feeling Lost Again". This story is complete.

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