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Raider's Descent

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Summary: What would happen if Buffy & Spike's kid came to Hogwarts? What if Lara Croft raised her? What happens when she’s sorted into Slytherin? Will she convince her fellow snakes to think for themselves? Or will they devour her from beneath?

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Real Family
Games > Other Genre > Tomb Raider
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Being a Croft

Chapter 1:
Being a Croft

Like I said, my name is Amanda Summers Croft and I’m 11 years old. I live in ‘the Land of Tweed’ at Croft Manor, with my Aunt Lady Lara Croft, Uncle Bryce, and Uncle Hillary our butler.

Although that doesn’t mean I don’t see my dad or Uncle Angel. Because I see them, Dad more than Uncle A though.

So I gave you a brief background on my unusual family history, but that still wasn’t what I meant when I said I was different from other kids.

Ever since I was little, I could do things. Anything from levitation, to appearing on the other side of a room, and I have a habit of getting out of places that are meant to keep me in.

I’ve always been a highly intelligent kid, ok that was me trying to modest. It obviously wasn’t working, so I’m going to be straight with you, I’m a child genius.

But anyway back to the story. It all came to head on my 6th birthday when I had a temper tantrum after finding out my favorite brooding Uncle, Angel, couldn’t make it. Before anyone knew what was happening I started to shake and every glass type structure in the room broke and flying shards went everywhere.

That’s when Dad, Aunt Lara, and Uncle Alex took me to Aunt Lara’s study and told me that I was a witch. A broom riding, potion making, wand-waving witch.

I laughed in their faces.

Hey! What would you have done? … That’s what I thought!

So not only was I a 6-year-old half- vampire/half-slayer, but a witch too.

Bloody perfect! Why couldn’t I ever be normal.

Once I finished having my minor panic attack, I settled down to let them explain what was going on and what was going to happen.

I found out during our talk that before Dad was turned he was what’s called a pureblood wizard and apparently a good one at that. Uncle Alex is also a wizard from a pureblood family in America.

Aunt Lara is what’s called a squib, a person from a magical family that isn’t able to access their magic. That’s gotta be a bummer.

The only ones who doesn’t have a drop of magic in them is my Uncles Bryce and Hillary and that is called being a muggle.

I don’t count Uncle Peaches or mom because, hello vampire and slayer, if there isn’t something mystical about that, I’ll eat Bryce’s cooking.

After more talking and lots of explaining, we began deciding what to do next. I immediately wanted to get started right away. I didn’t want to wait to go to some type of magical school that had to do with warty hogs.

What a poofy name, as dad would say.

I’m used to hard training and demanding workloads, after all I’ve been training with Aunt Lara since I was four. Not only does she teach me tomb raiding stuff, which is bloody brilliant by the way, she teaches me languages, martial arts – ninja style , and gun maintenance on all of her guns. I wasn’t allowed to start learning with loaded ones until I was at least 10.

I remember the day with such fondness. I actually got her to lift the ban and started learning when I was 9 1/2 , although that may have been because I smuggled myself with her on one of her expeditions. She wasn’t too happy with that. It was the adventure where Powell stole the clock key, the Illuminati conspiracy and saving the world thing. I love my aunt, she’s bloody awesome. I want to be just like her when I grow up.

Did I mention my love for guns or any other type of firearm at all.

We also do Parkour and some free running together. We dominate the obstacle course together.

Then there is Uncle Bryce, who although isn’t all to physical is always cheering me on with stuff like Parkour. He teaches me all about electronics. I tried to help him rebuild SIMON once, but well, lets say it was in better shape after Aunt Lara used live rounds on it, then when I was through with it.

Uncle Hillary makes sure Aunt Lara and I don’t kill ourselves with all the crazy stunts we do. Sometimes he even helps me by being my sparing partner. He also helps me stay on track with my own school work and has taken me under his wing in the kitchen. Muttering something about, “I’ll be damned if at least one of you Croft’s don’t learn how to cook, that doesn’t involve a microwave oven.” I was slightly scared so I went along with him, and I haven’t made anything blow up yet. So I’m ahead of Aunt Lara.

When Uncle Alex, who has an on and off again relationship with my aunt, stops by, he teaches me the stuff about tomb raiding that Aunt Lara would probably kill both of us if she knew. More importantly he is my magic teacher. He teaches me the theories of magic and all the non wand waving subjects. Including flying. He says I can get a wand when 10. I told him he sucked.

But not to be out done by Lara on the gun usage Uncle Alex lifted the age ban too. When I got my first wand it was all worth it though. Uncle Alex had taken me to America to buy my first wand because that way I could get around the loophole that was Underage Sorcery.


Once at the store I swear to god I blew up half the shop before the guy at the counter decided I needed a custom wand. How awesome! While I was busy doing my mental happy dance, I didn’t notice Uncle Alex give the wand maker a box and quietly whisper something to him.

The old wand maker lead me to the back of his shop and told me to put my hand over each one until I felt a pull. I went down the line until I got the to the last three and I felt it. I felt pulled to all three.

“These three, sir” I pick up the woods to show him.

He raises an eyebrow but nods and motions to put them on the work bench beside him.

“Now do the same thing with the cores.” He says.

So once again I make my way down the line, until I get to the last three. Once more I fell the pull to these items. I don’t pick them up though this time.

I turn and face the excepted face of the wand maker and Uncle Alex and say, “The last three.”
“Are you sure?” he quickly demanded.

I gave him a weird look but all the same I answered, “Yes.”

The wand maker sucks in a gasp of air and I look at him sharply before his face goes blank and merely mutters,

“ Fascinating, Truly fascinating!”

“What is so fascinating” making it my turn to demand an answer.

“You’ll see” was all he said as he shoos us to the front of the store and tells us that it will be four hours till he’s done and not a minute less or later.

Four long agonizing hours later we enter the shop and the wand maker appears at the desk with a small content smile on his face.

“Miss Croft I must say that your wand was an honor to make and that I feel truly sorry for your enemies.”

I have a confused look on my face as he brings out two boxes.

“To make just the right wand I had to actually make two to make them” he said.

Uncle Alex and I approach the counter and I held my breath as he opened the first box. Inside was a near black wand with a greenish tint to it.

As I picked it up I could hear the wand maker saying, “The wand is 10 inches long made out of Kingswood soaked in your own blood.”

At this a look up and notice uncle Alex looked sheepish and assumed he had something to do with it.

“The wood makes it excellent with curses and offensive magic, plus the wand with your blood soaked into it will only allow you to wield it.”

“The core of your wand was interestingly enough blood from a Master Vampire willing given” I automatically knew that was Dad’s blood, “along with that was a basilisk fang wrapped in a serpent scale. All of that together adds to be a powerful, deadly and dangerous wand, young Croft.”

I gently place the wand down into its’ box and pick out the next one which is a dark blood red color.

“This wand is again 10 inches long with a mix of Ebony and Desert Ironwood wrought together, once more soaked in your blood. The ebony wood serves well for defense, reversal, and despelling dark magic and is excellent with defensive magic. The Desert Ironwood brings wisdom, clarity, and knowledge that the light can prevail over darkness. As well, the wand will only let you wield it.”

“The core of your wand is even more incredible than that of your other. Slayer blood freely given is a most precious gift and I don’t know how you got it Ms. Croft but I do envy you for it.”

A single tear slide down my check as I knew in my heart that my mother would always be with me. He waited till I composed my self to continue on.

“Like I said your wand core contains Slayer blood freely given and a Manticore hair. The combination of the two will be fierce indeed. Both are deadly warriors, intelligent, but ferocious. Yes the wand will see you, a protector, though many battles Lady Croft.

My wand was like nothing I had ever seen or felt before. It was beautiful. And I could feel the power flowing through it, begging to be released. More so then even my other one.

After thanking him and paying him for the wands and two dragon hide arm holsters we headed back home.

End of Flashback

He also found it his duty to Americanize me since I was born in America. Sunnydale, California to be exact where my mother lives. But I’ll get into that later. From movies, music, food, and language, he is determined to un-Britishize me. Whatever that means.

When I see Uncle Angel, which is sporadic at best, he does his best to make it up to me by teaching me history. Both modern and demonic. He also teaches me the Martial art Krav Mag and weaponry. And also how to piss off my dad. Yeah, those to still do not like each other. We both do Tai-Chi together. He later told me that he was teaching my mother the same form.

Ok, about my mom since I know your dying with suspense by now. It seems when the Powers That Be sucked her soul out of the past and back to the present, not only did she not remember it, she doesn’t remember me. And yeah that sucks like nothing else. The Powers That think they Know all, yeah I’m bitter, also somehow but a spell on me. Meaning that anyone who knows about me can’t tell her in anyway, shape, or form. Trust me we’ve tried.

Let’s get off of this depressing topic before I want to hurt something. Yes I got my love for violence from my dad.

Speaking of my dad, it’s always a busy time when I see him because we are trying to not only catch up with each other and just hang out, but he has to teach me stuff too.

Even though I don’t see him as often as I like, I know that he loves me and we are each others best friends. And yes, Spike can love even though he doesn’t have a soul. I know he’s a big bad as he calls it but he is still my dad and I love him. Plus he has never hurt our family and he doesn’t kill when he visits me. Which is when he can ditch the gothic loony toon Dru.

Dad teaches me to control my vampyness, about the supernatural (demons, vampires, and other assorted baddies), martial arts: karate and some Krav Mag, and weaponry. I seem to have a gift for both, I think it comes from my innate slayerness. He also teaches me stuff that Lara and Hillary would probably light him on fire for, well Hillary mainly. Aunt Lara would probable be all disapproving but approving at the same time. Mental that one.
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