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Echoes of Freedom

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Summary: Will the secret of Echo's past come out, how about Alpha's identity. Justice can be had. C/O The Dollhouse and Torchwood.

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Television > Dollhouse
Dr. Who/Torchwood > Faith-Centered
JerriFR1332,602073,8103 Apr 0922 Apr 09No

Chapter Three

I own nothing; Joss Whedon owns Buffy, The Vampire Slayer and The Dollhouse. Russell T. Davies owns torchwood. No profit is being made.

Author's note: Some very slight mention of slash. I don't think it even qualifies as innuendo, but it is there, so be warned.

Captain John Hart leaned back in his chair and ran his fingers through his blond hair. He was decidedly frustrated. This email had given him more problems than his entire recovery from the mind wipe and his bloody escape had. That, in fact, was relatively easy. After all, there only had to be two survivors, one untouched for her innocence and the other reminded that all people had rights and his right in particular was that people should not get into his highly advanced brain and mess about in there. That wasn’t too much to expect, now was it. What he expected was that it would be easier to figure out what to say to draw Torchwood into the mix. The Watcher’s would deal with the supernatural aspects of The Dollhouse, but Torchwood and Jack were really best suited for dealing with the technical bits. That and while he was sure the Watchers would protect Caroline, particularly after they mysteriously received a file with her rather complete history in it, he still trusted the boy scout to make damn sure that happened.

He shook his head; it astounded him that of all the Actives in the Dollhouse, only one hadn’t volunteered, although, he now knew that number to be two. Sierra, that one that Echo liked, she had been kidnapped into what amounted to sexual slavery. It didn’t matter if she remembered it or not, it had to affect her. He would see them safely out and free, before he took his own revenge. The revenge that would be all the sweeter for the wait; a wait that was getting longer the more time he took writing this bloody bedamned email. How hard could it be?


I got in over my head and now I need help with normal humans who have developed brain erasure and profile implants for the purpose of making filthy lucre. No, I don’t get a profit because I went balls up and ended up being their first plaything. There are two actual innocents in there and I need help to get them out. Call me.

Your Friend John”

Oh yes, that should bring Captain Jack Harkness and his minions running. Mostly so they could laugh at him and after the humiliation of the last couple of encounters with Torchwood that was simply not to be borne, so back to the word processor.


Willow watched Faith pace. The frustration and fear were plain to see, for anyone who knew the dark slayer. Willow, for all her earlier hatred of Faith, had finally acknowledged that Faith was misguided and hurt, not evil back in those days. Well, a little crazy too. Discovering that she had a twin was bringing the crazy back, in spades. They had verified the poor girl trapped in the Dollhouse was her twin with DNA and magic. There was no doubt and Faith wanted her sister out of there, sometime yesterday would be good. Like all the Slayers, Faith did not have a great deal of patience.

“Faith, we will get her out, we just need to be sure that we can fix her after we’ve done that. I’m doing fairly well on getting through their firewalls and I think that I should be able to figure out the technology, but we have to be sure that I know exactly what we’ll need to fix her and the others, so that we can keep the baby slayers from slaying it in the assault. I know that waiting is hard, but from everything I’ve managed to learn so far, the man who takes care of Caroline really does care about her well-being and I think we can count of him to protect her.”

“I know Red, but it just eats me that she is in there and knowing what they do, well it …” Faith’s voice trailed off as she shuddered, “When I think of what they do with her body, it makes me sick. I had to deal with what happened to me, she was in a good place, this shouldn’t have ever happened to her. Never!”

Xander, who had been leaning against the doorframe stepped over to Faith, wrapping his arms tightly around the woman he loved, “We will make sure she gets and we’ll get her the help that she needs to recover.” His eye flashed sternly, “I’ll make sure that the scum who put her and the others there can never do that again. Just remember when the time comes, the humans are mine to deal with. Well,” self-deprecatingly, “mine and the other watchers. I don’t want to the Slayers to do anything that might harm them. That includes you, Faith.”

“Yeah, yeah, I got it already. No doing anything that will make me crazy again.” She finally relaxed back against him and looked towards Willow. “So, any idea how long?”

“Nope, can’t give you a time yet, but as soon as possible. I promise, Faith.”

The Hub
Cardiff, Wales, U.K.

Ianto strolled into the office of his boss and maybe, sometimes, when the moon was in the right phase, maybe more with a huge mug of coffee. He leaned over Jack Harkness’ shoulder to place the coffee under his nose. Jack, a handsome man, woke up from the nap that his paperwork had given him. He latched onto the mug with both hands, whilst making very satisfied sounds. After a large gulp he looked up at Ianto, blue eyes twinkling and smiled a very suggestive smile, “When are you going to come out to dinner with me? After all, I’ve been a very good boss today; I’ve gotten a large number of reports read and added my commentary to them. All ready to go to the PM.”

Ianto grinned down at Jack, “Well maybe when we’re in the states.”

“We are going to the United States, when did that happen?”

“The entire team is going, there seems to be a problem in Los Angeles. The NSA seems to have been screening some technology that is way beyond what the human race should be capable of at this time. Also, we found out that there might be some Watcher’s Council involvement and the PM is very concerned. They normally are very good about not going after humans and human organizations. That they seem to be focused on this one is bothering some of the more elevated personages around. We are to insure that we retrieve the technology to keep it out of the wrong hands, but we are to assist the Council in anyway possible. We leave day after tomorrow.”

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please email the author or leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "Echoes of Freedom" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Apr 09.

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