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Echoes of Freedom

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Summary: Will the secret of Echo's past come out, how about Alpha's identity. Justice can be had. C/O The Dollhouse and Torchwood.

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Television > Dollhouse
Dr. Who/Torchwood > Faith-Centered
JerriFR1332,602073,8033 Apr 0922 Apr 09No

Chapter One

I own nothing and Joss owns everything. No profit is being made.

Ms. Dewitt warmed her hands with the cup of hot tea as she looked out the window pensively. She was really concerned about this assignment, but she had no choice in the matter of the Active. There was only one who could swing this and survive.

The CEO of the corporation sat on the sofa, cradling scotch as he spoke. “I can see no alternative. We can’t have these people canceling our protection. We have to provide them an Active capable of defending herself at need. The only recourse I see is to imprint Echo. The club chosen for the celebration has well above standard non-violence protocols and they swear they will guarantee her safety.”

The lovely brunette shook her head, but then nodded to her superior. She knew it was very serious to get him off the phone and into her office in person.

“I will speak to Topher about the required imprints. But we have to be very careful here. He is unaware of the ‘nightlife’ and I would prefer to keep him that way. Perhaps we could deal with the engagement as a masque ball of some sort?”

“That is a possibility, will her regular handler be able to deal with this assignment?”

“That is the question. I hope Mr. Langston is able to cope, he is really very good with Echo.” Adele crossed over to her desk and picked up her phone, “Please have Topher and Mr. Langston standing by for me in 30 minutes? Thank you.”


The lovely girl with long brown hair laughed as she looked around the club. This was just the best party. She couldn’t remember every being at a party with karaoke. This combined with the really cool costumes was just fun. She trilled a laugh as her date, dressed up to resemble a pirate signaled for another round. Tina had no clue what she was drinking, but it was fruity and cold and good. The tall man, costumed with green skin and really freaky red eyes wandered over to their table.
“So Xander cakes, is the girl I’ve been hearing so much about?”

“Yes, Lorne, this is Nancy. I’ve brought her to sing for you.” Xander let the full force of his one eye plead for her to sing.

“Well, I don’t know how good I’ll be, but I’ll be happy to sing for you.” She stood carefully, as her leather skirt was very short and walked to the stage with Lorne. Her beautiful features tipped up towards the Host as he conferred with her about song and music. He gave her a gentle push onto the stage and stepped back to read her. He knew that there was more than just a little bit buried under the surface; he just had no idea how much. He did know she looked a lot like Faith, without the time as a warrior written into her eyes. He also knew that she wasn’t Faith, because Faith was in his office behind the bar, waiting to see what he learned.

As Nancy started to sing about freedom and the light it brings, Lorne grabbed his horns and urgently motioned for the barman to bring him a Sea breeze, now! His legs shook as he managed to get himself into a seat.

Lorne lifted his head, red eyes stunned as he looked at the main Scooby, “Your girl has a sister, though I think you already know that. She is a slayer and has been since that fateful day. She was already in the dollhouse, so when she said she wanted to be strong; she was in a highly suggestible state. She has no clue about what she is, and for some reason, has none of the dreams, but she is a slayer. Is there anyway to get her out of there?”

“Oh yes, there is a way, though I don’t think that the management will be thrilled with it. Can you tell me who Alpha really is?”

“He reminds me very much of Spike, but that can’t be can it? Spike is dead.”

“Yeah, and Caroline, Faith’s twin is listed as missing, presumed dead.”

Xander sat back and watched his Faith’s twin, sing and contemplated the fight to come.
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