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Who Guards The Heart?

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Summary: My own Group Of Submissions To The Andy Hallett Challenge

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Multiple Crossings > Lorne-CenteredcwolfFR131898027873 Apr 093 Apr 09No
Disclaimer: I do not own Angel, the Buffyverse, or Naruto (dang random plot bunnies) The Proclaimers own the song "I'm Gonna Be"

Lorne looked around at the standard chaos that came with owning a bar. Things were hopping that night. Literally.

A few Sheffi demons were making nuisances of themselves while a lot of patrons were unable to do anything more than cuss at them due to the anti-violence wards.

Lorne shook his head. "Those rabbit legs of their's are fast..."

He paused as he felt something, or someone enter. Whoever it was had a lot of power, though contained. Usually he could only sense it through the music.

He blinked. And with whoever it was came someone humming some sort of perverted...

He winced. "I don't need to see that."

"Look brat. I just want to get something to drink."

Lorne looked closer and saw a white haired man wearing an outfit that looked to be a mixture of modern and traditional Japanese wear. In point of fact, it almost matched the clothing worn by people in some old Japanese paintings with some modern differences. The teenager beside him was wearing a bright orange jumpsuit. Both were wearing headbands with some type of symbol.

"And find a woman."

"That goes without saying."

"Why are we here anyway, Ero-Sannin?"

The man groaned and looked at Lorne. He blinked. "Interesting look." Then he stared around. "Well, I've got to admit I'm seeing some new sights, and I thought I'd seen everything."

"Welcome to the new Caritas. We had to relocate after some things." Lorne said with a smile. "Though I'm curious how you found us. Usually it's only those who are used to what's already here that show up."

The man shrugged while the kid looked around with widening eyes. "I've seen enough weird things, what's more?"

Lorne nodded. "Is there anything you'd like to drink?"

"Sake." the man nodded. Then looked toward the teenager. "Ramen if you've somehow got it for him and whatever teenagers drink. I can't keep track of it anymore."

"We do cater to dinner crowds on occasion." Lorne said while making a gesture toward one of the obscure wards. "It should be ready in a few."

He paused. "Meanwhile, is there anything you'd like to sing, young man?" Lorne asked.

"What?" The teenager turned toward him.

"It's tradition here." Lorne then gestured toward the man. "Though he took care of it with the humming."

"You heard that?"

Lorne shrugged. "It's a gift." Then he drew on a few of the cleaner memories from the humming. "I have... a talent you might say for seeing things in the future. Just glimpses mind you, but they help at times. Singing triggers it."

The teenager blinked. "I don't know what to sing..."

Lorne handed over a song sheet and a headset. "Well, you could study this. With the song playing for you. I've already selected it."

"And if you get the reading I don't have to get on stage?"

"Sure why not. Take away some of the entertainment..." Lorne grinned. "The sample starts with the chorus. If you want the full one, you'll have to get up there."

The teenager put on the headset and the first words he heard and tried to keep up with were "And I would walk five hundred miles..."

Lorne blinked as he got hit with a huge whammy.

The two customers stared at him as he came back to himself.

"Well?" The teenager Lorne knew now as Naruto asked.

"That's different..." Lorne said and shook his head. "You know usually imprisoned passengers try to fight the host constantly. But yours has become resigned to his fate, though he still puts up a token resistance due to his nature."

Naruto's eyes widened. "You know?"

"I felt you when you entered, I just didn't know the specifics. Whoever put him in you, saved the world from a threat and gave your village a strong defender."

Naruto blinked while Jiraiya grinned slightly and drank the sake.

"What else."

Lorne shook his head. "Nothing very specific. You've got a lot of fights ahead of you before you'll be able to bring your friend back."

Naruto frowned and sighed. "And here I thought It'd be easy."

"Very little ever is." Lorne said with a sad smile. "Very little."

Then he shrugged and straightened up. "The good news is you'll eventually marry a woman who loves you. But I'm not going to tell you who or when."

"What about..?"

"This Hokage is dependent on too many things. I can't see that. But I've known several people who've defied the odds and succeeded in their goals in spite of what or who was stacked against them. And from what I can tell, you're the same type of person."

Jiraiya nodded then put his hand on Naruto's shoulder before he could say more. "We have to go brat." Then he turned to Lorne. "By the way, I need to know where this bookstore is. We were searching for it." he handed over a sheet of paper.

Lorne looked at the address. "When you exit the bar, turn left it won't be far."

They both nodded and headed out.

Lorne shook his head then looked at a picture of a grinning woman, a rough looking man with glasses, a muscular man with an axe on one shoulder, and himself.. The person who'd taken the picture had been irritated but decided to anyway.

"And here I thought Japan would be boring...."

The End?

You have reached the end of "Who Guards The Heart?" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 Apr 09.

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