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Smaller Than Sunny

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Summary: Dawn, Spike, and Willow move to Smallville but a new Big Bad is after the Key. What effect do meteor rocks have on demons?

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Smallville > Willow-CenteredSamJamesFR13810,38931913,80524 Sep 032 Jan 07No

The Cunning Plan

Author's note: New year's resolution is to write more and finish some fics.

Smaller Than Sunny
Chapter 8: The Cunning Plan

After leaving Lex, Willow did not go immediately home despite what she had told her new friend and would-be amour, Instead, stake firmly grasped and fireball spell clear in her memory, she headed to the graveyard for a rendezvous with Spike.

As she walked down the street there was a slight smile on her lips as she thought of Lex. She couldn’t possibly be falling for him. She did not have time for a relationship between protecting Dawn, searching for the new slayer, and her first real job. Besides, Lex was a guy and she was still Sappho Girl. So there was just no way she and Lex could have anything. That settled, she resumed contemplating his face, his magnetism.

So it came as a shock when Spike snuck up on her and said, “Not the safest place to get lost in your thoughts, luv.”

Willow glared at Spike who had interrupted her... her... her assessment of the Smallville situation, “I can take care of myself, thank you.”

Spike glanced at the glowing energy ball suspended above the witch’s cupped hand. “Of course you can. ”

“Any luck finding the slayer?” Willow asked Spike. The two were in the northeast corner of the graveyard, among the town’s oldest graves.

“No, sod it all,” the vampire responded. “And it’s cursed certain we won’t find her patrolling like a proper slayer.” He looked down at Willow and smiled a manic grin, “But fear not. I have a cunning plan,”

“Oh, good,” Willow said. “I haven’t come up with anything. I’ve been so busy with the teaching and that thing that attacked Dawn and trying to fend off this reporter-gal…”

“And having a bit of a snog too, from the smell of it,” Spike interrupted.

“Hey!” Willow complained. “I was working too. Well some,” she blushed red. “Anyway, what’s your cunning plan, Mr. Baldrick?” She had seen a few episodes of The Blackadder in the summer she had spent in England, enough to catch Spike’s reference.

Spike smiled proudly and told her. Willow blinked in shock. ‘Has he gone insane again?’ she wondered. Finally, she spoke, “Um Spike, we’re supposed to dust the evil vampires, remember. Not invite them into a town full of innocent people.”

“But it’s the best way to lure the new slayer out. Get some fledgling vamp to try to snack on a few happy meals with legs, the new slayer will come out in the nick of time like always and then we’ll find out who she is.”

“Spike, bad idea. Remember this is where Dawn lives. We’re trying to keep her safe. We’ll find another plan.”

“Oh no, the bit!” He started running toward town.

Willow stared for a couple of seconds and then she swore as the significance of his flight hit her. Spike had already put his plan into action. There was a vampire in the streets of Smallville. She rushed after Spike.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Smaller Than Sunny" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 Jan 07.

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