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Summary: Voldemort knows Snape is a spy, and both he and Harry are in danger.

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Harry Potter > Multiple PairingsShannonFR151332,27723522,74024 Sep 035 Nov 03Yes



Harry sat up in his bed at the sound of the magical siren downstairs. Only the people in the house and the people at twelve Grimauld Place could hear it. The muggles on the rest of the street wouldn’t be aware of anything at all. Unfortunately, hearing it meant someone from the wizarding world was trying to enter the house. Dumbledore had told him about the special wards before sending him home for the summer.

He could hear his aunt and uncle in the next room, getting up and yelling about the noise. He didn’t hear Dudley but then, odds were the boy didn’t know anything was going on, he slept too soundly. Harry left his bed, the safest thing to do was to stay where he was until he heard from the Order, as long as the alarm was sounding whoever was outside had not been able to get in. However, if his aunt and uncle went a confronted the person they may get hurt.

Harry didn’t like the Dursleys but he had seen what Voldemort’s Death Eaters could do and he didn’t want that to happen to them. No one deserved to die that way. Grabbing his robe he ran to the hall to find his uncle just leaving the bedroom.

“Go back in your room,” Harry told him. “You need to stay up here.”

“Don’t tell me what to do in my home boy,” Vernon Dursley yelled, “What is that noise, did you do this?”

“Professor Dumbledore did it,” Harry had told him all of this at the beginning of the summer, “The neighbors can’t hear anything, but it does mean that someone, Voldemort or someone working for him is trying to get in.”

“I don’t want those people near my home!” He shouted.

“I don’t want the people trying to kill me here either,” Harry assured him angrily, “But they don’t seem to care. They can’t get in, unless you go down there and open the door. So we need to stay here until we hear from the Order.”

“Do as the boy says Vernon,” Petunia Dursley said from the bedroom, she had heard of both Voldemort and the Order Harry was referring to, when her sister was alive. Trusting them to help was the best option.

“You better be right,” Vernon turned and stormed back into his bedroom slamming the door.

Harry went back to his room just as a small owl flew in the window. Harry reached for the parchment attached to the bird’s leg as soon as it landed. He recognized Lupin’s handwriting immediately.


Help has been sent. The Ministry has been notified and

Aurors are being sent as well as several members of the


Keep everyone away from the doors. If your family opens

The door they can get in. It shouldn’t take too long to remove

The threat.

The alarm stopped as Harry read the letter. He sighed with relief.

Moody and Tonks will come for you as soon as it’s safe.

Obviously it is no longer safe for you to remain at the

Dursley’s. We cannot endanger them.


Harry folded the letter and set in on his dresser. There wasn’t much helpful information, but then it wasn’t as if Lupin had a chance to plan anything. Before Harry could return to bed there was a loud crack and two figures appeared in his room.

“Hiya Harry,” Tonks said.

“Hi,” Harry replied, “They gone then?”

“Yes,” Moody grumbled, “Ministry caught a few, but most apparated away.”

“We’re going to take you to the Headquarters,” Tonks explained. “Just bring what you have to.”

“We’re Apparating, so we can’t carry much,” Moody added.

“Will my Aunt and Uncle be safe?” Harry asked, he didn’t want to see them hurt when he wasn’t even here.

“They should be, Snape says finding you is Voldemort’s top priority. Once he knows your gone, they won’t be back here,” Tonks said, ignoring Harry’s scowl at the mention of the potions masters name.

Harry quickly went and told his uncle the threat was gone, and that he was leaving. He then gathered his broom, books and a few pieces of clothing. Tonks took the clothes and Moody held onto Harry and they quickly disappeared.


Snape approached the hooded figure in front of him. He had been at the Order when the alarm had sounded. As soon as Moody had taken off to find Potter he had felt the familiar pain in his left arm. He had arrived a few minutes ago. The Dark Lord’s current hide out was busy tonight, but everyone had immediately moved so he could go to Voldemort’s side. That probably wasn’t a good sign, it suggested he was being called, not the Death Eaters in general.

“You called for me Master?” Snape approached the man and went to his knees head inclined.

“Yes,” The voice hissed. “You told me Potter was not protected.”

“I was told he was not sir,” Snape answered quietly.

“I have gotten a lot of incorrect information from you Severus.”

“I’m sorry sir,” Snape answered, he didn’t like the direction this was taking. He had been concerned for a while now that some of Voldemort’s people were suspicious.

“You spend a great deal of time with Dumbledore, it’s beginning to concern me,” Voldemort said watching the man through the slits in the mask, “I’m not sure you should remain at that school.”

“Sir, the Headmaster will become suspicious if I suddenly leave my post.”

“You’re concern for the Headmaster seems to out weigh your concern for me,” Voldemort hissed, “Do you believe you can fool me? Do you truly believe I don’t know what you’ve done? Bellatrix!”

Bellatrix Lestrange came into the room. She knew what was happening, the Dark Lord had suspected Snape for weeks. He had told her she would be the one to make him pay. He didn’t want him dead, just injured, then left for Dumbledore to find. It was to be a warning for anyone else that may consider defying the Dark Lord.

“Yes Master,” She said approaching the two men.

“You may have him. Remember I want him alive,” Voldemort said and moved back so the woman could move freely.

“Crucio!” She raised the wand and aimed at Snape who was still kneeling on the floor.

Snape immediately fell to his side. He remained quiet, both Bellatrix and Voldemort wanted him to scream. They took pleasure in inflicting pain, and he was not about to give them the satisfaction. She kept her wand pointed at him for a long time, removing it only when she thought he was on the verge of passing out. She would then give him a few moments to recover before repeating the curse. This went on for nearly an hour before Voldemort stepped forward and told her to stop.

“We don’t want to kill him,” Voldemort told the woman, “We want him alive, and able to tell others.”

“But sir…”

The rest of her comment went unheard by Snape who finally succumbed to the pain and fainted.
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