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Sunnydale Hero

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Summary: Another person gets caught in the mess of Halloween

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A/N-see chapter 1 for disclaimer.

It was bad, almost like being beat repeatedly by his entire platoon again. He could feel the overlay on his senses and the absolute loss of input he had to his decisions in the gym.
His body moved in strange ways and it took him hours to find his way onto the streets. He could see the demons and wanted to scream to holster the now real sword but he could not. The child fell and green and blue orbs littered the ground, which he ran over.
He felt himself moving towards the sound of a scream rapidly. Somewhere the person that he was apparently in the backseat of drew a dagger and threw it at a hairy creature. The creature was not one of the escaped experiments from the lab he had worked for; he knew it was a child he was responsible for because of the Commandant.

Both he and to his surprise; the body he was in revolted at the name. In their mind a seal with the picture from the book at home appeared. From the seal issued a stream of gibberish; well gibberish until he really listened.

“Where am I? What are these creatures? Who is the Commandant?” the sounds asked.

“You are in Sunnydale, California. These creatures were children; don’t kill them anymore and the Commandant can’t be dealt with yet.” William spoke.

“Where in Albion is California?” the sound asked.

“Never heard of Albion.” William spoke.

“This must be a powerful use of the Will, to take me from Albion.” The sound said.

“What is the Will?” William asked.

“The power of Heroes and one of the three skills of Heroes; Strength, Skill and Will.”
The sound said.

“Well, regardless don’t kill anymore children. We’ll find another way out of this mess.”
William spoke.

“Alright, how are we going to do that?” The sound said.
“Well, I can offer a starting point. This could be a hallucination due to chemicals; if we can get to the plant outside of town I can let you use some of my skills to see if it’s chemical. If we can find another person that we can talk to then maybe we can find out if it has to do with something else.”

The duo in a single body begin heading down a road when they double over in pain as another wave of magic passes. More on auto-pilot than thinking; William heads for the gym wondering why he took this position: oh wait so the lab security team wouldn’t find him and kill him for knowing too much about certain matters. That also led to him with a gun even though he could barely shoot straight to save his hide.

After making sure the teenagers checked in safely; he literally dragged himself home and fell asleep on his air bed.

A/N-reviews are appreciated and helpful.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Sunnydale Hero" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Apr 09.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking