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Sunnydale Hero

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Summary: Another person gets caught in the mess of Halloween

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Fable 2.

It was October 20th when he arrived. No one quite knew him being a transplant from Cape Cod to Sunnydale to teach at Sunnydale High until a suitable replacement could be found for their biology teacher.

His name was William Smyth; his first day changed his future considerably from being another statistic.

October 20th

William Smyth drove his battered car into Sunnydale; he remembered buying the temporary vehicle at a used car lot for cash. In the backseat were the belongings he could not replace cheaply that were portable.

Turning down Revello Drive; he stops in front of a real estate agency.

Making sure the doors were locked on his POS car; he walked in to the office.

“Excuse me, I’d like to see the listings available in this town.”

The receptionist was a skinny brunette that handed over a sheet of paper whilst blowing bubbles with her gum.

Real estate prices were low and extremely affordable. He could get a decent house with a good mortgage.

“Can I speak to a broker now please.” William said.

“Certainly.” The brunette said and she awkwardly gathered her spindly limbs beneath her.

A scant few minutes later the brunette came out walking with a man that reeked of booze.

“Anthony Harris, and your name sir?” Tony said

“William Smythe, I was interested in the 1636 Revello Drive listing?”

“Very well; let’s go have a look at the property.” Tony said

When they got into the agency car; William had no doubts about the property; when he arrived and started looking around he started formulating a lower asking price.

True, it was in pseudo-good shape but that was where it went wrong.

When he opened the door the hinges squeaked and their was a minor damage issue in the house it looked like it had been lived in, or more precisely squatted in by people with no concept of dusting besides sweeping it into piles. Then there was strange art; really strange stuff.

William turned to Tony.

“A few questions; one how many people have died here?”

“Seven.” Tony answered.

William pondered for a second.

“What are my financing options?”

“Two hundred down and two thousand a month for ten months.” Tony said.

“Two hundred down cash and fifteen hundred a month for ten months, I’m being generous considering multiple deaths have occurred here.”

“Deal paperwork will get drawn up tomorrow.” Tony said.

“Shake on it and then we’ll have a preliminary agreement.”

Tony held out his hand and William shook the meaty fist that barely gave any strength to the handshake.

The walked out to the car and returned to the agency. William unlocked his car and opened the glove box. Taking out his road map, he highlighted the house in red.

He had done his research of how this town had a murder rate comparable with larger cities and had drawn the conclusion that he could stay here for a year or two statistically alive.

He did have a higher chance of dying without good intelligence on the area and he knew the basics; like the location of certain official buildings and certain stores. His brand new small legally purchased arsenal helped. Of course; he had knowledge that far surpassed most teachers in the art of self-defense and that house had places where he could put hidey-holes for small weapons.

He had even gone so far as to get a small forge ready to send. He knew barely enough to forge a mace, but with time and experience, he would move up to creating other weapons. The sporting goods store held bows and he could definitely make arrowheads.

The house had a strange book with a symbol on it. Deciding that knowledge was power, he opened it. It told a tale of two orphans in good detail; including their murder by the mayor of their city. The rest of the pages were blank.

He closed that and then opened a book titled, “Medieval weapons on Albion.”

It crudely divided them into Rusty, Steel and Master weapons.

He put the books down and went to his car to get his things.

He moved his arsenal into the house and then dragged in the air bed he would sleep on.

Moving quickly; he set up the other things including a crucifix in plain sight of every door and window not to mention by his bed. His faith comforted him and his God would certainly watch over him until morning was nigh.

There was a knock at the door and he opened it to see a welcoming committee bearing a plate of fresh cookies.

“Hello; I’m Joyce Summers from 1630 and I’d just like to welcome you to our neighborhood.”

“William Smyth.Please come in; I can’t offer refreshments since I just moved in and are still unpacking but I can at least offer you a seat.” William said.

“Why thank you. You’ll have to come meet my daughter at some point she’ll love to meet you.” Joyce said.

“I think I might be meeting her soon; I’m the biology substitute teacher at Sunnydale High.”

“Really! Why this is great; I love to meet all of Buffy’s teachers!” Joyce exclaimed.

“Well; I’m sure your daughter will do fine in my class if the apple didn’t fall to far from the tree.”

“So where are you from?” Joyce asked.

“A small city north of Boston.” William knew he was being “sussed out” as his English relatives liked to say.

“Really? Any good baked bean recipies?” Joyce asked.

“No, I prefer not to cook beans too much.”

“Oh, look at the time. I shouldn’t be keeping you busy chatting. I’ll see you later.” Joyce said as she grabbed her jacket.

“Bye. See you around.” William needed to unpack quickly. Ten minutes later, he finished unpacking his car. Locking it, he went into the house and shut the door. Thirty minutes later after the sun went down he heard someone at the door. He opened it and was treated to the sight of a tall white guy in eighties style clothes.

“Can I help you?”

“Yeah, you can die.” The guy said and drew back a meaty fist. William jumped back and grabbed his pistol.

“Some nightlife; no welcome to Sunnydale?” William quipped.

The guy’s fist stopped at the doorjamb and it was clear this guy was pushing against it.

The guy went poof and evaporated into a cloud of dust. Behind him was a blond girl holding a large splinter in her hand. William put the safety on and put the gun at his side,

“Um thank you for your help Ms.?” William started but the girl ran off.

“Damn am I that ugly?”

A/N-Reviews are much appreciated.
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