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Advice Given, Apocolypse Averted

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Summary: Sam goes for advice and finds more than he bargained for.

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Supernatural > Other BtVS/AtS CharactersCaliadragonFR131900042,1455 Apr 095 Apr 09Yes
Title: Advice Given, Apocalypse Averted

Author: Caliadragon

Fandom: AtS/SPN

Pairing: Sam/Lorne non-sexual

Category: Angst, Crossover, GEN

Spoilers: Set before Season 1, SPN, but alludes to all Seasons, AtS: Around the beginning of Lorne's time on the show.

Warnings: Mentions of Violence, AU

Disclaimer: None of these characters belongs to me; they are the soul property of their intellectual creators.  I am just playing with the characters and situations.

Feedback: Here or at

Beta: Queen Sereya

AN: Dedicated to Andy Hallett, he is gone much too soon.

Part 1/1





Sam Winchester was somewhere he never thought to be, a demon karaoke bar.  However, he had received a mysterious email telling him that his father and brothers lives depended on him coming to the bar, asking for Lorne, and singing for him.  Therefore, Sam came, even though it might and probably was a trap. 


When he entered the bar, he felt the wards and was stunned to see several kinds of demons, three of which had a 700-year-old blood feud going against each other.  However, before he could worry he was trapped with the powerful demons, his name was called, and demons scattered to get away from their version of the boogey man.


"Sam Winchester, it’s good to see you came to my bar honey, follow me.  I'm Lorne; you're here to see me."  The green demon with small horns, and red eyes, said smoothly as he led Sam away from the main section of the bar. 


Sam followed a bit confused, but less wary than he had been in the beginning.  A part of him, the part that sounded like John, was screaming it was a trap.  However, the part of him that made him leave his family was telling him he needed to be here.  It was that side that Sam decided to listen too.


Lorne sat in a chair and motioned to Sam to do the same.  “A little birdie told me you would be coming my way sweetie so that I could help you.  The only way I can do that is for you to sing.”  Lorne told one of the most feared hunters in the underground. 


The Winchesters were whispered about the same way that Buffy Summers and her crew were.  The same way Angel and his group were spoken of, with awe, hatred, and fear. 


“I sing and you help me?” Sam asked confused and a touch skeptical.


“I’m an agnonic demon, so on top of being beautiful I can get images of your future when you sing.”  Lorne said with a smile. 


Sam couldn’t help but return the smile.  He took a deep breath and in salute to his older brother began to sing a Metallica song. 


When he finished, Lorne’s eyes were closed and he was taking deep breaths to be able to focus on Sam.  He sighed, “Oh my Darling you have some hard choices to make.” 

“What kind of choices?” Sam asked worried.


“Angel you have two paths.  On the first path, you keep going as you are.  That ends in death, pain, and the apocalypse.  That little thing that has been eyeing you ends up dying like your Momma and both your Father and your brother end up in hell.  You and your brother end up all but hating one another.” Lorne’s red eyes held sadness. 


Sam paled.  “The second path?”


“You leave school, but continue to take online courses.  You go back to your brother, ignore your father, and contact someone I know can help you.  You join up with them; this will actually stop your family roaming because all three of you will find people to love and care for you.  These people will accept you for who and what you are.  There will be death and apocalypses to stop, but you will be happy and neither your father nor your brother will go to hell or make deals with demons to save your family.”  Lorne was solemn and hopeful that Sam would listen to him.


Sam looked down, he wanted to get away from hunting, but his gut told him that the demon was telling the truth.  “Can I get that contact information?” he asked softly.


Lorne gave him a brilliant smile and stood going over to his desk and picking up a card.  He turned and handed it to Sam, who smiled his thanks.  “Talk to the boy first.  The others are going through a phase; he’ll listen to you and get you any help you need.”  Lorne told him.


Sam nodded and stood, with one last look at Lorne he left the office and then the bar.  He had a brother to find.  This was not what he was expecting when he had come to LA on his summer break.  He had expected to find a job, get some information, and not think about hunting.  Knowing that his family would have gone to hell if he had stayed in school would haunt him for a long while.


Lorne turned to look at Castiel as he made himself known.  “Did you get what you wanted?” Lorne asked the angel softly.


“Yes, now Dean will never sell his soul and go to hell.  The End will be averted for a while yet.”  Castiel said with a smile, before disappearing.  Lorne just smiled and went back to the bar, he had more aura’s and bad music to look forward to.

The End

You have reached the end of "Advice Given, Apocolypse Averted". This story is complete.

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