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Summary: Follow up to FaithBC; companion piece 'Free' also posted. Faith and Cordy are sent to New Orleans to stop the rise of The Harbinger and Faith runs into a very old friend.

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Literature > Dark Hunter Series(Past Donor)FaithSummersFR181323,79743416,9676 Apr 0916 Sep 09Yes


Disclaimer: All recognizable characters belong to those far richer than me – Joss Whedon [Faith, Cordy, etc] Sherrilyn Kenyon [Ash, Simi, etc] and so on...

A/N: Follows after ‘FaithBC’ and will likely make more sense if you read that first. There’s a companion piece ‘Free’ already posted.

Spoilers: DH books - this will be set during the events around Mardi Gras in Night Embrace [one of the earlier books]. I won’t be following it completely though. Spoilers for any DH book are possible. Faith’s time-line is post Chosen and FaithBC.


“And he will be named Acheron for the river of woe.”


Acheron is dreaming about Faith.

His nephew has just been born – Apollodorus. The son of princess Ryssa and the god Apollo, Acheron is certain the tiny child is the most beautiful, precious thing he has ever seen…next to his own daughter of course.

Months earlier Faith had given birth to a beautiful baby girl. Her name is Soteria. She has her mother’s fair skin and dark, amber eyes with his honey blond hair. Acheron knows that she and Apollodorus will grow to be the best of friends.

They attend the birthing feast for Apollodorus as a family. Faith stands by his side proudly and holds his hand with her left while cradling Soteria in the crook of her right arm. He drinks in the smell of her hair. She turns to him and the fire in her eyes makes him smile. He dips his head to kiss her…

This wonderful dream is cut off abruptly by –

“Akiri! The Simi needs her plastic. They’s selling Diamondique on the QVC!” Simi’s braying voice shatters his dream world.

Acheron grumbles as he wakes then stretches and prepares to begin his day wrangling spoiled, cranky Dark Hunters.

As Ash has entered the modern age he begins to suspect this is the time Faith was from. He knows Were-Hunters are capable of traveling through time. He is still not sure how she was able to travel that far through time.

He has also learned more about the values and standards of the 20th & 21st centuries. Along with the meanings of words such as “perv” and “jail bait”. Maybe Faith didn’t find him unattractive - just the idea of being with someone that she perceived as too young was distasteful to her. He also suspected upon reflection that similar things had befallen Faith as a child. All these centuries and he still thought of her often. More often now that the speech patterns of today’s youth were so similar to hers.

‘Ah, here I am waxing philosophical about some woman that left me nearly 10 thousand years ago…What’s wrong with me?’ Acheron grumbles to himself.
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking