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To Change a Future

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Summary: How can a guy that can see the future help a guy from the future? For the Andy Hallett Memorial Challenge.

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Chapter One: To Change a Future

Disclaimer: I don’t own Charmed or Angel. That’s Aaron Spelling and Joss Whedon. My December belongs to Linkin Park.

Author’s Note: This is for the Andy Hallett Memorial Challenge.

Chris just wanted to know. They’d come so far, worked so hard. He didn’t want to go back to the future, only to have it be the same future.

Caritas didn’t exist in his future. That wasn’t surprising. Any place that had the possibility to help a Champion, to bring an end to Wyatt’s domination had been snuffed out. Caritas, though, was infamous, even in his time. It had been started by a demon that had been on the side of the Light, at least eventually. A demon that had worked with a vampire with a soul, both of whom had been at ground zero of several of L.A.’s biggest apocalypses. Of course, L.A. didn’t exist in Chris’s future either because of the apocalypse that managed to swallow it.

He orbed into the alleyway just outside of the club and hesitated. Chris had learned over the years that there was a grey area that his mother and aunts couldn’t imagine. Demons were less likely to err on the side of the Light but there were a few that did. He didn’t imagine that the only demon karaoke bar in L.A. would happen to be full of them tonight, just because he wanted to visit and get his future told.

Chris took a deep breath. He was a Halliwell. He wasn’t a coward. He sauntered through the door, pausing for only a few seconds to eye every being he could manage to see. Jesus, if his mother ever found out he came here alone, she’d kill him.

He didn’t jump when a voice just behind him said, “Since the Don of Donna Summers up there isn’t here for a reading, why don’t you come back to my office and sing for me?”

Chris spun and saw a green demon with red horns and eyes dressed in a not-so-subtle yellow suit. It fit with everything that had ever been said about the Host, also known as Lorne. “How did you know I was here for a reading?”

The red eyes sparkled with amusement for a moment. “Sugar, you called to me from all the way on the other end of the bar. I don’t usually pick up on projections like that but yours was particularly forceful and radiant. Way not to hide your shiny light under a bushel, babe.”

Chris wasn’t sure but it was possible he was being hit on. It was just as likely that this was just the friendliest demon he’d ever met, though. “Your office?” was all he said.

A pleased smile stretched across the pleasantly green face and the demon said, stepping around him and leading the way further into the room, “Right this way, sweet cheeks. You can call me the Host, by the way.”

Chris stepped past him into the dark, quiet office, and said, “I’d prefer to call you Lorne, if that’s okay.”

Lorne stilled, having just finished closing the door. “Most people don’t know that name.”

Chris nodded. “I figured. But, um. There’s something you need to know before you do my reading. I’m from the future. And if you’re as good as I’ve heard you are, you’re going to see some things about your future when you read me.”

Chris had to give him credit, Lorne didn’t give him that strained, I’m-in-the-room-with-a-crazy-person look that most would have at that pronouncement. Lorne just shrugged. “The future is my business. I’ll see what I see.”

Chris nodded and took a deep breath before starting to sing,

This is my December,
This is my time of the year.
This is my December,
This is all so clear.

This is my December,
This is my snow-covered home.
This is my December,
This is me alone.

And I…
(Just wish that I didn’t feel like there was something I missed)
And I…
(Take back all the things I said to make you feel like that)
And I…
(Just wish that I didn’t feel like there was something I missed)
And I…
(Take back all the things I said to you…)

And I’d
Give it all away,
Just to have somewhere to go.
Give it all away,
To have someone to come home to.

Lorne held up a hand, the other pressed to his forehead. “That’s enough, cupcake. You certainly haven’t had an easy time of it. But, I promise, everything’s going to turn out just the way it’s supposed to. The future is bright now, thanks to you coming back to change it.” Lorne patted Chris’s shoulder, then reached around him and opened the door. “Be a pumpkin and do me a favor. Have the bartender send me a Seabreeze, please.”

Chris nodded, turning just before he was fully out the door. “Thanks. I just needed to know it wasn’t all for nothing.”

*** *** ***
Lorne had his head in his hands when the bartender set his drink down in front of him and left. He picked it up with a shaky hand and took a hearty swig. The things he’d seen. He didn’t usually get even a glimpse of his own future. That wasn’t how his business worked. He’d gotten more than a glimpse this time; he’d gotten a book’s worth. Now he just had to decide what could be changed and what needed to stay the same to get the best outcome. Because Christopher Perry Halliwell, second son of the oldest Charmed One, hadn’t just changed his future. He’d changed Lorne’s, too, by coming to Caritas. He was looking forward to meeting them, the people he would help save the world with, even if the vampire apparently butchered ‘Mandy’.
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