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Second String

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Summary: Post Chosen. A former member of the Initiative gets involved with Shinigami and magical terrorists.

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Chapter Thirteen

Graham methodically kept firing and reloading; aiming at the Great Master's head. The bull-headed spirit felt his energies being leeched away by every one of the bullet strikes. If the mortal would stop attacking for even a second, he was sure that his reserve of energy could allow him to apparate away. However, this mortal kept attacking, disrupting his concentration and bleeding away his precious power.

He couldn't see due to the repeated strikes upon his eyes and face. He was deafened by the continuous explosions from the human's weapon. The air was polluted by the chemical smells also from that weapon, and finally he was in agonizing pain. At least he had managed to regain his feet and was facing the source of his torment.

Even while dodging, Kendra had continued her kido assault on the circle. The Chant Lord's withdrawal of power wasn't helping matters much for the Protector either. The boar-headed spirit could feel his healing fading away and obviously assumed that this annoying little shinigami's destruction was responsible.

"I will crush you!!!" with wild swings of his massive axe he forced Kendra back towards the wall of the parking ramp.

"If I had a yen f'r every time I heard d'at t'ret..." she flash stepped out of the way of his charge allowing him to plow into the mystically reinforced concrete.

Miller was down to his last magazine of silver and the the bull-headed one still wouldn't die. He wasn't looking too good at least, as the flesh on his face had been completely stripped away by Graham's rapid fire assault. It was time for something risky.

Graham pulled out the ritual packet from inside his jacket and following Willow's neatly printed instructions, shook the powders together and chanted the phonetically rendered text; before tearing open the packet and shaking the mixed powders into the air. Instead of simply floating there they rushed to the sources of emplaced power. Covering them and intercepting their energies. In this case, the runes carved into the floor.

The Protector looked down in shock as he felt wave upon wave of pain rolling through his massive body.

"Stake him Saiko no tokkĊ!" Kendra had noticed his hesitation and struck again with her zanpakuto. This time the burning black ash continued to spread across the Protector's body as the mystic power that restored him was being subverted by Graham's ritual.

"This is not possible! We are etern..." was all he could get out before the ash spread across his throat and muzzle, then his body crumbled into flaming dust on the floor.

The Chant Lord felt the power he was trying to salvage for himself, blocked completely. The Fool, the Herald, the Seeker of Knowledge, and now the Protector were dead. The Bringer of Clay had disappeared and the Great Master was in severe trouble. It was time to flee. The ibis-headed spirit opened a portal and dived through. With the speed that the portal was created, it wasn't really sure where it would end up, but given the potential shortness of its lifespan, anywhere was better than that parking ramp of death.

Graham took his knife and walked over to the blinded and wildly flailing Great Master. Ducking under the random swings, he carefully hamstrung the bestial giant and stepped aside as it crashed back down to the floor. He then drew his large revolver and emptied it into the back of the Great Master's head from a range of about a foot.

"Kendra! You done over there?"

"A'yes. Just moving folks outside before d'is building falls on d'em," the shinigami had demolished the now unshielded door and was dragging the potential sacrifices clear. Graham moved over to help her.

"We'd better hurry. When that mojo wears off there's probably going to be...significant...side effects."

"D'en move faster!"

In a few minutes they had pulled everyone clear and were standing outside when all the energy absorbed by the powder overloaded it and released in the area marked by the warding circle. Outside the circle there was no noise or disturbance, but inside everything was simply gone down to a depth of about thirty feet.

"Huh, guess I'm going to have to tell Willow about that possible effect..." Graham turned back to the former sacrifices and stowed his weaponry as Kendra climbed back into her artificial body. "I suppose you're all wondering what just happened. I don't know either. I'm going to call the police now and they can sort it out. Have a nice evening!" With that he and Kendra walked off into the night.

The Bringer of Clay leaned against the wall and wondered how it all had gone so terribly wrong. At least she had survived, and with a fair amount of energy as well. The Chant Lord had escaped too, that was good. Between the two of them they could set up the ritual, and with only the two of them they wouldn't need as much power so it could be smaller, less obvious...more subtle.

A day later Graham was back at the airport reading the news while waiting for his flight. The papers had reported a terrorist act that had somehow failed and the police were 'pursuing leads'. He grinned at that then folded the paper and leaned back against his seat.

"Mind if I sit here?"

Gray looked up to see Kendra staring at him.

"Go right ahead. Wasn't expecting to see you again. Your bosses haven't reassigned you yet?"

"I took t'day off. D'ey c'n wait on m'report for awhile. You goin' home?"

"Yeah. Back to Dallas."

"D'at's in Texas right?"

"Sure is."

"You comin' back t'rue Japan soon?"

"I'm not sure. Why?"

She handed him a card, "D'at's m'number. I talked t' Buffy last night an' she said you were one of t'good ones. Call me." With that she vanished. Graham stared at the card for a second then smiled before reaching for his cell phone.

After dialing he spoke, "Hey Sam it's Gray. Tell that husband of yours, his ex- has just set me up on a date with a death god..."

The End

You have reached the end of "Second String". This story is complete.

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