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Second String

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Summary: Post Chosen. A former member of the Initiative gets involved with Shinigami and magical terrorists.

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Chapter One

I own none of the good parts of this i.e. The Characters and Setting of BtVS and Bleach. That would be property of Mssrs. Kubo and Whedon. No profit or infringement is intended.

Graham Miller, former Army Ranger, former Engineering TA, ex-Special Agent, and current professional monster hunter, blearily stumbled off the flight into Tokyo International Arrivals.

For the last eight years Graham had bounced around the world, from one paranormal hotspot to another. He had battled demons in Antarctica, vampires in Costa Rica, ghouls in Namibia, and was just on his way back to the US from squashing a zombie uprising in Nepal. After the Initiative had been broken up after the Project 314 affair; Graham had stuck with US government service for a year or so working with Sam and Riley Finn's crew, but after a while that got old, so now he was doing piecework for any government with supernatural issues, corporations with possessions or demonic industrial espionage, or even favors for ordinary folks in trouble. The work was extremely interesting and simultaneously, insanely dangerous.

Graham stopped his musing and continued through the International Terminal. He had about a four hour layover till his flight to Dallas so he figured he might as well check his email. Sliding into a seat outside his gate, he pulled out his laptop, and fired up his client.

As he entered his password, he noticed a faint rumbling in the terminal. Looking up, he started hearing faint screams and shouts. Looking across the terminal, he saw smoke starting to rise from the escalators and more worrying, the plain silver ring he wore on his right hand began throbbing sgnaling a huge expenditure of mystical energy.

Miller stood up and as he slid his laptop into its padded pocket, his other hand reached into a spell-stealthed hidden pocket and pulled out first his pistol and then an enchanted blade.

The crowd was starting to move from the escalators, huge roars were starting to fill the air. Graham could see a large phantasmal shape moving through the dust clouds that were starting to build and roil.

“Invisible huh? I got something for you,” sliding his pistol into his pant's pocket he pulled a pair of wire-framed, green-tinted sunglasses with almost imperceptible runes carved into the temples, “Gotta love W-Ray Specs.”

Revealed to his slightly green-tinted vision was a thirty foot tall cloaked specter with a white bone mask engaged in combat with a slight dark woman wearing a black kimono and wielding a glowing katana.

“Guess it's time to be a good guy...” twisting the silver ring he felt the familiar sensation of the world slightly slowing down as dived behind a support column to line up a shot on the giant figure.

“Hey tall, dark, and vicious! Depart this plane or be smote!”

At Graham's shout both the tall and short figures stopped their battle and turned to face the demon hunter, “Ohhh, that's not good.”

The giant figure's mouth began glowing and a ball of white energy vomited out towards Graham. Using every fragment of his magically enhanced reflexes and strength he leapt down to the lower level of the terminal, mere inches ahead of of the punishing blast. Twisting as he fell, he landed into a shoulder roll as the huge figure loomed overhead.

Sliding out from the roll he emptied the five shot cylinder of his oddly proportioned revolver into the figure. The enchanted rounds did not immediately seem to inconvenience the creature, but they certainly focused its attention on Graham.

As Graham slammed a fresh speedloader full of .454 Casull into his pistol, he saw the black woman leap down and swing at the creatures head in passing.

“It works better, if you shoot it in t’mask!”

Graham nodded and rolled away as a massive hand struck the space where he had just been standing. Getting to his feet he started slowly backing away, carefully squeezing off single shots at the creature’s face. Chips and shards crumbled off as the heavy bullets pulverized the boney material.

Faced with two opponents, the creature seemed undecided on which it should concentrate its attacks. Graham looked around and saw a service door leading to the outside.

“Hey! Guide it this way! Less civilians outside!” he called out to the swordswoman.

“I get you. Open t’door.”

Graham blew the lock out of the steel panel with one round, and kicked open the dented and torn metal. Stepping through he fired his last two rounds at the things face while yelling at the top of his lungs.

“Get your ass over here you overgrown hellspawn!!!”

With a horrendous roar it moved, tearing through the wall as though it was paper. The cloud of dust blocked all sight allowing Graham and the swordswoman to move further away from the terminal and out towards the runways.

The lumbering behemoth roared again and lurched its way forward, ripping a jetway clear from the building.

Graham and the woman ran faster, ducking and weaving as another ball of energy was launched to impact against a fuel truck. Igniting its flammable contents. The explosion sent airport personnel scattering and even startling the behemoth, causing it to recoil from the massive fireball.

Using its distraction to his their benefit, the two warriors kept running out towards the center of the airfield. Crouched behind a service truck, the mismatched pair caught their breath.

“What is that thing?”

“Tis a Menos Grande. But it be tougher than t’normal ones.”

“Is it a demon or what?”

“It be a corrupted spirit of t’dead.”

“Wonderful. Can it be exorcised?”

“Na really, It must be only destroyed t’be sent back t’its home.”

“Even better.”

“Yah. It makes gettin’ rid o’t’t’ing difficult.”

“I wish there was a slayer here…”

“Wha’!!! Who are y’that knows ‘bout slayers?”

“Hi, I’m Graham Miller, demon hunter. My best friend used to date one.”

“Wha’was her name, t’is slayer he dated?”

“Buffy, Buffy Summers. You know her?”

The black clad woman started grinning, “Know her? I’m Kendra, Shinigami o’ Soul Society’s 11th Protection Squad. But before t’at I was called t’be a slayer when Buffy died.”
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