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What Doesn't Kill You Only Makes You Stronger

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Summary: New and improved with a new chapter, an A/N, and some of the naughty stuff. Soon to come, much Remy/Willow and Spike/Rogue goodness with a healthy dose of the Initiative, the Acolytes, and the Brotherhood

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Spike-Centered
Marvel Universe > X-Men > Willow-Centered
DarlingTwistedSisterFR21719,0200166,52025 Sep 039 Nov 03No

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Title: What Doesn’t Kill You Only Makes You Stronger
Author: Darling Twisted Sister (
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I merely own the plot and my OC (and I did my damndest to keep her from being a Mary-Sue). B:tVS belongs to Joss Whedon and the fine folks at Mutant Enemy, Fox, and some other people that aren’t me. All things X-Men belong to Marvel Comics. No copyright infringement is intended.
Category: B:tVS/X-Men (Evolution)
Pairing: Spike/Rogue, Logan/OC, Willow/Remy
Feedback: please........I'm not too proud to beg...........
Spoilers: Season 4B:tVS with my own spin on events after the Initiative......In the Evo-verse, takes place during Season 3 before ’Self-Possessed.’
Summary: Wolverine comes closer to finding his past while a damaged daughter tries to find her future. In the mean time Rogue finds love in the most unusual of places while Willow catches the eye of a certain Cajun Acolyte. All the while they battle mad scientists and demons in order to shut down mutant experimentation.

A/N: Chapters 1-3 have been rewritten as to improve the flow of the story (I dearly hope) and reduce some foofiness. Please let me know if it helped or if I should change it back. Please read and review. Thanks!!!

For the fifth time in as many minutes, a young woman with shocking fuchsia hair punched a hole in the wall of a steel-lined cell. Once, she could have shattered the seemingly indestructible confines with a mere thought, but not now. No, the only reason she could inflict any damage upon her surroundings was because her frustration amused them. The only reason she wasn’t a catatonic piece of flesh pissing herself in the corner was because they willed it. And she only lived because they wouldn’t let her end it.

Only a few short months ago she had been able to create fire, move the earth, manipulate the mind, and to bring those three times her size to their knees. That ended the instant the chip was implanted above her left breast. The Extra Sensory Manipulator, they were calling it. Her body belonged to them now.
In the span of two years, the woman known as 315 had gone from brilliant soldier, to warrior goddess, to a daughter betrayed and a prisoner in her own skin. She was far too dangerous to be allowed to roam free. Or so her father had said.

Just as she was about to add more to the ventilation in the holding cell, the door opened and in walked her savior. The bleached blonde Adonis in black, known to her as Spike and all else as Hostile 17, strode toward her with purpose, a smirk on his face but adoration in his eyes. He was the only one to ever call her by her name--Chandra. A slow smile spread across her features as he drew close and the change came upon him. Fierce golden eyes replaced icy blue as jagged razors grew from even white teeth.

“Ready to fight, kitten?”

“You have no idea,” she answered with a wry smile. The two let their guards lead them out into the arena where all of their combat trials took place. Out of all the test subjects, Hostiles 17 and 315 were by far the best warriors and that meant lots of spectators. All the better for what they had planned. Even better that is was past sundown.

“Hostiles in their corners!” one of the soldiers bellowed. “Inhibitors set for combat only!”

“Inhibitors set!” another soldier replied. That was their cue. Chandra was a pink blur as she launched herself toward her opponent and knocked him down with a jumping sidekick before he could react. In turn, he swept her legs out from under her and pulled her on top of him. It was time. The young woman kissed Spike soundly on the lips and bared her skin for his bite.

Nothing had ever felt as right as the sting of his bite as he ripped the flesh just above Chandra’s left breast, drinking her rich red blood and burrowing to find the damned chip controlling her. Mere seconds passed before he found his prize and ripped it from her chest. Not even their keepers could have stopped him; no one could have beaten the demon at that point. The call of her blood and the knowledge that she held their freedom were too great.

Once Chandra was free from the thrall of the inhibitor, screams rang through the complex as she projected her pain to each and every human within in order to make their escape. With her blood still dripping from his smile, Chandra kissed him and tasted her own life on his lips. Only a vampire could have heard the words whispered just before she fainted from blood loss and the strength she had exerted to psychically attack their captors.

“I‘m coming back for you, Jason.”

With Chandra slung over his shoulder, Spike ran through the facility and tried his best from tripping over the prone bodies blocking them from their exit. Thanks to Chandra’s rich blood, the vampire was revitalized after his long captivity and once free from the building, Spike kept running and didn’t stop until he reached the one place he knew Chandra would get the care she needed.

To the Slayer.

When he reached his destination, he could sense several heartbeats within, realizing that her entire group of friends was there. For the first time in years, he was actually happy to see the Scooby Gang. Trying not to disturb the woman in his arms, he began to alternately bang on the door and ring the doorbell. He heard feminine griping and prepared for an irate Slayer. It was only moments before the slight blonde opened the door with a scowl. Buffy Summers may have been a petite woman, but she had been responsible for many spectacular kickings of his ass. Putting that aside for the time being, he instead turned his attention to the woman in his arms.

Buffy was less than pleased to see Spike standing at her door, but then she saw Chandra. The woman was still out cold, her white tank top and camouflage pants spattered with blood. To Spike’s dismay, she made no move to invite him in and instead stood staring at Spike in confusion.

“Are you fucking done gawking Slayer?” he exploded. “Or would you like all of the Scoobies to take a gander too? Either let me in or at least take her and make sure she’s not bleeding to death!”

“Come in, Spike.” Buffy invited the vampire into her home, dismissing all enmity between them. After all, she could always revoke the invite. “Xander, get the first aid kit. Willow, take a look at her wound. Spike, come with me and explain what the hell is going on.”

Willow Rosenberg and Xander Harris, best friends of the Slayer, vacated the couch so that Spike could lay his charge down. The blonde vampire trusted the petite redhead to care for Chandra and followed Buffy into the kitchen. Before she could say a word, he lit a cigarette and took a deep drag. “Don’t smoke in my house,” Buffy spat with her brow furrowed in irritation. “Oh, just open a fucking window!” Spike’s blue eyes momentarily blazed gold and kept on smoking and pacing the length of the kitchen. “There is a situation here, Slayer, and that little girl is in the middle of all of it,” he hissed before she could continue to bitch at him. “So I suggest that you call that tweed-wearing twit of a watcher and have him get his bleeding arse over here because I’m going to explain this once and once only.”

Both Slayer and vampire turned when a knock sounded on the kitchen door. Willow entered and was obviously quite disturbed. “Uh, I hate to interrupt, but Spike, where is she hurt? It looks like most of the blood came from her stomach or a chest wound but there’s nothing wrong—no cuts, no scrapes. Nothing.”

After an unnecessary sigh of relief he grinned madly. “I should have known she’d pull through.” With a swish of his trademark black duster, he extinguished his cigarette in the sink and flew out of the kitchen. The two young women were left alone and bewildered, looking to one another for answers. “I have no idea, Wills,” the blonde admitted. “Time to call Giles,” her friend replied.

“Heh, that’s what he said,” Buffy muttered before picking the phone up to call her mentor.


Rupert Giles was in Buffy’s living room less than ten minutes after she had called babbling something about Spike in her house with a bleeding woman with pink hair. And when he walked in, that’s just what he saw. Spike on Buffy’s couch cradling a young woman in his arms, pink-haired and covered in blood. With great tenderness, he stroked her face and hair. That in itself a great surprise. “What the hell is going on?”

“That’s what I’d like to know,” Buffy griped from her place between Willow and Xander on the loveseat. “He barges in—“

“The chit’s name is Chandra,” the vampire cut in quietly. “Those commando boys that’ve been stalking about are nabbing mutants and demons for medical experiments. I’ve been locked up for ‘bout a month—got me when I got back from my frolic in LA with the poof and the Gem of Amarra. Chandra’s been in over two years now.” He exposed the skin that had once been ragged from his bite and glanced over at Willow. “This is where she was hurt, Red—an open chest wound. But she heals from almost anything. I just didn’t think that she’d have recovered so quickly after the escape and all. Any other time y’could shoot her in the heart and she’d be up and running five minutes later. If you haven’t guessed yet it, she’s a mutant.”

A ‘Dear Lord’ was heard from Giles. “I knew that the mutant phenomenon was growing, but I didn’t think it would come to this--capture and testing.”

“But now can you not Giles?” Willow demanded. “Remember those psycho robots that tried to trample New York? Sentinels whose sole purpose are to eradicate mutants. And the Friends of Humanity? There are people seriously dedicated to making the lives of mutants miserable. And deranged to boot.”

Chandra chose that moment to begin whimpering in her sleep, therefore halting the discussion. The sounds she made quickly became loud and frantic as she struggled against an imaginary opponent. “Please, Daddy, don’t do this. I’d rather die than do this. Aren‘t I good enough yet?”

“Kitten, wake up,” Spike begged the writhing girl. “It’s only a dream.” That’s all he managed to say before Chandra lashed out in her sleep, backhanding the vampire and sending him flying across the room. The sensation of flesh hitting flesh woke her. Seeing Spike crumpled in a corner and four strange people staring at her in horror, she quickly ran to her friend and buried her face in his shoulder. The bravado she‘d shown during their escape was long gone, leaving a scared little girl in the wake of the strong soldier.

“Spike, oh God, I’m sorry,” she sobbed with tears spilling down her cheeks. “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

The vampire lifted his eyes to hers and gathered her in his arms. “Hush, pet. I’m fine. And I know you didn’t mean it. We’re safe now; we’re with friends.” He glared at the Slayer and her friends, daring them to contradict what he had said. Chandra didn’t need to know that they were his mortal enemies.

Giles took one more look at the frightened woman in Spike’s arms before excusing himself to the kitchen. He had a phone call to make. The number was well worn into his memory and he prayed that his old friend be there. Only three rings passed before someone answered on the other line.

“Xavier Institute for the Gifted. Can I help you?”

Giles immediately recognized the gruff voice on the other line and sighed with relief. “Logan, it’s Rupert Giles. I need to speak with Charles. Now.”


Logan, otherwise known as Wolverine, wasn’t used to being ordered around, but let it slide. “Hold on, bub. Lemme get him.” He placed the call on hold and headed to the office of Professor Charles Xavier. Before he could knock, a voice sounded in his mind.

~Come in, Logan.~

“Telepaths,” he burly man grunted before letting himself in. “Rupert Giles is on line one for ya, Charles. Sounds important.”

“Thank you, Logan. I’ll take it right here.”

His old friend left without a word and he hurriedly picked up the line. “Rupert, old chap. What can I do for you?” He heard a sigh on the other end and could tell that his fellow Englishman was troubled.

“I have a young woman here, Charles--a mutant. She just escaped from a testing facility here in Sunnydale. She and an acquaintance of mine.”

“Oh, hell,” the telepath answered. “How is she right now?”

“The girl just knocked a man twice her size across the room in her sleep and is now conscious but very distraught. Charles, I need you here. There’s nothing I can do for her right now.”

“Of course, Rupert. Logan and I will are on our way. Expect us within the next hour.”

“Thank you, old friend.”

“No thanks are needed.”

At that the two friends hung up and the Professor sent a call out to his team.

~X-Men report to my office immediately. This is top priority.~

Luckily all eight individuals were in the mansion and heard his call. His tone indicated that there was no time to waste and they rushed to his office. “We have a mutant that has just escaped from a testing facility in Sunnydale, California,” he stated the moment they were all there. He couldn‘t ignore the dangerous growl that came from Logan and the next statement was for his benefit. “She is safe with a friend of mine right now. However, there is no doubt that whoever captured her will be looking for her. Wolverine, Rogue, I want you to accompany me to meet her. Jean and Kitty--please prepare the guestrooms. I’m sure that we will have more than one visitor coming to us. Hank, please ready the medlab for a new patient. The rest of you, please offer help where needed in straightening any messes lying about.” Looking at the two taking the trip with him, he added, “I want to be aboard the Blackbird in no less than five minutes. Don‘t bother to suit up.” The group then lit out of the office and the X-Men hurriedly went about their tasks, save for Dr. Hank McCoy who approached the Professor nervously.

“Charles, you do know what lies is Sunnydale, do you not?” the furry blue gentleman queried.

“Indeed I do, Hank, but there is no time to tell Rogue and Logan. They will have to see it for themselves. As for the other students, please do me a large favor and think of a plausible way to explain a Hellmouth.”

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