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Mirror of Truth: Repost Again

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Summary: A Celtic Relic leads to some unexpected truths

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Chapter 4

Chapter 4

A/N: This chapter is again focusing on Buffy when she had a Slayer dream telling her that Dawn was a Slayer and her reaction when the group at home confirmed it



Buffy went back to the hotel after a successful night of slaying. She could feel the fatigue setting in and she knew that it was time to hit the hay. So as she placed her head back onto the pillow she started to dream.


Buffy stood at the entrance to a cemetery and saw a young girl fighting. At first she thought that it was her she was looking at, but as she moved closer to the girl she was looking at the face of her sister. Suddenly a voice drifted towards her and when she turned around she saw a figure clothed in light standing next to her.

“Guardian of the Key, we have been waiting for you for over Millennia and are glad to finally meet you, but you have to understand something”

“What are you talking about and why is my sister doing a slay?”

“Simple…she is designed to fight, but not with the enemy you are familiar to fight with. Her enemy is the false gods that inhabits the galaxy”

“are you saying that aliens are real?”

“What you call aliens, then yes…they are real and they are dangerous. Your sister was an energy ball by design and was worn around the neck by one of the Tok’ra. Gloryficus stole the medallion from the Tok’ra and if it wasn’t for the monks of Dagon, then the galaxy would have been in Glory’s power”

“What power does my sister yield?”

“The only thing I can tell you that it is a virus that is potent to all Gua’ulds. Even the Tok’ra isn’t immune to the virus. The gestation period of the virus is approximately 3 hours since exposure and the virus will make itself known when your sister turns 16 and that is in three weeks time. That is why we activated the Ancient Gene in her so that she can be prepared for what is to come”

“And the Mirror, why is that important?”

The being looked at her and said,

“The Mirror shows you your real destiny and it is to defend the world from all evil, there is someone who is coming that is linked to you and the Mirror. Don’t reject his help”

Before Buffy could ask more questions about what was happening the apparition of her sister *Dawn* looked at her and with a smile she said,

“Time to move on Buffy”

With a start she woke up and again she looked at the digital clock 07:45 was what showed on the clock. It was time for her to meet Giles for breakfast before they went back to the watcher’s council for some training. She took her vanity bag and walked to the bathroom. The dream was beginning to haunt her and she knew that she had to phone Willow and ask her what is going on. The Mirror was maybe her only like to find out what her new job entailed. For a while she just stood in the bathroom looking bewildered. How is she going to find the Mirror if a stupid Slayer dream keeps on interrupting her? So as she combed her hair and fixed her make-up she decided to ask Giles for some assistance in interpreting her dream. She walked to the restaurant in the hotel and as she saw Giles sitting by one of the tables she made her appearance noticeable to him.

“Buffy, don’t do that!” Giles whispered while grasping his chest.

She just smiled at him and sat down,

“Well, what is on the agenda today?” she asked

“For starters I think that we need to go to the Council and let you exercise a bit. I think you need to keep your reflexes sharp. How did you sleep last night?” he asked as a matter of fact

“Well, I did have some trouble, but I went on patrol until 02:30 and when I came back I had another of those pesky Slayer Dreams. I think we must call Willow and ask her what it might mean”

“What did you dream off?”

“Um, I dreamt that a strange figure came to me and said that there is a Slayer with more power on this Earth and it is linked to the Ancients. Do you know what that means?”

Giles looked at the young girl in front of him and said,

“I know next to nothing about the Ancients, but there are two men that might have an idea. The first one is in Washington DC and the other I don’t have an idea, but I have a number I might try”

“Who are these two men you refer to?”

Giles looked at the digital clock near the entrance and as he glanced at it he said,

“The first one is Professor Indiana Jones an archaeologist and the latter is Professor Daniel Jackson. The last I heard of these two was six years ago at a symposium. I think I will try to contact these two while you contact Willow. But first tell me a bit about the dream you had”

With those words they sat down and while they drank some coffee she told Giles every detail of the dream she had and that something called the *Golds* are looking for Dawn. Giles looked at his wrist watch and said,

“Maybe you must call back home and ask Willow if there is a new Slayer and if it is Dawn”

“I think it is a great idea, but what if it is true? What am I going to do, I can’t lose Dawn even if she isn’t real, and she is real to me”

“I know what you mean, but we will cross that bridge when we get there”

“Okay, let’s go to the Council, but they don’t need to know what we know now. I will phone Willow this evening before I go on patrol”

With those words they left the hotel and drove to the council.”


StarGate Command

Daniel looked at the artifacts they just got from PX23Zs, it was just what he needed a big headache he can’t afford to have. There was nothing on this Earth that can help him decipher it and it is frustrating, while he was busy with the papers his thought was disrupted by a sudden alarm

“Unauthorized gate activity the voice on the intercom blared”

Daniel left his office and went to the control room where they waited to hear what the story is,

“Sir, it is the Tok’ra” the technician said

“Open the Iris” General Hammond said.

With that the technician opened the Iris and three of the Tok’ra representatives stepped out,

“Moring Jacob, what brings you here today?”

Jacob looked at General Hammond and said,

“We got intel that a dangerous Gua’uld has escaped to Earth looking for the Ultimate weapon that can destroy them and destroy it before it can destroy them. All that we know is that it can be identified as green energy”

The General looked at the Tok’ra and said,

“We heard nothing so far from this weapon, but we will keep our ears and eyes open for any information”

As they stepped into the briefing room Daniel came into the room with an excited expression on his face,

“Sir, I think you better take a look at this”

With that he gave them a file with Buffy’s photo on it. There was a small disc attached to the file and as they entered it into the computer a series of images played on the screen. It showed Buffy taking down the Initiative, Willow casting a major spell. Suddenly as they looked at the computer a voice played on the intercom,

“As you witness here. This girl is what is known as a Slayer, she looks fragile, but she is dangerous. A few months ago she was still a single child of Joyce Summer, but suddenly a younger sister was integrated into her life”. With that a picture of Dawn came onto the screen. When Jacob looked at the screen he began to speak in Selmac’s voice,

“That is the weapon Glorificus is looking for. The monks made it into a young human girl! We better get in touch with her so that she can be protected, it doesn’t look like she knows what she really is”



Buffy took her mobile phone and dialed home,

“Willow speaking”

“Hey Wills. How are things going there?”

“Buffy, it is good to hear from you. All is fine Faith says hi”

“Oh, is she there or are you alone?”

“She isn’t here at the moment. She is busy training a new Slayer”

“What are you talking about?”

“It looks like the PTB activated a new Slayer and she is unique in every way”

“Who is the new Slayer?”

“It is Dawn. She just started showing the slayer power”

Buffy wasn’t overjoyed to find out that her sister was the next Slayer, but she understands that it has to be done. Then she told Willow she wants to have a detailed report on Dawn’s progress.

“Sure thing Buffy”

The End?

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