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Mirror of Truth: Repost Again

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Summary: A Celtic Relic leads to some unexpected truths

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Multiple Crossings > Dawn-CenteredDawnDreamerFR1358,853062,79610 Apr 098 Jul 09No

Chapter One

The Mirror of Truth



Disclaimer: I sadly don’t own the shows. The lucky ones who do are Joss Whedon: Mutant Enemy Production, George Lucas, and MGM. I’m only borrowing them for a short time. The imagination is all mine.

Summary: Indiana Jones, Buffy and the SG team found evidence of a Celtic Relic. The

Relic shows an astonishing connection between them. At Stargate command they found out about Dawn being the Key.

Category: Crossover

Rating: F13

A/N: I would like to thank my beta mmooch for the help in the developing of the plotline also caalhervera for her help in this fic


Ancient Britain

As the Druids fled from the Roman legions, one of the high priests decided that the only way to prevent them from being totally destroyed was to hide the one thing that could save their souls and maybe even show the future generations what their destiny might be. He looked at the ruins around him and said,

“Sun from above, please keep this holy relic safe.”

With that he left the relic in its hiding place, hoping that when the time was right it might be found again.


New York University

Professor Indiana Jones looked on as the last of his students left his class. He never got a chance to page through the book he had found at the British Museum, due to the fact that he had a pile of papers that needed grading before the end of the tern. Finally having that chance, he sat at his desk and turned to the first page where he found a small but nearly unnoticeable scribbling. He took his magnifying glass and looked at it again.

What he saw nearly gave him a heart attack, on the page was a marking suggesting the resting place for the fabled: Mirror of Truth. For years this relic had eluded him. He stood up and walked out of his classroom towards one of his closest friend, who was also the Dean of the University Marcus Brody.

“Yes, Jones. What is it now?”

“Sir, I found something that I need you to take a look at as soon as possible.”


“Well, sir. Do you remember all the tales about the Druid’s’ Mirror of


“Yes, I do, but I believe that it was disproved to have existed.”

“I think I just found its location”

“What?! Are you sure?”

“As sure as I am standing here next to you.”

“Then what are you waiting for? Go and retrieve that Mirror! It would make a

great addition to the museum! But first, finish your grading. The Mirror of Truth isn’t going anywhere.”

“Yes, sir.”

Prof. Indiana Jones was a little annoyed that he had to wait another week before he could go and look for the Mirror, but he knew that if the Mirror was waiting for thousands of years, what was one more week to wait? The week went by faster than he expected and Jones was sitting in his classroom with the last of the papers that needed to be graded. He sighed as he placed a B+ on the last paper in his stack and placed the pen down on his desk. Finished. Gathering his briefcase, he stood up and walked to his car.

A silent moment went by as he drove to his apartment. For a while he didn’t know what he was going to do. His heart told him to stay away from the Mirror, but his head told him that he had to find it. He packed the necessities for the trip, then closed his door, walked to his car and drove to the airport where he booked the first flight to London



Buffy was the first one to open the Magic Box, having left a grounded Dawn with Spike. She’d told Dawn countless times not to go out and spy on her while she was slaying, but Dawn wouldn’t listen! So now she wasn’t allowed to come to the Magic Box for a week.

As she cleaned the back of the store she heard a strange sound coming from one of the crates. Slowly and carefully she walked over to the crate and peered inside. What she found was a strange map. On the map was a note written in an ancient language. She walked back to the front of the store where Giles and the rest of the gang had drifted in during the morning hours. She placed the map next to Giles and asked,

“Do you have any idea what this might be?”

“Buffy, where did you find this?”

“What do you mean?”

“This wasn’t part of the inventory and I had no idea that we housed any maps in the store.”

“So you’re telling me that this map suddenly appeared in the store for me to find?”

“Let me consult some of the text and see what it might be. In the mean time do you have any idea what you’re going to do with Dawn?”

“No, I just don’t know what to do. She is becoming a little bit more like me and it’s scary.”

“Just be patient with her.”

Giles walked over to the library section of the shop and paged through all the books he had. All of a sudden he said,

“I think we need to contact the Council and ask them if they might be able to identify the map”

“Those uptight men don’t know how to look for their own brains,” Willow said bitterly.

“Please Willow, you know how I feel about the insults.”

“Sorry Giles, but you know how I feel about them!”

“I know, but keep it to yourself.”

As Giles waited for one of the men to answer the call, he looked at the map again. Nothing seemed to make any sense to him. Anya walked over to Giles and said,

“Let me look at the map, maybe I might find something.”

“If it might help. Here it is,” he handed the map to Anya, still waiting for the Council to answer the phone.

Anya took the map from Giles and with a skilled eye she studied it and gasped.,

“What’s wrong?” Giles asked

“It’s a map to the location of a Celtic Relic.”

“Which one?”

“This is the location of the Druid’s Mirror of Truth.”

“How do you know? What does the note say?”

“My knowledge of the Celtic language is a little rusty, but I believe it says that the Chosen One, a Slayer, needs to use this map to locate the Mirror of Truth.”

Anya looked at the map again and said,

“I never thought I would see this map again.”

“What do you mean?”

“I was in the region when they buried the Mirror. The Druids were afraid the Romans would destroy the mirror like they destroyed everything else they could get their hands on.”

Buffy placed the map back into its place and said,

“I am going to locate that Mirror and bring it to Sunnydale.”

“Are you sure you want to mess with Druid Magic?” Willow asked.

“I am not sure about anything. All I know is that message was meant for me.”

“Let me contact the Watcher’s Council and inform them that you’re on your way.”


She walked to the back of the store and leafed through the rest of the junk. No other indications of the Mirror could be found anywhere. It was as if it had never existed, but she knew better. She had the map. What was she going to tell Dawn? She wouldn’t allow Buffy to go to Britain without her.

Giles took the phone and dialed the number provided to him. For a while there was no answer, but suddenly he heard it,


“Sir, I just want to let you know that the Slayer is coming your way.”


“Well, she found a map suggesting the location of a Druid Relic.”

“Which one?”

“Well, it‘s the Mirror of Truth.”

"She’s not to go near that mirror."


"Well, there are some things she doesn't need to know."

"What are you saying? Did you keep something from her?"

"It's none of your concern; just try to keep her there."

"You know for a fact that I can't do that. She has her own mind and she does whatever she wants to do and doesn’t answer to anyone, least of all you lot. This is just a courtesy call.”

"Very well, but you’re to accompany her and try to keep her out of trouble."

"Yes sir."

With that he disconnected the call and walked towards Buffy. She looked at him and said,

“I just don’t know what Dawn will say about this. She doesn’t know everything about who she is.”

"Just go and talk to her. Maybe she will understand.”

"I hope so," With that, she walked out of the shop and stopped by Spike’s crypt.

She knew that with her mother’s death, Dawn had no one to look after her and for some odd reason she had formed a bond with the chipped vampire. She opened the door to the musky crypt and announced her arrival,

“Hello Dawn. Spike.”

“Slayer,” Spike said, turning off the television. ‘Passions’ was on and it was one of his favorite episodes, but the Slayer was in his midst.

“What do you want now?” Dawn asked.,

“It’s time to go.” Dawn collected her stuff and once they walked through the door to their house, Buffy led Dawn into the living room.

“I’ve got something I need to talk to you about,” she said, offering her sister a seat.

Dawn flopped onto the closest chair and sighed, “What did I do now?”

“Nothing, I just wanted to inform you that I’m going on an expedition and I wanted you to stay with Willow and Tara for a the time being.”

“What about me being grounded.? You know that if Mom was alive she would want you to keep more to your responsibilities.”

”I know, but if you can behave yourself, you might be able to help Willow and Tara in the Magic Box.”

“You won’t be disappointed in me, I promise!” Dawn exclaimed.



Indiana stood in the lobby of the airport waiting for his flight. He felt like this trip might put his name in the history books as the archeologist who found the fabled Mirror. It scared him to know that it might reveal to him knowledge he didn't want to know, but what else could he do.?

As he sat by the coffee shop sipping an espresso, he turned to ‘The Legend of the Mirror’. It stated that before the Druids became priests, they were put in front of the Mirror inside the temple where the High Priest could see if they had truth in their hearts or lies. If a lie was found in the initiate's heart, the Mirror shot an energy ball towards him and killed him on the spot.

It also stated that it could reveal a person's true destiny, even if they didn’t know it themselves. Suddenly he heard his flight being called and as he stepped into the airplane, he knew that his life was just about complete. He sat back and closed his eyes. It was going to be a long trip.



As Buffy stood in the cemetery waiting for new fledglings, she saw Spike eyeing her. With an annoyed expression on her face, she walked up to him.

“Hello Slayer. It’s been a long time. To what do I owe this visit?”

“Well, Spike. For one thing I didn’t come here to visit you. You know the drill. New deaths, new vampires for me to kill. Oh, by the way, I won’t be bothering you for a week.”

“Well, can’t wait for that, but to what pleasure do I owe this holiday?”

With that she told him about her plans to go to Britain.

“Are you sure you want to go?”

“You’re the third person to ask me if I am sure. It’s not that I want to go. It’s that I have to go. That message was sent to me and I need to follow it.”.

Suddenly their conversation was interrupted by a disturbance in one of the graves near the mausoleum. In a blink of an eye, Buffy was ready with the stake and fought the beast exiting out of the grave. As it exploded into dust, she dusted the remains off herself and said,

“I’m gone. See you in a week”

She and Giles drove to the airport and booked their flights to London. While sitting in the departure lounge, she mused over the possibilities of what could be awaiting her. However, these thoughts were interrupted when their flight was called. Once on the plane, she walked towards her assigned seat and sat down.

As the plane ascended to the 1000 feet mark in the air, she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.



Dawn stood in the apartment that Willow and Tara shared, looking at the spellbooks and crystals that littered the room. She secretly wished that Willow was her sister and not the Slayer. It’s not that she didn’t love Buffy! She just wanted a normal childhood with a sister to look up to and not one she had to worry about being killed one day.

Willow and Tara came into the room and looked at the frail girl standing there. They could see that Dawn was trying to be brave, but it wasn’t working. The pain of being left by her mother, and now her sister, could be read all over the girl’s face.

Suddenly their thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door,

“Good afternoon, could you please tell me where I might find a Dawn Summers?”

As she heard her name being called she walked up to the stranger and said,

“That’s me.”

“Well, miss, I have a letter here for you,”, he handed her the letter and left just as abruptly as he came.

Dawn closed the door behind her and looked at the envelope. There was no address or identification on the letter and with shaken hands she opened it. As she read it her face turned pale,


When you read this letter I am probably on my way to London. I’m sorry for leaving you just when you need me the most. I don’t know when I will return, or if I will return. All that I can say is that this is one of the most dangerous missions I have ever gone on. Please don’t let the others worry about me just as I’m going to try not to worry about the lot of you.

Your Caring Sister, Buffy

She looked up from the letter and showed it to the two and said,

“I hate her for leaving me. I bet she’s going to die just like Mmom did!”

“Don’t say that Dawn. You know how she is. She’s a fighter and will never quit!”

Tara and Willow walked up to the fragile girl and wrapped their hands around her, trying to console her.



Buffy walked out into the lobby of the airport, followed closely by Giles. Her heart was beating with anticipation. What would she find when she located the Mirror? For some reason she could feel that it would be life changing. Would her life still be connected with the slaying of vampires or would it reveal a new destiny for her?

As she tried to picture her life without her friends present, she heard a voice speak behind her,

“Buffy Summers?”

She turned around and noticed a man about forty years old with a pipe in his hand,

“Don’t tell me…you’re part of the tweed brigade?”

“If you’re referring to the Watcher’s Council then you are right. We are here to keep an eye on you.”

“You don’t need to do that. I know what I’m doing here,” she said rolling her eyes.

“Let us at least give you two a ride to your hotel.”

They both agreed as they walked out of the lobby and climbed into one of the flashy cars outside.

A few steps away, Indiana Jones was also exiting the lobby. He had a reservation at one of the five star hotels in the London district. Unbeknownst to him, his discovery of the Mirror was going to alter his universe as he knew it. He would find a link to a past he had forgotten about. Perhaps it would be a positive effect on him? But who knew.

Buffy looked at the man that was accompanying them to the hotel. She knew for a fact that if the Watcher’s Council was involved in this, it must be important for them.

Suddenly the man interrupted her thoughts,

“Here we are.”

She looked up and saw the grand hotel and climbed out.

She grudgingly thanked him, then without turning back, grabbed her bags and entered the lobby, with Giles following behind.

She walked up to the receptionist and gave her name to the girl. As she waited for their room keys, she thought about the mission. The Mirror of Truth! What Truths could it reveal to her? Maybe it would tell her how to control her powers? Or if she was meant to being doing this at all!

“Here you go, Miss.”

“Thank you.” she took the keys, gave Giles his and then left for her room.

Indiana was also in the same hotel as Buffy and Giles. Even though they had never met, their paths would soon cross and their destinies become intertwined.

Buffy closed her door and began to unpack her knapsack. The last article she took out of her bag was a photograph taken a few days ago of Dawn, and the other Slayerrettes. She placed it on her bedroom cupboard and went to the shower where she took a long and relaxing shower.

A few doors away, Indiana too was busy unpacking his suitcase. He was still weary from the flight, but knew that he had to work on the location of the Mirror. For about twenty-two years it had eluded him and now it was time to find it. He had left his wife and baby girl somewhere in America and he had heard that soon after he left, she was remarried. It seemed that they would never again know him.



It was midnight and the Slayerrettes were busy with their usual killing, but without Buffy there, they were having trouble. They decided to ask Spike to help them in this time of need and even though he didn’t want to, he did it anyway. He had promised Buffy that he would keep an eye on the group while she was looking for this unknown relic.

As they slew their last vampire for the night, they decided to go to the Magic Box where they could try and decipher some of the text they found a few weeks back. Dawn knew that she had promised not to cause trouble for the Slayerrettes, but she also knew that she had to be careful. Even though they hadn’t heard anything of Glory in a long time, she still knew that her life was in danger.

Tara and Willow looked at Dawn while she sat in the living room. They could see that Dawn was having trouble with being left alone at this crucial time. They walked towards her and said,

“Hey Dawnie, how would you like to come and help us out at the Magic Box?”

They could see how her eyes lit up. It was as if a new hope came into her soul,

“I would love to, but what about the promise I made to Buffy about staying out of trouble?”

“What trouble can you cause?” Willow said.

“OooKay, if you say so. I would love to come and help you,” she said with a smile.



The night came expeditiously. Buffy was still having trouble picturing this whole new idea of a relic she’d never even heard of, or, more importantly, Giles had never heard of! She went back to her bed and decided that the best thing she could do was sleep. Slowly she removed the covers from the bed and climbed in. As her head hit the pillow, she drifted off to sleep, never expecting what would happen next.


She stood on the edge of a cliff, looking at the brightly lit sky. She could see dusk approaching fast. Suddenly her thoughts were interrupted when she heard someone behind her,

“We’ve been waiting for you Slayer. It is time you knew the truth of who you really are.”

With a jolt she woke from her sleep and looked at the digital clock next to the bed, it read 12:30.

“Uh,”, she thought. Not even daylight and she was having trouble sleeping. With a slight move, she climbed out of her bed and walked out of the room. Maybe a little fresh air would do her some good.

Three doors to the left, Indiana was also having trouble sleeping. He too had been having trouble with dreams. Maybe it was just the airplane food or the climate, but whatever it was, he didn’t know what it all was supposed to mean. With a slight movement, he too crept out of his bed and decided to walk into the lobby. As he locked his door he saw a young girl that was exiting her room. Maybe this time he could try not to cause trouble for anyone.

Buffy looked up from the door when she heard another door being closed. She saw a rather attractive man exiting his room too. At least she wasn’t the only one having trouble sleeping!



Cordelia was busy with the daily inventory when she heard the phone ring. With an inward sigh, she answered it, hoping that it might be a new job for them, but what she heard was rather disturbing.

“Let me put you through,” she told the voice on the other end of the line.

“Angel, I think you better take this call. It’s Giles.”


The souled vampire took the call and waited for Giles to finish what he was saying,

“You mean to tell me that Buffy is off to God knows where and she’s messing with something she doesn’t understand?”

“Yes. Something about the message has convinced her it is vital she finds it. She feels that there is something it will reveal to her. I get the feeling the Watcher’s Council doesn’t want her to discover whatever it is.”

“Let me talk to Wesley and ask him what he knows about the other Watcher’s’ agenda.”

”Just be careful. I don’t want Buffy to know that I called you.”

“That won’t be easy! You watch after her.”

“That’s my job.”

With those words the conversation was ended and Angel stood there with a puzzled look on his face.

He looked at the computer screen and then switched it off. For a while he didn’t know what he wanted to do and then it struck him. He better tell everyone involved in Angel’s Investigations about this new development.

He closed the door behind him and saw Cordelia hitting the computer terminal saying some very unladylike things. He wanted to smile, but with the angry look on her face he dare not to.,

“Something wrong?” he asked.

“This @$$@($#$# computer just gave me a warning of a virus. I don’t know what to do.”

“Why don’t you scan it and let it repair itself?” he asked.

“Easier said than done. I tried that and it just said that it can’t be destroyed.”

“Where’s Wesley?” he asked.

“In the lobby.”

“Could you please call him in? We need to talk.”


“No need to shout,” she heard him say in the doorway.

Wesley came into the office, quite annoyed about Cordelia’s shouting. He turned towards Angel and saw that it was important.,

“What’s the problem?” he asked.

Angel sat down and said,

“I just heard from Giles and he informed me that Buffy is in London investigating her link to an ancient Druid Relic.”

“Which one?” Wesley asked.

With that Angel told them that it was the famed Mirror of Truth, he also told them that the Watchers in London didn’t want her to retrieve the relic in the hopes that she didn’t find out something crucial about her existence.

Wesley looked at the two and said,

“You know that the Watchers don’t like it if someone messes with their plans and that’s exactly what Buffy is doing.”

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